Curlew Ch. 01

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Introduction: It was the summer of 1967 and songs like “Groovin”, “Windy”, and “Light My Fire” were being played on every radio station you turned to. Societal attitudes and mores were rapidly being turned around. The innocence of generations past were being turned upside down and basically discarded. The youth of the period were creating a much different world for themselves; one that only they could identify with and grasp on to. It was a time of their own; not one that had any connection with past generations, i.e., their parents and grandparents. This time would go down in history with many descriptors ending with the word “Revolution”, e.g., “the sexual revolution”, “the drug revolution”, and “the anti-war revolution”, to name a few. It was a time of race riots and the beginning buddings of real racial equality. It was an historical and exciting time, and yet many from that generation today find themselves lamenting, now and again, of some of the things that were lost in the process during those times. Many of that generation’s members, particularly the male gender, those now in their 60’s and 70’s, were embracing, actively participating in, and taking advantage of the change in attitude, particularly the sex that this revolution afforded them. The stories this author write, specifically concentrate on the “Sexual Revolution”, the older male adjusting to and enjoying this change in sexual attitudes, along with the innocence already lost, and/or in the process of being lost.


Ch. 1: After a year, Pam and Curlew formally meet:

Pam and Bob had been back from their resort vacation two weeks and Pam couldn’t get the exciting times she’d experienced there out of her mind. Although when she had originally booked the vacation she was totally unaware that the resort was a nude resort, she was pleased and very satisfied with the resulting, and surprising, outcome that week had presented to both of them.

Her thoughts were constantly digressing to ‘the cabin, the lake, and everything’ … particularly, and especially, the sex with all the random, elderly, virtual strangers that she had encountered at the resort. She was also unaware that they’d be the only young couple there when she booked the vacation. These thoughts always caused those all too familiar tingling sensations shooting through her body, and settling and concentrating in her vulva, getting her horny and wet.

‘Everything seemed to be kismet,’ Pam thought. All of it had begun last summer when Bob took advantage of Pam’s compassionate affinity for the elderly, when she was just 20 years old. He convinced and persuaded her to take advantage of the attention the elderly widower next door was giving her. He was in his middle 60’s and lived directly behind them. Bob strongly suggested she might find giving the old guy an occasional teasing glimpse not only very stimulating and pleasurable to him, but a source of enjoyment for herself as well. The mere gratification of knowing she was giving pleasure to an old and lonely man could be the least that she would experience. She might even find the naughtiness to be not only exciting, but sexually stimulating for her as well. Her husband would persistently insist that the possibilities were boundless, if she would only open up to them.

After much conversation and positive reinforcement from Bob, she remembered, at the time, the thought itself becoming exciting and stimulating to her. She eventually decided to give it a try, and began slowly, with visual and verbal suggestive innuendoes, which by mid-summer had evolved into the inevitable actual copulation with the old neighbor … and much more than she had ever anticipated when this unusual, but exciting, journey first began.

‘That was the beginning of ‘the summer of slow transition’ for me. From the shy, conservative, old-fashioned thinking, naïve young wife, to the free-spirited, casual sex loving, horny person I am now. This past summer’s vacation was the fait accompli of that transition,’ she knew, and thought to herself.

As her thoughts alternated from last summer to this one, she was reminded of the old man she had seen at the small, sparsely populated, nearby beach she periodically visited for quiet privacy. This old man had caught her attention and she found him dauntingly mysterious. He fascinated her by his strange routine. He spoke to no one and walked slowly with slouched shoulders and slightly bended knees. He only looked down at the wet sand as he walked the shoreline. Occasionally, he would stop, bend over at the waist, and dig into the sand with a finger, pick up something and examine it, before dropping it back to the wet sand, signifying a form of rejection. He’d continue on his way, repeating the process a few feet away. He reminded her of a sandpiper foraging for morsels at the water’s edge. Not knowing who he was, she had given him the moniker, “Curlew”, after a species of sandpiper she had become familiar with as a child while visiting her grandparents at their summer cottage. maltepe escort She felt sorry for Curlew and thought of him as a poor, lonely old man. She decided that she needed to return to that same beach and attempt to get to know Curlew better one of these Saturdays in the very near future, when she was not working and Bob was.

Pam awoke early Saturday to the sound of Bob leaving the driveway for work and the smell of fresh coffee. ‘Oh, good. Bob made a pot of coffee,’ she thought, as she stretched and began getting out of bed. Pam got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up her mouth from the night’s sleep. She disliked the stale taste a night’s sleep left in her mouth. Pam shook her head and ran her fingers through her short, wavy blonde hair, and let it fall naturally. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee, still wearing only a pair of thin, sheer panties. She had developed a fondness for being as free of clothing as she could since their vacation to the nude resort.

While drinking her coffee and reading the local Saturday morning newspaper, she thought, ‘It looks like it’s going to be another gorgeous day … a nice day for the beach.’ With no pressing duties for the day, she decided to go to the beach on the early side and spend the entire day. She was out of the house before 10 A.M.

Pam arrived at this small, not very popular beach where she first had seen Curlew that day last summer. There was absolutely no one on the beach this early, which gave her carte blanche access to wherever she wanted to lay her blanket. After visually surveying the beach, she chose a location close to the waterline, but above the high water mark left by the seaweed at high tide. She thought, ‘If Curlew does his normal walk today, I should be close enough to at least say hello, without seeming forward and obvious.’ She spread her blanket where she decided was the perfect spot, adjusted everything she brought that she would need, and laid down on her back, resting on her elbows. The only sounds were the occasional screech of a seagull passing and the small waves lapping the shore. She loved this time of day at the beach. She found it so peaceful and relaxing.

Pam had on a new, bright orange bikini that was much skimpier than she normally wore. The bottom section had no material on the sides except for the narrow string that connected the front panel from the back. The front was a little above her pubic hair line, showing a lot of skin. The top section revealed a lot of her breasts, barely covering her nipples and areolae. She wanted Curlew, if he walked by her today, to be sure to take notice. She had purchased the swimsuit at an exclusive specialty shop that specialized in European style clothing, specifically for a day such as this.

A short while later, she noticed the unmistakable figure walking down the shoreline. “It’s him, great,” she mumbled softly. She grabbed a magazine, opened it to a random page, and rolled on one side, facing the direction he was coming from. She laid the open magazine on the blanket and rested her head on one elbow, giving the impression that she was reading. In actuality, she was looking over her sunglasses, observing Curlew’s approach. When he got about 10 feet from her she raised her head, looked at him, and gave him that wonderfully radiant, but innocent, smile of hers, and said, “Good morning”.

Curlew walked closer, and said, “And good morning to you, Miss. You’re here early today. What a pleasant surprise … I haven’t seen you since last summer,” he replied with a warm and friendly smile.

‘He noticed and remembered me from last year,’ Pam quickly thought, before replying, “Yes, this is the first chance I’ve had to get out here this year. I like the lack of the usual beach crowd here that you get at the more popular beaches, and especially love the peace and solitude of this time of the day.” Pam couldn’t help but notice his penetrating, steely gray eyes, along with the kindness and tenderness that were conspicuously evident through the patina of his weathered face. ‘This man is a nice man,’ was her immediate thought.

“Not to sound too personal or invasive, but do you live here on the ‘Neck’?”

Pam smiled and said, “Yeah, down the road about a mile … on Gilbert Street. And, I don’t find that question one bit invasive.”

“There’s only two houses on that street, and far apart from each other. That’s a pretty secluded portion of the peninsula, and few houses on the neighboring streets, very remote, and very nice. You live almost right on the water yourself. But then again, anyone who lives on the ‘Neck’ lives almost right on the water,” he said as his smile broadened.

Pam giggled and said, “Yeah, that’s true. How about you? Do you live nearby?”

“I do … very close to the point, at the end of the peninsula,” he replied, as he pointed in the direction of the open ocean. “Seeing you haven’t been here since last summer, I should warn maltepe escort bayan you that there are more people coming here this year than last.”

“Oh really?” Pam asked, in a disappointing tone. “And I had planned to stay the better part of the day. I hope it’s not all that bad.”

“It depends on how much peace and solitude you want. Hopefully, you don’t find it all that intolerable. I should get going and leave you to this peaceful time and your magazine. It was a pleasure talking to you, and I hope we cross paths again … enjoy your day.”

“It was nice meeting you as well. I’m sure our paths will cross again in the very near future …and you enjoy your walk … bye.”

“I hope you’re right. See you then.”

Pam watched him continue on his very slow, and what appeared to be, purposeful walk. She rolled up her towel and placed it as a pillow, picked up a soft covered novel, laid back and began really reading this time.

While Curlew walked the shoreline he couldn’t let go of the image of Pam with her lovely face and short blonde, naturally wavy hair that went just below her ears. His mind also could not ignore her perfectly proportioned body. He estimated her at approximately 5’3″ inches tall, and possibly weighing in the neighborhood of 115-120 pounds. She was simply perfect, in his own mind. Her light blue-green eyes and beautifully radiant smile only punctuated her beauty. Her girl-next-door appearance and innocent personality, coupled with the aforementioned features, had completely captivated him.

Sometime later, Pam became aware of the number of people that were on the beach. The noise alone was a good indicator. She thought aloud, ‘Curlew was right! There are many more people here than I’ve ever seen … crap!’ As she was contemplating whether to leave or stay, her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“I see you’re still here. Quite the crowd you’ve attracted,” Curlew teasingly said with that warm smile.

“I rather doubt they’re here because of me, but there are a good number of people here. It’s disappointing. I was just thinking about packing it in for the day. This is not what I anticipated.”

Curlew said nothing and looked at Pam for a minute, as if in deep thought. He then got a serious look on his face and broke his silence. “I can appreciate someone who covets their solitude and privacy, and I’m going to suggest something that I haven’t done in decades. I just feel that there’s something special about you. It’s obvious you come from a very decent family and upbringing, so please hear me out before you draw any conclusions. Will you do that for me?”

Pam, also had a good feeling about him, and agreed to listen to whatever suggestion he was about to present. She instinctively trusted his decency. “I’ll listen, and promise not to interrupt until you’ve finished,” she said, now curious and intrigued by what he might say.

Curlew began. “The entire tip of this peninsula has been in my family for over a century. It was the property of my father, and his father before him. It is walled off and signed, so the only people that are allowed entrance, other than myself, are people called in to service whatever needs servicing. There are sand dunes that lead to the beach area that are far enough from the house to afford anyone as much privacy and solitude as they could ever desire. I’m inviting you to come and take a look at what I’m offering, and if you decide and feel comfortable, of course, you can feel free to use the dunes and the beach anytime you choose. I know this may sound a bit unorthodox, but I assure you, you’ll be safe and undisturbed by me. If you feel uncomfortable with what I’m offering, I understand, and no offense will be taken. On the other hand, if this sounds like something you might even remotely be interested in, we can drive out to my place and you can look around and ask any questions you might have before you decide anything. As I said, you won’t be disturbed by anyone. My wife passed away 15 years ago and was unable to bear children, so there will not be any unexpected visitors. It’s entirely up to you and you will not be required to accept or decline today. What do you think?”

“Oh, wow! That’s a lot to digest. I don’t know what to say, except that I’m honored by your offer and totally flabbergasted,” Pam said, in a rather shocked tone.

“A simple yes or no, to at least take a look at the place will suffice. I’ll understand with whichever way you choose,” Curlew answered, with a reassuring look and smile.

After a surprised and emotional pause, Pam said, “I’m flattered, and that is a very generous offer, or invite. I guess there’d be no harm in seeing your land, providing I can drive my own car there.”

“Of course, good. I’m assuming we’re both parked in the grassy field by the pathway to the beach. We can head up there and you can follow me. As long as you’re absolutely confident that I mean you no harm. If there is any escort maltepe skepticism on your part, I’d rather not go any further.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel very comfortable,” Pam said confidently with a smile.

“Great, let me help you with your things,” Curlew offered.

As they entered the parking area, Pam pointed to her car, and said, “That’s my car there.”

Curlew said, “I’m at the other end … just drive to the exit and I’ll pull ahead of you and you can follow me.” He stood by Pam’s car to help her put things away and get in before heading to his own car.

Pam was excited and felt very comfortable with this. Her instincts told her that she had nothing to fear from this man and that he was genuine and sincere … and, most of all, truthful and trustworthy.

Curlew pulled alongside Pam and waved at her, then pulled ahead slowly. Pam followed. They continued going straight, passing two stone columns on either side of the road, about 6 feet high, with “Private Property” signs on both. As Pam drove through them, she said, “Holy Shit! This place must be huge.” The road led to a rotary type driveway with an old, large cottage facing the road. They drove half way around the circular drive and Curlew stopped in front of the house. The house had a porch that looked like it went completely around the house. It was very well kept and certainly needed no upkeep. A tall flag pole stood on one side of the walkway leading up to the house, flying a large American flag. Pam was impressed, to say the least.

“Come on in and look around the house. The bathroom is upstairs, in case you decide to come back. I need to use it right now, so feel free to check out the house, as I said.”

Pam didn’t want to snoop around, so she remained in the spacious living room and allowed her eyes to check out the other rooms that she had a clear view of. The house was much like she imagined it might’ve looked when first built. It did have all the modern amenities, or so it seemed. She walked to the glass paned double doors leading to the immense porch. She was right … the porch did extend completely around the house. She looked beyond the porch and noticed a wooden walkway that disappeared into the sand dunes that seemed to extend forever in a downward slope. She was amazed at how much land there was. Noticing that the house seemed to be centered on the land, she only assumed that there was just as much land in the back and other side of the house. She got the sense that she was in a state park, rather than a privately owned piece of land. She found it difficult to fathom that one man owned all of this, but still walked the beaches daily for entertainment.

Curlew came back downstairs and said, “Come on, let me show you the dunes and the beach area.” He walked onto the porch and pointed to his left and off the porch, and said, “Right over there is an outdoor shower. If you do decide to come back, you can shower the lotion and perspiration off before getting in your car for the ride home.”

He walked down the stairs and onto the wooden walkway, then stopped and said, “Ladies first.” Pam walked ahead of him, and said, “Wow! This place is absolutely beautiful.” ‘That’s not the only thing that’s beautiful,’ Curlew thought as his eyes were transfixed on Pam’s barely covered ass. They walked for a few more minutes and the dunes opened up to a beach area. Pam came to a dead stop and said, “Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. Why in heavens name would you choose to walk on a public beach, when you have this wonderful beach right in your backyard?”

“I enjoy my solitude, like you, but I’m not a recluse. I still enjoy walking a beach where there are other people, even though I don’t socialize with them. I still find it rejuvenating to be where other people are, even if it’s only a few hours a day. That’s enough to satisfy my desire to be near people.” Curlew than asked, “Why does such a young and stunning woman like you have such an attraction with being alone? I would think that someone as gorgeous, vibrant, and personable as you would have so many social demands.”

As they walked along the beach, Pam explained as best she could. “I work in the court system as a clerk, Monday thru Friday. After having to put up with a demanding and unhappy public all week, I’ve had enough of dealing with people. That may sound cynical and negative to you, but it’s how I feel, come Friday afternoon.”

“I can empathize with you, so you don’t sound cynical or negative at all to me. Let’s check out the dunes now. I think you’ll find them an attractive and relaxing place to get away from whatever one may want to get away from.”

After giving her a tour of the sand dunes, they started walking back towards the walkway leading to the house. Curlew chuckled and said, “We’ve been talking since this morning and don’t even know each other’s name. I’m Andrew, and I’m sure your name is as lovely as you are.”

Pam giggled, and said, “My name is Pamela,” then giggled again and continued. “I gave you a name last summer, when I first saw you. You fascinated me, by the nature of your walk along the beach. I didn’t want to refer to you as just, ‘The Old Man on the Beach’, so I gave you the name “Curlew”. Not in an offensive way, I just thought you deserved something better than ‘Old Man’ … pleased to meet you Andrew.”

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