Darryl and Lucinda

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Female Ejaculation

Some of you will remember Lucinda from the story Gail and Lucinda. Gail and Lucinda were friends, but now have drifted apart. Darryl is Lucinda’s husband who made a brief appearance in that story. In the Gail and Lucinda story, Darryl, the hard-working husband, was simply used by Lucinda to satisfy her desires; and was portrayed as little more than a sex object. That is an incomplete version of their true relationship. I hope to expand upon how Darryl and Lucinda truly interact in bed.

Weary from his hard farm work these days, Darryl rarely had much energy after supper. He’d shower before eating; and by the time they had finished with their meal, he was ready for bed. The work day starts early on the farm. Lucinda also worked some hours on the farm and was physically very robust. But, she also had many hours of sitting, doing her administrative duties for the College Library. She complains that the long hours of sitting has caused her ass to spread, though still very firm atop a pair of strong legs carrying a muscular, albeit fattening torso; she probably has more energy at night than her husband.

In fact, all the sitting simply added to what was already a very robust sex drive. Lucinda, previously never masturbated, as she got the fulfillment needed by having sex with her husband. However, now, she is constantly horny, always wet, her clit is usually enlarged. When she had Darryl with her, she would rush to get her own orgasm. No matter how tired he was, she would open his pajamas and manually stimulate his cock. Its size was at least an average length, although not very thick; and even though he was tired, he always got an erection under her firm hand.

She would not even remove her nightgown, just lower herself onto his stiff dick, and ride him until she achieved her orgasm, which rarely took more than a couple minutes. Because of her heightened level of sexuality, her orgasm was massive and exhausting; so much so, that once done, she just was completely spent and lost interest.

Often, she would just roll off her husband, not even bothering to clean up the sperm or her own vaginal juices leaking from her cunt, and just fall asleep on the bed next to him.

Lucinda’s sexuality or level of arousal meant that she was almost always the one to initiate sex, and she needed it frequently. Sometimes, Darryl would have to please her while resting on the couch in the middle of the day. She would simply unzip his work overalls, stroke his cock and manually stimulate him to erection. Lucinda never considered oral stimulation; and Darryl was easily stimulated manually.

In truth, Darryl had just enough energy to do his work everyday. He didn’t care if he had his orgasm. Truly in love with Lucinda; he loved to see her on top of him, he loved to see her coming on his dick. He could still get very hard and loved the idea of penetrating deep into her wet, hairy pussy. It was not supremely important; in fact, it became unimportant, that he actually had his own orgasm.

It was not always so. They married very young; she was 18 and he was 21. He had other lovers before that, but none of them meant anything to him; they were essentially practice.

Lucinda married, deeply in love with him. Their lovemaking was based on his experiences with other women and it was fairly straightforward. Simply being near her, seeing her naked, kissing and hugging was enough for both of them to be ready for konya escort intercourse. She always got wet and aroused very quickly.

Because of the ease in which they both got aroused, there was never much foreplay. It was always very quick; into the bedroom, once they got under the sheets, they coupled invariably missionary style, almost every time, incredibly intense. Darryl would enter her, pushing his cock into her cunt, an inch then two, three, four, and finally up to his pubic hair; all six and one half inches would enter her.

She was so wet, Darryl’s plunging deeply brought a tidal wave of cunt juice soaking his pubic hair. For the first few weeks of their marriage, Darryl could hardly believe the intensity of her response.

Their lovemaking sessions never lasted long. Lucinda would increase her panting, moaning louder and louder, her hips against his cock, their pubic bones rubbing together; he could feel her engorged clit against his body. At that point, his balls released a big load of come; simultaneously, Lucinda would also have her orgasm, a thunderously powerful thing; her eyes rolling back in her head and she would pass out.

When first married, Darryl was upset by Lucinda’s orgasms; he was frightened, in fact, then even angry—what’s she playing at? Is she trying to convince me that she has cum? Previous girlfriends would whimper a little under his fucking, but nothing like this; this is not how Darryl had experienced the female orgasm. He couldn’t believe this was real.

When he confronted Lucinda that first week of their marriage, she convinced him she was authentic. They had sex ten times in that one week. Lucinda’s orgasms are not always as thunderous but passing out…? How could one fake that?

They loved each other so intensely. Their lust was so overwhelming, there was never any nuance; whenever they’re ready to have sex, they had sex, they had intercourse; there was never any need to prepare, there was never any need for any of the trimmings. Lucinda was a meat and potatoes girl for cooking solid and nutritious food, but without imagination. Their lovemaking was the same; it was intense and left them both satiated.

Lucinda’s girlfriends sometimes confided in her about their love lives, how they had sex with their husbands. She listened politely, but never really understood. It seemed like, well frankly she thought to herself, her friends must be doing something wrong. You shouldn’t take that long and shouldn’t need all that kind of elaboration.

It was like her choice of restaurants. The local diner was fine and gave tons of nourishing food you can eat quickly and get about your business. She loved sex, she enjoyed it; and like the way she enjoyed food, she wasn’t very complicated in her tastes.

Darryl would never admit it, but perhaps his approach to sex was affected by what he saw on the farm. You got the male aroused, you made sure the cow is in heat, put them together, and things happened. Coupled with that, was his intense devotion to his wife, and Lucinda’s complete devotion to him; there’s never any suggestion over their long married life, of any infidelity. They loved each other completely, they are happy with their sex lives; but it was just part of their life, it wasn’t any kind of overwhelming thing—it was like eating, drinking, and sleeping.

Their fertile lovemaking gave them three beautiful daughters. There konya escort bayan was some pause and intimacy after each birth; but soon, they went back to their routine. No longer nightly, but always, at least weekly, and sometimes thrice-weekly that they get together to satisfy each other completely. There’s no need, at least sexually, for either of them to look for the attention of another.

Lucinda was somewhat flirtatious with the men she worked with, but it’s really just a ploy. She was trying so she could get better treatment from her supervisors. This works well with the women, also. A very social creature, she pretended interest in everything about her co-workers.

Darryl had no such social circle, other than neighboring farmers; just his wife, and his children.

When their daughters had grown and moved away, their sex life returned to normal or what was normal for them. The difference was now, Darryl could roam the house in his underwear. Lucinda was always dressed in rough clothes for the chores around the farm, finer clothes she was preparing to go to work. That is her work at the library where she served as head of the Acquisitions Department.

But their bodies could not cheat the calendar, they cannot cheat the Fates. Lucinda had a rough time with various ailments that were difficult to diagnose; until finally, the doctors discovered a brain tumor. Luckily it turned out not to be cancerous, but still there was a long time when Lucinda was not her usual vigorous self.

Naturally, they remained chaste while she was ill. It never crossed Darryl’s mind that this was any sort of imposition, any problem, or anything that was sorrowful for him to deal with; it was just part of life. His sexuality was totally tied to that of his wife, as hers was to his. At least, at this point.

Things changed as Darryl’s body rebelled against him; food allergies, joint issues, and back problems. All conspired to limit vigorous copulation…at least his part. His back problems meant a change of positions…of dominance in bed; although, neither Lucinda, nor Darryl, looked at it that way…it was a practical adaptation.

Instead of missionary, with his easy penetration of Lucinda’s always ready cunt; Lucinda would ride his cock. As before, the sight of her being naked was enough to arouse Darryl.

After some initial fumblings and experimentation, Lucinda adapted well to the superior position; if anything, her pleasure had increased. And her propensity for passing out had disappeared; through kegel exercises, she had kept her vagina well trained, so both their pleasures increased. Besides her own orgasm, she was able to drain Darryl’s balls even more efficiently—a good stock of towels was at the ready for cleaning up copious fluids…both his and hers.

This system worked well for several years. Although still fit, Darryl had less and less energy as the pressure to keep the farm solvent increased; his longer hours and decreased libido did not mesh well with Lucinda’s still insistent needs.

Most noticeably, was the new need to prepare Darryl for sex. His cock always ready for the first three decades of marriage, now needed manual stimulation for an erection. Apparently, coupled with this new situation, was the fact that Daryl had lost the ability to orgasm…at least, not regularly.

Coincidentally, the frequency of intercourse decreased; although, escort konya still more frequent than some (Lucinda had researched this when she grew concerned), it was less than what she required.

She confronted Darryl. They were always upfront discussing issues between them; nothing was left to fester.

“Honestly Darryl, I will have to start cheating on you…with your permission of course….” This was said tongue in cheek…because what they had agreed upon was that to meet her needs, Lucinda would seek orgasm apart from Darryl, orgasm…without him; without his cock in her…without cock. For the first time in her life, Lucinda would be…masturbating regularly!

As she loved soaking in their old claw foot tub, this would be her sensual escape.

So, did they live happily ever after? Unlike fairy tales, life evolves.

Lucinda was very busy in the many facets of her life; family, extended family, the family farm, work at the college, church business associations, town government, and Darryl. Darryl had fewer responsibilities in number; but in some ways, a heavier load—both, financially and physically.

Their sex lives fell into a natural rhythm. Some times were sacred, not to be scheduled over; but, scheduled around. They both were ‘early to bed early to rise types.’ Lucinda’s soak and sin times were part of that, as were their weekly, though unscheduled, couplings.

In the midst of one of Lucinda’s interludes, ‘cheating’ on him; Darryl walked in to see her in the preparatory stages of her self-seduction. The tub was filling with her in it; the bath was scented, and music was playing. Her eyes were shut…conjuring up a phantom lover—he guessed, in a rare jealous moment.

But in Lucinda’s codified mind, her vagina belonged to Darryl; only he…his delicious cock, could enter her…sheath—for his pleasure and hers.

Her solitary pleasure precluded any penetration, neither with toys nor finger. She would caress her sex…gently, but insistently, she was still easily aroused, even when left to herself. Only a few short minutes of stroking her clit was enough to trigger a melting orgasm—different from what she experienced riding Darryl; but, still satisfying. Then she would drift off into a warm afterglow, until playfully submerging and resurfacing, to exit the tub, dry off, and prepare for bed.

But in this instance, the cycle had just started; and to his surprise, he experienced the first spontaneous erection he had had in years. His cock sprang out of his boxers as Lucinda, with her eyes still closed, moved efficiently towards her goal of rapture. He was mesmerized by the look on her face, and her ample breasts floating above the scented waters of the old tub; with the heat and steam rising in the room.

He joked to himself, “If she has permission to cheat on me; I guess I have reciprocal permission to cheat on her….” With that, his right hand began to slowly stroke his erect cock, and without precedent, his left hand began to massage his testicles. In shock, he felt—imagined, that this gesture stirred the seed in his nut sack…that feeling of inevitable orgasm came over Darryl. He silently mouthed Lucinda’s—the pet name, no one else knew, and was only used in their bed.

Spiritually in tune, linked souls and genitals…the couple simultaneously orgasmed in their farmhouse bathroom. Darryl shot the accumulated months’ cum over the old tile floor, holding on to the sink; but, nevertheless, ending up on his knees near the puddle of spunk.

Lucinda followed routine and submerged after her orgasm. When she resurfaced, she was treated to the sight of her naked husband on his knees before her…


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