Debauchery of Indian Wife Menaka Ch. 08

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Though three of us, Tanuj, Kanchan and I thought that we had an excellent plan in place to regularly satisfy our carnal desires, things didn’t go the way we had planned. On Monday morning, Sanjay woke up late and had to rush off to work — that means Kanchan could not seduce him to fuck her, and since Sanjay went late to office, I didn’t have much time either, so I couldn’t fuck Tanuj.

[But I am quite sure Kanchan must have had her fill with Tanuj that morning.]

In the night, Sanjay wanted us to watch a movie, so it turned out late into night by the time we concluded our brief session of love making. I was not ready to give up even though it was 1 AM in the morning, so I tiptoed to Tanuj’s room on the terrace. I was quite disappointed to see Tanuj and Kanchan sleeping in each other’s arms, completely naked and satisfied. Didn’t feel like waking him up that late to request him to fuck me. So, I just came back unsatisfied.

[That means Kanchan had her fill twice already and I had not even opened my account yet.]

Next day, Sanjay once again woke up late, because of late night movie, and I missed my fuck- session with Tanuj once again, and when I came back from the office in the evening, Lo and Behold! I was greeted by my younger sister, Shweta, who has come visit the city on some work! What a surprise!

Because of her stay with us, I couldn’t participate in any of the revelries with Tanuj, while Kanchan kept fucking him to glory. Not only that, because I slept with my sister in the other bedroom, Kanchan kept up her tête-à-tête with my husband as well. That means, she was fucking both the men of the house, every morning, and every night, filling herself up with their cum four times a day, and I was not getting any.

This was making feel very antsy, irritable and itchy. My younger sister Shweta came for some work in the city and would stay with us for the next 3 days, and this could possibly mean that I wouldn’t get any pleasure from either of the men, while Kanchan would be getting fucked and fucked.

[Can’t believe that my maid was getting so lucky in getting laid everyday! While I continue to starve!]

Therefore, once again I focused on getting some attention at my office. For some time now, Sanjay was pressurizing me to dress up sexily and provocatively to the office. And it was yielding the ‘desired’ results. I had become quite popular at the office, and everyone knew who I was. Young engineers walked by my cubicle to get a glance of my deep cleavage, while some of these lecherous men timed their lunch to coincide with mine, just to watch me walk across the tables in my tight low-rise jeans or skirts on high heels.

The middle management men started to include me in their meetings just to keep ogling at my perky breasts, occasionally getting a glimpse of my protruding nipples through my tight blouse or t-shirt. Even the senior management men paid attention to me nowadays.

My friend Preeti came to tell me that Nitin, VP of new products group, was enquiring about me. Looks like he has also noticed the change in my wardrobe. As Preeti put it, ‘he knew a slut when he spotted one’, and he believes that I am one of those women who could be easily seduced.

Preeti told me that Nitin is getting desperate now, given the fact that his erstwhile fuck partner Sneha is no longer with the company. ‘He was now on the prowl for a new muse’, she said. For over a year now, Sneha was his fuck toy. She was a member of his team, married, slim, with nice figure and pretty face. He fucked her almost on a daily basis at the office, sometime in his office room, and sometimes in the meeting rooms, and the rumor has it that he even took her with him on business trips to fuck her in various hotels rooms in different cities. He managed to keep his liaisons a secret without getting much publicity because he smartly took up the spare third floor of the office which was mostly empty except for his team. Being the rising star in the company, to a great extent helped by the fact that he was the son-in-law of the Chairman & CEO of the company, he made a case to move his team to the empty third floor telling the management team that his team needed some isolation in handling some of the critical engineering problems away from constant interference of other teams.

Preeti has heard from some of the team members of Nitin’s group that Sneha had spent most of her time in Nitin’s cabin, some suspecting something fishy, while others just didn’t bother to spend much time thinking about it because of fear of Nitin, who had a reputation for being autocratic and firing team members for small mistakes. As per the reports, Nitin used Sneha in every conceivable way. He fucked her in all of her holes experimenting with her many kinky methods. Unfortunately, about three months ago, right before I joined, Sneha left the company to move to United States with her husband who got a job there. Now, he was once again on the lookout.

[Coincidentally that’s when Sanjay and I muğla escort decided to spice up our sex life.]

Preeti told me that over the last week, Nitin saw me few times in the office strutting in low-rise tight jeans, tight skirts, high heels and in small t-shirts and blouses which accentuated my bosom.

The sway that I put in my walk, wherein I started to move my ass pendulously, confirmed it for Nitin that I was seeking male attention. And my deep cleavage made him ‘mad with desire and lust’, that’s what Preeti said.

Looks like, he made small enquiries through his trusted team leader, Arundhati, and found everything about me – which team I was in, how old was I, if I was married, etc. He also got to know that I started to wear sexy dresses only for the last few weeks now. All these facts encouraged him. And now, he set his plan in motion for grabbing his next fuck toy at the office, and that’s me!

[Oh! Wow! I can’t believe this!]

One day, I got a mail from my manager that I have been moved to the new products team on third floor. This was the first time I went to the third floor to have a meeting with Nitin, and his team members, including Arundhati. From day one, I got along very well with Arundhati who happened to be very gregarious, pleasing, well-mannered, sophisticated, and most important of all, extremely modern in her dressing and styling. She wore small skirts and tight blouses, high heels, wore dark lipstick and heavy mascara and eye shades. She was taller than me and was quite a sexy and voluptuous woman. During the entire meeting, I could feel the piercing eyes of the whole team, which consisted of Nitin, Arundhati and six other male engineers. By now, I got used to libidinous stares hungry ogles of strange men, and was in fact enjoying the power I held over other sex. By evening I would be so charged up sexually that I would be hungry for my husband’s cock. And Sanjay was benefitting from the active sex life.

Right from the first meeting when I met Nitin, I could feel a raw attraction developing inside me towards him. He was not very tall, around 5′ 8″, but was muscular, with heavy but very tight frame, strong arms and strong legs, with a thick neck that sported and square jawed face. He exuded dominance, sexual rawness, and power. And I could also feel his stares at my body parts which excited me, but also made me uncomfortable because I could not feel confident in controlling myself in front of him. That’s when Arundhati came to the rescue.

I became very close to Arundhati in a very short period of time. Within few days, I was having lunch with her, and this trend became even more convenient for the young male engineers who could now see two of the hottest women together. People started taking polls on who is the hotter of the two of us. I got to know later that most voted for me, because as one of them described, ‘she is the fresh maal (meat) on the street’. All these men lusted after two of us and some of them unable to control, just went straight to the office bathroom to shag and get relieved.

I was uncomfortable in presence of Nitin so Arundhati noticed it and broached the topic during lunch. I told her that I heard many rumors about Nitin’s character, that he is autocratic, demanding and also that he is a womanizer, and that’s why I was not able to be at ease in front of him. Arundhati laughed and dispelled all those rumors as myths created by some managers who were envious of Nitin’s fast rise in the company. She assured me that Nitin is an extremely honorable gentleman, and once I got to know him, I will fall in love with him.

Next day Arundhati and I went out to a restaurant for lunch. She insisted we have some liquor, so we ordered alcoholic drinks. I gulped few of them and was feeling a bit mellow, when suddenly Nitin showed up at the same place. Without even asking me, Arundhati got up from her seat and invited Nitin to join us. In the beginning I was a bit apprehensive to be in the company of this philanderer in such a private setting. But speaking to him, and listening to him, I started to find Nitin to be a jovial, sophisticated, and thorough gentleman, even though I was quite shocked at the ribald jokes they were both making.

During the conversation, Nitin made a casual remark that other managers in the office are envious of him. I asked him why.

Nitin: Because I have two of the hottest women of the company under me.

Without thinking, I blushed, because of his double entendre.

Arundhati: Sir, you yourself are so hot and sexy, any woman would die to be in your company. We consider ourselves lucky to be serving under you.

Nitin (smiled, once again enjoying the double meaning comment): You two are the hottest topic in the company now. Everyone is talking about you. They are all fighting for your attention. So, I think you both need to be careful.

Arundhati: Sir, we are in your team. They all know that they can only stare at us but not touch. escort muğla But Sir, Yes, I can see their lustful stares. It feels like they want to have a go at us right in the canteen. I also see that they are noticing Menaka more than me.

Nitin: Then Arundhati, you have a serious competition from Menaka. I also heard that there is a polling done amongst the young engineers to decide who is sexier of you two.

I noticed that both Nitin and Arundhati are talking about this topic as if it was just a casual talk. They did not feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about my sexiness and hotness quite openly.

Arundhati: So Sir, who did they vote for?

Nitin (looking at me): Arundhati, I am sorry, but I think Menaka is in the lead.

Arundhati (instead of feeling lost out, exclaimed): Wow! Menaka, see, you are the hottest woman in the office. I am quite sure so many of these young bastards might be shagging off in the bathrooms thinking about you.

I was quite surprised by this comment. I never though Arundhati would talk so openly in front of the boss.

Nitin: Yeah, even I heard that many wives of our male employees are feeling happy. The men are going home aroused and giving their wives a good time in bed.

Arundhati: Sir, but I am sure they must be all imagining they are fucking Menaka while boning their wives.

I fidgeted a bit on my seat listening to this ribald talk about me.

Nitin (looking at me): Menaka, I hope you are OK with all this talk. I am assuming you are a modern girl and that you wouldn’t mind an open conversation between adults!

Before I could open my mouth, Arundhati answered it for me: Sir, Menaka is ultra-modern. You don’t worry. Sometimes I think she is more outgoing than Sneha.

Suddenly, Arundhati looked at her phone and said that she got an urgent message from the office — there is some issue in the new product release, and she said she has to leave urgently. Thereby Arundhati left me in the hands of the predator all by myself. Slowly, I started to enjoy conversing with Nitin, including his ribald and open jokes. He complimented me on my sexy voice, on my beautiful and sexy eyes and lips, and even told me that I have an excellent body.

He asked me how I stayed fit after getting married and then said, ‘Your husband is such a lucky man. He is in your company all the time’.

Me: But Sir, I spend most of my time here in the office, so that means the office guys are lucky ones.

Nitin: But Menaka, your husband gets to see your real beauty every night and enjoy it thoroughly, while all of us at office can only lust after you in our imaginations.

Me (blushing): But then Sir, your wife is also the lucky woman. We can only lust after you. But she is the one who has you every night.

All this conversation made me excited and horny. I was squirming between my legs and oozing pussy juices. Being in presence of this sexy hunk was making me feel like a eighteen-year-old girl.

Immediately Nitin held my hands and looked deep into my eyes. The message was clear. He wanted me. I felt a bit uncomfortable once again, especially given his past. He must have done the same with so many other women. I said that we should now leave for office because it is already late. He agreed, though reluctantly and walked very close with me, with his hand around my waist, as if he is my husband or my lover. He was quite dominating, and I was not very sure if I would be able to resist him.

The minute we entered the lift, he pressed me close to him. There were two other people in the lift, but Nitin didn’t care. Clearly, he is of the type of guy who would take what he wanted, and right now he wanted me. Before I could react, Nitin pulled me even closer into his arms and planted a kiss on my lips, right there in the lift, which made the other people look at us with aghast. I tried to pull away, but he would not let me. In fact, he forced me into kiss against my will and kept pushing his tongue inside my mouth and even nibbling on my lips.

I pushed him away, and immediately slapped him hard across his face, ‘Nitin Sir, please behave!’

That completely shocked him. He didn’t think I would react that way. Neither did I think that I would react that way. As soon as we came out of lift, he just left in his car leaving me there. I was not sure anymore how it would be for me at the office after this incident.

[Oh God! He was such a hunk! And he is a powerful man in the office! He was coming on to me! Why did I stop him! What stupid woman I am!]

Shweta, my sister is 22, well-endowed, and quite sexy. She is taller than me by an inch, at 5′ 8″, slim, but quite curvy at the right places. She doesn’t have boobs as big as mine, but still would make heads turn. Since she was young, she was quite flirty with boys, and have had many boyfriends even at school. She is definitely not a virgin, and always ensured she had a fuck buddy if not a boyfriend to regularly satisfy her. muğla escort bayan She knew her way around men, and therefore her presence in the house had even electric effect on the men of the house. She wore really sexy clothes even at home. Every morning she did yoga right in the living room. Each of us woke up to see her in skin hugging tights, showing off her midriff and her navel, with a small top that spilled her breasts. Clearly, she was not wearing panties nor a bra.

Tanuj started to take immense interest in my little sister — little did I realize that she is not that little anymore. She was meaty where it mattered, and was still older than Tanuj by 3 years, and must have fucked as many men as her age. Tanuj started to take yoga classes from her in the morning, and seeing the two young nubile bodies touching each other was such an erotic sight for us. Except that we were all getting extremely jealous of their closeness. It was clear that even my sister was getting turned on by Tanuj. Who wouldn’t?

The bulge of Tanuj’s cock was visible through his tight pants, and my lusty sister was enjoying the effect she had on him. They would come close to each other all the time, rubbing their bodies, in the pretext of instructing each other on the yoga moves, and that only made ever sensitive Tanuj’s cock go really hard. I could literally see Shweta smacking her lips at the sight of his hard cock through his pants. Evidently, she was eager to get fucked by that cock.

[But as elder sister it is my sworn responsibility to protect my little sister from that monster cock!]

That evening, when I came back from office, I got to know that Tanuj and Shweta had gone shopping. So, another day went by where I couldn’t get Tanuj’s cock. Even Kanchan looked pissed off, because Tanuj has gone out with my sister. When I asked the maid about the young duo, she answered quite roughly that she is not aware of their whereabouts, clearly displaying her displeasure.

I got a message at 8 pm from my sister that they would be having dinner outside. Then another message at 9 pm that they would like to go for a movie — the last show. She asked us not to wait for them.

[Hmm! Looks like my little sister is having a good time with my nephew!]

Kanchan was also quite upset. But the only solace for me was that at least I could have my husband for a fuck. That evening I had torrid sex with Sanjay — I was horny because of the lack of fucking for the past few days, and also because of the attention I was receiving at office.

The climax was quite explosive. I asked Sanjay to release his cum on my body, which was a big departure from our earlier fucks. Sanjay became so excited by my bold attitude that he released his sperm all over my body, my tummy and my breasts. I lovingly spread his cum all over my body, while looking at him into his eyes.

After our fuck session, I waited in the living room for my sister to come home. When they got in, I could detect some chemistry between Tanuj and her. My presence made them a bit cautious, and they parted ways, Tanuj went upstairs, while Shweta came into my bedroom to sleep next to me. Kanchan took this chance to run upstairs to get fucked by Tanuj. I got to know this because she sent me a whatsapp message — attached was a selfie of Kanchan and Tanuj fucking each other.

[That whorish maid is having a gala time with Tanuj while I lay next to my sister who is also in race for his cock!]

Shweta started asking me about Tanuj, some personal questions, about Kanchan.

Shweta: Sister, why do you allow your maid to wear such slutty dresses in the house? You should be careful.

Me: What do you mean careful? From whom?

Shweta: Sister, you are so innocent. Men get attracted to such slutty women quite easily. And your maid is quite sexy and has an excellent body. Her dresses are vulgar and revealing. I am quite sure that Sanjay Jija [Brother-in-law] must be having hots for her.

Me: Oh, that! Don’t worry! Nothing of that sort will happen with your Sanjay. He is a nice husband.

Shweta: yeah! What about Tanuj? He is a young boy. He is not in a relationship! He may want to fuck Kanchan, right?

Me: So, what if they fuck? He is virile and quite fit. So, what if he has a go at her once in a while?

Shweta: Sister? What are you talking? You are OK if your nephew fucks your maid under your own roof?

Me: Look. He is young, horny and muscular. He would need to quench his thirst somewhere. If not here, he would go to a prostitute. Better he gets his thirst quenched under my roof. That way at least he is not getting any diseases, right?

Shweta: Sister. You have changed a lot. I didn’t know that you were so open and free. Can I confess something?

Me: Yeah, go ahead!

Shweta: You know what! I really want to fuck Tanuj.

Me: What?

Shweta: Sister. Please, please! Please! Don’t say no!

Me: Shweta, Tanuj fucking Kanchan is different. She is not related to us. But you fucking Tanuj will create a scandal. Sanjay wouldn’t approve. Tanuj is his nephew. Don’t entertain such thoughts.

Shweta (disappointed): Ok, Sister. Whatever you say.

[What a selfish woman I am! I was not ready to share that meaty cock with my sister! I wanted it all for myself.]

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