Dinner Party at the Boss’s

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“CAREFUL”, the e-mail’s subject line read. “Don’t let the boss see this!” It was going around the office like a flu. Everyone who got it knew exactly what it was, since several e-mails like this went around every day. All of them would deny it, of course, but practically all of the office’s guys, and a few of the girls as well, were in on the porn-sharing scheme. Everyone knew who to forward it to. These e-mails got passed around so much — and, at least by some participants, in a careful manner, cleaning up the subject line and message body — that it was hard to track down where it all began. The tradition was older than anyone currently at the office too, it seemed, which only made the origin point of those e-mails even more mysterious. But one thing was certain — whenever one of those popped up in your inbox, you knew you had some really juicy stuff lined up.

The warning on this latest one was hardly necessary, of course. Mr. Hildebrant, the local division manager, had a zero-tolerance policy with not-safe-for-work stuff at work, and made a point to report even the slightest impropriety to HR. Not that it was that hard for the local porn fiends to run circles around the guy; he vastly overestimated his own perceptiveness (and most of his other qualities, come to think of it), so that most of the bad behavior he liked to boast about catching, actually came down to his underlings playing some sort of prank or another on him. Hell, Miller even mooned him once during an all-hands presentation while he was turned away, and he was none the wiser, despite the crew’s poor attempts to hide their laughter. Nobody ratted on him, of course… pulling a fast one on the boss was its own reward.

The video that came attached to this one e-mail with that warning, though, was especially choice, and quickly became the main topic around the water cooler. It started with this really, really gorgeous blonde strutting around a dining room in a tight peach dress that hugged her curves in a really tantalizing manner, with a low cut up front that didn’t leave a lot to imagination. She looked up at the camera and winked before walking out of frame and letting a group of guys in. They were four young men, all reasonably fit, wearing uniforms and carrying tools, apparently from some sort of contracting company. For some strange reason, though, their faces were all blurred out.

The young woman started pointing out a few things about the furniture, seemingly explaining to them what they were supposed to be fixing there, but did so very, very seductively. She’d turn her back to the group and bend over way more than necessary to look at something, giving them a privileged view of her plump ass. Then she’d turn to talk to them and lean forward on a counter, exposing even more of her cleavage. She’d get right up on their faces to ask questions, then pick up some tool and suggestively run a finger across it. The workmen apparently hesitated a lot, looked at one another in confusion (their blurred faces made it hard to tell, but their body language felt that way), and stammered while explaining simple things about the work to the woman, who looked back at them with hungry eyes.

After a few minutes of this little game — which was a surprisingly long sex-free stretch for a porn video, but oddly tantalizing — things ramped up to the next level when the woman apparently commented on the guys’ bulges (it was hard to say as the video had no sound other than a soft jazz track) and started stroking one of them over his pants. He flinched back, taken by surprise, but quickly got back to his previous stance and let her work his unit. The other guys, after hesitating and looking at one another for a moment, realized this was indeed happening, and gingerly approached her. One of them started stroking her ass, which was met with an approving smile, which encouraged another one to stick his hand into her cleavage. She encouraged the shier fourth member of the ensemble by using her free hand to stroke his dick as well.

After a little while of this, with the participants changing position a few times — she’d start grinding against one of the guys, pull another guys’s hands to her breasts, stick her hand down the pants of another one, and so on — clothes started coming off. First one enterprising man’s shirt, then another’s, then the other two, then a pair of pants came off. When it got to that point, she pulled up her dress — which was already running up almost to her crotch — over her head, showing a completely nude body underneath. The rest of the guys’ clothing and underwear came off. She got to her knees and started going down on one of them, and when his colleagues walked up to them, waiting for their turn, she grabbed a cock with each hand and got to work on a pair of handjobs as well, occasionally turning to suck on one of the other two.

Before long, she released the three members, stood up, and turned to the fourth man, who had been left alone so far. She pushed him onto a chair, making him sit down on it, and crouched ankara evi olan escortlar down in order to blow him. Before he could have too much fun with that, though, she got back up and moved on top of him. She sat on his lap and ground against his waiting cock for a while, before moving up and then sliding down his shaft. After having some fun with him, bouncing up and down as he grabbed her ass, she turned her head back and called his colleagues. One of them moved up behind her and started fondling her breasts while he rubbed his dick against her back, while the other two positioned themselves on either side of her, ready for more handjobs, which she readily obliged with. The woman would alternate between turning back to kiss the man at her back as he fondled her and bending down to suck either of the men at her sides.

As the workman she was riding looked ready to climax, she suddenly stopped moving for a while and ordered the other three to move back. She slowly, carefully slid up from his glistening cock, motioned him to sit still, and turned to get another chair. She placed it in front of the sitting man, turned sideways. She then motioned for the one who was just behind her to stand by the chair, and jerked and blew him for a while, readying him for what was to come, while the other guy cooled down. Then, she knelt on the chair, turned toward the sitting man, and prostrated herself so she could start licking his wet unit. As she got to work on him, the man on the opposite side of her, the one she’d been just preparing, touched the tip of his cock to her asshole and gingerly pushed it in. She craned her head back to cry out as he did, but quickly went back to sucking the man in front of her, while the one behind her fucked her ass, slowly at first, then increasing in speed and intensity as she called out orders in between mouthfuls of dick, bracing herself with her arms on the chair the man was sitting on, as the other one thrust furiously. The guy in front came first; she pulled his cock out before he did, and took the load all across her face, stroking it to get every drop out. The one who was fucking her ass didn’t take long after that to follow suit, and he too pulled out, spilling his seed all over her back.

Once she got back up, though, she moved on to the next part, as she still had work to do. She beckoned to the other two workmen, who had gotten little more than handjobs by this point, and motioned them toward the dinner table. She had one of them climb on the table and lay down on it, belly up, near the edge. She climbed on top of him, got his dick into her pussy, and started moving up and down a little, to get things started. Then she bent down, laying on top of him, and gestured to the other guy, who walked up to her ass and quickly got to fucking it as well. When the three of them found their rhythm, as she would move back and forth between the two cocks, alternating between having her pussy and her asshole filled, she called out to the other two men, who sat on the table as well. They were already spent, of course, but she managed to revive their dicks and have some more fun with them, by jerking and blowing them in turns. After a while of this, her body language indicated that she had a powerful orgasm, lifting her head up to cry out loud as she pleasured all four men at once, her whole body shaking. After she regained her composure, she once again focused on her multitasking. The man in her pussy started writhing out his orgasm first, firmly pinned down by her, forced to fill her up with his cum; as the one in her asshole started moving out shortly thereafter, she barked an order to him and he thrust back in, his whole body stiff, filling her rectum with spunk as well. After getting rid of these two, she pulled the two men she was alternately jerking and blowing to the edge of the table, and went back on working hard on them, until they both spilled a second round all over her breasts and belly. With her work done and all four men utterly spent, while they cleaned themselves up, she walked toward the corridor at the back… but not before turning to the camera, her whole body covered in cum, and winking at it once again.

Coleman and Miller, two of the office’s team leaders, were discussing that woman’s exploits at the water cooler, when the invitation arrived.

“…I mean, four at the same time, man,” Miller said in an awestruck tone. “That takes some coordination, y’know? Don’t think I could ever do something like that!”

“Eh, of course you could, if it meant getting all the more dick, eh?” Coleman was all about those off-color jokes about the other guys’ sexuality.

“Fuck you, you know what I mean! That chick, though… I’m telling you, no matter how many guys I had to share with, what wouldn’t I give…”

“Heads up!” Coleman cut him short, as the boss approached them.

“Hey there, boys!” Mr. Hildebrant waddled up to them, his stumpy legs slowly carrying his egg-shaped body to the traditional gathering point. “How are our fearless leaders doing?”

“Doing ankara olgun escortlar fine, Mr. Hildebrant!” Miller answered for them. “We were just discussing how difficult it is to juggle several different projects simultaneously, you know?”

“Um… yes, you know how it is,” Coleman quickly caught on. “Miller here was saying that he’d have trouble handling four at a time, but we know better, don’t we, boss?”

“Of course, of course, don’t sell yourself short!” The boss patted Miller on the shoulder, a forced grin on his face. “Why, I’ve seen you take on a helluva lot more than four at once, with my own eyes!”

“Ah, you’re too kind, too kind…” Miller looked away from his colleague. It would be really difficult to hold the giggling in otherwise.

“No, not at all… which, actually, brings me to why I’m here.” Hildebrant put his other hand on Coleman’s shoulder as well, and pulled the two into a slight huddle. “You know what I always say… a general is nothing without his lieutenants, right?”

“Sure thing, boss,” Coleman sighed. The military analogies usually were pathetically misapplied, but it could be worse; it could be something about sports. That was really cringe-inducing.

“I just want you guys to know that I appreciate all the effort you put in,” the boss continued, his hands keeping his underlings locked into the huddle, despite their best efforts to squeeze out of it. “You’re always real hard at work out here.”

“I bet you don’t know just how hard we get at work sometimes,” Miller said with a grin.

“Oh, but I do. Some of you may think I’m locked away in my office, oblivious to what’s going on out here, but I promise you, nothing that happens within this office escapes my notice. So yes, I do see all you’ve been doing for the home team here.”

“Thanks”, both employees awkwardly muttered.

“Which is why I decided to show what you and the other team leaders really mean to me. After all, since we’re all a family here, why can’t we celebrate as one, huh?”

“Why indeed, huh?” Coleman’s attempt at showing interest was rather half-assed. It went from military, to sports, to family? Going for the hat trick, huh? “So… what did you have in mind?”

“I’m getting Gomez and Osborn into the loop as well, but I thought I’d come to my star players first.” His shit-eating grin failed to elicit the sympathy he was going for, but he plodded on nevertheless. “All four of you guys are invited to a dinner… at my place.”

“Your… place?” Miller barely hid his disappointment. He was hoping for some upscale restaurant when he heard the word ‘dinner’, but honestly, he’d settle for Olive Garden. “Wow, that’s… an honor, sir.”

“You bet it is!” Hildebrant apparently took this seriously. “You’re the first people from work I’m inviting there… well, the first below my rank, at any rate. That’s how much I value you guys!”

“Gee, Mr. Hildebrant…” Coleman did his best effort to not show his disgust at that attitude. “I’m really happy you see things that way.”

“Okay, then!” The boss finally released the two from the huddle. “I’ll… talk to the other two and then we’ll get all the details down.” He hovered a bit near them, then turned around and walked away.

“Wow…” Miller grimaced the moment his boss turned his back on them. “Can you believe this fuckin’ guy?” he whispered to his colleague.

“What an honor,” Coleman made a mocking voice, “to have someone whose ass he doesn’t need to kiss around. Man, I promise I’m gonna shit right in the middle of his –“

“Oh, one more thing!” Mr. Hildebrant was halfway across the office when he turned around and called out to Miller and Coleman. “It’s just you guys. No spouses. They’re not really on our crew, and besides, my house isn’t that big, right?” He giggled disgustingly at his own joke as he walked away.

Later that day, a while after office hours, Miller and Coleman reached the provided address just as Gomez was locking his car, Osborn with him, as the four of them were carpooling in pairs. Miller found a parking spot half a block away, and he and his friend walked back to their waiting colleagues, taking in the upscale neighborhood’s apartment buildings. They called Hildebrant’s apartment on the intercom, he buzzed them in, and soon enough, they were at his door.

When the door opened, however, the four of them had the surprise of their lives. Standing there in the flesh, dressed in a light-blue dress that tightly hugged her generous curves, was none other than the gorgeous blonde that starred in that day’s legendary homemade porn video. She gave them a moment to both recover from the shock, which did not seem to faze her, and take in her voluptuous body, before saying: “Well, hello there! Don’t just stand there waiting… come in!” The way she seemed to hide an edge of sultriness just beneath the surface as she spoke was dizzying.

Mr. Hildebrant ran up behind her from the kitchen, as the four colleagues awkwardly filed into the dining room. They were dumbstruck ankara sarışın escortlar with recognition: the table, the chairs, the counter… they were standing in the exact same place where that exact same woman voraciously fucked four guys at once, and got herself on camera doing it. “Hey there, boys!” Hildebrant said, cheerily. “I see you’ve met my wife, Layla. Quite a stunner, ain’t she? And all mine and mine alone, all that stuff, isn’t it, sweetkins?” He made a kissy face at her.

Layla gave him a very quick peck. “You know it, puppy!” she said, with a forced smile. “I’m so glad to finally meet the men that make the magic happen, though!” She winked at them over his shoulder.

“Um… eh… we’re real glad to meet you too,” Osborn said after a couple awkward seconds, and the four of them briefly introduced themselves.

“Real nice, isn’t it?” Mr. Hildebrant had his classic wide grin.

“Uh… what’s that, boss?” Coleman was still trying to get his bearings.

“The apartment, right?” The boss gestured around. “I can tell you guys are impressed. Don’t be shy, it’s alright. That’s all thanks to Layla! She has great taste in décor.”

“Oh, I just love messing around the house, that’s all,” she said. “Why, just the other day I had a crew over doing the wood paneling right there… Had a load of fun, I’ll tell you that!” She winked again, as her husband was turned away looking at the paneling.

Mr. Hildebrant turned back around and waved the visitors toward the table. “Well, don’t let us hold you, boys! She’ll talk your ears off if you let her, eh?” He elbowed his wife. “C’mon, sit down, dinner’s just about ready. Go on, sweetkins, go get the stuff, we’ve got boy talk to get to, huh?”

The four office mates sat down at the dinner table with their boss, still befuddled at their surreal situation, while Layla disappeared into the kitchen. Miller was the first to venture some small-talk. “So, uh… do you have people over here often?”

“Nah,” the boss said with a dismissive handwave. “You know me, I’m all work. Don’t have time to entertain guests all day long, huh? My Layla though, she’s quite the socialite. Loves having people over. There’d be all sorts of folks coming in and out of this house all the time, if it was up to her.” He waved his subordinates closer, as if speaking conspiratorily. “You know… this was actually her idea, this whole dinner. I’m glad, though… good meeting you guys outside the office for once, huh?”

“Sure thing, boss”, Coleman said, smiling awkwardly at his boss’s wife, who was back from the kitchen with a large tray, carrying a serving bowl full of seasoned rice. “I… uh… I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say I’m really happy to be here,” he continued, as she bent over him to place the dish on the table, giving the folks on the other side a generous view of her cleavage.

“Looks like we’re ready, huh?” Mr. Hildebrant rubbed his hands together. “You guys are in for a treat! My girl’s got a lot of talents, and while some of them are just for the boss, her cooking is one that you can all enjoy… if you catch my drift,” he said, with an exaggerated wink.

“And am I ever so glad for that,” Gomez said. “I can already tell we’ll love what she has to offer!” He seemed to be easing himself into this little game. Perhaps as a reward, Layla bent over him this time, as she set the vegetable side dish on the table.

“Don’t worry, boys,” Layla said as she walked back to the kitchen. “We’re getting to the good part!” She came back with a tray in her hands, carrying a large piece of beef Wellington. “Say what you will, but for me, nothing tops a hot, big chunk of meat, huh?”

“Wow…” Miller said, as she bent over him for a good long while, carefully setting the large tray at the center of the table. “That’s a lot to handle, huh?”

“Gotta be plentiful with this crew, right?” Mr. Hildebrant said, as his wife walked over to his right and sat down beside him. “I can tell you guys are hungry and ready to go, so… dig in!”

The four guests started gingerly serving themselves, eating, and doing some small talk with the boss, while they waited for Layla to make the first move. At first, she just gently took part here and there in the grueling conversation (turned out Hildebrant was as tedious at home as he was at work) while she ate, occasionally prodding the four guys with some subtle innuendo. Then, at last, Osborn, who was seated to her right, felt her hand on his thigh, slowly running up to his crotch. He was so startled he almost choked on his food, but managed to retain his composure as his boss turned his way, prompted by some question coming from his wife. Luckily, his crotch wasn’t visible from the boss’s seat, as his cock sprang to attention almost immediately.

When Mr. Hildebrant turned back to continue his conversation with Miller, who was at his left side, Layla started working in earnest on his unit with her hand, over his pants at first, and then deftly unzipping his fly to fish it out. It was getting hard to ignore by this point, and his three colleagues tried their best not to stare; Mr. Hildebrant, on the other hand, was completely enraptured by his own voice as he filled Miller’s ear with some nonsense about document compliance, little bits of food flying out of his mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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