Discreet Ecstasy

23 Kasım 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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Casually walking through the isles of an office supply store is usually boring. I was sure spicing it up today though! You see, every now and then I get a feeling of constant horniness, and find ways to make mundane tasks sensually adventurous.

I found myself looking through our sex toys. I’d already showered and put makeup on, so I really didn’t want to get all sweaty again. Especially since I needed to go shopping for office supplies today. I was so horny this morning! My eyes came across a controller that powered dual vibrating bullets. “Hmmm, I might be on to something”, I heard myself say. I slid on a pair of spandex thong panties, and put a tiny bit of lube on the bullets. I pushed aside the crotch of my thong, and slowly slid a bullet up inside my pussy. I slid the material back over my crotch, and as I stood upright, I felt the bullet slide deeper into my hot cavern. After a moment, I reached behind me and moved the thong portion to the side. With the little rosebud uncovered, I slowly pushed the other bullet into my hot ass. “Ooohhh”, I gasped. I pulled the thong back into place, and carefully made sure the wires to the controller were positioned comfortably, and that they would move along with my body. I slid my jeans on, and carefully put the controller into the little coin pocket, to ensure the controller tuzla escort dial was accessible. I thought of turning the controller on, but made myself wait. The tension was definitely building! I thought to myself, “Come on, just finish dressing!” I slipped on a loose T-shirt that covered the front pockets of my jeans. The nipples of my 40D tits loved the feel of the loose cotton brushing against them. I slipped on my sandals, and looked in the mirror. I looked pretty hot, and you couldn’t see the controller at all!

I gathered my things, and headed out to the car. I got in, and got situated; making sure the cords to the controller weren’t stressed. As I drove to the office supply store, I reached into my pocket, and slowly turned the control dial. Talk about anticipation! I jumped a little as the two bullets began to slowly vibrate. I just drove along, teasing myself with the low speed. I wanted to rub my clit so bad, but wouldn’t allow myself that pleasure until later! I arrived at the store, parked, and took a quick look in the mirror. My face looked a little flushed, but I don’t think I had a strange expression or anything. At least I sure hoped not. I got out of the car, and walked into the store, with the bullets in my pussy and hot ass just humming away.

I grabbed a shopping cart, and started pendik escort browsing through the millions of office supplies. When I saw, or passed other people, I wondered if they might be able to hear the vibrations…or be able to tell I feeling really happy….hmmm. “Nah! I’m just being paranoid”, I told myself.

I strolled down the aisle, and then casually reached into my pocked to turn the controller dial up a little bit. “Oh, yeah!” I thought to myself, as I looked over the shelves. The sensations I was feeling were out of this world! I had to remain visually calm, but my insides were just on fire! Every now and then, I would silently orgasm, all the while wondering if anyone around me had a clue!

I kept this up for about 20 minutes, and then decided to turn off the controller to rest the batteries. After all, I didn’t want to wear them out before the ride home! I finished my shopping, and as I went up to the cash register, I turned the controller back on. Both bullets were just a humming a way down there… The cashier was a handsome man in his mid twenties. He kept glancing into my eyes as he ran items across the scanner. I remained as calm as I could, hoping that he couldn’t tell I was orgasming. I know I had to be blushing. I told myself that he was just friendly, and that he couldn’t tell what aydınlı escort was going on. Our fingers touched as he took my money, and it felt like a spark went off! I kept telling myself, “He can’t possibly tell what I’m doing!” As I gathered my bags to leave, I thanked him, and said, “Thanks for helping me have such a great day!” The cool breeze as I exited the store made my nipples hard as stone! As I walked out to the car, I could feel that my panties were soaking wet!

I put the bags in the car, and got back in the driver’s seat. I just sat there for a minute, letting an orgasm wash over me. Then, I turned the controller back off, and started heading back home. When I was a couple of blocks from home, I turned the dial until the low vibrations started again. Mmmm…….. I parked the car, turned the dial all the way up, and then grabbed the bags and went inside the house. I was still teasing myself, as I knew there was more to come…

I put my bags down, got something to drink, and went upstairs. I definitely needed to use the bathroom, before I did anything else. I pulled my jeans down and then peeled off my sopping wet panties. I sat down and first slid the egg slowly out of my fiery pussy, gasping as it exited. Then I had to will myself to relax, in order to coax the other bullet into leaving my spasming asshole. As it was popping out, I placed the pussy – soaked bullet against my clit. This was what I was waiting for. Suddenly I had a series of gut wrenching orgasms!

“Wow!” I thought, that was sure one Hell of a shopping trip!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32