Drinking Tea with Miss Wong Ch. 02

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I woke up with an erection the size of a cargo ship. Or that’s how it felt as I dragged my cock beneath the covers, feeling like my boxers were the Suez canal and my oversize boner ship had lodged itself so tightly within them that it would require two weeks and a manned excavation to release. It’s 10:36AM on a Sunday — not a great time, not a bad time, just a time that fits awkwardly between a good time to wake up and a worse time to wake up. I sprawled out to stretch as my rock-solid barge continued to vie for freedom.

I lightly wrapped my fingers around the engorged head and applied torque, rubbing it on two axes while friction between my fingers and the pliable polyester boxers imparted an irresistible sensation.

My brain is mossy, percolating with the structured cognizance that slowly renews itself upon waking. In this state I feel almost euphoric. Nothing enters my mind but foggy recollections of dream fragments and the previous day’s memories, each lacking any meaningful context by which to represent them.

With gusto my hips jerk upward and I jam my cock into the crook of my palm, now heavily stroking it.

An association drifts aimlessly between the cavernous spaces of consciousness. Someone had made me feel this way before — recently? But I don’t even remember the last time I had sex. My last relationship ended on questionably favorable terms almost three years ago.

At the behest of the gods I peel down my boxers and tuck the waistband under my balls. The ship is free; trade has resumed; the economy is saved. I grab my cock and hold it straight up amid slow, hard pumps as if directing it to safe passage. A tall blanket formation not unlike a circus tent occludes my immediate vision.

But… who could I be thinking of? And then it trickles back. A box, an ass in tight clothing. And cool air juxtaposed with hot tea. And then a smile, followed by laughter. And then a touch — no, several touches.

My calves become tense. I cast off the blanket, exposing myself with only an elastic undergarment hanging below my ass, ineffectual. Mere nanoseconds before orgasm, the disjunction of memories crystallizes all at once. I erupt with the burning rage of a thousand suns as ropes of cum sail in parabolic arcs just long enough to reach my neck. I fully know who this incredible new person on the brink of awareness is, but it’s impossible to stop myself now. One hot blast after another spills onto my chest. I writhe while steadily jerking, soon coaxing out the very last spurt of thick, milky cum.

“Unnnghh…. Miss… Wong,” I say aloud, my voice so deep with post-sexual hormones that it’s operatic. A sharp sense of guilt assails my heart, commingled with surging bliss. I told myself I wouldn’t think about her like this… but she’s so kind… and so fucking hot.

It’s okay just this once, right? I didn’t mean to. It just happened. I had no way of knowing who I was actually masturbating to.

I choose to accept this line of reasoning. After a few minutes the endorphins begin to fade. As I let go of my drenched, bulging member and survey the damage, a perverse thought comes to mind: I guess I’ve got something sticky to wash away in the shower now — tekirdağ escort isn’t that right, miss?

I didn’t really have much planned for today. Supposed it might be kosher to head out on a sprint around the block before going to see Anne, but the idea soon appeared manipulative and a bit strange, especially following my lack of self-control this morning. Maybe I’d just settle for a few indoor exercises before picking up some groceries. Follow up with emails at literally any time at all today, check out some of the team’s commits on G_Hub at the aforementioned time. I don’t tend to care much about work during the weekends. Call it laziness; I sure do. If only Anne were here now, she’d see how lazy I truly am!

What could she be doing at the moment, I wonder. Preparing tea? Reading a book? Watching a documentary? Ah, that’s right. We hadn’t even got the chance to set up her new TV and I left in a rush for some reason. She must be waiting for me to come back — or was she able to set it up by herself? Surely a bit of patience for angles and masses would allow her to shimmy it onto a dresser or stand of any sort.

I let the musings defer to an enumeration of things that could be done and accomplished this instant. Calisthenics, a bit of body weight, check up on Anne then the store. I rolled out a meager foam yoga mat and stood on the ends for ten seconds each to ensure they were less curled but not completely flat, which would happen naturally during the course of exercise, the flattening that is. And then I went to work.

In an hour and ten minutes I was rolling the mat back up, grieving for its inability to just roll out and stay flat but also rejoicing in its compactness and therefore its great storage potential.

The sun had risen almost to its zenith. Canted light beams bathed the room as they sculpted skewed shadows that had a fuzzy or bubbly quality around the edges when projected onto any sufficiently shaggy medium.

I threw on an outfit that was different from yesterday’s but which difference would be difficult to detect unless you had known I went through a small period during college of cutting the sleeves off every t-shirt I purchased. Ostensibly, the rationale at the time was that I would go to the university gym, lift hard, and spend my nights drinking and partying at the local bars while cute girls admired my huge gains and sleeveless shirts. Only half of that turned out to be a reality. I soon discovered that taking a full math and computer science load would dwarf any illusions of “free time” I had. Even hitting the gym often became a special occasion, but I figured if it came down to working out or having sex, the better thing to do would probably not include random sexual indiscretions.

Out the door and nearly downstairs, I head over in the direction of Anne’s apartment. It’s across a courtyard, in a separate building, and just a short stroll from the parking lot. Not too far away at all.

I rap the door of

27 with a relaxed fist, thumb at the side of my index finger. No answer. I wait a little. Just as I’m about to leave, I hear the deadbolt lurch. A moment later, Anne gradually appears behind tekirdağ escort bayan the door. She holds an arm to shield her eyes and scans me from the thorax up, then enthusiastically opens it the rest of the way.

“Eric, it’s you! What a nice surprise!”

“Hi Anne! How are you today?”

“Oh, I very good Eric, thank you. Do you want to come in?”

“You know I’d love to… Actually I stopped by before I go shopping to make sure you got your new TV situated. Can I help you with anything?”

“So eager and willing to help! Maybe I just call you whenever I want, that way you can come over right away!”

“I don’t think I’d mind that…”

“There is a problem with new TV though, funny you ask. Come in, come in! I show you what it is.”

I step inside. Her apartment smells of something herbal and tasteful. Anne leads me to the middle of her living room, where the unboxed flat-screen television sits neatly upon the floor, no dresser or stand in sight, the deep sea blue of a standby screen shining uselessly from its display. She gets down on her knees and rummages through several cables splayed across the carpet. I notice a small rectangular box and an HDMI cable, then realize what’s going on.

“I told by store representative that I need new TV to use this. So I bought new TV, but now I not understand how they go together…”

Her helplessness was so adorable that it caught me off guard. All she wanted to do was hook up her R_ box so she could watch movies.

“Don’t worry! I’ll get this working for you.”

I kneel down next to her, sorting through loose cables. She watches intently as I plug in the small box, first to the television, then to a surge protector along the wall. I press an I/O button at the front of the box and explain to Anne that we need to set her TV to the correct input so it can receive an HDMI signal.

She nods attentively. “Mmh, mmh, yes. You show me?”

As I point out where the requisite buttons are, she leans in close enough that our bodies meet. I feel the slight chill of her smooth skin against my arm as the flowery, intoxicating scent of girlish shampoo wafts into my nose. For a moment I pause, dumbfounded.

Anne looks to me with wide, innocent eyes. “You okay Eric? Need to take a break?”

“Uhm, ah,” I fumble my words. “N-No, I’m good. Let’s continue…”

Our lips are mere inches apart. What would she do if I kissed her right here? But I can’t think about such things now. I bring up the input menu and instruct her on selecting the proper setting. The sleek graphic of a corporate logo appears before transitioning to a home screen.

Anne excitedly clasps my hand. “Wow, look at that! You did it Eric!”

“We’re not quite finished yet,” I respond, unintentionally looking deep into her eyes.

She stares at me in anticipation. My heart surges, palpitating. Is this how she looks during…?

I collect myself again with difficulty. “You have internet and a wireless router, don’t you?”

“Wireless router,” she repeats. “Oh! Yes, yes. They install it when I move in. You want to see it?”

There were other things I’d have sooner wanted to see. Her slim escort tekirdağ legs, her round ass, her small but delicious breasts, to name a few.

After memorizing the default password from the router’s underside, I search for the R_ box’s remote. It sits atop her living room table next to the tidy stack of coasters. Much to Anne’s credit, there was already a single AAA battery within.

“You shouldn’t have to do this more than once,” I assure her, painstakingly entering the password character-by-character. A message pops up onscreen, confirming the R_ box had successfully connected.

“I so happy you came today,” Anne says. “If not for you I would never get TV working.”

Her eyes shine with gratitude. That special smile appears again, her pink lips full and lush with the slightest hint of wetness. Ambient light reflects off her lower lip, forming the bright pinpricks of specular highlights.

I select the ‘Sign In’ option and hand her the remote.

“It’s your turn! I saved the last step just for you. All you have to do is enter your email and password.”

I watch Anne as she pecks at the arrow buttons on the remote. Her face is focused. At last the trailing asterisks come to a halt.

“Now move down and press ‘OK.'”

Not missing a beat, Anne does as I say. The screen transitions once more. Long lists of movies and shows appear in an endless array. She inhales and turns to me, her lips scrunched together and modestly formed into a cute O.

“Ooooh! So many to choose from! I not even know what to watch first…”

“You can browse by category; action, drama, whatever. My advice would be, just pick anything and give it fifteen minutes. If you don’t like it, you can always check out something else.”

“Mmm, I see. Sounds like good idea. I will do that!”

Anne’s excitement was infectious. I wanted to stay here and watch something with her — it didn’t matter what, but I remembered that I still hadn’t picked up anything to eat for the next several days. And asking her for lunch would probably be rude.

“Okay Anne, you enjoy yourself alright? I’ve gotta get some groceries now.”

Her eyes express sudden worry. “I so sorry for keeping you! You go, you need lots of food for big muscles of yours! But…”

“But what,” I ask curiously.

“If you come over tonight I make you dinner. Would you like that?”

I couldn’t imagine anything I’d like more.

“Absolutely. It’s a date.”

“‘Date…’ sounds romantic when you say it, Eric. Very long time since I have date…”

“Then you’ll have one tonight. When should I be here?”

“Hmm,” she thinks aloud. “Come back at 6, I have everything prepared then.”

“I’d be honored,” I respond. “I’ll see you tonight, for our date.”

She laughs. “Oh stop, Eric! You go now, I keep you too long.”

I departed for the time being. On the way to the parking lot I felt stumped with good fortune. Would Anne have invited me to dinner if I only visited for tea? I couldn’t say. I was elated enough for the chance to see her twice in one day, and with homemade dinner to boot.

As I took out my keys, it struck me that Anne’s car was parked right next to my unremarkable SUV. How do these little synchronicities always happen upon meeting new people? Had our lives always tread their respective paths so near to one another?

Well, a person could ponder the calculus of fate and destiny until the end of time. The important thing is, her television works. And tonight we have a date.

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