Expanding My Horizons Ch. 03

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If you’ve been following along you’ll know I’m Lauren, and my dear boyfriend Michael and I have been playing a little fantasy sharing game where we each wrote down some of our favorites and we randomly choose one out of a box.

Well after our second episode life seemed to get busy for awhile, as life does, and things kind of returned to “normal”. But this return to normal did make me realize a few things. While I love my normal sex life with Michael, I was really beginning to enjoy having my boundaries pushed a bit. Also, I realized something very important. You see, I realized that our “normal” sex life meant Michael was doing what he knew I liked.

I can guarantee you Michael was still enjoying himself, as what red-blooded male wouldn’t enjoy some great sex. But, he was enjoying pleasing me. He was enjoying doing all of the things he knew I liked; taking me a little rough, bending me over and taking me from behind, grabbing my hair, kissing lightly down my chest, firmly but not too hard grasping my neck, and in general taking control.

This realization that every time we had sex was basically him fulfilling my needs made me want to learn more about what really got him going, and this meant it was time to pull out the box again… but first, I was going to rig it. I didn’t want to cheat and see what his fantasies were before we pulled one out, but I definitely wanted to make sure we kept cycling through his cards instead of mine. So that evening I took all of my cards out, careful to only glance at the handwriting, so only his remained. When we got into bed that evening and I brought out the box I just shook it up in my hands and pulled a card out without giving him the option to choose himself.

Michael’s second card… “If my cock is the largest you’ve ever had you must drop to your knees and suck me anytime and anywhere I say for the next week. If it is not you should tease me for the next week without letting me cum while I get you off as much as you want with my tongue and our hakkari escort bayan X-LARGE dildo.”

I read the card silently to myself so he wouldn’t know the plans for the rest of the night. After reading it through a couple of times I just gave him a smile and told him I would be right back, taking the card with me. I returned wearing his favorite red lingerie, holding the enormous dildo in one hand, and a bottle of lube in the other. “As you learned during our first little game you are definitely not the largest I’ve had, so I hope you weren’t expecting to cum tonight or at all this week.”

I expected him to be upset but as he realized what card I had pulled out and what he was in store for he could only whimper and prepare to serve me. It was if I had suddenly flipped a switch and the powerful Michael that was usually here in bed with me was replaced with a new Michael that was only here to do as I say and pleasure me.

Now, I should explain something else before we go any further. A few months after we started dating I had said something to Michael about needing to order a new plastic friend to keep around when he was away on business. Being the sweet boyfriend he is he ordered this toy for me, but when it arrived it frankly looked like an over-stuffed gag gift and not something you would seriously use. He had blushed at the time and said something about not reading the measurements, but now I’m not so sure that was true.

This dildo would better be described as an arm by the size of it. Fully a foot long, as thick around as my wrist, and with balls and a suction cup at the base. It was gigantic and intimidating, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me today. I wanted Michael to get every fantasy he desired, so if this is what he wanted to see he’s going to get it.

I started by grabbing Michael and guiding him between my legs to get me nice and wet with his tongue. By this point I was already drenched just thinking about what I could do to him hakkari escort this week but if I was going to take this dildo I needed some extra encouragement. After Michael brought me to a huge orgasm and got me close to a second I pushed him back and grabbed my extra large friend.

First I held up the foot long cock next to my body. The head of it would easily hit my belly-button if the whole thing was inside me. Then I told Michael to come closer and I held up the dildo next to his cock, taking it in my hand. My fingers wrapped all the way around him, while I couldn’t come close to encircling the fat dildo. I laughed as the dildo jutted out from his body, over twice the length of his own cock. It dwarfed him in length and girth, and I asked him if he was sure he wanted me to take this giant cock in my little pussy. He could only hang his head and gasp yes.

I made him lie down between my legs so he had a good view as I lubed up the giant dildo and started to push it slowly against my lips. I put my head back, closed my eyes, and just imagined being fucked from behind in that car again by the stranger with a coke can for a cock. I imagined how I was going to tease Michael for the next week. I imagined how hard he was going to cum when I finally finished him.

Then the big head of the dildo slid right inside while I immediately came all over it. My whole body shook. My legs trembled. I could hear my voice screaming out involuntarily. This massive cock entered me and stretched out my pussy lips. I didn’t move, almost passing out from the pleasure. My eyes still shut, the only thought in my mind now the giant cock, and wanting more of it. I slowly pressed it further inside, just an inch, maybe two. I don’t think I have ever felt so full since the night of the concert.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I continued to push the dildo further up inside of me. Every 2 inches I paused as an orgasm washed over me and I came hard. The sheets were soaked. I was sweating, my pussy escort hakan flooding the sheets, I was a mess but I didn’t care as long as I could have more of that cock. I wish I could tell you I took the entire thing but I just don’t think I’m built for it. After about 9 or 9 and a half inches it bottomed out. I couldn’t take anymore, completely full, completely satisfied.

I had forgotten about Michael during all of this. Suddenly I felt him between my legs, taking hold of the last few inches of the dildo while his tongue went to work back on my clit. He slowly worked that gigantic dildo in and out of my pussy, giving me long slow strokes while his tongue circled. I was in heaven.

All I can remember next is screaming out at the top of my lungs as the pleasure was so intense. The dildo reached parts of me I couldn’t imagine, filling my entire pussy hitting every pleasure spot on every stroke. I nearly passed out, but after one huge orgasm that had to last over a minute I couldn’t take anymore. I pulled the dildo out with an obscene noise and my body finally relaxed. Michael moved up the bed and held me.

After 10 or 15 minutes I had mostly come back to my senses. I reached down and took Michael’s cock in my hand, such a different sensation after having that monster cock in my hands most of the evening. I slowly and lightly teased him while I asked if he enjoyed the show. I reminded him that it was his fantasy. I told him that if he had just been the biggest cock I had every fucked that he would get to come tonight, and I would have sucked him off anytime that week. But instead, since he didn’t measure up, that he had to wait a whole week to cum.

I could feel him getting closer and closer to cumming, but I wasn’t going to spoil his fantasy. So just as I felt him getting to the point of no return I said “baby, do you think I’ll be able to feel your little cock after a whole week of fucking that dildo?” His cock jumped in my hand, the slightest touch would have put him over the edge. He whimpered and moaned, so close to cumming. His body humped against the air, trying to get me to touch him more.

I kissed him goodnight and backed up my ass into his cock, feeling him hard against me as I fell asleep. This was going to be a long week for him, and one I would enjoy.

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