“Exploring” Gets a New Meaning

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Ron turned his car onto the gravel road and drove up the hill toward the clubhouse. The brick building was about 2 miles up the road, in a little forest of pine tees. It could not be seen from the road. And unless you knew it was there, you wouldn’t even know it existed. A generous patron had donated the somewhat isolated land and building to the local Explorer troop some years ago. Even though it had been built in the 1940’s, the Explorers had taken good care of it, and it was very nice. The grounds were well-kept with a nicely-trimmed lawn and a picnic area. Inside, there was a meeting room, a kitchen, a bunk room, and a full gym with weight machines, a large mat room for boxing and wrestling, and a large shower area.

The Explorers were a group of teen-aged boys who were interested in going into law enforcement or fire-fighting careers. They worked with local agencies to learn about the job and would meet at the clubhouse on Tuesday nights to discuss what they had learned and plan events and fundraisers. Other than that, the clubhouse was mainly a place for the guys to hang out and work on projects or work out in the weight room. The leaders would come in most evenings and open the place from 6 pm to 8 pm if any of the guys wanted to work out. But the weight room could get pretty crowded at times. And the guys would sometimes have to wait awhile for their turn.

That was why Ron had driven up there that night. At the meeting the night before, Phil, one of his fellow leaders, had mentioned to him that he was going to stay late the following night and had told Ron that he could come and work out if he wished. Ron’s school schedule was fairly light the following day, and he thought it would be great to be able to get in a workout without having to wait around for machines to open up.

As he neared the clubhouse, he saw that Phil’s car was parked in back, but no one else was there. The outside light was on, as were the lights inside the gym area. Ron parked his car and walked over to the building. It had been a warm spring day, but a cool breeze had begun to blow through the pines. It was very quiet up there. The only sound was the wind blowing through the trees. Ron breathed in the pine-scented air and enjoyed the moment. It felt like he was way out in the country.

He had dressed for his workout in a t-shirt and some loose nylon running shorts. Underneath his shorts, he was wearing a jockstrap and could feel the breeze blow up his shorts and across his butt. He liked wearing a jock because of the way it snugly held his cock and balls, while allowing him to feel otherwise naked underneath.

He walked into the gym and saw Phil sitting on the floor, stretching. Phil was one of the older leaders. He was 25 years old, 6′ 5″ tall, and weighed about 250 pounds, all solid muscle. He constantly worked out and was very strong. He had a body-builder’s physique which looked even more massive after a workout.

Ron was 18 and a freshman in college. He played baseball and was in good shape. He had the body of an athlete, all lean muscle and no body fat. He did a lot of sit-ups and like the way girls looked at his abs. He also worked out with weights. But at 5’11” and 185 pounds, he was nowhere near as big nor as strong as Phil. He was hoping that Phil would give him some workout tips that night.

As Ron walked in, Phil looked up and said “Hi.” As Ron sat down to stretch, he saw Phil get up, walk over to the door and lock it. He also saw him turn off the outside light. He didn’t think much of it, figuring that Phil wanted to work out uninterrupted and didn’t want to have to share the equipment with anyone who might drive up, see the light and try to come in.

As Ron finished stretching, Phil said to him “Before we start lifting weights, we need to warm up.”

Ron asked him what he did to warm up, and Phil said “The best way to warm up all of the muscle groups is to wrestle.”

Ron had some wrestling experience, but it was back in junior high and against other kids his age and size. He remembered how exhausting that had been and could not even imagine trying to wrestle with someone as big as Phil. Sensing Ron’s hesitation, Phil said “Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on ya.” He then turned and walked into the mat room. Ron shrugged, stood up and followed.

As they entered the mat room, Phil stripped off his shirt, shoes and socks and jogged around a little. He looked huge. His muscles were bulging on his chest, arms, and legs. His nylon shorts were tight on him. And, as he moved around, Ron saw that Phil had nothing on underneath his shorts and could clearly see every detail of his anatomy moving underneath. Phil’s huge cock was flopping back and forth as he jogged. It was like watching a stallion warming up for a race.

Ron knew that he was no match for Phil, but figured he’d just get pinned a few times, then go work out. He took off his shirt, shoes and socks and waited for Phil to start things off.

Phil stood in front anadolu yakası sınırsız escort of him and asked “Are you ready?”

Ron replied, “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Then Phil said “O.k., here we go!”

Ron and Phil began to circle each other, looking for an opening. Ron tried to shoot in and grab one of Phil’s legs, but Phil jumped back and pushed him down. Ron got up and tried again with the same result. He could tell that Phil wasn’t really going 100%. Even then, he could not believe how strong he was.

Ron was thinking about trying another move when Phil suddenly shot in, grabbed both of his legs and flipped him on his back. It was like being picked up by a bear, Ron felt like a ragdoll in Phil’s grip. Phil let go of his legs, and they started to grapple on the floor, each trying to gain some kind of hold on the other.

As they rolled around grabbing arms and legs, Phil would occasionally grab Ron’s dick and balls. Ron had wrestled before and knew that this sort of thing happened. But when it had happened in the past, his opponent would quickly let go, almost like he’d gotten an electrical shock or something. With Phil it was different. Phil would grab Ron’s cock and give it a little squeeze or caress before letting go. Ron didn’t know what to think of this. On the one hand, it felt wrong because Phil was a guy. But on the other hand, it felt kind of good.

Ron had touched another boy’s dick before when he was younger. He and his friend would have sleep overs, look at Playboy magazines and wonder what it would be like to be with a girl. One night, they agreed to touch each other’s cock just to see what it would be like to have someone else’s hand wrapped around it. It actually felt pretty good. And both boys would stroke each other every so often when they got together just to experience the sensation. But they were young, and that was as far as either was willing to take it.

So, when Phil started grabbing Ron’s dick, he just let him do it and didn’t say anything. This went on for a few minutes when, suddenly, Phil flipped Ron over on his stomach and pinned him to the floor. He then grabbed Ron’s wrists and pinned his arms to his sides and lay on top of him. Ron could not believe Phil’s strength. He was totally helpless and could not move. As he lay there, Phil pressed his body down upon him, and Ron could feel the muscles in Phil’s chest and the heat from his body pressing down on his back. Then he felt something else. Phil’s crotch was pressed against Ron’s ass, and Phil’s dick was hard.

Ron was totally helpless underneath Phil’s weight. Phil’s cock was rock-hard and had swollen to the size of a cucumber. It was hot, and Ron could feel it throbbing as it pressed down between his asscheeks. Phil began to grind his cock in between Ron’s asscheeks like he was fucking him. Because Ron was only wearing the nylon shorts and a jock strap, it felt like Phil’s dick was actually touching his skin.

Ron knew that he should say something or else this could really get out of hand. He was not gay and was worried that this would make him so if he allowed it to continue. And, until now, he had never thought that Phil was gay either, because Phil had a girlfriend named Christy whom Ron had met a couple of times. Christy was gorgeous! She was 24 and had long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, long tan legs and a very nice set of tits. She would sometimes show up for fundraisers and had once helped them wash cars while wearing shorts and a halter top. Ron didn’t get much carwashing done that day as he couldn’t take his eyes off her incredible body. He had even fantasized about her a few times while he jerked off.

Thoughts of Christy entered Ron’s mind as he lay there with Phil on top of him. He wondered if she knew that Phil was bi, and if she did, had she ever joined him and another guy. Ron pictured her naked there with them, her beautiful tits swaying back and forth as she rubbed and sucked both of their dicks. The thought of this made his dick grow hard.

Ron didn’t think that he was bisexual. But he had always been curious about what it would be like to go beyond merely touching someone else’s cock and wondered if now was his chance to satisfy his curiosity. Besides, if Phil really wanted to fuck him, there wasn’t much he could do at this point. Phil was just too strong and could pretty much have his way whether Ron agreed to it or not. So, Ron just laid there and let Phil rub his dick along his ass.

Taking Ron’s lack of objection for acceptance. Phil quickly flipped him over on his back and straddled him, again pinning his arms to his sides, but this time using his legs. Phil sat there for a second, then leaned forward toward Ron’s face. As he leaned forward, he pulled his cock out his shorts and held it in front of Ron’s face. The head of his huge erection was large and purplish-pink in color. It was shiny and smooth, and had a small drop of pre-cum at the slit.

As pendik gecelik escort Phil moved it closer to Ron’s face, Ron was able to free his right arm and tried to push him back. But it was no use. Phil was so strong that Ron may as well have been trying to stop a moving car. No matter how much Ron struggled, Phil just kept moving it closer and closer toward Ron’s mouth, it’s juices dripping on Ron’s neck and chin.

Ron turned his head, and Phil said “Why don’t you just try it? It’s really not that bad.”

Phil rubbed the tip of his cock back and forth across Ron’s cheek. Each time bringing it a little closer to Ron’s mouth. As Phil rubbed his dick on Ron’s face, Ron noticed that the skin of Phil’s cock felt warm and soft, and he could feel the wetness of Phil’s pre-cum all over his cheek.

Ron knew that if he was going to say anything to stop Phil, it was now or never. But, just as he was about to say something, Phil sat up, reached back, slid his hand into Ron’s shorts and grabbed his dick. With an odd mixture of both horror and excitement, Ron felt his dick growing hard in Phil’s warm hand. Phil just looked at him and smiled.

It was then that Ron knew he had allowed things to pass the point of no return. And for the first time in his life, he was going to have sex with another man.

A whole range of conflicting emotions ran through him. He knew that he wasn’t gay. But, here he was with Phil’s cock juice on his face and Phil was fondling his cock. It felt good and wrong at the same time. He feared that if he were to surrender to this, it would make him gay. He closed his eyes and thought about what was happening. He reminded himself about how much he really liked being with girls and his attraction to them. He knew that no matter how good this felt, he would always prefer pussy. Having resolved this within himself, he decided to just relax and enjoy the moment.

When Phil felt Ron’s tension start to ease from his body, he stood up and pulled off his shorts. As Phil’s cock swung free of his shorts, Ron stared at it. He had never seen one this big. It was circumcised and about 9″ long. Phil’s balls were also large and hung down loosely underneath. Because Phil was a body builder, he had shaved off all of his hair. Ron was used to showering with other athletes and had never seen anyone totally shaven. Somehow, having no hair on his crotch and balls made Phil’s dick seem even larger.

Phil then pulled off Ron’s shorts. Ron’s dick was hard and sprang out of its confining jockstrap like a diving board. Phil stood there, staring at Ron’s cock for a minute. It was strange having a guy stare at his cock like that. Phil reached down and began to massage it with his fingers, turning it back and forth, seemingly admiring its shape and size. His cock was circumcised and average sized, but with decent thickness. Its head was pink and swollen. Phil lightly ran his fingers over the head and tip, wetting them with Ron’s pre cum. He then wrapped them around the shaft and slid them down. He slid his hand up and down a few times, stroking Ron’s cock, then gently rubbed Ron’s balls. His fingers felt warm and soft, yet firm. It was weird watching Phil play with his dick. But it felt good.

This went on for a few minutes before Phil sat back down on Ron’s chest, this time leaving Ron’s hands free. Like everywhere else on Phil’s body, the muscles in his ass were rock solid. His skin was warm and soft. And Ron could feel Phil’s balls settle onto his chest as Phil sat down. They felt heavy and warm.

Phil inched forward and moved his cock toward Ron’s face. This time, Ron did not turn his head away. He had never sucked a cock before and wasn’t sure what to do. When it was about an inch away from his mouth, Phil whispered “It’s ok. Just open your mouth and relax.” Ron closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

The first thing he felt was the head of Phil’s cock as Phil brushed it against his lips. It was slippery from the pre-cum and very warm. Ron opened his mouth farther, and Phil slid the head of his cock into his mouth. Ron could taste Phil’s juice. It was slightly salty. Phil was patient and only slipped it in a little to give Ron a chance to get used to it. He told Ron to lick it. So Ron ran his tongue up and down the shaft and licked Phil’s balls. They were smooth and warm. He then slid his tongue back up Phil’s shaft and took his cock back into his mouth. Phil slid it in a little farther and began to move it in and out, slowly fucking Ron’s mouth.

Ron could not believe that he was doing this. He also could not believe that he was actually enjoying it. As Phil’s warm cock slid in and out of his mouth, Ron swirled the tip of his tongue around its head and began to suck on it.

Phil reached back, and began to fondle Ron’s cock and balls. Ron’s dick was so hard! And Phil seemed to know just where and how to touch it. As Phil stroked Ron’s cock, he began to fuck his mouth a little faster. His breathing tuzla olgun escort started to become more rapid and his dick began to throb. Ron realized that Phil was going to cum and panicked for a second. He hadn’t really thought this through and didn’t know if he could handle having Phil cum in his mouth. As Ron was thinking this, Phil’s other hand grabbed the back of Ron’s head and slid his cock deep into his mouth. His cock started to swell even bigger, and Ron’s eyes opened wide as he realized that, ready or not, Phil was going to cum in his mouth.

Ron felt Phil’s grip tighten on his cock, then felt the head of Phil’s cock swell in his mouth and suddenly start to spasm as the first load of cum shot out of the tip. Ron just opened his throat and started to swallow as Phil’s cum shot down his throat again and again. Phil groaned and held Ron’s head as he pumped his cock into his mouth, his balls brushing against Ron’s chin. Ron just relaxed and swallowed as Phil pumped his cock into his mouth. After a few seconds, Phil relaxed his grip on Ron’s head and his cock and just sort of sagged onto Ron’s chest as the last of his orgasm subsided.

He opened his eyes, and said “See, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

Ron laid his head back and thought about what had just happened. He had just given a guy a blowjob and swallowed his semen. He was surprised by how accepting he was of the whole situation. And Phil was right, it really wasn’t that bad. Actually, it was kind of a turn-on. The whole taboo nature of doing it with another man somehow enhanced the excitement. Now, Ron wondered, what was next?

Phil quickly answered that by sliding his body down Ron’s body until their dicks were rubbing against each other. He knelt between Ron’s legs and pressed his cock against Ron’s, then gripped them both in his hand. He then began to jack them both off simultaneously.

Ron had never felt anything like this before. The skin on their cocks felt so soft as they rubbed together, softer than the skin anywhere else on their bodies. Both of their cocks were also very warm as the blood coursed through their thick shafts. Phil slid his hand over the tips and gathered pre cum as a lubricant, which he used to jerk their cocks. Ron could feel Phil’s balls rubbing up against his. They were heavy and warm and having them rub against his balls added to the excitement. Phil slid his other hand over the tips of their cocks and got his finger wet with their juices. He then slid it between Ron’s legs and began to finger his asshole. Ron had never felt this before. It made his dick twitch and throb each time Phil’s finger brushed against the hole. After doing this a few times, Phil pressed his fingertip against Ron’s asshole. Ron felt his butt start to clench as Phil tried to slip his finger inside.

Phil whispered, “Just try to relax and let it in.”

Ron concentrated on relaxing his ass and felt the tension subside. As he relaxed, he felt Phil’s finger start to slip inside of him. Phil’s fingertip brushed up against something inside of Ron which made Ron’s dick swell so hard he thought it was going to burst. The sensation was unlike anything he had ever felt. His whole body was electrified. Phil felt his reaction and began to slip his finger in and out of Ron’s ass, while rubbing that spot. Ron felt his balls tightening and knew he was going to cum. Phil just kept stroking their cocks and fingering his ass.

Then Ron came. His orgasm was so intense, he thought he was going to pass out. His first load of sperm shot out of his dick so hard that it landed on his chest. And then he just kept cumming and cumming all over their dicks and Phil’s hand. As this was happening, he felt Phil’s grip tighten and Phil came too. He shot his load all over Ron’s sromach. His sperm felt hot as it landed on his skin. Phil continued to stroke them until they stopped cumming. He then slowly milked the last of their sperm out of their cocks and onto Ron’s stomach.

As Phil squeezed the last drops of semen onto Ron’s stomach, he said “Time to shower off.”

As Phil stood up and walked into the showers, Ron lay there on his back for a moment watching Phil’s naked body as he walked away. Phil’s muscles rippled as he walked, and his cock flopped back and forth, slapping against his thighs. Ron still couldn’t believe he had actually sucked it.

As Phil disappeared into the showers, Ron thought about the intensity of his orgasm. It was unbelievable. But it troubled him to think that it had been caused by a man. It also worried him that someone would find out what he and Phil had been up to. After pondering this for a few seconds, he realized that Phil had as much to lose by telling as he did. And with the clubhouse being so isolated, no one would even know they had been there. It was then that it dawned on him that the whole night had been a setup. He wondered if Phil had done this with any of the other scout leaders. He heard Phil turning on the showers. So he got up and headed in that direction.

When he walked into the showers, the room was already getting steamy and warm. He saw Phil underneath one of the showerheads rinsing off. Phil was stroking his dick, which was already starting to get hard again. He saw Ron and said, “Why don’t you come over here and help me clean this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32