Facebook Complications Ch. 03

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Robin stretched his arms up high above his head, joints creaking as he did so. He squirmed a bit in his office chair, trying in vain to find a comfortable position. This was proving impossible after such a long day of being hunched over his keyboard, bleary eyes fixed to the monitor.

This stupid proposal they had him working on was eating up far too much time and energy, and he just wanted to get home and pass out. Fat chance of that, though. He knew that the moment he stepped through the front door he’d be bombarded with an array of “honey-do”s and sleep would be hours away. The joys of being husband and father, he thought ruefully. It’s Friday evening and all I want is my bed, and to sleep in? Man, am I ever getting old.

An illicit image suddenly popped in to his head at the thought of his bed….Melanie, naked and writhing on crisp white sheets. Her legs were spread wantonly as he buried his head in her thatch of glistening pubes, frantically working his fingers inside her as he licked and nibbled her to a blinding orgasm. His penis twitched and grew as he let himself flow into a delicious daydream of the two of them together. It blew his mind that even after twenty years apart, he could still conjure up her musky smell, the unique taste of her speared under his tongue.

Seeing her again at her little shop two weeks ago had reawakened so many dormant desires. It was as though he had been sleep-walking through his marriage, and if he was willing to be honest with himself, he knew it had been years since he’d felt the potency of lust like this.

Intimacy had taken a backseat in his life ever since Jen’s pregnancy and the birth of their son. He understood this, of course; he wasn’t a complete asshole. At the same time, Brian was 7 years old now and things were still amicable between them…and pretty much platonic. It was like living with a roommate, one with whom he shared the burden of a mortgage, childrearing, ageing parents, the whole kit and caboodle really except for sex.

Occasionally Jennifer would give in to his nighttime advances, but the mere fact that he knew she acquiesced out of a sense of duty rather than desire took the joy out of the act. Their infrequent couplings simply highlighted how little they connected with one another anymore with any kind of true passion.

The bright side to everything had been the addition of a new email correspondence. He and Melanie had taken to writing notes to one another since that afternoon….tentatively at first, but with increasing frequency and flirtatiousness. Sometimes it was just a shared joke, the kind of silliness that could be posted on Facebook without a second thought. Other times it might be a rant about a co-worker who wore too much nasty perfume and wouldn’t stop trying to press against him in the elevator.

The content didn’t matter as much as the context, the sharing, and the rapid increase of his heart rate whenever he newly spotted her name in his Inbox.

Out of habit, he refreshed the screen tuzla escort and was rewarded with a new one from her, entitled, “Mouse”. He clicked it open, anxious to see what she shared today.

“Poor Robin is so very, very tired. He’s just escaped that blasted conference room for a ten minute break and finds himself back at his desk, looking out the open door at the people milling about the office. He’s too knackered to get up and close it, but all he wants is to lay his head down on his desk and shut his eyes.”

He paused at this part and chuckled quietly. Only his Mel would use the word “knackered” without being British!

“But suddenly, he hears a funny little squeak and what sounds like a giggle. What on earth? Are there mice here? He starts to slide his chair back to investigate and is startled to feel two small hands gripping his ankles, keeping him from rolling back. He cautiously lowers a hand beneath the desk but yelps in surprise when two of his fingers get lightly bitten to the sound of more giggles.”

Whoa, he thought to himself. This is an interesting turn of events. What exactly is she writing for me here?

“He looks up frantically at the open door. What to do? Anyone could pop their head in his office, anyone at all, any time! But those insistent hands, now gently alternating between stroking his calves and tickling behind his knees, they had him prisoner there, didn’t they?”

Robin’s breath quickened with the reading. He knew in a flash what naughtiness Melanie was reminding him of; a time when a certain curvy redhead had fellated him under a study carrel of the university’s library. He had never forgotten the wickedness he’d experienced as she ministered some of the most amazing tongueing and sucking he’d ever had. He was rock hard now, remembering how her hands had gripped him in place when he’d first demurred, nervous they’d be caught.

“Watching that damn door carefully, he slowly returned his hands beneath his desk. Were the teeth waiting for him? He cautiously patted about around his knees, straining to find – oh! A hot and wet mouth had just captured some of the fingers on his right hand. His heart was pounding like a mad man’s as he felt the gentle sucking, that soft tongue running between them, the graze of teeth against the knuckles as the greedy mouth demanded more.

Stunned into submission but with his flesh wild with anticipation, Robin’s left hand touched soft hair and captured some in his fist. I’ve caught you, little mouse, he said quietly under his breath. He could hear her almost silent laughter around his fingers before she let them slide out, dripping wet…”

Oh god, did she just write “wet”? She was killing him now, honest and true. He closed his eyes and paused his reading for a moment. Here in this private office he could lightly stroke his cock, imagining her mouth was just inches away, eager and moist.

“He wrapped both hands gently around her head, sliding them down to touch her face. So soft was her skin. He pendik escort lightly traced her brow, the flutter of her eyes, the cheeks that led down to that oh so saucy mouth. It was getting harder to keep his breath in check, and he could tell by her movement and sounds she was beginning to squirm in that cavern under the desk. His eyes glazed over as that indescribable smell of female arousal wafted up to him. Oh my god, is she actually taking off her clothes? Would he be able to just what, reach in and touch her, as easy as that? It didn’t seem possible.”

“Fuck,” he grunted hoarsely. His hand was rubbing more frantically, spreading the dripping pre-cum he’d liberally leaked out up and down his shaft. She was driving him crazy, and on purpose.

“He almost didn’t register the change in direction that those little hands had taken. It would appear they had carefully crept, so lightly and softly up into his lap, where the quick scrape of nails across it brought a garbled sound to his lips. He looked down and there they were. Cheeky buggers – one of them actually WAVED at him, and he had to swallow a crazy laugh!!”

At this point he DID laugh aloud. What a goof she was, penning an erotic fantasy for him chock full of her twisted brand of humour. If anything, Robin became even more aroused as it began to truly sink in that she’d written these words for him and his pleasure. She’d known he would touch himself like this, and she wanted that from him.

“He tried grabbing those naughty hands but they simply caught his fingers and pulled them further under. They had him cupping two warm breasts, heavy with need and straining into his palms. He began stroking them, those luscious and responsive nipples quivering under his touch as the pants and moans below became more audible.

The tricksters had let go of his wrists as he began to touch those delicate points, and they made their way back into his lap. Brushing here, a nudge there, and OH GOD YES a full grasp over his length with deliciously slow friction as she moved them about. “

Robin sighed, remembering her breasts. They were so soft and pale, with large aureolas he loved nibbling. He had spent hours feasting and suckling her, both of them spread out on the bed and taking their sweet time pleasuring the other.

He slowed down the stroking to a steadier pace, determined to stretch out this renewed and shared intimacy. He imagined her on a couch somewhere, perhaps semi-nude while composing this email on her laptop. Had she felt the rush of heat between her legs, that creeping lightness of breath as she wrote to him? Did she close her eyes to better conjure up the memory of his touch, his taste? He needed to know these things and so much more.

“Please please please, he began begging, careful to try and keep his voice pitched low for only her ears to hear. He wasn’t even quite sure what he was begging for anymore. He’d forgotten all about the door, the conference hall, everything but this naked woman under the table.

Please aydınlı escort what? her voice cooed back at him.

Please…my belt. My belt. Take it off.

As you wish, she whispered…”

Yes, she knew how badly he needed this naked woman, now. He knew he should have just pulled her blouse out those jeans when he saw her, and stripped her naked when he’d been kissing her finally again. Again. Again.

Those words resonated and he imagined the heat of her flesh and how she would have moaned when he cupped the fleshy mound between her thighs. His hand moved faster and faster, slapping his cock around and then thrusting into his fist, imagining it was her mouth, or maybe that juicy cunt he’d loved so much.

He could see that the email was drawing to a close and only a few final sentences remained. “Make it last, man,” he thought, one hand on his balls and the other moving in the timeless fashion of eager males.

“Nimble fingers reached up and made short order of his belt, unlooping it from his pants and then pulling it under the table with them. He could feel the subtle shift of movement below, but from the sounds she began to make, he couldn’t quite figure out what was happening. And where had those delicious hands gone to? He wanted them back!

Her moans seemed louder and he listened, rapt in fascination with his imaginings of her below. She sighed suddenly, and he was startled to find see the belt coiled up and dropped back into his lap.

Stunned, he looked at it sitting there, and then bent over closer with a bit of a frown on his face.

Was the leather…. glistening? Had she actually be been pleasuring herself with this brown leather of his?!?”

Robin could feel his balls tightening as he read those final words, a fiendishly wild orgasm imminent. Kinky little minx! Just what kind of sex was she into these days?!

He could no longer stop fucking himself with his fist, imagining her masturbating before him. His movements grew disjointed and frantic before finally he came in a rush, back arched with a giant roar. His come flew everywhere as he milked those final thrusts, panting and shaking as he let the immensity of the release flood through him.

A few minutes passed before he was able to compose himself and clean up the mess he had made all over his desk. It wouldn’t do to leave it for the night caretakers to take care of, he thought, a little crazily.

Robin gathered up all his belongings to prepare to go home, but returned to his system one last time. Musing for a moment, he then bent over his keyboard and furiously tapped out a few words in response. Pleased with his reply, he shut everything down for the weekend and turned off the lights.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Melanie didn’t get a chance to look at her private email account until just before bed. Everyone in the house was settling in for sleep and she could finally steal a few minutes to see what, if anything, was Robin’s response to what she written him earlier.

Screen flickering in the darkness of the kitchen, she grinned triumphantly at the words before her and did a little jig of a dance in her bare feet.

“Friday, 2pm.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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