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Chapter 1

Ian was the first guy I ever went with in any sense of the word. He was one of the gang I hung round with, had done all through school and now we were at collage it hadn’t really changed. We went to the same collage and hung with the same crowd doing the same things. At home we had our own friends and hung round in different areas. I was just eighteen and single. All my time was spent studying but these summer holidays I had vowed to have more fun. Little did I know that Ian would be a part of that fun and more. Now both of us had enjoyed some flirting and lingering looks but it wasn’t anything serious as far as I was concerned, obviously Ian thought different. He wasn’t what you could call handsome but he did have a certain something. His brown eyes twinkled cheekily when he talked and his smile always promised that little bit more. Dark brown hair, broad shoulders and narrow waist he was just an average guy. However I liked bad boys and Ian certainly wasn’t a bad boy or so I thought.

The sun blazed down and a clear blue sky promised a very hot and sultry day. Summer holidays were always a time to recharge batteries after exams and brain strain. I lounged in the garden listening to the drone of a lawnmower and music wafting over the air. Although our garden was overlooked it was a quiet neighbourhood with people at work during the day so I could sunbath in peace, and if I was really daring, topless.

Up early as usual I had showered and changed into a pair of white shorts which clung to my hips and a loose-fitting white t-shirt which hung off one shoulder. I hoped to top up my tan later so underneath I had slipped on a white bikini. Grabbing my normal toast and fruit juice I wandered outside, it definatly promised to be a hot day. So here I was lounging in the garden enjoying the early morning sun. Stretching out I lay listening to the world go by.

Besides sunbathing I had no idea what I was going to do for the day. It was bliss having this much time on my hands for a change. I had the day to myself and could come and go as I pleased. Having stripped down to my scant bikini I settled down with a good trashy novel and a bottle of water. Just when I had got to a juicy bit the doorbell rang and putting my book down I went to answer it, hoping it was Paula, my best friend, instead I found Ian and some guy I didn’t know on the doorstep.

“Hi, what you up to Emma?” Ian stood with hands in his jeans looking directly at my chest and smiling cheekily.

Placing the tip of my finger under his chin I lifted it up so he was looking at me not my chest but his eyes seemed to gravitate towards my chest yet again.

“Not much. Why what you got planned?” I replied leaning against the doorframe with my arms crossed.

“Fancy hanging out at mine, movie and popcorn?” Ian said finally looking at my face.

“Sounds good to me, hold on while I get my stuff.”

I went to sling on my t-shirt and shorts then grabbing my keys, mobile and sunglasses I headed out the door.

As simple as that my day was sorted. Ten minutes later we were walking back to Ian’s house.

Apart from Ian’s older brother Neil we had the house to ourselves. I felt a bit awkward being in Ian’s house especially with his brother wandering in and out of the room. Neil was home on leave I learned and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He was good-looking but not in a conventional way more rugged I blushed when he came through just wearing a towel after a shower. The water glistered on his shoulders and his hair was damp, now that was hot. His body was toned and his skin was smooth and tanned.The only experience I had had with the male species was the odd fumble in the back of a car or a kiss at the end of a date. Neil was no fumbling boy he was entirely male. I had never seen a guy with nothing on and although he was wearing a towel he may has well have been naked. It barely covered him, hanging low on his hips. I could make out the fine line of dark hair that went from his navel to below the top of the towel.Now innocent I maybe but it didn’t mean I didn’t know about the male anatomy My pulse raced at the thought of what lay beneath that towel causing me to blush even harder. Looking away I studied the room trying not to look at either Ian or Neil as they talked.

The large room was tastefully decorated. A large bay window looked out onto a neat front garden at one end of the room where as at the other end patio doors opened out onto a private garden. I could just make out the sun-loungers on the decking. Surrounding the garden I could just see the tops of large conifers which reached to the sky above. I would have loved to have sunbathed there then I could have worked on my tan, in the nude. Eventually Neil left the room but not before I had seen him undo his towel as he walked out the door. His ass was seriously good. At the last minute he turned round to look me in the eyes. He smiled and winked before the door shut behind him. He had wanted me to see him naked. Very cheeky, I laughed to myself.

Sitting on the floor I listened as Ian kocaeli escort and Mark chatted. The only thing I could thing about though was Neil as he had walked out of the door and how fine his body was. I imagined him upstairs in his room getting ready to go out.

“Ian where’s the toilet?” I asked.

“Upstairs next to my room.”

“And which one is that, considering I’ve never been to your room” I grinned at him

“Top of the stairs on the right you can’t miss it. Want me to show you?” he replied cheekily.

“Somehow I think I can do that myself.” I laughed. With that I got up and sauntered through the door leaving Ian watching me his eyes focused on my ass.

The bathroom was large and spacious with a huge corner bath and separate shower. A wet towel hung over the side and I realised that Neil must have put it there…mmm what a thought. The room was warm and moist with the smell of spice and musk. I thought of Neil having his shower and towelling himself dry before walking naked across the landing to his room. I could hear him moving around in his room and I had a mental picture of him naked as he got ready. My temperature was rising at the thought.

Downstairs I could hear the start of the movie so I hurried back regretfully, wishing that Neil would come out of his room first. Ian lay sprawled on the settee and Mark was in the chair with his leg cocked over the arm. I had no choice but to sit on the floor. Lying down I didn’t realise that my shorts were tight across my bum. Or that the line of my bikini was visible through them. Ian and Mark obviously had because they were looking at my rear and smiling at one another.

The movie had started and I soon realised it was an adult film. The more I watched the more I got moist between my legs and the harder my nipples got. On screen the couple were outside sitting in a garden. The stunted conversation was meant to be flirtatious but it was just awkward. The action, however, made up for the rubbish dialogue. The guy in the film stood up and went over to her reaching down to fondle her breasts through the blouse. His crotch was bulging and she reached forward to hold it. I could see her nipples getting hard through the material just as mine were. His touch became firmer as she allowed him to fondle them. Soon he had both of them in his hands. He kneaded them slowly caressing the nipples, he pushed them upwards, he pushed them together. Then he undid the blouse and I could see that the nipples were peaking over the bra. Pushing it down he started to pinch them making them harder. Her load moans filled the air and I really wished someone would do that to me.

I was getting really wet now and I licked my lips as the woman undid his trousers. Pulling them down she licked her lips and put his large cock in her mouth. It was so crude but so hot at the same time.

“Enjoying the film Em” Ian asked a slight tremor in his voice.

“It’s ok”

Turning slightly I could see the size of Ian’s erection in his trousers and my eyes widened slightly. God he looked big in there, he was definitely enjoying the film I thought. Mark was enjoying it too because his erection was showing through his trousers as well. It turned me on to see them and my heart beat quicker. Biting my bottom lip I had to stop myself from groaning loudly. Looking from one to the other I was surprised at how horny I was. My nipples were so hard they hurt and my clit was throbbing.

Marks mobile went off and he went out of the room to answer it. Seconds later he popped his head round the door.

“I gotta go. Some things cropped up.” Then he disappeared out the house leaving me and Ian to watch the rest of the film.

Yes it had cropped up I thought, it was a shame he had to go things could have got interesting. The atmosphere felt different after Mark went. The moans on screen were getting to me and all I wanted to do was pleasure my self as I watched.

Propping myself up on my elbows I knew that my shirt would be tight across my chest, my erect nipples on show for Ian to see.

“How about you, are you enjoying the film?”

Ian’s eyes wandered to my chest before coming back to my face and I could see him swallow before answering.

“Oh yes definitely. But it looks like you are as well.”

Glancing at my chest I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

Turning back to the film I wriggled my ass trying to get comfy giving Ian a good view to look at. This made my shirt ride up and my shorts to push into the crease of my bum. I could have sworn I heard Ian moan but I wasn’t sure. Smiling I knew he was uncomfortable with his hard on in his trousers. My bikini panties were getting wetter and I could feel my clit throbbing. All I wanted to do was lie down and slide my fingers into my shorts. Deciding to be naughty I rolled back over so I could see his face.

“So which bits do you like the most, the bit where she sucks his cock or the bit where they fuck?”

“Both, how about you?” Ian replied.

“Both for me to, ever had a girl suck your cock?” I asked looking kocaeli escort bayan at his erection and licking my lips.

“Why are you offering?” he suggested.

“You never know. One day I just might.” I said laughing slightly.

“One day might be too late.”

“Let’s just watch the end shall we.” I smiled and turned back to the movie.

“Tease.” I heard Ian laugh.

By now the film was nearing the end with most of the cast naked and doing stuff to each other on a large bed. One woman was sucking a guy’s cock while another guy was fucking her. Now that was a turn on. I loved watching as she swallowed the cock and I wondered what it would taste like. I wondered what it would feel like to hold it while I licked and sucked it all over. Taking it deep into my throat and letting my tongue wrap itself around it. Nibbling on it gently then licking it again. It had turned me on to watch the film and I wanted to try some of the things I had seen.

The film ended and the credits rolled up. Using the remote Ian turned it off and flicked the TV off at the same time. Silence filled the room with both of us feeling incredibly horny, well I was at least.

“Wanna go sit outside and catch the sun?” Ian asked breaking the silence.

Glad for the distraction I got up and wandered into the garden lying down on one of the sun loungers. Putting on my sun glasses I got comfy. The garden was a suntrap and before long I wanted to take my t shirt off. I had my bikini on underneath so it wasn’t like I was naked. However with the privacy the trees offered it would have felt good to lie there with no clothes on .Little yellow daises lined the top off my bikini and the straps. It was pretty and sexy, pushing my breasts up and holding them firmly. It looked more like a bra than a bikini the cups only half covering my large breasts which sat snugly inside the material my nipples barely hidden. Stripping of my t-shirt I wondered what Ian would think seeing me like this. Shrugging out of my shorts I hoped the wetness in my briefs didn’t how to much.

Soon Ian joined me carrying two large glasses of juice. Standing over me I could feel his eyes staring at my chest.

“You’re blocking the sun. How am I supposed to tan if you’re in the way?” I said smiling.

“Well if you don’t want your drink I can always take it away again.”

“Don’t you dare do that.” I laughed. “I need that drink.”

“I would dare anything.” Ian said his voice suddenly husky.

“Well in that case I dare you to….” I stopped. Neil had walked outside. Neither of us had heard him Dressed simply in jeans and t-shirt with his hair still damp he looked bloody sexy. My mouth went dry suddenly and my stomach clenched as I watched him talking to Ian. Suddenly I felt very naked. Bloody hell, I thought, guys like him should be made illegal.

“Ian, I’m going out.” His eyes strayed to me and I saw them widen slightly when he saw what I was wearing. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth and I could feel his hungry gaze on me.

“Behave little bro and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He teased Ian staring pointedly at me. Turning he walked away glancing over his shoulder to look me in the eye. I smiled innocently at him then looked down at my chest licking my lips. Neil grinned and raised his eyebrows at me.

Now we were completely alone the tension was high and my body tingled with anticipation. Looking at Ian I wondered just what was going through his head now we had the place to ourselves.

“I wish he wouldn’t call me little bro it makes me feel about bloody 16 instead of 18. Just because he is a few years older than me he thinks he is the boss.”

“Don’t let it bother you. It isn’t worth the stress.” I said.

“Yeah I know but it just pisses me off when he does it in front of mates. He’s a fucking arrogant shit sometimes. Him and his army buddies think they are god’s gift. Just once I would like some girl to show him he ain’t all that.”

“Now that could be interesting.” I said smiling.

“Do you know when we are hanging out he can be a decent bloke but if anyone else is around he puts on this big macho act and it’s so annoying.”

I didn’t know what to say to this I could see that Ian was really annoyed with his brother for trying to show him up in front of me.

“Like I said chill out and relax. I came here for fun not to get caught between you and Neil. So anyway on a change of subject, what were we doing?”

“Did you enjoy the film? I lent it off Neil; one of his army buddies got it for him, thought you might appreciate it.”

“And what makes you think that?” I said laughing.

“You always seem quite easygoing and broadminded. I just thought you’d enjoy it.”

“Well you’re right I did enjoy it. I will admit to being a bit shocked at first but I’ve never seen one before. I still can’t believe you knew I’d enjoy it and not be offended.”

“You’ve never seen a porno before.” Now it was Ian’s turn to sound shocked.

“Neil has a few and I know he has a stash of mags in his room. Sometimes izmit escort I sneak a look at them.” Standing in front of me I could see that Ian was hard inside his trousers and I was still horny from watching the film. The thought of either Ian or Neil playing with themselves while watching a porno was a huge turn on. In my head I could see them both as they sat in a chair naked, their hard cocks standing to attention as they touched themselves. I could see their hands slowly moving up and down their shafts making the pleasure last longer. Thinking about it I could feel my panties getting wetter as I imagined the sensations running through their bodies. I could almost hear their breathing becoming shallower and tiny moans escaping their lips with each stroke of their hands.

My mind was working overtime as I figured out how to innocently take this further. I didn’t want to seem to keen but I defiantly wanted something to happen. I needed relief from the growing need in my body.

“I’ve never seen an adult mag either.”

“Give us a minute and I’ll see if I can find one that’s not to gross.” With that Ian eagerly went to fetch one. I watched as he walked into the house realising he was a mini Neil. Ian’s ass was almost as good as his brothers. I longed to touch it, to feel my nails digging into the peachy flesh and feel the tight muscles beneath.

I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted this moment to last. It felt right to be here and I had never felt like this before. It felt amazing to feel so sexy. All of a sudden I knew what it was to be female and in control. I was sick to death of people telling me what to do and how to act. Seeing the looks of open admiration and longing on the faces of these good looking men made me realise I was sexy. Being the only daughter in a household of sons I was used to being a tom boy and doing everything my brothers did including sports, which probably accounted for my toned body. But with it came the insults and banter that brother’s give. I spent more time climbing trees than playing with dolls and make up.

Soon he was back handing me a magazine. Sitting up I straddled the lounger and placed it in front of me. Indicating he wanted to sit on the same lounger as me I inched my bottom backward. Ian sat down mirroring me looking at the magazine cover. It showed a large breasted woman holding her breasts up and trying to lick the nipples. Mine were as large as hers and I could feel a trickle of moisture between my legs. As we flicked through the pages I got more and more turned on the material on my bikini bottoms was really wet and almost see through, I could almost smell my arousal.

Jokingly I said. “I feel small compared to these.”

“Yours are not small, believe me.”

Looking up I could see Ian staring intently at my breasts his eyes taking in everything about them.

“In fact they are perfect.”

“You think so.”

“Oh yes.” He swallowed. “Perfect.”

Pushing them together I decided to tease him a little bit.

“Are you sure they aren’t too small?”

“They are hot.” Ian licked his lips as he stared at my chest.

“I wish they were bigger.”

“Really!” said Ian.

“Well what girl doesn’t want bigger boobs?”

“Believe me Emma when I say your boobs are just perfect.”

The tension was electric Dare I take this any further or should I stop what I had started. Feeling sexy was one thing; acting wanton was something entirely different.

“Do you like my boobs Ian?” I said innocently.

“Yes I do.”

Pushing them even closer together I looked down into my impressive cleavage then straight at Ian. His eyes were fixed on my breasts and I knew he wanted to touch them

“Would you like to touch them Ian?”

I felt so horny talking like this. To my ears my voice sounded really husky.

“Would you like to play with them?”

Letting go of my breasts I watched as they bounced up and down. The movement caused my nipples to harden and watching Ian’s face I reached up and stroked my skin between my breasts. Trailing a finger over my breasts I circled each nipple, drawing attention to my arousal. Slowly I reached behind my back and undid the clasp letting the straps slide down my arms and my breasts fall free of the bikini top. Placing it on the lounger in front of me like a gauntlet I sat with my breasts on show. The hands by my sides itched to reach across and cover myself from his intense gaze. Feeling exposed I could hear my breathing, it sounded really loud in the silence.

“Is this what you want to see?” I asked.

Ian was silent and I wondered if I had gone too far.

“Oh my god Emma.” His voice sounded breathless and shaky.

“Yes Ian.”

“They are defiantly perfect.”

“Would you like to touch them Ian?”

I cupped first one and then the other holding them up for Ian to look at. Dark pink nipples standing hard, and feeling very sensitive, longed to be touched. I rubbed first one then the other nipple with the pad of my thumb. They tingled with each stroke getting harder each time. Letting them go I sat holding my breath the moment stretching for ever. I was so aroused my pussy throbbed in anticipation. I could almost feel the trickles of moisture oozing out on to my panties.

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