Fatherly Birth Control

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“Dad! I’m going to be late soon!” Ella complained.

“Sorry. Just a moment.” I said looking at the girl. Ella’s long dark hair that she had inherited from her mother flowed free over her shoulders. It was combed straight and it shined prettily as the girl moved. The hair framed her pale oval-shaped face, making her blue eyes stand out. She had a layer of makeup on her face emphasizing her features and the red lipstick would draw any man’s attention. She looked quite like my wife had looked when we had had our first dates. Stunning, nothing less.

Ella’s clothes were just as well thought out. She had a pretty white shirt and beige skirt. Though the latter laid now on the floor next to us. “Seriously. Is this really… needed?” she asked, holding her voice as she bucked backwards.

“Honey, you know the rules.” I said, making sure to not break my voice. It was hard when preparing the girl for her date night. I looked down to her crotch. Ella’s pretty 20-year old pussy took in my cock eagerly as I pushed once again into my daughter. This time Ella couldn’t hold her voice but let out a small involuntary moan as my hips hit against hers. Luckily the sofa was pretty heavy and could stand even rougher action. And the dark leather cover of it was also easy to clean.

“It is for your best. Even if… it takes some time.” I said as I pushed into Ella’s cunt. Her warm folds rubbed over my cock, squeezing, massaging it, much more eagerly as Ella herself. “We don’t want you to get pregnant by some stranger after all.” I said. For a moment my bare cock glistered in the living room lighting, covered by my daughter’s juices, before I thrust back in.

“Yes, yes, I know. No sex, and no pregnancy before marriage.” Ella said. Her cheeks were turning a bit red as she kept her legs up and open for me. “But it is a second date… We have just talked about school and all! We are not even thinking about sex! Umhh…” she said before letting out a moan.

“You may not be thinking about it, but he definitely is.” I said. I could feel it coming close, the orgasm. I stepped up my pace. “You can’t be too suureee!” the slapping of skin on skin almost covered my words. With all my force I pushed forward as I came. My daughter’s pussy pulsed around me as I released my load deep into her unprotected pussy. Ella closed and opened her eyes, her breath deep, and looked up to the ceiling as she obediently let her father fill her cunt.

After ten seconds my orgasm started to fade and I started to pull away. I jerked my cock a few times at Ella’s pussy, making sure every last drop would end up inside the girl, before I finally pulled out. “See? It didn’t take too long at all.” I said as I pulled up my trousers.

Ella peeked down at her crotch with an emotion of curious horror. Her cheeks were as red as her cunt lips, but her makeup had stayed intact. She put her finger onto her pussy lips, and moved them around a little, feeling the end result. A bit of cum leaked out as she did. “Weren’t you in hurry?” I asked.

“Yes, yes.” she said, letting her crotch be. She stood up from the sofa and took her underwear and skirt from the ground. With my cum slowly leaking out of her, she first pulled on her panties and then her skirt.

“Do you need a ride?” I asked.

“Nah. He will drive us to the cinema.” Ella said and gave a shy smile to me, this time fully clothed.

“Alright. Have a nice evening then, you two. And remember…”

“…no sex.” Ella finished, smiling back. “Bye dad! I should be at home by 10 pm.”

“Bye!” I waved at my girl as she walked to get her shoes. I couldn’t help but smile. It was easy to smile after doing the duty. You could know that she would be safe. No risk of pregnancy by strangers. It was my duty as her father to make sure she wouldn’t get into such trouble. It could easily ruin her life, being a single mom and all after the guy would run away. I couldn’t let that happen to my girls.

As I heard the door close as Ella left for her date, her pussy filled with my cum, I walked satisfied to the kitchen. Doing the deed really got me hungry. Hmm, no leftovers… Maybe I could make some bacon and eggs…

Before I could do more than take the bacon and the eggs out, the rumble from the stairs cut my thoughts. “Hey, no running in stairs!”

“Sorry!” Sophie’s voice came from the hall. The rumbling continued towards the hallway.

“Where are you going to in such a rush? That could had woken up even the neighbors.” I asked as I walked to the hallway.

“I have to get to the next bus. Linda, Alex and others are waiting already!” Sophie said, not even looking back as she looked for her shoes. She had the same black hair as her older sister, but unlike her, she hadn’t yet outgrown her punk phase. She had on her a black leather jacket and similarly black short shorts. A line of red dyed hair was mixed in her otherwise black hair. As she turned around, her face, covered with heavy black-and-red makeup was revealed, along with a pretty revealing shirt that left her belly muş escort bayan exposed.

“Honey, what have I said to you of those clothes…”

“Dad, please don’t start it again.” Sophie said, looking to her dad. She had similar beauty as her sisters and mother, even if her style distorted it. “I’m an adult now. You have no say to what I can and cannot wear. You don’t have to get it. It is my choice.”

“Yes honey, of course. I’m just afraid for you. Don’t you think you will gather… wrong kind of attention.” I said and nodded at the revealing shirt of my youngest daughter. Her breasts bulged the shirt, giving a good view of the top of her boobs, and almost a look into the underside of them too.

“I can handle the boys if that is what you mean.” Sophie said.

“Yes, that is exactly what I mean. I don’t want you to get pregnant.” I said.

“I’m not going to have sex, dad. It is just a casual night out. We are just going to hang out. Nothing special. And if even if something would be to happen… I could just buy some condoms.”

I grimaced. Not this talk again. “You know what we think about condoms in this house. It is not natural! If we were meant to have sex without consequences, we wouldn’t need condoms for it.”

“Yeah yeah, god this god that.” Sophie said and waved her hands around playing the fool. “It would just be much easier. And… far less risky.” she added.

“Easy doesn’t mean better. As long as you live in this house, you will have to live by our rules. And that includes the birth control. Only natural birth control is used in this house.” I explained. Sophie grunted dissatisfied, but she didn’t say anything. “And with those clothes, you are going to need some birth control.”

“Dad… it is just a night out. Nothing more.” Sophie tried to explain. But she knew what the expression on her father’s face meant.

“Just come here.” I said and walked to the chair next to the front door. In addition to being a good place to put on your shoes, it doubled nicely for a place to apply a quick birth control. I undid my pants again and pulled them to my knees before sitting down. “Or you can change those clothes to something more sensible.”

“Ugh. Why do you have to be like this.” Sophie said. She left the search of her shoes to be, but she didn’t head for her room to change her clothes, but instead walked to me. “And you aren’t even hard!” she commented.

“Ella had a date night so I had to put a load in her too. I’m not as young as you are, honey.” I said. “You are the one who needs birth control, so get to work.” I said, leaning back.

Sophie sighed again but got on her knees nevertheless. I smirked. She had already gotten a grip of how to get it done the fastest. With her right hand, she took her father’s cock and started to stroke it. The skin of her hand was soft and her stroke gentle but steady. It wouldn’t take long before she would get it ready.

“So, who were these Alex and Linda? Is Alex a girl or a boy?” I asked as Sophie continued stroking my cock that was slowly getting erect.

“Just some friends of mine… We hang out often. And do some music sometimes.” the girl explained. “And he is a boy.” she said. Before saying more she took my cock on her lips. With a tender care she sucked on the tip before taking all of it to her mouth. I let out a grunt.

“Are you sure you haven’t had sex with anyone? You are getting good at this. Suspiciously good. Maybe with that ‘Alex’ guy?” I asked as Sophie pulled away, leaving my cock covered with her saliva, now rock-hard. A bridge of saliva connected her bright-red lips to my cock for a second before it broke.

“We are just friends. Nothing more.” Sophie said as she stood up. “And I haven’t. I’m not some slut, even if you seem to think like that some times. I want my first time with a guy to be special. I mean, my first time with someone else…” she sighed as she removed her shorts.

“I don’t think you are a slut, honey. I just don’t want you to take any risks.” I explained. “Your first time.” I fixed. “I hope too that it will be special. You deserve nothing less.” I said as Sophie pulled her underwear aside. She didn’t bother to pull them off, but just pull aside the thong part. There was a bit of pubic hair over her pussy, unlike on her sisters’ crotches. It was a good sign. She hadn’t started to shave it off for guys. Yet at least.

“And what comes to the skill… I have to be good.” she said as she started to descend on my lap. I watched as my daughter took my cock to her hand and gently guided it on her cunt lips. She then sat down on my lap, taking her father’s erect cock in. “You are always so busy… with Ella and Grace. They are dating… after all. So I’m always the last…” she explained as she started to ride my lap. We both grunted as my cock massaged the insides of my girl, and her cunt massaged my cock back. “If I wasn’t being efficient, it would take forever before I would get to go meet my friends. As you said, you are not young anymore, muş escort and I’m the third…” she explained as she rode my cock.

“I guess you are right.” I said as I laid back on the chair, letting Sophie do the work for her ‘birth control’. Her soft and warm insides squeezed my cock, milking it for my cum. I let my gaze wander over my daughter. Her curvy body, nice sized ass and her boobs, bouncing up and down with the rest of her as she ride my manhood.

“You can touch them if you want. I see you want to.” Sophie said, smiling meekly as her face was plastered with pleasure. “It will make you… finish faster.” she added before I could argue about it.

I reached forward and cupped the breasts that were covered by the black shirt. It wasn’t the first time I had done it, but it was always as magical. The soft jiggliness of them… The shirt made a good job making them even more attractive. But I wanted to see them, see them raw. I took the underside of the shirt and pulled it up. Sophie let out a small high moan as her pair was left free, but she didn’t even skip a beat of her riding. I groped and touched the perfectly symmetric pair of my daughter’s breasts, feeling them, holding them. I circled the perky nipples with my finger as the boobs bounced in my hands. And finally I leaned in to kiss the areola. Sophie moaned as her nipples were played with, her pussy pulsing around my cock.

At the same second I kissed her nipple, I came. Sophie noticed it and pressed herself against my lap, just like she had been taught. I bucked up on the chair to meet her, to get the deepest in her I could. My cum didn’t just flow, it spurted with pressure into my little girl. The same sperm that that made Sophie, now filled her cunt, looking around in her fertile body for an egg. My face buried to Sophie’s 18-year old breast, kissing her nipple, I finished into her.

I didn’t want to let go of the pair but after a moment they got away from me. “Okay, are you happy now dad?” Sophie asked as she stepped off of my lap. I couldn’t even get a glimpse of her pussy before she slip her underwear back on it. She grinned as I looked up to her. “It works every time. I should be even able to get onto the bus in time.” Sophie said and pulled her bra and shirt back onto her breasts. After a second of confusion, I smiled back to her.

“I guess it does. That should be enough for you to understand why I think of those clothes as I do.”

“Whatever. There they are!” Sophie said and took her shoes, happy to get back to what she was about to do. “Bye dad!” she shouted as she ran out of the door.

“Bye.” I said as the door crashed close.

That should be it for today. Ella on a date, Sophie having a night out with friends… Grace doing some shopping with Marc for the wedding…


Had Sophie forgotten something, I thought as I went to the door. “Hello dad.” greeted as I opened it. It wasn’t however Sophie, or even Ella. It was Grace.

The oldest of the three girls had brunette hair unlike the two other. She had inherited from me. She was dressed in casual white t-shirt and blue jeans, which complimented her toned but femininely curvy body very nicely. She had been always my favorite, even if I didn’t say it in voice. She was always positive and diligent, and of course obedient in all the right ways. Of course she had her own punk like all of the girls, she wouldn’t be graduating as a lawyer in her age otherwise, but unlike the other girls, she had always accepted the rules of the house.

“Oh hi. I didn’t think you would come to visit today. I thought you were supposed to be with Marc organizing things for the wedding?”

“I was with him, but I wanted to come to visit as we were passing by. He will get me in an hour. I guess we were efficient. We got everything done an hour early.” she said shining as she stepped in. “I could eat something if you have anything to offer. If it is not too rude to just pop in unannounced.” Grace asked, looking to my eyes with surprising intensity.

“No, no, you are always welcome, whenever, no matter the reason or time. This is your home too.” I said. “I was about to make some bacon and eggs. Are they fine?”

“Sure!” Grace said and threw her shoes away before heading to the kitchen. She was even more energetic than usually…

“So how was the day? I didn’t think you could find the right wedding dress so fast.” I said as I split the eggs and bacon on two plates.

“Good. Very good.” Grace said and smiled wide. On the surface it was just her normal positive self, but there was something else to it. “I had looked at the dresses beforehand so it was just a matter of choosing the one that looked the best in-person.”

I laughed. “Typical you. Always like your mother, so punctual, so prepared. Good that it doesn’t scare Marc off. Some guys don’t like when the girl is too good at what they are doing.”

“No, he doesn’t mind at all. He is so sweet.” Grace said and took the plate I gave her. She smiled to escort muş me as she took the plate, but it seemed that she looked right through me. She looked down to her food, and started to cut a piece of the bacon. She was still tense. More than tense…

“Are you alright? You are shivering” I asked.

“What, oh. Sorry. It is just… just…” she looked up to me. The happiness was away. One second it had been there, and now… just gone. Fear and nervousness had taken its place. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“What? The wedding? But you love Marc! I’ve seen how you two are together. You remind of me and your mom when we were your age.” I froze in place. What was wrong with my little girl?

“No, no, I don’t mean that.” Grace said, looking down to her food. “It is just… just that…” she said, looking up to me. “I’m not sure if I can wait till marriage. We were kissing and I almost… we almost did it.” she said, looking up to me. It reminded me of all the times she had brought her worries, big and small, to me when she had been just a kid. It was so pure. A request for help.

“I know how that feels.” I said. “But you have to…”

“…resist it. I know. But I’m, I’m, so… horny! I want to be with him already!” she shouted and stood up. I leaned back on my chair. I had rarely seen her this serious. She basically never shouted.

“It is just a week…” I said.

“I can’t do that. Not like this.” Grace said. “That is… why I came to visit. I need you to help me. So… I don’t have sex and get pregnant by Marc before my wedding.” she explained.

“Oh.” it clicked. “Of course… of course I will help you with birth control. You should had just asked.” I said. Before I could continue, Grace moved towards me, and kissed me. It wasn’t the normal father-daughter kiss, but a deep french kiss.

“Thanks dad. Let’s do it now.” she said.

“Not in the kitchen. You can get hurt.”

“In my old room then.” she said. I nodded. Grace took my hand and started to pull us to her room.

“Like in the old days when you were just dating Marc.” I said as my oldest daughter pulled me towards her room. Even though Grace had lived for a few months mostly at Marc’s place, the room was still mostly the same. The same old soft toys, the old posters of her favorite bands on the walls. It was still my little girl, now just grown adult.

Before I could even say anything, Grace pulled down my pants. “Oh you have helped Ella and Sophie already.” she said as she saw my flaccid cock. “Yeah. Ella was going for a date and Sophie was going to hang out with her friends.” I replied as Grace started to jerk me. As she used her one hand to get my cock hard, she used her another one to undress her jeans. The vigor that she used to jerk me was incredible. Thank god she came to me, she would had definitely slept with Mark otherwise, I thought as Grace changed her hand on my cock to her mouth as she pulled off her jeans off. After that she stopped for a moment, just to pull off her shirt and her panties.

After undressing and getting my cock hard Grace stepped up and instead laid on her back on her bed. “Daddy, take me. Take me now.” she asked, pulling her legs wide apart. Her face and voice were begging and her clean-shaved pussy was already wet as she offered herself for me. Her pretty body asked for her father as her C-sized cups rested awaiting on her chest.

“Look at you Grace, you shouldn’t let yourself get so horny. You could had fucked Marc before your wedding day.” I said as I pulled of my trousers and underwear, and finally my shirt. Usually it was more practical to keep them on, it was just birth control not sex after all. But this time it would probably not be enough to keep the girl from losing her control. “When were your last period?” I asked as I stepped on the bed. I placed my knees on both sides of Grace’s legs, letting my erection rest on her wet cunt.

“Two weeks ago.” she answered, obediently keeping her legs wide and cunt available for me.

“That explains a lot.” I said as I guided my cock into Grace’s pussy. Even though I had given birth control to both Ella and Sophie before, this time felt even more exciting. Probably the pheromones and the eagerness. “You are probably ovulating. It causes girls to get extra horny. I’m proud that you came to me instead of giving in for the temptation.” I said as I thrusted into my daughter on her bed.

The only reply Grace gave was a moan. I also didn’t speak more, but concentrated on my daughter’s body. Her excited and eager body pleased me in ways that the other two girls’ bodies hadn’t. The walls of her pussy pulled me in, guiding my cock deeper into the girl with every thrust and not wanting to give away when I pulled outwards for an another. Grace moaned as her father’s cock rubbed her insides. I leaned forward, over her, letting my cock please her clit as I fucked her hard.

After just a few brushes on Grace’s clit, she let out a scream of pleasure as she came. If her body had been eager before, she was now milking and pulsing around my cock like ever before. As her legs crossed behind my back, I kept moving. If it wasn’t my third time of the day, I would had came also, but the previous two times I had applied my birth control into my girls gave me enough stamina to continue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32