Fun with Chrissy Ch. 02

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During our first week, Chrissy and I forged a bond together. We had the chance to take showers, go about the house naked, and we took it. The second week would change us forever.

Already, nudity seemed normal to us. It was no less arousing however, By now, Chrissy wanted to shave off my pubic hair just for fun. She wanted to see how far I could spread my legs. They did far enough to shave me properly.

After she had finished, I asked her to go ahead and shave my legs, chest and arms too. So, she did. My body was so smooth now. Chrissy had to run her hands all over me. It felt great to have her fondle me. She had me laying on the couch, on my back. Soon, I became very aroused. My penis erected, and I started to moan. An orgasm was about to happen.

Chrissy saw my penis erect and wrapped her fingers around it. Then, she began to gently squeezed it. I noticed she was also excited because her breasts were getting firmer and crotch becoming very moist. Chrissy had never felt anything like this before!

Chrissy still had my penis and put her lips on the end of it, trying to find my erogenous escort izmit zone. She was doing avery good job too. After a few more minutes, I couldn’t hold my semen any longer.

Fortunately, she had moved away because I ejaculated hard. Semen went all over my genitals, thighs and Chrissy;s breasts. A huge smile came across her face. She looked down and noticed her breasts soaked in semen.

My orgasm was done; hers had only begun. We switched places. This time, it was her time to get on of me. I got aroused by her breasts, thighs and clitoris touched my nude body. She was moaning intensely when my penis went in her vagina. I found the g-spot and gently rubbed up across it.

Chrissy was in a state of ecstasy, moaning and begging to me, “Please do me now. I can’t hold back much longer!”

So I put on a condom just to be safe. She wasn’t ready to have a child with me. All Chrissy and I wanted was sex, as friends of course. Her vaginal fluid oozed out, and I could feel it run over my testicles while being on top. Then, before we knew it, she climaxed all over the two of us.

As izmit darıca escort we lay soaking wet on the couch, it quickly sank in, we actually had sex together. We hadn’t dreamed it, it was very real. Chrissy and I were exhausted but excited. Soon, we were in a semi-sleep state and took a nap.

We were still naked on the couch. When waking up, the semen and vaginal fluid had become sticky and dry. Chrissy and I went to clean up. This time, we took a nice, long and warm bubble bath. After having sex together it seemed appropriate. We washed one another, getting rid of our sticky body fluids.

Afterwards, we didn’t bother to put on any pajamas and slept together nude. The experience was amazing! During the night, Chrissy and I cuddled and let our hands roam where they may.

Th next day, we neglected to get dressed. Being nude for so long had become the norm. Chrissy and I ate, played games, watched TV and so on, in our birthday suits. Before she went back to college, Chrissy and I had sex two more times, one of which included anal intercourse.

Earlier, izmit rus escort she said no. However, Chrissy had become curious about it. So, I put some vaseline on my penis to make it go in and not cause any injury. I warned her, “This may cause some discomfort but not too much. Please tell me if it hurts.”

I asked her to lay on her belly, on the couch. When Chrissy did, I made sure that enough vaseline was on my penis, gently spread her legs apart a bit and slowly penetrated her anus. Ever so carefully, my penis went all the way inside the buttocks, as Chrissy moaned deeply. I stopped for a while to rest. She had never done this before, so I took no chance of injury.

As I emptied all of my semen inside Chrissy’s anal area, we just snuggled nude on the couch. It felt so good for our bodies to be so close together and smoothly rub against each other.

We knew the two weeks were about over, and Chrissy had to leave to get ready for college. It was sad but joyful too. Chrissy and I had a close bond now. The experiences we shared were incredible. Who could have guessed two cousins-in-law would have sex together.

Finally, as she went to get dressed , I helped Chrissy pack her suitcase. We embraced and nearly began to cry. That was how close we were as friends. Apparently, our sexual activiy had no negative effects on our friendship.

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