Getting Ready for the Wedding

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We were preparing for my friend’s wedding. I don’t know what came to her mind to get married on a Sunday afternoon! Why isn’t she like everyone else and just get married on Saturday? Ah yes, she is far from being like everyone else. She is basically nuts and loves to live the world inside out since we were kids. Even the dress code for the party would be unusual: no suits, just wear what you would wear on a beautiful sunny summer Sunday.

I separated my clothes and went to check if my son had already taken a shower. I opened the door and saw he was bathing himself, rinsing the soap and scrubbing his hair. I love watching him like that, and I watched for a few more seconds before I closed the door. That skinny little body was so soft that I wanted to take a shower with him, but I had to prepare other things before we went to the ceremony.

I called a friend of mine and he said he would take a ride with me.

—No problem, but I’ll be there almost on time -I don’t like waiting for the bride to arrive.

—Alright, I’m going to see if my brother is going sooner. I want to take some pictures with my family, Oliver.

I heard the shower turning off while I was on the phone.

“Okay. I meet you there.

“See ya.

There are two truths in what I said: I really don’t like to wait for people, but I wanted to have some time with the boy. I went to the bathroom again and he was drying himself and I helped him dry quickly before going into my bath.

—Go brush your teeth and get ready. I’m going to take my shower.

—Can I brush here in the bathroom?

—What a silly question! Of course you can.

I took a shower to get rid of the exhaustion because I worked really hard last night. I caught him looking back to me because he is still shy about our relationship. I didn’t say anything, but I confess that my dick grew a little bit. He left soon and I finished my bath. I’m glad we started to dress up way before the wedding. Perhaps today would be one of those days.

I brushed my teeth and went to the bedroom. He was almost done. Santiago chose a Caribbean style outfit and it suited him really well. I could smell the new perfume he sprayed on from afar. I passed by him to get my clothes, kissed him on the cheek and said:

—You’re looking good! Daddy will get ready and then we’ll go. Maybe we can go somewhere and enjoy this morning before the wedding.”

—Yeah, we can. Will Leo go with us?

—No, Santiago, he wants to arrive earlier to take pictures on the beach.

I finished wearing my very beachy look, sprayed a very light-scented perfume on my body and I saw that he was waiting for me, with only one thing left to get done. Then I realized.

—Dad, can you do my hair today?

He hadn’t done his hair yet, although I love to see him doing his hair by himself. Its color is very similar to the one I had when I was a kid. This heat started growing inside of me, after all, it is a fetish that I have.

When he asks me to do it, I need to hold on so I don’t start being overly cuddly and turn something so simple into a sexy play. I feel we haven’t reached such an intimate relationship yet.

—Of course, my son. Just now I realized you didn’t do it.

When he does his hair, it’s very classy, a side-part with the bangs over his forehead or slicked with wax. However, influenced by the barber last week, he made a request that he had not made before.

—Do it like you did in your hair when we got the haircut last week.

Our hair type is the same, a little thick, medium amount of strands and slightly wavy straight (3A-type). The difference is that mine is grey and his is dark – which will probably turn grey when he grows up.

It is much van escort easier to do the hairstyle that I do on him every time, the one he learned, but I think the ceremony wouldn’t be so classy to do something very formal.

Well, I always cut my hair in a nice pompadour. Sometimes I do a side part or slickback but I rarely let the bangs fall over my forehead. I confess that I don’t save money or efforts when my hair is the subject and I end up taking a lot of care of it, but styling it every day is not for me. What the barber did last week is just the same as always, routine, nothing special. But I love looking at my hair in the mirror and touching myself. I jacked off countless times doing this, after all it is my fetish, but I don’t do it with him around. It is a moment too intimate for me to let him see or take part.

—Like Carlos did on me? You never asked like that -I said with a smile on my face.

—Yeah, I want that way.

I confess that lifting my hair up takes some work and I don’t know how to do on others as well as I do it on myself, but I wouldn’t turn down his request.

—All right. Let me get mine done first and then I’ll do yours. In the meantime, go downstairs and lock the house.

He walked out of the room with excitement. I think he wanted to wear a pomp for a while, but his shyness wouldn’t let him say it out loud.

I was bold that day, as we would attend to a wedding that is very opposite to what we see in society. I applied the grooming on my damp hair and started to brush with the dryer from back to front, as Carlos taught me. I brushed harder on the hot jet to hold the hair in place. Lucky me that my hair is easy to style. My dick started to grow again, seeing me in the mirror with hair taking shape. I started brushing the front, pulling the hair up. My hair was already quite high because I asked Carlos to do not cut so much. When I realized, not only my penis, but my hair was big. The super high pompadour came out a little spiked, but I fixed it up so I wouldn’t look too rebel. The sides weren’t faded and I combed them back. I spent a good amount of matte pomade and it looked really good. Carlos would be proud.

When I finished, Santiago was looking at me at the door with a smile on his face. I don’t know if it’s because of the size of the pomp or because I know I’m going to do the same on him.

—It turned out very beautiful. Now, it’s my turn!

My arm was already a little sore from doing mine, but now I would have to do his. I decided to spice up the things with him. I sat on the bed and called him to sit next to me.

—Did you really like it?

He nodded positively.

—Do you want to look like daddy? -I said running my hand through his hair and then on his leg.

—I want bigger! -he laughed, but his hair was a little bigger than mine, so it could be possible to do bigger.

—Then I will do it, but I will want something else in return.

I moved a little closer to his face, stroked his wet bangs, his perfume was so sweet, his refreshing breath of mint and that innocent look he used to do all the time.

—So as soon as I’m done, you will let daddy stick his tongue deep in your mouth, okay?”

I still don’t know if he liked this when I did it. Santiago was a little resistant, but he’s been opening himself up over the months. I’ve done some things with him that he didn’t even complain about doing. In addition to about four kisses, I already masturbated him once, and we did mutually another day -and on that day I spiked his hair up to make me horny-. I always said that we were evolving slowly into more hot stuff. My cock is about 6 in long, ideal width, neither too thin nor too big. His was almost van escort bayan 5 in, and I really wanted to suck it until my mouth got tired.

Well… My son sat on the stool in front of me, with my legs wide open. It fit well and he was close to my body.

I had no secret about doing his hair since it was just like mine. I repeated the same process that I did on mine. As soon as I started brushing, my dick was already hard. His hair was much bigger, so I needed to pull even more with the brush. He complained a little, probably because of the hot air from the drier and the pulling.

When I was halfway through, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I put my dick out of my pants. It hurt the scrotum a bit, but soon I got used to it. My cock was touching his ass. The pompadour was almost done.

I brushed the front a lot and saw that it really got bigger than mine. The gray-haired Johnny Bravo defeated by the dark-haired Johnny Bravo.

—And isn’t it big? It’s really good.

I said this about my dick and his hair. I got up to get the grease and I applied a lot on the roots of his hair. With the fork comb, I started structuring that jungle of beautiful, silky, soft hair strands. I approached a little further and my dick was definitely in the center and just above his butt.

—Look in the mirror. How is it?

—Wow, it’s huge! -he said with a smile on his face.

That smile was the opening for me to hug him from behind.

—Now there are two guys with big pomps in this room. Like father, like son.

He laughed and ran his hand through the hair, but I didn’t let him because it would collapse.

With my dick firmly against his butt, I pulled a little closer and hugged him again, being careful not to ruin his hair.

—Now, our deal.

He turned his face to me as if he were willing to accept the deal freely. He hadn’t done something like that yet, and I felt a nice chill seeing that he was beginning to immerse himself in this strange relationship. I gave him gentle kisses on his face and followed the path to his mouth. It was small, but very juicy and red. It looked like he had put on cherry lipstick. When our lips touched, I opened my mouth and he responded in the same way almost automatically. The kiss made me squeeze his body even more, specially because I’m the one behind. He didn’t know how to kiss properly, but I know how to teach well. I stuck out my tongue all inside and he sucked it very lightly, as I taught. The heat rose a lot and I saw that he got annoyed with my dick poking his ass and tried to escape. I stopped the kiss and whispered:

—It’s okay, son. It’s just daddy feeling you.

—Uhn… Okay.

When I was about to kiss him again, I realized that he really wanted to touch his pomp. I laughed and grabbed his arm calmly.

—If you mess it up, your hair will fall, Santiago.

As an excuse, I held his two arms back with one hand and with the other I held his chin back. Our tongues danced together, turning emotion into lust. Santiago would become an excellent kisser if it were up to me. Sucking his tongue, I let go of his chin and raised my cock higher, where his hands were behind. He touched my dick. I stopped the kiss again and bit his neck weakly. I asked:

—You like daddy, don’t you?”

He nodded and turned to me to touch my cock. Santiago likes to look and caress my member as if it were a toy. I saw that he’s also hard, so I took off his shorts and underwear, as well as mine.

—Come here…

Now our dicks were leaning against each other. I liked it so much that I stuck my tongue in his mouth again, in a tighter hug. Our pomps were rubbing against each other, but nothing could take the escort van strands off its place.

As much as my body was bigger than his, he didn’t complain about feeling tight. I licked his ears and said something that would change our lives forever:

—Daddy Oliver is going to do something you will enjoy.

I resumed the kisses, but I went down the chin … Neck … Belly … Navel … Waist … And I got to where I wanted to go a long time ago.

I swallowed his penis and started to suck very slowly. I immediately heard him moan very quietly. I reduced the pressure with my lips and started doing the back and forth.

Santiago got uneasy on the stool, until I put both hands on his ass.


He was expressing signs that he liked, but he found it strange at the same time. As his dick was small, I would put everything in my mouth. He even had a spasm once I did it.

After enjoying that tasty member, I got up and he closed his eyes.

—So, did you like it, boy? -And he replied with a sigh and a singing smile.

—If you like it, we’ll do it again later.


Santiago was looking at my hard cock, drooling with pre-ejaculatory fluid.

—Do you want to try daddy’s? Ok… But first let me show you the taste that your dick has.

I stuck my tongue in his mouth and kissed him very wet. In the end, I even spit in his open mouth. He looked disgusted.

—Oh, I’m sorry! -I forgave and laughed-.Now do it in the same father as I did with you.

I stood and waited for him to take the action by himself. I thought that if I forced him he wouldn’t want to go on. And after a minute of seeing and smelling my cock, he ran his tongue and made a slight grimace.

—It’s very tasty, son. You can put it in your mouth.

With my vote of confidence, he sucked the penis head. I felt an energy going from head to toe on the spot. So smooth and so hot. Automatically I put my hand on the back of his neck and pushed it very slowly while saying that he was doing well.

I wanted to pull his hair, but I wasn’t up to ruining and fixing it again afterwards.

As it was his first time, I shouted out:

—That’s what makes daddy happy, Santiago. -And I gave another push towards me so he could suck even more. I felt him resisting and let go. I moaned loudly when I saw that big boy trying on a cock for the first time. I would definitely train him bit by bit how to do a nice blowjob.

As he sucked less than half of my dick, I started to masturbate together and I felt the orgasm starting to come.

I was so excited and beyond that I didn’t see the ejaculation coming: he still had the dick in his mouth. When I realized, I groaned loudly and came inside his mouth, poor thing. Ah, and I enjoy it a lot. His mouth was full of milk, but then the first disappointment came.

He made a face and ran to the bathroom. He didn’t like the taste of cum at all. I fell back on the bed with wobbly legs and called him:


I heard the sink running, so he was washing his mouth. This is something I didn’t know if he would get used to, but I decided that I had to talk to him about it.

When he came back, not hard anymore, I apologized.

—That was unintentional. It doesn’t taste good at first. I’m sorry again.

And I hugged him, stroking the back of his neck. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and asked if he wanted a peppermint candy, which he said yes.

I took a package from the nightstand, opened one and was going to put it in his mouth, when I put it in mine quickly.

—No, it was mine.

He was taking another candy from the package, but I grabbed the back of his neck again, and I stuck the candy and my tongue into his mouth. And he sucked it so good that made me really happy.

We laughed and finished getting ready. I saw that his hair got a little bit messed up, so I fixed it with some hairspray to stay in place. We were ready.

—Let’s go to the wedding, rockabilly boy?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32