Good Neighbors Ch. 111

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There are not many things better than spending time with someone you care about. Except when she mentions treating you like a hero. My neighbor escorted me into her bedroom while my assistant was enjoying a set of bath bombs. It only took a moment before she turned towards the bed.

‘I wonder what a hero’s reward would be like,” she said seductively.

I responded by pushing her against the bed, so she was leaning against it. I slipped up behind her and pulled her skirt up so her panties were showing. I started to spank her forcefully, making both cheeks as pink as I could before moving her panties to the side and sliding my fingers along her sodden slit. Hearing her moan encouraged me. I pulled my sweatpants down and started to slide my cock inside of her.

“That works,” she whispered, moaning a little as I became a bit more aggressive.

I started with slower strokes to get as deep inside her as I could. I could feel her squeeze me tightly while I did. I reached forward and grabbed her hair, pendik escort releasing it from the bobby pins she held it together with. I started pounding a bit harder, enjoying every time her ass was hitting me. It was a beautiful feeling. I could feel her grinding back against me, egging me on as I kept pounding.

I pulled out long enough to flip her over so she was totally on the bed so I could crawl on top. I slid back into place and started to resume the pounding, taking the opportunity to kiss her as fully as I could. I was able to get myself in a position to allow my left hand to grab her throat while I took her.

“You’re mine, Beloved,” I said with some confidence.

She smiled back. Then I started to feel myself ready to finish.

“Be a good boy and cum for me,” she whispered.

Again, her saying that seemed to push me over the edge. I released every ounce of my soul inside of her before collapsing next to her. I looked over at her and escort pendik saw that gorgeous smile that I loved seeing so much.

“Was that worthy of a hero?” she asked me.

I smiled weakly before I started to hear the tub begin to empty. I panicked before she held me close.

“No, you stay right here. She knows I was going to take you in here. She’s gonna give us some time to recover before we go back there.”

I stayed with her in her arms before we started to recover. Then we walked back into the living room before Aubrey whistled.

“You go, girl!” she yelled.

I could feel my cheeks redden when she said that. I looked at my neighbor who was smiling ear to ear. As we sat down, Aubrey had the bottle of wine and refilled their glasses. I stood up and walked into the kitchen to grab myself one. I walked back in and heard them laughing again. They looked at me with two different looks when I came closer. Aubrey’s look was more like the proud pendik escort bayan older sister while my neighbor’s was her soft look. It was the kind that I was used to when I did something right.

“It was a good night so far,” Aubrey said. “Are you sure it’s okay to spend the night?”

My neighbor smiled.

“Of course. I know your apartment isn’t set up yet.”

“It does feel weird having to set up an apartment again. But it’s better than staying with some glorified mama’s boy.”

Aubrey finished off her glass before putting it down and looking at us.

“It looks like you rewarded him well, chica,” Aubrey said.

“Leo has had the hero treatment before.”

“It’s one reason I was always jealous of Missy when they dated. She was always happy with him. I knew it was only a matter of time before they would move in together and stuff. I miss her.”

Aubrey started to cry before my neighbor slid over on the couch and held her. I slid in from the other side and held her as well. We just sat there like a lump while she cried for a bit. She then took a deep breath as she looked at me.

“You are a lucky bastard, Leo. You have two wonderful women that loved you. I hope one day to find someone like that.”

I smiled before looking at my neighbor. Perhaps this whole thing was a good idea after all.

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