Handyman and Gigolo Pt. 03

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Handyman part 3

My cousin Brandi, sweet and nasty…

After the blowjob, Brandi gagged, spit out my sperm, and wiped her lips. “That was super gross!” She looked up at me with a cummy smile.

“Cousin Gunner, could give me some extra cash for some new clothes?”

“What? No, I already paid you for the BJ, and it’s not my job to worry about your damn clothes.”

“But Gunner, can’t you loan me money? I’m your cousin, don’t you trust me?”

I shook my head. “Sweetie, you could earn the extra cash right now.” Brandi’s eyes grew wide. “I’m not sucking you off again if that’s what you mean? ‘Cause this last time I almost puked…on your gunk.”

“Brandi, I’ll show you how to earn it. Take off your clothes and spread your legs.”

She slapped me. “I ought to tell my mom what you said.”

“Go ahead and tell her. I don’t care.” But I did care. Aunt Ruby once chased me with a chainsaw. And if she caught me screwing her daughter… I’d lose my balls.

But Cousin Brandi was a sweet piece of ass.

“What do you say Brandi?”

“I say go fuck yourself. Cause I wouldn’t let you fuck me for a billion bucks.”

“What about a hundred? You could buy some nice clothes with a hundred bucks.”

“How can you even ask me that? I’m your cousin.”

“Oh, that’s right. Then make it two dollars.”

“Two dollars? Ha! I should charge you TWO HUNDRED!”

“Okay Brandi, it’s a deal. Two hundred bucks and I get to screw your pussy twice.” My cousin turned pale and blinked. She shook her head slowly. “N-no… I didn’t say that… I won’t.”

“Dammit, you little cock tease.” Grabbing Brandi’s hips, I bent her over my lap.

“Gunner what are you doing!?”

“Teaching you a lesson, cousin.” Pulling down her panties, I whacked Brandi’s naked butt, hard. She screamed and punched my leg. After a dozen swats, her butt checks glowed blood red.

I fingered her blonde pussy while she kicked. After the fingering, she jumped to her feet and yanked up her panties. “You’re a disgusting animal!” She flipped me off and slammed the door.

I went back to work, with my hand smelling like Brandi’s pussy. That evening I had dinner at Aunt Ruby’s. Cousin Brandi gave me the evil eye all evening.

The next morning I had to drive my cousin to college, and she bugged me again for a loan. “Just stop it Brandi. Or do you want another spanking?”

“Don’t you dare!” trabzon escort She shook her head. “Gunner I really need the money. I’m still wearing dresses from high school. Don’t you want to see me in new clothes?”

“I’d rather see you with no clothes.”

“Jerk! I’m not going to bed with you. That’s incest. Besides, I’ve um… never done that… thing.”

“So that’s why you’re so squirrelly. You’ve never been laid. Aren’t you tired of being a virgin?”

Brandi’s face went pale. “Actually yes. But… I don’t want to get pregnant, especially with my own frickin’ cousin.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. “Wow Brandi, I just got a boner just thinking about that sweet peach between your legs.”

She grinned as her eyes twinkled. “A thousand bucks for my virgin twat, up front.”

“What-the-hell girl!? Do I look frickin’ rich? Two hundred for your pussy, and I’ll even lick it first.” I wiggled my tongue at her.

Brandi blushed and punched me. “No effing way jerk.” We argued all the way to her college, but I wasn’t desperate. She was.

Later, when I picked Brandi up she whispered, “Okay Gunner, two hundred bucks. And no, I’m not doing it until you treat me nice, dinner and a movie.”

She kissed my cheek. “Gunner, can I get some cash up front?”

“Shit. Now you’ve made me all horny. How about another BJ for forty?”

“No way…” She looked down at my lump. “Well… I guess I could…”

“I’ll give you fifty, but only if you swallow every drop.”


“Is that Asshole yes or Asshole no?”

It turned out to be Asshole yes. I led my cousin into her bedroom, unzipped and yanked out my stiffening prick. Blushing bright red, Brandi got down on her knees and opened her red lips.

Soon her warm sucking mouth wrapped around my shaft.

I love watching a girl on her knees, with her head bob up and down on my prick. “Cousin Brandi, don’t forget to suck my balls.”

My cousin punched my knee but took my hairy balls in her mouth. “Ooh, that’s it Brandi, gobble-gobble.” She flipped me off and went back to prick sucking.

Soon she had my cum gushing down her choking throat. Brandi took it like a good cock-sucker, swallowing down every drop. Then she looked up at me with her cummy lips, and I snapped a pic with my new Z-Phone 7G.

“Hey, where did you get that new Z-Phone 7?”

“My dad gave it to me trabzon escort bayan for the job.”

“Really? Tell him I need a Z-phone too.”

“Tell him yourself, twat.” I was surprised my cousin wasn’t going ballistic about the blowjob pic. But Brandi seemed more worried about the phone.

“By the way Gunner, if I ever see that cum pic on the net, I’ll cut off your dick with mom’s chainsaw.” She winked. “Now you owe me fifty.” Brandi held out her hand.

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you cum-cousin.” I handed her three twenties. “You ain’t got ten bucks change, do you?”


“Okay. Let me fondle your naked titties, and we’ll call it even, okay?” Brandi sighed, rolled her eyeballs, and got that pissed look on her face. To my surprise, she pulled her top and bra up, exposing her jiggling tits.

My cousin’s boobs were nice, bouncy handfuls. So soft and sexy. When I sucked her nipples, they popped up.

“Wow! My cousin trembled like a jolt of electricity shot through her tits.

“Brandi, you’ve never had your tits sucked?”

“No…” She blushed. “Gosh Gunner, that feels so good. Keep sucking, please!” I did, and Brandi moaned like a puppy. My cute cousin was getting hot and horny.

“Here’s something else that feels good.” Pushing my hand down, I fingered her wet slit, feeling her silky pussy clench my finger. Brandi moaned louder.

“Cousin, let me fuck you now… please. Your pussy needs cock—Hard cock!”

Brandi blushed, then gritted her teeth in a smile, rubbing her mound against my lump. “Gunner, if you want my virgin twat it’s three hundred. Three bills and you can bang me till I bleed.”

I thought about her offer while rubbing my prick along her wet slit… This was my cousin. This was incest. This was kinky as hell. Kinky won.

Brandi giggled when I pulled off her jeans. My cousin flinched but didn’t pull away as I slipped off her panties, revealing her fuzzy brown pussy. She threw off her top, and we stared at each other naked bodies for a moment.

When I pointed at the mattress, Brandi’s eyes grew wide, and she covered her naked twat.

“You want this, don’t you Brandi?”

“Yes, but I’m scared. I didn’t expect my first time to be with you… my own cousin. You’re like a big brother to me.”

“Does that turn you on Brandi? Fucking your own brother?” She blushed blazing pink and escort trabzon laid on the bed spreading her legs wide. My naked cousin tensed up, watching my fingers push in and out of her warm slit.

I couldn’t wait to get my prick inside that pink hole. My head moved between her legs, and I licked her crack. She went crazy as fuck. “Ooh, don’t do…that…stick your thing in me.”

My cousin flinched as my dick pushed into her pussy. And she let out a little squeal when punched through her cherry. Gripping her tit-handles, I fucked faster.

Brandi’s snatch was tight but sweet as cherry pie. Fucking my cousin reminded me of the first time I fucked Lupita, totally passive. But this fuck cost me three bills, and I wanted every penny’s worth of pussy.

I fucked harder, bouncing Brandi’s ass off the bed, trying to get a reaction out of my limp cousin. It worked. Brandi gripped me with her knees.

“Oh Gunner, that feels good. Keep fucking and sucking my tits.”

She was finally getting into it. I guess my cousin liked it a little rough. Soon I was ready to cum. My prick plunged in all the way. My head flew back, and Brandi groaned in orgasm as my prick spewed into her clasping cunt.

I felt her pussy spasm around my spewing prick. After a minute, my panting cousin looked up. “Gunner, did you put sperms in me?”

“Ooh Yesss, I pumped lots of wiggly sperms inside you” Brandi pushed my chest.

“Get off me, hurry. I want to wipe out your stuff before I get pregnant.”

Then a text popped up on Brandi’s cell. She yelled, “Hey my new Z-phone 7 just came in!” She punched me. “Get off jerk. I gotta go. Where’s my three hundred?”

I handed her the money and watched Brandi toss her tits in a bra. She was more concerned about her new Z-phone than washing my sperm out. My cousin even ignored me as I snapped naked pictures of her gooey twat.

Brandi helped me pull on my pants and button my shirt. “Hurry up Gunner, you have to drive me to the store, Now!” Soon Brandi was chatting up her friends about her new Z-phone.

That didn’t stop her from bitching at me the next morning. “I can’t believe you fucked me raw, like a piece of meat. My poor twat feels like ground hamburger.”

“And you stole my frikin’ cherry!”

“YES I DID, and Cousin Brandi you were FANTASTIC. Best lay I ever had.” I lied. “You’re like a sex goddess.”

“Really Gunner?” She blushed. “Well maybe it was good, the sex.” She touched my hand. “Um… I’m going shopping at the mall. Cousin could you drive me?”

“Can I suck your tits in the parking lot?”

“Sure Gunner, the girls would love that.”

“And maybe a fuck?”

“A quickie, and don’t wrinkle my new skirt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32