Innocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 29

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Innocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 29 — The after-sex euphoria of fucking his girlfriend’s Mom…

Submitted: March 25, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: harem, incest (brother/sister), supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF


Hi there!

Thanks for checking out this story! This series is written like a novel, so be sure to start at Chapter 1 if you want to avoid major spoilers or confusion.


– CHAPTER 29 –

When Gabriella’s mom finally suggested we should take a break from fucking, I was both satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time. I’d never felt so content and relieved before, and yet I didn’t want it to ever end.

However, she was right.

I wasn’t sure how long we spent actually fucking until orgasm, but we spent way more time just making-out while my girlfriend lay on top of me, kissing and moaning with us as she gently grinded against my lower back.

It was perfect.

The perfect pancake.

The perfect orgasms.

The perfect intimacy.

The perfect sex.

When Gabriella finally climbed off me, it was clear she was physically exhausted from experiencing so much sexual tension for so long. And her mom was in the same condition, just relaxing on the couch, spreading her legs more as she turned her head to the side, breathing softly with her eyes closed, her thick curly red hair strewn all over the leather cushion.

The sight was amazing.

Her body was wrapped in that gorgeous latex bodysuit, her tits and swollen pussy the only things exposed, my cum all over the place between her thighs. Fuck, she had my cum dripping down her crack, her juicy folds just as shiny as her outfit from being soaked in my thick white fluid.

Oh fuck, I really didn’t want to stop.

However, when I grabbed my pants to check the time on my nearly-dead phone, I realized we did have to stop. Earlier, Gabriella and I had left the house at around 8 PM, and then I’d slept for almost an hour and a half, considering that my girlfriend spoke with her mom for almost an hour.

That put us at roughly 9:30 PM when I finally met Gabriella’s mom.

We were fucking by 10 PM.

It was now almost midnight.

Two hours.

Two hours vanished in the blink of an eye as Mrs. Watson and I shared in the most carnal of pleasures, all while her daughter watched and got off by grinding on me.

Fuck, it was so amazing.

And yet, I knew that we had to leave soon, since my older sister was currently undergoing her own transformation to become like me, thanks to my blood, and would be waking up any time in the next hour, if she wasn’t already about to wake up.

Dammit, I wanted to be there for her when she roused, but I’d been completely lost in the rawest of lust and passion for the last two hours. Granted, I didn’t regret it. No way in hell could I even begin to regret what we shared, or even consider stopping sooner.

That’s just how amazing it’d been.

However, if we were going to leave now, then I supposed I needed to be the one to clean things up. After all, I’d be a really poor houseguest if I left Gabriella’s mom with the job of wiping up all my cum.

Figuring I’d go ahead and get to work, I found some cleaning supplies in one of the upstairs bathrooms and started wiping up the leather cushions and floor.

Mrs. Rebecca didn’t even comment on what I was doing, almost seeming as if she was about to fall asleep, before I grabbed some toilet paper to gently start wiping up my cum between her thighs.

“Oh baby,” she whispered, her eyes fluttering open as she focused on me. “Sweetie, you are too perfect.”

I grinned, sincerely thrilled to do anything to please her. Literally hoping I was scoring points to get the opportunity to do this again the moment she was ready. Fuck, I was whipped as hell and I didn’t even care. I wanted her body so bad, and I knew she had every right to deny me if she so chose.

Once I’d cleaned her up thoroughly, I bent down to kiss her gently on the clit, causing her to gasp and flinch, the light playing off her latex-clad thighs as they moved, before I got up and bent over to kiss Gabriella fully on the lips, who had actually fallen asleep.

Her emerald eyes popped open, looking groggy as she focused on me. “Oh, hey baby.” She sighed heavily. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” I agreed. “But we do need to leave soon.”

She nodded. “I might take a nap on the way home,” she said, groaning as she began easing herself up.

“Sure,” I replied, collecting her clothing off the floor and handing everything to her. She yawned loudly as she started getting her panties on, opting to lean back and lift her butt up rather than stand. She then did the same with her jeans, followed by putting on her shirt.

After she was dressed she yawned a second time, before focusing on her mom, not at all seeming embarrassed by Mrs. Watson’s exposed yalova escort tits and pussy.

“Hey mom, do you need anything before we leave?”

Mrs. Rebecca sighed heavily, her eyes popping open again as she focused on her daughter from between her spread legs. “Umm, no I think I’m alright. You two can see yourselves out. Just lock the door behind you.”

“You aren’t going to stay here on the couch, are you?” I wondered seriously.

She focused on me and then gave me a sleepy grin. “Why, young man? Are you offering to carry me to my bed?”

I could tell she was kidding, because she looked shocked when I nodded, walking over and scooping her right up into my arms.

“Oh my,” she groaned. “You act like I weigh nothing, baby.”

“Gabriella told you I was stronger than a normal person, didn’t she?” I wondered as I began walking between the two large leather couches and around the corner to the stairs.

“Umm, I suppose she implied it,” Mrs. Rebecca admitted, yawning herself as she leaned her head against my shoulder. She then sighed, her voice low. “Oh, how I wish I was thirty years younger,” she mumbled, turning her face inward to inhale my scent before snuggling contently. “Mmm, you smell wonderful. What kind of body spray do you use?”

“Oh,” I said in surprise. “Umm, I didn’t put anything on actually,” I realized, as I gracefully made it to the top of the stairs with her in my arms. Fuck, I didn’t even put on deodorant earlier after my shower, but I supposed I also wasn’t expecting to be fucking the sexiest goddess on the planet.

On the second floor, the stairs opened up into a spacious living area that had a pool table and bar, as well as another leather couch. It was actually a really nice space, feeling sort of like what I’d seen in people’s basements sometimes, just on the second floor instead.

Honestly, the sight kind of made me interested in playing pool with Gabriella’s dad, but I wasn’t sure how in the hell I was going to deal with him knowing I’d fucked his wife. Because Mrs. Rebecca had been clear that she’d be letting him know.

Fuck, would he really be okay with this?

Would I be able to shake his hand, look him in the eye, and socialize with him like a father-in-law when he knew that, not only was I fucking his daughter, but I’d also fucked his wife?

But I supposed if he was used to it, then maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal to him?

Maybe he would even like me more because I made her feel so good?

But no way in hell was I ever going to be okay with him watching me do it. And honestly, I was thankful that Mrs. Rebecca made a point to explain that in the beginning — this was something unique between her and her daughter, which meant I got to fuck Gabriella’s mom without her dad being involved.

Still, meeting him was going to be awkward as fuck.

Upstairs, there were also a couple of rooms I hadn’t ventured into yet, along with a well-furnished bathroom.

And then there was Mr. and Mrs. Watson’s bedroom, which was extremely elaborate, including a massive bed, with a crimson canopy that hung from the ceiling and went to four poles on the corners of the bed, making it look like it was designed for royalty. The sheets were then black silk, with the thick blanket a slightly darker shade of red compared to the canopy.

It was fancy, ornate, and definitely a sexually charged space.

“Huh, that’s weird,” Mrs. Rebecca commented after inhaling my scent again, responding to me not wearing any body spray. “I’m assuming you used coconut shampoo, because I can smell that, and there’s the faint scent of your laundry detergent as well, but then there’s this wonderful…” She paused, her eyes closed as she inhaled yet again. “I don’t even know what to call it. But it’s kind of sweet, sort of like your cum, except it smells nothing like cum of course. Almost more like honey or something.”

“Huh,” I replied. “Could be my natural scent, but I’m not sure. I will say that both you and Gabriella have the most amazing aroma I’ve ever smelled, and the closest thing I can think to compare it to is maple syrup.”

Her emerald eyes popped open then as I neared the bed, a smirk tugging at her full lips. “Gabby did mention that’s the reason why you couldn’t resist her.”

I nodded, suddenly much more intense than I was planning as I leaned down to press my lips firmly against hers. “It’s also why I can’t resist you,” I whispered.

“Oh baby,” she moaned, sticking her tongue in my mouth as she ran her fingers through my hair. She then pulled away much too soon. “My phone is on the bedside table there,” she whispered, continuing when I looked. “Go ahead and put your phone number in it for me, okay sweetie?”

“Okay,” I replied cheerfully, a shit-eating grin plastered on my face. I then gave her a quick peck on the lips before setting her down in her bed. “Do you want me to help you get out of your outfit?” I wondered hesitantly.

She shook her head, sighing deeply. yalova escort bayan “No, I love sleeping like this sometimes.” Her eyes popped open then, giving me an affectionate look. “I’ll wake up and immediately remember what we shared together.” She smirked. “You might be receiving a message from me in the morning, just to say hi. I hope you don’t mind talking occasionally to your girl’s mother.”

“Not at all,” I replied with a grin, grabbing the blanket when she motioned like she was going to reach for it, only to grab her phone and turn the screen on. It was unlocked, so I opened up her contacts, only to be sincerely shocked by the sheer number of them.

Holy fuck, she had hundreds upon hundreds of phone numbers saved.

Unexpectedly feeling mischievous, I decided to play a little game with her, creating a new contact and then saving it as ‘Best Fuck You’ve Ever Had.’

Placing her phone back down, I leaned over to tuck her in. “I saved my number,” I said softly. “Although, you’ll have to find it, to send me a message.” I grinned when her emerald eyes popped open in confusion. “I’ll give you a hint though. I saved it under B. Only have like fifty contacts to look through.”

She laughed at that. “All right, baby boy. I’ll play your game. Drive home safely, okay?”

“I will,” I agreed, closing the gap to give her one last long kiss. “Love you Mrs. Rebecca,” I added as I pulled away.

“Love you too, baby boy,” she whispered, sighing in contentment as she turned her head on the pillow again, looking like she was falling back asleep.

Heading out of the room and downstairs, I found Gabriella on the couch where I’d left her with phone in hand, typing out a message, but still looking tired.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

She nodded, standing up and sticking her phone in her pocket. “Yeah, Avery said your sister is still asleep, but seems fine. Breathing and everything is normal.”

I nodded, wrapping my arm around her shoulders as we headed for the door. Locking it behind us, I then escorted Gabriella to the passenger’s side, opening the door for her and letting her climb in. Then, once I’d closed her door and gotten in too, I focused on her as I started the car and began backing up to get on the road, only to realize I didn’t actually know where we were.

“Hey, can I borrow your phone to use the GPS?” I wondered.

She nodded, pulling it back out and then loading the app herself, typing in my address. She then handed it to me and tucked her hands between her thighs, looking like she was trying to get more comfortable.

“That was really amazing, by the way,” she whispered after a second.

“Oh, yeah, it really was,” I agreed, smirking when I saw that her eyes were closed already. “I love you,” I added.

She sighed heavily. “I love you so much. You’ve honestly made me the happiest girl alive. I can hardly wait to do this again.”

“Me too,” I agreed softly, knowing from her tone that she was drifting now.

And sure enough, she didn’t respond, her lips slightly parting after another minute. The drive home was mostly quiet after that, aside from her phone occasionally spouting out directions, but I pretty much knew the way after only glancing at the map once.

It helped that I had a very powerful spatial memory.

But it also helped I had a very powerful incentive to memorize where Gabriella’s mom lived.

And without a doubt, whether via a car or by flying, I could find Mrs. Watson again without any trouble.

When I was finally pulling back into my driveway, I was confident my sister was still unconscious, and thankful that both Michelle and Avery were still awake, sounding as if they were in the kitchen together.

Avery noticed my headlights shining through the front windows, prompting her to perk up. Apparently, she’d been sitting at the kitchen table while her mom messed with something, kind of sounding as if she was getting ready to make a pot of coffee.

Ah shit, I should probably warn her caffeine might affect her ability to look normal.

But oh well, it wasn’t like it was the end of the world right now. And maybe if Michelle was used to drinking it, then it wouldn’t affect her as much. Either way, I’d have to warn her to be careful.

When I parked next to my sister’s blue vehicle, I then turned off the car and began rubbing Gabriella’s shoulder gently to stir her awake. She finally opened her eyes after about half a minute, with Avery peeking out the kitchen window now as if to confirm it was us.

“Oh, are we home already?” she wondered groggily.

I smirked, loving it that she called my house ‘home’ like she already lived with me and my sister. “Yep,” I agreed cheerfully. “And you can head to bed,” I added. “You don’t need to stay up.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I don’t think I could anyway. I feel so…full and content.” She smiled. “Wow, that really was amazing. I’m glad it wasn’t a dream.” She then sighed heavily. “But I’m so relaxed escort yalova and sleepy now, like how I might feel if I ate too much for dinner.”

I laughed. “Maybe you did eat too much,” I agreed. “Just not food.”

She smirked again, focusing on me with her sleepy emerald eyes. “Yeah, but it was worth it. Thank you, baby.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied, popping open my door to climb out. I then walked around to wrap my arm around her once she got out too, walking up to our mini-porch, surprised when Avery rushed over to open the door for us.

“Welcome back!” she said cheerfully. “How’d it go?”

Gabriella spoke up before I could. “It went really well, actually,” she replied as we stepped through the doorway. “Although, I’m really tired now.” She glanced up at me as I closed the door behind us, before focusing on my classmate again. “Want to sleep together in Kai’s bed?” she wondered.

Avery’s face flushed, her skin becoming more tan. “Umm,” she began, only to look over her shoulder, focusing on her mom in the kitchen.

Michelle was watching us, still wearing the pink pajamas from earlier, speaking up when she met her daughter’s gaze. “That’s fine, honey. I can figure something else out.”

Oh damn, I suspected Gabriella and I had both forgotten I’d offered to let Avery and her mom sleep in my bed, while I slept on the couch.

“You can take the couch,” I quickly added. “It’s actually more comfortable than my bed anyway.”

Michelle looked surprise. “What about you, dear?” she wondered.

I shrugged. “I’ll probably stay in my sister’s room until she wakes up, and then I guess I can always just share the bed with her.”

Avery’s mom nodded, not at all seeming bothered by that suggestion.

“O-kay,” Gabriella said emphatically, focusing on Avery. “Then since that’s decided, let’s go raid Serenity’s dresser for a pair of pajamas for you, and then get to bed.” She paused to yawn. “I really am exhausted.”

“W-What about you?” Avery wondered.

Gabriella focused on her in surprise. “Oh, I actually already have a set I was wearing in Kai’s room. I’ll just change into that.”

“O-Okay,” Avery agreed, turning around to head up the stairs. She then yelped when Gabriella unexpectedly smacked her ass, hard, a huge grin on her face when Avery abruptly shifted, her skin tan, her lips frosted, her hair snow-white. Avery glanced at me, clearly embarrassed, before gulping and continuing up the stairs.

Michelle just shook her head, turning back around to focus on the pot of coffee that was actively brewing now. “Oh, to be young again,” she mumbled to herself, not seeming as if she was intending to be heard.

Thus, I decided not to respond to what she said, moving into the kitchen to sit down since I could hear my sister breathing just fine upstairs.

I then cleared my throat after a second. “Thanks for watching over my sister while we were gone,” I said sincerely, trying not to stare at Michelle’s tight ass, juicy thighs, and thin waist all wrapped up in yummy pink fluffiness.

Michelle glanced at me over her shoulder. “Of course, dear. Happy to do so.”

I nodded, averting my gaze, kind of feeling like reality was hitting me hard again.

Because after what I just experienced with Gabriella’s mom, it was almost hard to remember that Michelle wasn’t one of my women at this point, with Mrs. Watson’s openness to fucking me causing me almost to forget that most people weren’t like that.

And while Gabriella’s mom had an open relationship with her husband, Michelle had been committed to one man for the last two decades. A man who recently broke her heart, which might have made her hesitant to open up to another guy anytime soon.

Especially not a guy my age, and especially not a guy dating her daughter.

Of course, the hesitation to jump into a new relationship was kind of good for me, especially if she wasn’t going to end up deciding to be with me too, but it also kind of sucked simply because I really wanted her.

When I didn’t respond verbally, Michelle continued after a few seconds. “So, did Gabriella’s mom know anything about that black stone?” she wondered.

Oh shit, we’d completely forgotten about that.

“Umm, she didn’t have much to say about it,” I lied, although it wasn’t technically a lie. “But I think she’s going to see if she can find out more,” I added, just in case we did show her tomorrow, or whenever we saw her next, and she did actually know about it.

Michelle simply nodded, grabbing a mug to pour herself a cup of coffee.

“You can go to sleep if you want,” I offered, before she had a chance to drink it.

She hesitated, focusing on me. “Oh, I was going to stay up to keep you company, at least until your sister woke up. What would you prefer, dear?”

I glanced away as I considered that. “Umm, it’s up to you, I guess. I wouldn’t mind the company,” I admitted.

She nodded, moving closer to sit down at the table. However, on her way, I saw her grimace, her shoulders visibly stiffening slightly.

“Oh, can you sense the stone in my car?” I wondered in surprise.

She nodded. “I’m afraid so, dear.”

“Then, let me run outside and back my car up further down the driveway. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

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