Jennifer and Dad Celebrate Together

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It is so hard to express everything I feel, deep inside. My mother passed away while giving birth to me 20 years ago. Mostly I feel guilt ridden that I caused her death. I also feel like I have taken away something special from my Father that cannot be replaced.

Through all my struggles it has been my Father that has always been there to support me, guide me, and seek whatever aid I needed. He has been more to me than the only parent I have ever known. His kindness and enduring love have been my guiding light. There is also something very special that we share, the same birthday!

As the years have gone by we have created a bond together that goes deeper than any relationship I have ever witnessed. My friend’s parents, my own Grandparents, my close friends with their boyfriends or girlfriends; none of them share anything close to what I share with my Dad.

As long as I can remember, every night at bedtime Dad would come into my room and read me stories, he would stay as long as I was awake. Now at college when I am having a hard time falling asleep I will call him and calm myself to sleep hearing his voice describe to me any favorite story about the two of us doing something fun together.

As a young girl I would always want to go to his bathroom on the weekends and sit on the counter has he shaved. We would chat away about what the day was going to bring us and I would just gaze at this man who means so much to me.

I remember when I turned 12 I decided to ask him if I could glide the razor over his face one time. I had no idea where that came from; it was something that just popped out of my mouth. Dad rinsed his razor, passed it to me, and then stood directly in front of me while smiling in a way that I knew he trusted me completely.

That moment, that experience, even though it was only a few strokes is still deeply embedded in my memory. That was an act that brought us even closer together. We developed a bond of trust that few people ever have a chance to enjoy.

Dad is an endurance athlete, a cyclist. His passion has also found its way into my soul; I too competitively ride. He is in such incredible shape my girlfriends just stare at him and wonder how he could possibly by my father when he looks so much younger than he is.

He is average height at 5′ 9″ but he only weighs about 145 pounds. He is all lean muscle and veins. His skin is tight and tanned without a wrinkle, but he has several scares from the inevitable crashes that cyclist have to endure. I do get rather jealous when I hear my friends whispering how much they would give to share his bed for a night.

I too am average height for a girl at 5’4″, and I always feel average in the looks department. But my Dad constantly reinforces that I am the most beautiful young lady he has ever seen. He adores my long wavy light brown hair so I have promised to keep it that way even while I’m at college.

Training together and race days have always been special. There’s first place or finishing first loser; we both hate being first loser or worse. Our training rides are aggressive and we have spent long hours on the road together. That is not chat time, that time is dedicated to pushing ourselves to be the best we can be.

Dad has always regretted not keeping up with the Piano lessons his Mom made him do. I could see his stubborn streak was in full gear when he wanted out of that part of his life. With that he has instilled another passion in me. I love music, I love playing the piano, and I am so happy he finally decided to follow in my footsteps and has once again started playing the piano.

Together we are very social. Dad loves taking me to our local Yacht Club for dinners and events. Sailing has always been a time for us to chill out and just listen to the wind and water while we free our minds from the confines of the daily grind.

When Business associates come to town I am always included in the dinner plans. I think he just likes showing me off and watching me blush when compliments are tossed around the dinner table! It does feel good though that I am a part of everything going on in his life.

As long as I can remember Dad and I have put together an incredible Birthday event. Our parties have included all members of our family and friends to more private evenings that we want to share alone. But this year just had to more than special; I was turning 20 and Dad is turning 45.

I can’t believe how much of this year has been devoted to planning our Birthday. I thought maybe a nice dinner out, he originally was putting together a big family surprise Birthday party till I found out and spoiled everything! Never leave your phone alone with your inquisitive daughter again Daddy!

Finally the perfect idea came to both of us. We wanted to go away to a warm sunny Caribbean resort. Why not just let go of our frugal ways and celebrate the way we really want. We spent the first few searches just getting our minds wrapped around what we wanted. That led yozgat escort us to Sandals Resorts of course, all inclusive living and eating while sunning ourselves all day long.

I found the perfect location, Barbados, far far away from everything we are used to. A place where we can go and hide from the world; just enjoy being ourselves. I spotted Dad on the computer one night as he was searching for a room(s). He found the perfect room, one that had a private patio that you could just walk into a long winding river pool. Kind of excluded from the rush and buzz of the main beach and pool areas. After all if we wanted to go to the beach we could do that at any moment.

Initially he nixed that idea because those rooms only come with one very big king size bed. But everything else was just too incredible to imagine. The privacy, the huge bathroom with walk in-shower, the soaking tub with a view of the river pool, and our own in-room bar! Fortunately I know just how to wrap him around my fingers and get what I want.

I know it sounds out of sorts, but I had slept in my Dad’s bed often when I was little. I would crawl in as a toddler early on weekend mornings or whenever I got scared from the storms. I know it has been a few too many years since that has gone on, but I really didn’t think one moment about it, and who cares anyway, it was just the two of us and we would never have to discuss any of our trip with anyone!

I have never seen my Dad blush so much as when I told him I went ahead and booked our reservations. I got the suite he nixed, but honestly it was the suite I wanted. He laughed finally and joked that when people saw us at the resort they probably would be thinking he was just a lucky old man who found a beautiful young mistress! When I heard that I felt something inside my sole that still has not gone away.

I have dated a few suitors, but none of them could stand the test of time. They never understood my training schedule, my studies, or my devotion to my father. None of them ever got past first base because none of them ever wanted to really get to know me or appreciate me for whom I am. I decide what pleasures my body is getting and giving, not their hormones.

But after hearing my Dad’s laughter and words, my soul would not let go of that special feeling. It got to the point where our goodnight kisses became more and more important to me. I started to feel closer to my Dad than ever before. I found myself reaching to grab his hand everywhere we were walking together. His phone calls to me at school started to last longer and longer.

Then one night while at school when I had a hard time falling asleep, I called him, his words became softer and softer. My words back were softer and softer. That was the first time our “I love you” absolutely rocked my soul. My body quivered, we stayed on the phone longer and I felt that wonderful tingle between my thighs for the first time.

Neither of us could wait for the next night. Again I called, Dad answered on the first ring. We settled in to our “How was your day” conversation as I started to pull the covers over my naked body. I then took the lead that night.

“I love you Dad.” It was much deeper in meaning and thought then I have ever expressed to him before.

“I love Jennifer, more deeply then we have ever told each other.”

We shared gentle phone kisses, then many gentle phone kisses. I closed my eyes and tried to feel my Dad’s lips on mine as I heard him kissing the phone. Soon my hand slide down to my young breast and I started to caress myself.

“Dad, I can feel your lips on mine. I can feel your fingers gently wrapping around my breast.”

My Father softly whispered back. “Your breasts are so soft and warm my love.”

My body warmed to the point where I had to remove the covers from my nude body. Our conversation was suddenly without boundaries. The whispers were sensual, intimate, exciting beyond my imagination. My fingers slid lower and lower over my smooth mound down to my delicate petals.

“Don’t be afraid Jennifer.” Dad’s words eased my hesitation and I started to caress deeper and deeper into my young virgin flower. My nude body was now completely exposed to the night air as my finger slid deep into the moist pleasure I was feeling all over my body.

“Jennifer, can you feel the love we share as I guide my hardness into your beautiful body.” My moans of pleasure excited my Dad even more and his words drove me deeper into a trance I longed to experience.

“Yes Dad, my body is yours to explore and enjoy.” My finger was now two as I began to stroke myself in uncontrolled abandon. I dropped the phone on the bed and started to stroke harder and harder, I was screaming out for my father to cum with me, to cum in me!

Suddenly I heard my Dad scream over the phone in a wild animal groan! I could not hold back, my body quivered, my legs tightened up!

“Oh God Dad!” My first real orgasm burst throughout yozgat escort bayan my young body. I rolled over and kept pushing my fingers into my pussy. Juices were flowing like I never expected. My screams of pleasure gave away any pretense of how naïve I once was.

I could only imagine what was happening with my father as I lay quietly face down on my bed. I could not withdraw my fingers from the pleasure they were creating. I heard deep breaths coming from the speaker as my phone was lying by my side. My soft moans were then being echoed on my phone, this must have gone on for ten minutes as we both lay by ourselves, hundreds of miles apart.

“I love you Jennifer.” I reached around my bed to find my phone in the darkness. I struggled to find which way it should be to speak back.

“I love you Dad.”

“Don’t be afraid Jennifer. Don’t be ashamed either. We have so much to talk about on our trip. These next two weeks are going to be agonizingly slow and painful.”

It took us many more minutes before we could comfort each other to sleep. Before I fell asleep I rolled over and felt the soaking wet sheets, I giggled like a little girl knowing what it was I just did. I slept deeper that night than I have ever experienced. It was a restful slumber, not a sound was present.


Dad was absolutely right; those two weeks were agonizingly slow and painful. I had to keep my mind on my studies in order to complete my midterms. Training took a small hit, but I still got in 150 miles. Packing turned out to be easy, after all how many outfits do you need to bring when you have no plans other than relaxing in the sun! Plus Dad owed me a few shopping trips since I finished with my 4.0 GPA still in tack!

Our phone calls were the highlight of everyday. Our text messages were thoughtful and spiced up with thoughts of being closer. Since we made love on the phone, our relationship melted into something new and fresh. The boundaries were expanded to include the closeness we now wanted to openly share with each other. Our trip was going to be more than we both expected when we first booked it.

I flew direct from school to Miami alone while Dad flew direct to Miami from home. We must have called each other a dozen times before we boarded our flights. As soon as I landed I called Dad who had arrived half an hour sooner, god it was so hard not to just squeal my excitement for everyone on the plane to hear! My palms were sweaty and my entire body was quivering as we taxied to the gate.

As I made my way through the Jet-way into the concourse Dad was right there. What a scene it must have been for the others in the Gate area. Our embrace was nothing like Father/Daughter; we landed a few kisses, and caressed each other’s body while staring into each other’s eyes. My soul found comfort I had never known before, and I did not care what anybody in the area was thinking.

We walked hand in hand to Gate B34 where our plane to Barbados was being prepped for takeoff. We spent that hour standing together by the window looking out at the plane; chatting and playing a game of what are we going to do when we land! Sun and Fun! Dad had is arm around my waist the entire time. It felt so good to have him holding me close and neither of us felt uncomfortable about “what were the other people thinking”.

The flight over was wonderful, even though we were always over the Caribbean; it appeared as though we were over the ocean. Constant blue waters with a few small Island nations were all we saw. We sat in First Class and the Flight Attendant never challenged my father when he asked for a glass of wine for each of us. I never let go of his hand the entire time!

My body felt an energy I never thought could exist. My soul let go of my naïve instincts and all I could think about was being naked in bed with my Dad making love to me. I would get overwhelmed on occasion and slide over for a kiss.

Once landed I was surprised that included in our stay was a Limo ride to the resort; what luxury is that! The Reception area was bypassed as our Personal Butler greeted us and guided us to our room. He gave us a short tour of the resort and made sure we understood we could call him whenever we needed anything.

After we got settled we both wanted to put on shorts and walk on the beach. Needless to say we made sure to stop at the pool bar to grab a glass of wine. The day had been long; I was exhausted from the long travels. But the feeling of the ocean on my feet, watching the sun go down while I held my Dad close to my body, calmed my soul to a level of comfort I had never experienced.

Back in the room we waded down a few steps into the river pool. The Moon overhead provided just the right light to gaze up into Dad’s eyes and embrace him as my lover. The kiss we shared was full of love, a love even deeper than the passion we were going to share.

Sadly I must tell you, that passion escort yozgat was going to have to wait till the next day. I was exhausted, after we broke apart from our kiss I slowly walked towards the bed. With my back turned to Dad I slid off my t-shirt, undid my bra, slid off my shorts and with my panties still on, I crashed onto the bed.


I must have slept for 12 hours, I don’t remember for sure, but the sun was up when I woke. Dad and I were in a deep sleep all night together; he must have been just as tired as me. It is hard to describe what I felt as I pressed my body into my Father’s naked skin laying together in the perfect spoon cuddle. We both woke and he kissed the back of my neck several times to ease us into the day.

I slid out of bed first and made my way to the shower. At first I thought I should be holding my arms up against my breasts to shield Dad’s eyes from my womanly body. But as I turned towards him a warm smile came over my face and I dropped my arms to my sides and stayed still allowing him to indulge in the site of my young perky breasts. That very familiar tingle erupted again between my thighs as I exposed myself to Dad.

His eyes started by looking deep into my mine, and then slowly they lowered to enjoy the site I was presenting him with.

“Jennifer you are more beautiful, more sexy then I ever wanted to say to you.”

“There’s more Dad, you are going to enjoy every part of my body today.”

With that I blew him a kiss and off I went to the shower. The warm water from over head felt wonderful. I was on a mission to make sure my body was perfect for my Dad to enjoy. The day before I left I went to the Spa for my nails and more. I have always shaved myself clean, but this time I wanted to be waxed, I wanted to be as smooth and soft as possible.

After indulging myself in the shower I grabbed one of the ultra thick cotton bath towels and began to dry my body. I looked into the mirror and was amazed at how I saw myself; I saw a glowing woman, not a young child. I was ready for what the day was going to bring, not worried or reserved, I wanted this, I wanted my Dad to feel himself deep in my body. I wanted to feel his love, his passion, and most of all his explosion.

Before I started to dry my hair I found a short lightweight robe to wrap around my body. The sleeves were also short which made me feel free to move around as I dried my hair. The belt wrapped perfectly at my waist so I tied it in a pretty little bow.

Soon Dad arrived and I moved to the living area where there was a nice make up desk I could sit at while grooming my hair. I heard the water flowing in the shower and my excitement started to build as I waited for Dad to finish his shower and would then start to prepare himself to shave. That was the moment I had been waiting for.

With my task complete I looked into the mirror one final time. I undid the robe briefly so I could take one final look at my body. I wrapped myself up retied my pretty bow and headed into the bathroom. Dad was just finishing applying his shaving cream as I came around the corner. He had one of the bath towels wrapped around his waist.

I walked slowly behind him and ran my finger across his back. I stopped to face the mirror and looked into his eyes. We both smiled as I decided to crawl up and sit on the counter right next to where he was standing. When he finished rinsing his hands off from the shaving cream I politely grabbed the shaver.

He grinned in a very loving way, and then he slid over and stood directly in front of me.

“I’m all yours my love! I trust you!”

“Fear not Dad, I practiced this many years ago, lol.”

As I raised the razor to his face I felt his fingers settle onto my young soft exposed thighs. Stoke by stroke I started to shave the cream off his face as slow as I dare go. With each stroke Dad guided his fingers higher and higher on my thighs.

“I love how you touch me Dad. Don’t be hesitant, I am here to be your lover.”

I could see my words put him more at ease. His hands drifted more between my thighs and I made sure to open them as much as he needed. I stayed as still as possible, not flinching as he tried to explore my body for the first time.

“I love you Jenny. I never planned on any of this happening, but it is.”

“I love you Dad. I am totally ready to be your lover.”

It was quiet for a moment after we spoke those words to each other. Then his hands moved up to the pretty little bow I had tied at my waist. I rinsed the razor and set it down. I placed my hands on the counter letting him know I was submitting to his desire.

He gently pulled the bow free and spread the robe open; then he reached up and slid it off my shoulders. The air was warm but still my nipples could not hold back the excitement I was feeling. His hands eased their way down to my perfect c-cup breasts. My body was not mine to control at that point.

I exhaled loudly as he grabbed both breasts and began squeezing softly. He seemed to be in a trance as he fondled me in such a loving way. My body quivered slightly from the pleasure I was feeling. I quietly moaned approval and closed my eyes and let Dad touch me anyway he wanted. Oh God that was such an incredible feeling.

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