Jonathan Finally Gets Anal!

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Jonathan was at the hotel bar, having just bought a second drink for a pretty young woman he was trying to get to go to his room. Jonathan was the president of a small emergency services company. Had been for over 40 years now. He was away from home at a convention related to the mitigation of water damage to commercial buildings.

At 72 years of age he was still on the “hunt for cunt!” Jonathan’s smart phone chimed, he had a text message. He excused himself to the pretty woman. The text message was from his wife.

“Get to your room and take a blue pill. Do it now! Text me 30 minutes after you’ve taken the pill.”

Jonathan excused himself from the bar and his pretty, young acquaintance. He traveled up the elevator to his hotel room. He slightly trembled with anticipation. His cock had that familiar feeling of upcoming sex. Upon entering his room he opened a bottle of tonic water. He filled a glass with ice and tonic, adding a generous shot of vodka. Then he washed a blue pill down with a healthy swig of his drink.

Jonathan’s wife, Sue, was 40 years younger than he was. He knew she was a gold digger, after his money. It certainly wasn’t for sex. When they married, he still sported a pretty good erection and he liked to use it. Sue was sexually adventuresome. On their first date she gave him a blow job in the back of a taxi. She sucked the cum out of him and swallowed the entire load. Then she gave him a big wet kiss. Sue would try anything, except anal. He did occasionally stick his thumb in her ass while fucking doggy style, but was never allowed his cock in her ass.

Jonathan met several of Sue’s friends while they courted, and Sue invited several for threesomes. These threesomes never featured any lesbian sex. Both women always concentrated on him. Jonathan always encouraged Sue to have sex with her friends while he watched, but Sue never gave in. Other than a quick kiss or the brushing of skin between them, there was no contact between them. On the other hand, Jonathan loved having women paying attention to him.

Now, almost 10 years later, these were distance memories. Sue still would have sex. But more and more it was standard missionary sex. Jonathan’s cock now needed help maintaining an erection and while never large, his erection was now soft and small. More often than not, Jonathan masturbated in the bathroom remembering the first years of marriage.

“It’s been 30 minutes,” he texted back.

Sue responded, “Strip off your clothes.”

“I’m naked.”

“Spit in your palm and start stroking your pitiful cock. I’ll be sending you a video, to help.”

Next Jonathan received a video. Jonathan stroked his cock as Sue’s tits came on the screen. The camera showed her generous tits and large areola. One of her hands pulled at her nipples, rolling the nipples between her thumb and index finger. Jonathan’s cock grew harder as he watched his wife.

Now the camera panned down her flat, toned stomach to her pussy. She had shaved it clean and was pulling apart her labia to show her excited, protruding clit.

“I hope you’re getting close,” Sue’s voice came across the video. “Don’t even think about spurting yet.”

Next the video showed Sue kneeling on their bed. Jonathan thought she must have the camera in some sort of tripod. She leaned forward on her face as her hands now grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Her asshole was now on display. The video now started to zoom in on her asshole. Jonathan was now pumping his cock and was on the verge of spurting his seed.

“I know you want to fuck my ass. Think of your puny cock buried up my ass. Stroke your cock! I want you to come in your hand. Stroke harder! Faster! Come now!”

Jonathan’s cum dribbled out of his semi-erect cock. The video continued to zoom in to show her asshole and pussy in close up.

“Now stick out your tongue and lick up your cum. Be a good boy and suck up every drop. When you’re back tomorrow you’ll have anal sex. Think about that when you go to bed tonight!”


Jonathan had woken up that morning with what he now called a hardon. He replayed the video several times when he awoke. After watching it the third time he wondered how Sue managed to zoom in on her ass and pussy while she was spreading her butt cheeks with both hands. He’d find out when he arrived aksaray escort home.

He wanted to jerk off in the shower, but then again he wanted to save his cum to ejaculate in Sue’s asshole. So a couple of strokes, but nothing more. He knew his cock would be semi erect the entire day. That shouldn’t present a problem at the airport however. Twenty years ago his hardon might have been evident, but not now. He’d be fantasizing of fucking her asshole all day.

The plane landed and he would be arriving home on time. He had called from the airport upon arrival and Sue answered. “Take the little blue pill now. When you arrive home, drop everything at the door and strip down naked. I want to see that tiny cock. I’ll be waiting in the bedroom!”

Jonathan drove home, about 30 minutes with what he considered a hardon. Every couple of minutes he stroked it through his pants. He was getting ready to explode in her ass. Jonathan followed instructions when he walked through the door. He dropped everything and stripped naked. He grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times in anticipation of his first anal sex. He didn’t think he’d last long.

He walked through the house and upstairs, feeling like a teenager getting laid for the first time. His cock bounced a bit with each step on the stairs. “I’m home Sue. Ready and willing to do whatever you say!”

“Come to the bedroom. I’m on my hands and knees.”

Jonathan nearly tripped as he hurried down the hall. He could hear the bed squeaking as Sue moved on the bed. He burst through the doorway and found Sue on her hands and knees, but firmly mounted from behind by his neighbor Ben. Ben’s wife Lilly was seating spread eagled in front of Sue. Sue had her face in Lilly’s pussy.

“What… the fuck?”

Sue picked her head up from Lilly’s pussy and commanded, “Jonathan, sit in the armchair and be quiet. Tonight you’ll get all the anal sex you can stand!”

Jonathan was transfixed watching his wife with his neighbors. He had only fantasized about two women having sex. And truth be told, he had fantasized about Sue getting pounded by a large, rock hard cock in her pussy, then pounding her asshole. He wasn’t sure which Ben was pounding as he watched. He assumed it was buried in her pussy, but he couldn’t be sure.

Sue interrupted Jonathan’s thoughts, “See the butt plug next to the chair? Slide that up your ass!”

Jonathan saw the clear glass butt plug. The head was a large ball followed by a curved glass shaft that ended in a circular ring. He didn’t really want it in his ass. He picked it up and was looking at it, when Lilly jumped off the bed and told Jonathan, “Turn around and kneel on the chair.” Lilly slid the head of the butt plug in her mouth and then spit on Jonathan’s asshole. She plunged it by the muscular ring and deep into his asshole, so that only the glass ring on the end remained visible. Jonathan whimpered as the butt plug was inserted up his ass.

“That hurt going in!”

“Tough shit… sit on it and enjoy it!”

Lilly went back by the bed and stepped into a strapon dildo. The dildo was about eight inches long and of medium girth. Not an elephant cock, but still sizable. She got behind Ben, stroked her “cock” several times with lube that was lying on the bed, and grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them. With his asshole on display she let a gob of spit drop in his ass crack. Lilly then used the strapon to spread the spit over his asshole and then gently pushed in. The head penetrated his asshole, and on the second push half the dildo slid in. Next push the dildo was almost entirely seated. Lilly started to fuck his ass, coordinating each thrust with Ben, as he fucked Sue. Lilly thrust harder and harder until she was balls deep in Ben’s asshole.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck me!” Ben moaned.

Sue pushed back on each thrust from Ben. Ben was buried as deep in Sue’s pussy as he could get, while Lilly was railing his asshole. Jonathan felt his cock starting to come alive. He knew his old cock wouldn’t impress anyone, for either hardness or size, but it was what he had and he still loved to cum. Slowly stroking his cock, he had to stop as he wanted to wait to screw his wife in her ass. One cum shot a night was all he had.

Sue let out a moan as Ben pulled out of her pussy and shot a load aksaray escort bayan on her back. Lilly pulled out of Ben and moved around next to Sue to lick Ben’s cum into her mouth. Then she walked over to Jonathan as Sue commanded him, “Kiss Lilly and let her push Ben’s cum into your mouth!”

Jonathan placed his lips together. Eating his own cum had been hard to do. Only Sue’s insistence and the promise of anal sex had made him do it. He almost gagged as he swallowed his cum, but after it was over he decided that there were worse things to do. But eating Ben’s cum, in front of the three of them!

Sue chimed in, “If you want anal tonight you’ll swallow Ben’s entire load. Now open up your mouth and swallow Ben’s cum!”

Jonathan reluctantly opened his mouth and Lilly instantly gave him a wet kiss, pushing Ben’s load into his mouth. Lilly stroked his throat as he swallowed and announced, “That’s a good boy.”

Sue slowly got off the bed and grabbed Ben’s cock and led him over toward Jonathan’s chair.

“Do you want to taste my pussy juices, hubby?”

Jonathan swallowed a second time and responded, “Oh my god, yes!” Her body was making him quiver. He could hardly wait to tongue her clit.

Sue still had a grip on Ben’s shaft and pulled him toward Jonathan, “Then lick my pussy juice off his cock!”

Jonathan shrunk back in the chair. “I don’t suck cock. For 70 years I’ve never sucked cock. I’m not starting now!”

Sue shrugged her shoulders, “That’s up to you. I thought you wanted anal sex tonight. Those are the conditions. No sucky cock, no anal. Not tonight and never in the future. So you decide… a little cock sucking now and anal later, or you won’t have the opportunity again.”

Jonathan opened his mouth and moved forward towards Ben’s cock. As he got closer Ben slid his cock into Jonathan’s mouth.

“Use your tongue and lick his dick. All the way to his balls.” Lilly added.

Jonathan obediently used his tongue to lick Ben’s cock, as Ben pushed farther into his mouth.

“Can you swallow my cock? Can you take it down your throat?” Ben asked.

Ben quickly got an answer as Jonathan gagged as he pushed it in farther. Jonathan pulled back and Ben’s cock came out of his mouth.

“Grab his cock and lick his balls. I want a thorough cleaning, lick all my juice off his cock.”

Jonathan now meekly followed as he was commanded. His tongue licked the base of Ben’s cock and his balls as he gripped Ben’s shaft. Ben’s erection was getting softer now.

“Suck his balls! Start stroking his shaft. We want to see how much of a sissy you can be.” While sucking on Ben’s balls, Jonathan started slowly stroking Ben’s shaft. Slowly at first, but as Ben started to harden, he started to pick up the pace. Sue stood behind Ben and spread his cheeks as she started to lick his asshole. Lilly meanwhile pushed Jonathan’s mouth back over Ben’s hardon. After a couple of light pushes in his mouth, Lilly pushed Jonathan’s head onto Ben’s cock hard. Jonathan started to gag, and Ben pulled out a bit, then Lilly pushed Jonathan onto Ben’s cock again, hard!

“Deep throat him! Get beyond the gag reflex. You know how it’s done, now do it!”

Meanwhile Sue had sunk her middle finger in Ben’s asshole and Jonathan suddenly found he had all of Ben’s cock in his mouth and down his throat. Struggling to breathe, he pushed Ben back, and then Ben thrust forward and Lilly pushed from behind, and Ben was balls deep in his mouth and down his throat again.

Sue continued to finger fuck Ben’s asshole as Lilly pushed Jonathan farther down Ben’s cock. Jonathan started to fight to get off Ben’s cock. He needed to breathe. Ben gave him a moment then started to face fuck Jonathan. He had his hands on the back of Jonathan’s head and aggressively forced his cock into Jonathan’s mouth and down his throat, and then out and back again. Ben picked up the pace and finally exploded with his cock down Jonathan’s throat.

“Suck it all down,” Ben commanded as he pushed the head of his cock farther down his throat. He spurted a bit more into Jonathan’s mouth and then pulled out and stood in front of him. Sue came around and pushed some cum that had leaked out, back into his mouth.

“Swallow it all and then the anal fucking will start!”

All four were exhausted escort aksaray from this burst of sex and sat back or laid on the bed to recuperate.

“This is not at all what I expected when I came home tonight,” Jonathan told the others. “I’m embarrassed that I was sucking Ben’s cock. I never want to have to do that again.”

Sue walked over to Jonathan.

“You never really had a choice. I knew you’d do as told when you arrived. All I had to do was promise some anal. And you looked like a natural with Ben’s cock down your throat. That won’t be the last time, sweetheart!”

“Now it’s time for some more anal fun and now it’s your chance Jonathan,” Sue informed Jonathan. “Lay down on the bed. Start stroking your cock. Get it as big and erect as you can. Not that it will be much.”

Jonathan did as he was told. He slowly ran his closed fist up and down his shaft. He thought it was a pretty good erection for a seventy two year old. Sue slowly lowered herself on his face.

“Lick my slit. Finger my asshole. Don’t be shy. Use two fingers and stretch my asshole!”

While Jonathan was licking and fingering Sue, Lilly climbed between Jonathan’s legs and grabbed his cock and started to slowly stroke his cock and then slid her hand down to play with his asshole. Jonathan could feel a cool liquid fall on his balls and ass crack. Lilly slid two fingers inside his ass. Jonathan let out a groan. Then Lilly slid her hands under his knees and lifted his legs into the air, fully exposing his asshole and she slid her strap on in his ass. Sue pushed her cunt down on Jonathan, so his protests were muffled while Lilly started to reach a steady rhythm, fucking deep into his ass.

“You liked getting fucked in the ass, don’t you Jonny boy,” Sue said. “Enjoy your anal adventure. There’s more to come.”

Jonathan protested, “But I wanted to be fucking your ass.”

“Ain’t happening honey. Tonight Lilly, Ben and I will be fucking your ass.”

Sue got off Jonathan’s mouth and slid off the bed and slipped into her strap on.

“Give me a shot Lilly. I’ve wanted to fuck my husband’s ass ever since he started talking about anal sex. Little did he know I would be fucking his ass!”

Lilly slid from between Jonathan’s legs and Sue pulled him down toward the end of the bed.

“Turn over and kneel at the end of the bed. You’re going to get a good fucking.”

Jonathan protested again, “But I’ll get to fuck your ass too, won’t I?”

“Not with that little worm. You’d never be able to penetrate my butt hole. No, we’ll be using your asshole tonight!”

Jonathan got on his knees as Sue spread some lube on his asshole, inserting two fingers up his ass. She place the head of her cock on his asshole and pushed in roughly. His asshole had already been opened by Lilly, so she slid in easily.

Next to them, Ben had assumed the position and Lilly was fucking his asshole as well. The women got into a rhythm, thrusting in time and deeply as well.

Jonathan was crying, “You’re splitting me in half. My asshole can’t take it.”

Sue ignored him and kept thrusting. Sue and Lilly were thrusting quicker as each was building to an orgasm. Sue came first, followed by a thrust by Lilly and they stopped, with their strap ons still in the boys ass holes. They were basking in the aftermath of their orgasms.

Sue pulled out and grabbed Ben by the arm. Sue gave Ben no choice.

“Your turn Ben. Bury that man meat in Jonathan’s ass.”

Jonathan protested, “No, I won’t let him fuck my ass.”

Sue responded, “What’s the big deal? You’re already a cocksucker. Lilly and I have both fucked your ass. Now it’s Ben’s turn.”

Ben had been lubing his cock as they spoke and then slid his cock into Jonathan’s ass crack.

“Relax and enjoy it. If you fight it it will hurt more. I’m bigger than either of those strap ons. You should know, you sucked me off.”

Ben placed his cock at the entrance of Jonathan’s asshole and pushed his head in. Then he relaxed back and thrust again, this time he pushed beyond Jonathan’s anal ring. Then back out and finally in for good as he continued to thrust deeper each time until he was balls deep.

Jonathan begged Sue, “He’s ripping up my asshole. Make hime stop!”

“After he’s done cumming in your asshole!”

Ben pounded on Jonathan and finally shoved as hard as he could as he started to ejaculate in Jonathan’s rectum.

As Ben pulled out, his cum was dripping out Jonathan’s ass. Sue licked the cum out of his ass.

Lilly told Jonathan, “Give your loving wife a kiss. And a big thank you for all the anal sex!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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