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Journey SweetSduha26

Erotic journey of two passengers when bus failed during their journey.

It is 6.30 in the evening. Thulasi all of sudden decided and told her parents; mummy I want leave now, ask Subhash to leave me at the bus station” she said and packed her belongings and the child’s paraphernalia.

Her mom and dad were shocked for her sudden decision. “Thulasi beta you can go tomorrow morning, why hurry now…?”

“No dad, it is almost three months I came here, a month passed that sister’s marriage is over. I don’t know what he (referring to her husband) is eating? He is such a careless person…” there is a concern in her eyes.

“But thulasi….” Her mom wants to say something.

“No Maa, don’t stop me now. If Subash leaves me ok otherwise I’ll call a cab” she said firmly. It is only 2 1/2 hour journey. By 10.30 I’ll be at home” there is no other go for them and served her dinner.


Thulasi is a young, beautiful and a horny woman of 28 with good physique and charming features. Her assets and beauty is such that if someone looks at her, automatically turns his head to look at her again.

She maintains her figure well by dancing every day at least 45 minutes to one hour. She is a classical dancer. She learnt Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. She lives at Kodada a B class town which is 2 1/2 hour journey from Hyderabd. She started a dance academy there. They own a textile shop which is looked after by her husband.

She came to her parents’ house 3 moths back for her younger sister’s marriage. Even after the marriage because of her parents’ request she stayed so far. Now she is feeling uneasy to stay. When she came here her baby was 6 months old. Now she is 9 months. Reason for her sudden decision is; from last 10, 12 days her triangular field is seeping continuously and now she needed her field to be ploughed by a strong ploughshare.

Her mind is wandering around her hubby and his romance. He is very good on the bed. During the Love Game she reaches her climax two to three times. Some tomes when he is in mood four times also. His performance is such that, only by foreplay he makes her reach her orgasm. It had been almost three months she didn’t had that love game. That is the main reason for her sudden decision.

By the time she and her brother came to the bus station it is 7.30. Her brother had gone to the counter and bought ticket. They were waiting for the bus to arrive on the platform. She looked around the waiting area. The area is swarming with passengers. At a distance of four five feet two young men around 25-28 were sitting and chit chatting.

As there is time Thulasi preparing milk for the baby. While preparing milk she heard what the men are talking.

“My God what a figure that woman has….mmmm…” one said. “Who…?” asked the other. “The woman preparing milk…” “Yeah, I didn’t see such a figure..” the other. “How it would be to shove my pole in her…?” “We will be in heaven…” other included himself. “Isn’t it…?”

As she is listening to them there is a smile on her juicy lips. She was very naughty and mischievous during her collage days. She was a clever student though she always sat in the back benches. One day she asked a boy who is sitting at her side if he wanted a chocolate. When he nodded in yes, she asked him to take it from her pocket.

At that time she was in calf length skirt which had side pockets. He put his hand into the pocket.

The boy was shocked. samsun escort His hand directly fell on her panty covered swollen pussy. The pocket had a hole.

“Did you like it…” she naughtily asks him. “Yeah.. eager to munch it…” “No way its only to touch, not to munch…’ “Very injustice…” “It is justifiable for me” she pulled his hand away. She was such a naughty.

Listening to them she is preparing milk. Some milk spilled on her hands. She moved towards the ladies washroom to wash her hands and to relieve her. She knew not only those two men but many other pairs of male eyes are following her. She being dancer even her normal walk is rhythmic. Those eyes are staring her swing.

She empties her bladder, washed her hands and returned. Bus has come on to the platform. She boarded the bus and took her seat. She got an aisle seat. She leaned to the back rest of the seat.

Bus is ready to start. It is a passenger service. Her brother put her things in the bus. Bus is already full. Keeping her baby in her lap she sat and looked at the side seat. He is very young. Around 20 or so. ‘Maybe a student’ she thought.

Saying her good bye her brother left.

After a few minutes she stood up holding the baby to keep the bag on the boot leg. The baby is slipping from her shoulder. The student sitting at the window seat said “give the baby, I’ll hold” and took the baby from her. After keeping the bag she sat and took the baby back.

“Cute and beautiful like your mother and kissed the baby and returned her. He gave the baby but didn’t pull his hand. His hand is stuck between the baby and her breast. She looked at him. His eyes are glaring. Thulasi smiled and removed his hand. She saw disappointment in his face.

“You said something while giving the baby to me…” he looked perturbed and stammered…o…”

“I heard what you said” she said looking at him “don’t worry spell out..” she said smiling at him. Seeing her smile he got courage and said “You are very beautiful.” He said.

Thulasi appreciated his daringness and asked again “Do you think so..?” she is feeling funny.


“Why…? What is so special in me…?”

“The glint in the eyes, shining cheeks, succulent and lush lips, the most important those high knockers and the rhythmic walk and swing of your waist.. are these not enough to say that you are a beauty…?” the boy said and boldly took her hand in his and started feeling the smoothness of her satin skin.

“My goodness when you saw my walk…?” she inquisitively asked.

“I am observing you from the time you and your brother entered into the bus stand.

I consider myself lucky that you are in the same bus and at my side…” he soothing her hand enjoying the smoothness of it said.

Thulasi is feeling so funny and her whole body tingled with his talk. She being a horny woman she felt the wetness on her panties by his talk.

Being a naughty girl (woman) she had a naughty thought to tease him more. “Voon… what more did you observe of me…?” She asked.

“I am sure you were a heart throb of many during your prime time” he stopped for a while and said again “not only then but now also…”

“Really…” she said smiling mischievously.

“To be frank the moment I saw you my heart missed a beat…” frisking her hand he said.

“Voon hun… very interesting…” she rotated her round eyes.

Seeing her smile and her rotation of eyes, he became escort samsun bold. The bus is crowded and the lone bulb glowing is at the back side. They were sitting almost in the dark.

“Waav what a sight…” the he staring at her bosom said.


“The sight of the peaks… standing proudly and so attractive.. aaah” said.

She looked at self and found that her saree pallu misplaced from her boobs. The swell and the cleavage are clearly visible. When she is adjusting her saree the boy said “let it like that for a while” Thulasi though shocked for his words also appreciated his daringness. She also felt proud that a young student of 20 or so praising her charms. She smiling at him adjusted her pullow covered her TITs..

“What is your age..?” suddenly she asked.

“21, doing 3rd year engineering at Vijayawda and I am Karunakar” he said. Though he introduced himself she didn’t say her name.

Suddenly her baby stirred and she took the baby to her shoulder and wrapped the long Turkish towel over her.

The boy inserted his hand under towel and pullow and grabbed her form tit.

She was shocked for this young student’s courage. She wanted to say something harshly to him; but seeing his smile and shine in his eyes she couldn’t. The student started pressing her firm tit. Stealthily she looked around. No one is bothered about them.

Thulasi enjoyed his touch there. His touch generated tingles in her. Cautiously keeping a watch around; she allowed him to play with her balloons.

The moment his hand fell there she is excited and the desire in her doubled.

She already had two three affairs during her college days. After her marriage she was sincere and loyal to her husband but now her body and mind are craving to have a new experience. Her dripping pussy is eager to gobble a new tool in it.

“Wait..” she pulled his hand and inserting her hand under the pillow she opened her blouse hooks, raised her bra up. The boy’s face glowed like a Diwali flower pot. He didn’t expect such cooperation from her.

“Thank you..” he whispered in her ear. She gave a pressure to her baby on the shoulder and this again gave a pressure on his hand. He pinched her turgid nipple.

“sss…sss..mmm…” she moaned silently. She extends her hand towards to his thigh soothing there she grabbed his bulge. When he saw her holding his, he pulled his zipper down she inserted her hand in. “Ssssshaa….” He moaned.

‘Chi..’ she thought ‘silly rascal didn’t wear briefs also’, though she thought she didn’t pull her hand rather tightened her fist around his naked length. ‘Nice.. may be 7 inches’ she thought running her hand all over the length. The more she is fondling the desire to have a new sword in her sheath is increasing. She is horny, also knows that in two, three hours she will be with her husband, a good performer, yet she craved for a new dick. It is at that time bus making a dug..dug.. sound halted with a jolt.

‘What happened..? What happened…?” people were asking. There is a commotion. Driver got down the bus. After 8, 10 minutes driver announced that the gear of the bus is not functioning. After another 5 minutes conductor announced that the bus has to be repaired or a spare bus will come to pick them up. It takes at least two hours.

With a sigh of disappointment Passengers on the bus get down and spread here and there. Some strolling, some went to nearby lone hotel.

“Let us also samsun escort bayan get down we’ll get some fresh air” Karunakar the student said. Thulasi accepted. When they get down they find a hotel named ‘Dine that is varying the length and speed constantly. Her moans of pleasure got louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of his strokes. Suddenly she threw back her head and her back arched upwards.


He continued to fuck her with steady strokes.

“Y…HESS Y…HESSS, Karuna, I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG,” she screamed and lay panting. Karunakar slowed down to give her time to catch her breath.

“OH dear.. aah..I didn’t expect that I’ll get such a joy, DON’T STOP. KEEP MOVING. MAKE ME CUM AGAIN,” Thulasi panted bucking her bottoms from below.

He recommenced the fuck motion. After a few strokes her bottoms started to move, keeping rhythm with his in and out strokes. He felt his sperm rising and his strokes became shorter and harder.

“KARUNA… yes.. yes.. CONTINUE LIKE THIS. YOU WILL MAKE ME CUM AGAIN,” Thulasi said gasping for breath.

“I am not too far away also,” he too said panting.

“FASTER, Dear… mmmm..hahaha…, FASTER AND HARDER. I AM NEARLY THERE. Y…HESSS, Y…HESSS I AMM THERE OHHH SAAAHEEEEBJIIIII,” Thulasi shouted and fell back on the bed gasping for breath. At this moment he also shot his load into her cum thirsty PUSSY. Their lips drew together. They lay kissing and savoring the sensations they just experienced.


They were sitting in the balcony looking down. After the satisfying session they washed and dressed. Karuna went down to find out about the bus. In another 30, 40 minutes the bus will be ready. Karunakar wanted her to sit in his lap for which she refused.

“I didn’t even see your boobs” he said. She gave a smile to him didn’t answered.

“You resembled my cousin…” he said thinking about session just they had. She raised her eyes as if who is she…?

Understanding he said “My cousin Akka..”

“The cousin you said that you are staying with….?” He nodded his head in ‘Yes’.

“Oh! She is your Guru than…”

He smiled am lowered his face with shy.


Their journey started. Both were sitting silently. “Thank you very much for what you have done. I am satisfied. In another 15 minutes I reach my destination.” She said looking at him.

“What is your phone number…?” he asked.

“My dear friend” she started “we are passengers during a journey. What happens between the passengers while travelling…? They get acquainted, chit chat, share and exchange. Then what..? As their destination comes they depart. So we are also co-passengers in a journey… we acquainted,, we shared what we have, be happy with that” she said and suddenly bending towards him gave kiss on his cheek.


Her destination had come. Her husband boarded the bus to take her luggage and baby.

They both got down and moved towards the scooter stand. He eagerly looking at her for her turning her head and look at him. But she didn’t. The bus had started again. With a deep sigh he closed his eyes resting his head back.


Though she had a satisfying fuck session a couple hours back, she had a good ramming of her PUSSY by her husband.

When he shoved his tool deep in her she bucking her ass up remembered her fucking with that young man. There came a faint smile on her luscious lips.

The journey is completed.



So dear readers how did you find her journey. Hope you were part of their journey. Pl. give your comments.

Yours’ Sweet Sudha. ==========

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