Life of Sandy Banks Ch. 02

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Chapter 1 isn’t mandatory, but it would definitely help with the story.

Chapter 2 – Cum for thought

“Yes! Yes, I am almost there!” Said Sandy panting and cut off her phone. Her brother had parked across the street and she could see him grinning at her when he saw her walking towards him with irritation written all across Sandy’s face. While she was petite, Ethan, 19, stood at 6 ft and 2 inches tall. Puberty had done it’s magic on him, his jaw and high cheek bones were more defined now and it looked like he was working out, he had a lean muscular build. He started walking briskly towards her to help her with the luggage. Sandy’s irritation was instantly wiped off after seeing his stupid grinning face, she grinned back.

“Impatient as always, jerk,” said Sandy hugging him tightly. “But God did I miss you!”

“Well I didn’t miss you at all,” winked Ethan taking her luggage to load it in to the boot. “Why do you smell a bit milky”

“Oh, shut up. I just spilt some yoghurt on myself.” Said Sandy, trying to sound normal as she opened the door of his car, her quick shower hadn’t wiped off the smell apparently. “How are things with you? Made any big decisions yet on what you gonna do?”

“Nothing yet.” shrugged Ethan, getting in to the driver’s seat. “You know my interest lies in astrophysics, but I would like to go into business administration as well. So still deciding on that.”

“Well, you can’t stall it forever.” Said Sandy, Ethan grunted in agreement. After he was done with his highschool, Ethan had decided to take a break and ponder on his further studies. He was a smart kid in school with good grades, but he was undecided on his future. He was making sure that this break was productive enough. He was interning at various jobs, actively participating on science blogs and journals. But Sandy thought it was about time for him to take the next step.

The drive home was uneventful untill Ethan dropped in the news that their grandmother was visiting, she would be staying the summer with them and Sandy would be sharing Ethan’s room, Sandy didn’t dwell much on that subject. This meant not much lone time at night to play with herself, or to explore about her new found fetish. But Sandy pushed that thought away, shower time should be enough to touch herself and it wasn’t like she was an avid masturbator.

It was just an hour’s drive to home and they reached there in no time. Sandy was delighted to meet her parents and her grandmother, they shared a hearty dinner. Mostly she talked a lot as they bombarded her with questions about college, studies and boys. After dinner they shared some wine as Ethan entertained them. But soon Sandy was getting tired and sleepy, she made her excuses kıbrıs escort and headed over to the room.

“Don’t lock the door, I will be there soon!” Ethan shouted her way as she headed towards Ethan’s room. And it was actually helpful as it reminded her that they were sharing a room. By habbit she would’ve locked her room and would’ve passed out in no time. They had turned Sandy’s room into a guestroom and she could she they had added an extra single bed in Ethan’s room. There was enough distance between the beds, with Ethan’s study table in between as well. It was far enough to give some privacy and also, the table covered the top quarter of Sandy’s bed, but she could see the other side quite clearly from under it since the table was almost touching her bed. Sandy was satisfied, she dived in to her pillow and was snoring within minutes.

Sandy woke up hungry at around 2 am in the morning, she looked over and Ethan was sleeping in his bed, she noticed there was a subtle smell in the air, something musky. She couldn’t put a finger on it. She just shrugged, drank some water and headed over to the kitchen to grab a snack from the fridge. There was yoghurt, some leftover pudding and few other leftovers. Looking at yoghurt reminded her of last afternoon, instead she picked the pudding and ate it then and there. She missed this part, she always enjoyed late night snacks at home.

Sandy finished the cup, threw it in the bin and headed to the bathroom she shared with Ethan in their room to empty her bladder. She sighed, her nether regions were still slightly sore from the afternoon and even peeing gave her mild pleasure. She gazed at the sink and a used tissue caught her eyes. These little things annoyed her, she cleaned herself up and headed over to the sink to throw the tissue in to the bin while cursing her brother under her breath. As she picked it up, she felt something gooey and was disgusted thinking that it was Ethan’s boggers. But it didn’t feel exactly like it, there was just too much of it to be boggers and Ethan wasn’t sick. And then the smell hit her! It was strange and arousing, it smelled like a combination on pine fresh and bleach, also had that hint of muskiness she noticed in the room earlier.

Sandy’s heart skipped a beat as she realised which this gooey thing might be, with shaky hands she got it closer to her nose and there it was! Her first time smelling the cum, the actual semen, the juice she fantasized ever since she started watching porn. She was certain it was semen, she had done extensive research on her obsession and it fit the description well. This explained the smell she felt earlier as well! Ethan had masturbated while Sandy slept just a few feet kıbrıs escort bayan away. She had goosebumps on her skin and she couldn’t take her eyes off the cum covered tissue she was holding. By what she understood, semen’s texture changes pretty fast. This meant that Ethan had cleaned up not so long ago, maybe a few minutes before Sandy woke up. Still in utter disbelief, Sandy couldn’t move. It was impossible to explain what Sandy felt about cum, she was just obsessed with it, she fantasized about drinking gallons of it, getting bathed in it. Cum was ejaculated close to her while she slept nearby, and now she was holding it her hands and the intoxicating smell had her pussy dripping with juices.

Her panties were soaked, she was never this horny in her life. All she wanted to do was to shove that tissue down her throat. Then realising that it was Ethan’s made her hesitate, but that didn’t make her any less horny. She never really had any incest or horny thoughts about her brother, but she told herself that this wasn’t exactly sexual. Ethan is out there sleeping totally unaware and this isn’t exactly like having sex, after assuring herself, she spread open the tissue and gave it a light lick with the tip of her tongue on the gooey-est part of the tissue. Sandy let out a strained moan as she felt cum on her tongue for the first time, soon she was trying get as much cum as possible from the tissue. It tasted like it smelled, with hint of sweet and saltiness. Each lick sent minor spasms across her body, she made sure she savoured the last lick, swirling the goo in her mouth. In general, it wasn’t anything thing special flavour wise, but it felt heavenly. It made her entire body tremble and she was sure she had minor orgasms as she cleaned up the tissue.

Sandy’s pussy was on fire, she had to touch herself and release it, she couldn’t control anymore. She thought it wasn’t a great idea to shower at 2 in the morning and she wasn’t exactly a fan of masturbating on the toilet or on the bathroom floor. She decided to risk it on her bed instead, she grabbed some tissue and headed out. Ethan was motionless and she could hear his steady breathing, it was safe to say he was asleep. She headed over to her bed and pulled her pants slightly down under her blanket. Her pussy was soaking wet, tasting cum and the taboo nature of it had her oozing uncontrollably. She pulled her shirt slightly up, started pinching her nipples and slipped the other hand right towards her pussy. Her clitoris felt hard and sensitive, she started rubbing it slowly trying her best to suppress her moans.

Sandy continued to pinch her nipples around and rub her pussy at steady pace. She knew she was on her edge, escort kıbrıs she could explode any moment if she did it any faster. But tried her best to make it last, it was after all her first encounter with cum. With taste of cum still fresh on her tongue, she felt immense pleasure with each rub. She couldn’t keep it suppressed anymore, she slipped a finger into her pussy and increased her speed. She could feel it building inside her, a monster waiting to roar. She was in seventh heaven, panting and moaning under her breath she could feel the bed shaking slightly as she writhed in pleasure, her eyes closed, she could imagine herself surrounded by cocks.

Each cock giving her a massive cumshot, she wondered, for like a millionth time – how would it feel? Fresh and hot straight for a cock hitting her tongue, coating her mouth and drizzling down to her breasts. And there it was! She hit the sweet spot and she let loose, she jerked uncontrollably as every nerve in her body went on a overdrive. She almost let out a loud moan as wave after wave of pleasure hit her nonstop. She could’ve screamed out load, she wouldn’t have cared, the intensity of her orgasm was of another level. It was as if the waves would never stop, never had she felt an orgasm like this, the yoghurt play now just a trailer to the blockbuster movie that just had unveiled and she just laid there soaking up waves of pleasure.

After what felt like an eternity, her pleasureful spasms subsided. Sandy was still panting, she just laid there with her blanket and bed soaked in her sweat and cum. She was a hot mess, her clit almost chaffed she started cleaning herself up with tissue. She pulled her pants up, removed the blanket and switched on the fan. She didn’t try to imagine what the room smell like, she glanced towards Ethan’s bed. He shifted slightly but looked to be deep in sleep. She was worried for second that the intensity of her orgasm might’ve woken him up, but it wasn’t the case.

Sandy ditched the tissues and got back in her bed, and there it was finally! The waves after waves it hit her, this time it wasn’t the pleasure, it was guilt. The gravity of what she had just done hit her full on her face. She had tasted her brother’s cum, enjoyed it and then masturbated to it for her biggest ever orgasm. The orgasm had left her exhausted, but her mind wouldn’t rest. She wasn’t like this! She was a shy bookworm who minded her own business. Nobody from her family, friends or people from her school or college could ever imagine that Sandy was capable of things that she had done over the past 12 hours. Nobody could guess the deep, dark desires that were burried deep in her. Well, everyone will have hidden kinky side, she thought. She was finally able to comfort herself to sleep, telling herself that it was just a semen wiped tissue, an organic matter. Her brother didn’t know about it and it wasn’t exactly sex. With the smell and taste of cum still fresh in her mind, she drifted into her dreams.

chapter 3 coming soon

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