Lockdown with Daughter in Law Ch. 01

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Ashok, 59 years old man was a business man by profession. Being a fitness enthusiast he still had maintained his physique quite well except gray hairs due to aging.

His wife, Mamta a 56 years old woman, she was a typical religious indian house wife. His son, Krunal was 29 years old working in his family business. He also had an elder daughter, who was married and stayed at her in laws.

Krunal was married to Supriya, a 27 years old woman. They both had an arranged marriage about a year back. Supriya was a polite and well cultured daughter in law who took care of her family very well.

This story is about Ashok and his daughter in law, Supriya.

Supriya might not be the most beautiful woman, but she definitely had a sex appeal. Her skin tone was fair and height was around 5 feet 4 inches. She had a curvaceous sexy figure, a bit chubby. She had a round face with pretty eyes and long hair. Her lips were like rose petals.

The moment she came to Ashok’s home after marrying Krunal he started noticing her beauty. She loved to wear sarees with sleeveless blouses. One could easily make out curves of her body even when she wore saree. She also loved wearing western clothes. My god she looked damn sexy in them.

Ashok loved to see her assets whenever she wears tight t-shirts and jeans especially when she went out. Her big boobs and tight shapely ass were hard to resist for any guy. Her waist was not so thin and had right amount of belly fat over it with deep navel.

Many times he had played with himself imaging him fucking his daughter in law. He always thought Krunal was a lucky guy to have a girl like Supriya as his wife. Krunal and Supriya were enjoying their newly married life. Their room was just besides Ashok’s roomroom.

At one night when he was about to go to sleep when he heard some noise coming out of their room. Their door was not closed properly and was slightly open. He tried to peep inside through the thin gap.

Supriya was riding her husband Krunal’s cock furiously with girl on top position. He could even heard the sounds of cock getting in and out of her wet pussy.

She was even making soft noises, “Oooohhhhhh…! aaahhhh…! fuck me… it feels so good having a dick inside me! ooohhhhh…”

Ashok could not believe his shy daughter in law fucking like a whore.

Lighting was not proper and also the opening of door was also very thin, so he couldn’t see her naked beauty completely. Still he was enjoying the sounds which were clear due to the peace of night. Krunal was vigorously fucking her pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhh…! fuck me, please fuck me daddy.”

Ashok was surprised from what he was hearing. Supriya routinely was a very cultured and well behaved girl. Here he saw the dirty side of his daughter in law.

“Supriya, you are being a very naughty girl, who needs to be punished by her daddy!” Krunal said while stroking hard into her pussy.

Ashok realized that they were doing a roleplay scenario.

“Yes, daddy. I deserve the punishment. Don’t stop. Spank my ass daddy, please,” Supriya said.

Krunal spanked hard on her ass and said, “Do you like it, baby? Do you want more?”

“Aaahhhh… Yes, daddy I want more. Ohhh…” She was moaning louder and louder every time her ass was getting spanked.

Krunal emptied his cock into Supriya’s pussy, she ordu escort too had achieved orgasm. Ashok was so much excited on seeing the raunchy side of his daughter in law.

After that, on few other occasions also he heard them having sex, which made Ashok realize that Supriya, his polite well cultured daughter in law, was indeed a horny woman from inside, who loved sex a lot.

Ashok was looking for a chance so that he could get close to her and ultimately enjoy her beauty to full extent. Days were passing but he could not think of any idea, how he possibly could make that dream possible.

However his luck shined when his wife, Mamata went to her brother’s home at Mumbai for a function. He asked My son, Krunal to accompany her and also do some business meetings dor their clients in Mumbai.

On next day due to COVID situation a sudden lockdown was implemented through out the country and they were stuck at Mumbai at his brother in laws house.

When the news was declared about lockdown Ashok and Supriya, they both were watching news on TV sitting on a sofa. Supriya sitting at a distance.

The moment she saw the news, she was getting worried, “Papa, now what will happen?How long will they be stuck at Mumbai and how will they come back? ” she started crying.

Ashok went close to her and for the first time he hold her hands and consoled her, “Supriya beta, don’t worry. Every thing will be all right. They are safe at my brother in law’s home and will come when the restrictions are lightened.”

Her hands were feeling so soft, her skin was smooth. She was looking at him with tears in her eyes

“And I am here with you, you do not need to worry about anything! Ask me if you need anything without hesitation.” He said pressing her hands firmly and looking straight into her eyes.

She felt comforted, “Thank you, Papa. Thank god I am not alone”. She smiled.

Ashok patted on her back and went into his room. For him this couldn’t get any better, he was stuck at his home with his beautiful daughter in law. He decided to make the best out of the chance he got.

Everyday he was trying to get close to her. Their maid was also not coming due to lockdown so Ashok even started helping her into household works.

Supriya was pleased to see her father in law making her feel comfortable and cheerful. They would chat for hours after dinner till late night about everything.

Ashok even started getting personal with her, “Supriya you are very beautiful and cultured! I am lucky to have you as daughter in law!”

She shyly smiled and told, “I too am very fortunate to have you as my father in law.’

Ashok even started taking physical advances with her whenever he got chance. He would touch her hands whenever she would be passing him tea or coffee. He would frequently pat on her back.

Ashok started wearing payjama at home without underwear so that one could notice his thick erected man hood forming a visible bulge over it. He would intentionally ask her daughter in law to bring something into his room while he would be lying down on his bed flaunting the bulge in his payjama. He could see Supriya having a peek at the tent formed by his erect manhood.

Days were passing and after around a week on an afternoon Ashok heard some voice coming from Supriya’s room.

“Aahhhhh… ordu escort bayan Uuuummmmm…” She was moaning.

Door of her room was closed so he went outside to have a look from the window. Fortunately the window was half open.

Supriya was masturbating. She was not naked but her hand was inside her panty, playing with her pussy. She was deprived of the physical intimacy she was used to for a long time and also she was excited from repeated display of her father in law’s hard on.

Ashok was enjoying the live show provided by his daughter in law without her knowledge. He could clearly hear her moans.

“Ohhhh… I wish I could have someone to make love to me!” She was talking to her self.

“Should I ask Papa?” she whispered. “I think I should. He too seems to be attracted by me! Aaaaahhhhh…”

Her fingers were rubbing her clitoris fast.

“Fuck me Papa, fuck your daughter in law.”

Ashok couldn’t believe she was fantasizing about him. With other hand she started pressing her boobs.

“Oh yes, keep going. Don’t stop. Aaaahhhhhh…”

There she reached an orgasm, he could infer from the expressions on her pretty face. Ashok also got aroused by this sight, his

throbbing hard cock was dying to fuck the young gorgeous woman. He made his mind that tomorrow he will make his move to make his daughter in law’s fantasy real.

In morning, Ashok called Supriya into his room. He was determined that he would confront Supriya about yesterday’s events.

“Supriya beta, can you come into my room?” He asked.

“Yes Papa, just in a minute,” She replied.

She was still wearing her night dress made of thin satin fabric, which was making curves of her big boobs and ass more discernible. Her face was looking daisy fresh in morning sunlight. Her long hair were untied.

Ashok was sitting on his bed using pillow as backrest and was wearing a vest and payjama. As usual he intentionally was not wearing any underwear. Supriya already had noticed his hard throbbing cock underneath the semi transparent cloth of payjama and was trying to keep her eyes away from what she desired out of shyness.

“Supriya, I want to tell you something. If you don’t mind!” Ashok was being cautious how she would respond.

“Yes Papa, you can ask me anything.” She replied enthusiastically, having a peek at the bulg over his payjama.

“Beta I have told you, you can come to me if you need anything, but I don’t think you do.”

“That’s because you are always there and helping me even before I ask you too. I am lucky to have you as my father in law, Papa”

Ashok was happy to hear that and smiled at her, “I am telling you about yesterday afternoon beta. I heard you hesitating asking my help for something!”

Supriya suddenly was blushing like a newly wedded bride. She was now unable to make eye contact with her father in law.

Ashok arose from his bed and stood besides her, lifting her chin with one hand looking straight into her eyes he said, “Supriya, you are a young beautiful woman and I don’t want you to be deprived of anything. I am here for you only!”

Telling this he pulled her towards him holding her from her from her waist and passionately kissed her over her lips.

It felt like Supriya was shocked by an electric current. The escort ordu dirty girl inside her had awoken. In a fraction of second she had imagined how much would she love to ride that thick hard cock of her father in law. She started responding back and now they both were using their tongues, exchanging their saliva.

Supriya hugged him tightly with open arms. Ashok could feel her boobs compressed on his chest. Her nipples were getting erected. They kept kissing for a while.

Interrupting their kiss, Ashok said, “Supriya, today I will fulfill all your desires. You would never have felt so satisfied in your life, beta!”

Telling this he started removing her night dress forcefully. With one go, he tore apart her night dress and threw it into corner. Supriya was standing there wearing red colored lacy bra and panty. She was looking like a bride who was ready for her first night.

“Now, get down on your knees, Supriya,” Ashok ordered her.

At once, she obeyed his command. He loosened his payjama and removed it upto his knees. Ashok’s hard thick cock sprung out in open at once. Supriya was awestruck by watching the size and girth of his father in law’s manhood.

“Do I need to tell you, Supriya, what you should do?” Ashok said.

On listening to this, the obedient daughter in law grabbed his long thick cock into her hand and started stroking it. Her hands were looking tiny compared to the size of manhood of Ashok.

“That’s a good girl, Supriya! Don’t you want to taste it?”

“Of course, Papa. I would love to!” Supriya replied.

She opened her mouth and took as much length of Ashok’s dick inside as possible and started giving him the blowjob. She was sucking his dick back and fourth, licking it with her tongue.

Ashok could already tell Supriya was an expert in sucking dick, he never had enjoyed a blowjob that much in his life. She was looking straight into his eyes, while pleasing his manhood and had started playing with his balls with her fingers. Ashok could see the lust in her eyes.

After a few minutes of sucking, Ashok put his dick out of her mouth which was all wet by her saliva and his precum. He held Supriya by her shoulder and made her stand up.

He lifted her, holding her below her waist and placed her on his bed. There she was the beautiful bride lying in his father in law’s bed. Ashok sat besides her and started pressing her boobs with one hand and slipped his other hand into her panty. He could feel the wetness of her juicy pussy.

Ashok started rubbing her clitoris with thumb and inserted on finger into her well lubricated love canal. Supriya felt a jolt of current through her body when he did that. It made her surrender herself to her father in law.

“Aaahhh!! Aaaah!! Ummm!!”

Ashok could hear her soft moans. He removed his hand from her panty which was all wet by Supriya’s pussy juices and tasted it.

“Your pussy tastes so nice, Supriya.” He said reinserting two fingers into her vagina, rubbing her clitoris with his thumb.

Supriya was responding like she was a barbie doll whose remote control was in Ashok’s hand. Juices were running out of her pussy which were making Ashok’s hand and her panty wet.

Supriya was getting hornier with each passing moment. Ashok could feel her pussy muscles contracting and compressing her fingers tightly.

“Ooohhhh… Aaaahhh…” Supriya started moaning loudly, “Papa, please fuck me! Aahhh! I want you inside me. I want you to fill my pussy with your cum.”

Supriya had lost all her inhibitions and now was begging to get fucked by her father in law like a slut.

End of Ch. 1

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