Luke Fucks Emma from the Gym

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“Seven. Eight. Nine…Ten!” Emma says in her head as she lifts the weight. With one leg on a bench and her arms reaching towards the ground, Emma repeatedly lifts a barbell up off the ground, to about the height of the bench, and then back down to the ground.

Emma set the weights on the floor and sits down on the bench. She grabs her towel and dabs the sweat that has formed on her chest before wiping off her brow. She takes a swig of water from her bottle and her eyes glance around the room. The usual people are here, but she was looking for one man. A man she just recently met at the gym — Luke.

Emma has often found herself thinking more and more about Luke. The tall, blonde, extremely attractive man she met a few weeks back at the gym. His broad shoulders, his ripped abs, his perfect smile, they all make Emma’s pussy wet even just thinking about him.

Emma’s mind wonders about Luke as she continues to scan the gym. How does Luke kiss? How would he hold her? And more to the point — how would he fuck her?

Emma was disappointed not to see Luke, especially since she was sure to wear her cute workout outfits ever since Luke started coming to the gym. Today was no exception. Emma’s shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back in a cute braid and she wore a white sports bra with very short blue shorts that barely covered her ass as she worked out. Her small, thin frame was well on display and she can tell it was working by the looks she was getting from both the other men — as well as a few interested women.

But, alas, Emma was only looking for Luke. Disappointed she didn’t see him, Emma decided that she had enough of a workout today, and went for the locker room.

As she walked across the gym and turned a corner, she took one last look back at the gym as she walked and smack — she ran right into Luke’s broad chest. Luke caught her in his arms as she was dazed and confused on what happened.

“Oh my,” Emma cried out, “I’m terribly sorry!”

Luke laughed it off, but still held a firm grip on Emma’s arms.

“It’s alright, a little distracted today?” Luke said with a big smile. Emma never noticed how great his teeth looked until now. She was so captivated by his smile, she forgot to answer Luke.

Snapping out of it, she said “Oh, what? Yes! I thought I forgot something.”

Luke rubbed up and down Emma’s arms and the sheer touch of Luke’s hands made Emma tingle in all the right places. She could even feel her nipples getting hard under her sports bra. Luke looked up and down Emma’s body before he let go of her arms.

“Yes, well, I’m sorry to see you go, but I was glad I,” Luke paused, “got a chance to bump into you.”

Emma laughed at his joke and smiled.

“Well, maybe I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said as she started to walk towards the locker room.

“What time are you going to be here?” Luke asked her.

“Oh, tomorrow,” Emma said as she walked away, “I’ll be here early. Busy day tomorrow. I’ll be here when it opens.”

“I’ll be here,” Luke said back to her. Luke’s eyes were glued to Emma’s ass as she walked away. With every stride, the small blue shorts would ride up giving him a glance at her ass cheeks. When she turned to offer him a smile, she caught him looking. His eyes quickly darted up to meet hers.

“See you then,” Emma said as she disappeared into the locker room.

The next day Emma was the first to arrive to the gym. As she opened the door and looked around, it was just her and the woman at the front desk. Emma was dressed to impress today. Her hair was down and her natural soft curls flowed. She wore a pink sports bra today and skin tight black leggings that made her ass look amazing.

Emma checked in, found herself going towards a treadmill for a quick warm up, and began a light jog.

About five minutes into the run the front door opened and in came Luke. Emma immediately perked up on her treadmill as Luke entered the gym. He checked in, and he immediately saw Emma running on the treadmill. He gave her a small wave, which Emma returned with a head nod.

Luke walked over and greeted Emma.

“Fancy meeting you here,” he said with a smile. Emma let out a small laugh.

“Care to join me?” Emma asks as she points over at the treadmill next to her. Luke hesitated.

“Running in place isn’t usually my thing. I prefer the real thing.”

“What did you have in mind?” Emma questions with a smile. Luke looked out the window.

“Beautiful day out there today. Should we go for a few laps around the park?”

Emma thought about it for a second and Luke noticed her hesitation.

“Come on, I’ll even let you beat me,” Luke said and started to walk away. Emma rolled her eyes and found herself shutting down her treadmill.

When she finally got outside, Luke was doing gaziantep escort stretches as he waited for Emma. Without a word, Emma started off jogging without Luke. Within a couple strides, Luke caught up to her.

“What’s the hurry?” Luke said, “Hot date?”

“No,” Emma said, “just keeping my rate up.”

“Oh, right,” Luke said not believing her.

The two jogged for about a quarter mile in a bit of awkward silence. They ran side by side for most of it and Luke couldn’t help looking over at Emma as she ran and watch her amble breasts bounce up and down in her pink sports bra. Every so often Luke would trail a bit behind Emma so he could sneak a peak of her tight ass in her leggings.

Emma wasn’t so innocent herself. She couldn’t help but notice Luke’s bulging thighs as he ran and she too would find herself a stride or two behind — checking out Luke from behind.

After a few more moments, Emma was the first to speak.

“You run a lot?” she casually asked Luke.

“Yes, but I’m more of a sprinter than a long distance man,” Luke huffed through breaths.

“Oh that’s too bad,” Emma responded without really knowing what she meant.

“Don’t worry, I can last a long time,” Luke playfully responded.

“No, I didn’t mean….” Emma answered. She could feel herself blushing a bit. Luke let it pass.

“Come on, let’s pick up the pace.”

Luke quickly blasted out in front of Emma. Emma, not liking to lose, chased after him. She kicked her legs as fast as she could and whizzed by Luke, who, when seeing her pass, kicked it into a higher gear himself.

The two playfully chased each other around the park for many minutes. Luke would pass Emma, and then Emma would pass Luke. At one point, Luke took a short cut through the park, jumping over a bench, and then playfully knocked into Emma with his hand grazing her small ass. Emma liked the feeling of his hands on her.

It was Emma’s turn to chase Luke. Luke sprinted out in front on a long straightaway that led to a small incline and then quickly descend down. Luke was comfortably in the lead by ten feet when Emma started the descent. On one of her strides down, she landed her foot awkwardly on the cement, which caused her ankle to roll.

“Ow!” Emma cried and she fell to the ground grasping her ankle. Luke heard the scream, turned around to see Emma down on the ground, and rushed right back to help her.

“What’s wrong?” Luke said as he knelt down beside her.

“My ankle. I think I twisted it,” Emma said in pain. Her hands rubbed up and down her leg.

“How can I help?” Luke asked her.

“It’s nothing. You can help me up though.”

Luke stood, outstretched his arms, and Emma grabbed his hands and hoisted herself up. Unable to put weight down on her leg, she stumbled right into Luke’s arms.

“Whoa. Whoa. Take it easy,” Luke said. He offered her his arm, and Emma accepted. She grabbed ahold of his big forearm and hobbled down the path.

After about ten steps, Luke could tell Emma needed some time to rest.

“We are going to go nowhere at this pace,” Luke said. He stopped walking and looked at Emma. “May I?”

“May you what?” Emma said looking up at his deep blue eyes.

Luke bent down and scooped Emma up into his arms. Startled, Emma let out a little moan as she settled into his arms.

“You can’t possibly carry me all the way back. Not even with these muscles,” Emma said as she playfully grabbed Luke’s bicep.

“No, maybe not, but I can get us to a place where you can rest for a few minutes,” Luke said. “There’s a small outpost over here. You can rest there.”

Emma nodded and fell back into Luke’s arms as he carried her. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for the two to wonder off the path and reach the small outpost. The building was nothing more than a big shed that was used by a park ranger on busy days to monitor the park. Today there was nobody working there.

“Is this where you take all your girls?” Emma laughed.

As they approached the door, Luke gently put Emma down and tried the door. To their luck, it was unlocked. Luke helped Emma inside and he helped her up onto the small table that was in the room.

“Let’s take a look at that ankle,” Luke said. He started to raise Emma’s foot and untied her shoe. Emma grimaced at the movement of her leg and Luke gently slid off her shoe. Next, he carefully took off her sock.

Luke examined her ankle for a few seconds, gingerly touching it with his finger.

“Well, the good news is I don’t think it’s broken,” Luke said looking up at Emma, “but I don’t think you are going to be running for a few days. Sorry about that.”

“It’s not your fault,” Emma started, “but it pretty much is your fault.

They shared a small smile and gaziantep escort bayan Luke continued to check out her ankle.

“Does your leg hurt at all?” Luke said as she started to investigate Emma’s calf muscle. “Does this hurt?” he asked as he gently poked.

“No that feels fine,” Emma responded.

“How about the knee, all good?” Luke said placing his hands on his knee. He looked up at Emma who was looking down at him. She really liked Luke’s hands on her body.

She licked her lips. “No. that feels fine too.”

“Good,” Luke said and was satisfied with his examination. Emma, though, was not finished.

“Maybe you should check my thigh out,” Emma said in a faint voice. She lied back on the table.

Luke stood up over her and his hands found her right thigh. He cupped his hands around and started to massage and feel up her thigh. He started at her knee and went right to work up. His big strong hands felt amazing around her leg and Emma closed her eyes and started to dream.

“Does this hurt?” Luke said softly but deep.

“Mmm, no,” Emma said with almost a moan. Luke continued up higher.

“How about here?” Luke asked.

“No,” Emma’s breathing changed. She arched her back as she spoke and Luke couldn’t help but take a peak and her heaving tits.

Luke bent down and kissed Emma’s neck. His hand went right to her pussy. He started to rub it as he kissed her neck. Emma’s hands immediately wrapped around Luke’s shoulders.

Luke moved up and started kissing Emma on the lips. Their passion had overcome them and Emma was pulling Luke down on top of her as her tongue jetted out to Luke’s mouth. The two kissed as Luke jumped on top of her on the table.

Luke’s hands immediately stated to investigate Emma’s body. His first stop was her breasts. As he grabbed her left tit with his right hand, he gave it a firm squeeze. It was perfectly round and soft and felt amazing in his hand. Emma let out a small moan through their kisses and she grabbed ahold of Luke’s ass.

As he continued to grab her breasts, Luke started pumping his legs and thrusting his hardening cock against Emma’s pussy. Small moans left her mouth each time Luke’s hard cock pressed against her.

Suddenly, with one hand, Luke reached under Emma’s sports bra and it was thrusted over her head and off her body. Her perfect, perky tits were now in plain view of Luke and he started kissing his way down Emma’s neck. With his one hand in her hair, he gave Emma a small tug as he worked his way down her neck and across her clavicle and onto her breast. As he kissed towards the nipple, he gave Emma’s hair a bit harder tug as he came in contact with her nipple.

“Oh yes,” Emma moaned.

Luke’s tongue flicked and he sucked in her nipple while still holding onto her hair. Emma’s back arched and her head flew back as Luke devoured her breast into his mouth.

Luke’s erection was full on in his tight shorts and Emma went searching for it with her hands. As Luke continued to suck on her breast, Emma massaged Luke’s massive erection over his shorts. Emma couldn’t believe how big his cock was in her hand. She couldn’t wait to see it.

With every stroke on his cock, Luke would let out a nice moan in between his licks and sucks. The moans — as well as the licks — made Emma’s pussy wet.

A few moments went by and Luke got up off the table and took off his shirt. Emma reached out and touched his six pack abs which felt amazing in her fingers. She worked her hand down and grabbed the waistband of Luke’s shorts. With a smile, she started to pull them down.

Luke helped by pulling down the sides of his shorts. As they lowered, Luke’s hard cock escaped and popped out right in front of Emma’s eyes. Her eyes widened at the seven inch, extremely thick and cut cock that was inches from her face. As Luke’s shorts hit the floor, Emma found herself grabbing Luke’s ass and pulling his cock toward her mouth.

Her mouth opened, she licked her lips, and Luke’s big hard cock entered Emma’s mouth. She didn’t care that it tasted salty from the run — all she wanted was his cock in her mouth. She craved his cock in her mouth. She lied there on the table, on her side, and inch by inch took his cock into her mouth. It was so big that it didn’t get all the way in her mouth when it hit the back of her throat.

She looked up at Luke who was looking down at her, and started playing with her tits again as she sucked up and down his hard shaft. She used one of her hands and she sucked and squeezed hard around the shaft as she sucked. Up and down. Up and down. Small moans left Emma as she sucked Luke’s cock.

Not satisfied with just her tits, Luke started to work off Emma’s leggings. Emma helped wiggle out of them and she was left with escort gaziantep a very small black g-string. That was easier to get off Emma and Luke started to rub Emma’s shaved pussy. It was even more glorious than Luke had dreamed of and he rubbed up and down her lips as Emma continued to suck Luke’s dick.

Luke started working circles around Emma’s clit — which he could already feel was hardening. This made Emma rock back and forth on Luke’s hand as she continued to suck him off. Louder moans left Emma’s mouth and when Luke inserted a finger into Emma, she lost control and lay back on the table — unable to continue to suck Luke’s cock.

As Luke’s finger went in and out of her pussy, she did manage to grab Luke’s dick with her hand and start stroking him off. As he fingered her, Luke bent down and started to kiss her tits. His tongue was all over both tits and he sucked from one nipple to the other.

Emma’s legs were spread wide apart. Luke continued to finger her and she with her eyes closed she begged him to finger her harder. Faster.

Luke obliged and started ripping his finger in and out of Emma’s pussy.

“Yes! Yes!” Emma said, “Don’t stop!”

Luke went faster. And faster. And then he inserted a second finger into her.

“Oh! Fuck!” Emma said. Her hands went down and gripped the table hard. “Yes!”

Luke’s bulging dick couldn’t take it anymore, he had to have her.

Luke moved around to the end of the table and pulled Emma down towards him.

“Yes. Fuck me,” Emma moaned out.

Luke started to rub his cock and then started to rub it on the outside of Emma’s pussy. He rubbed it up and down her lips — covering it with her juices. On the fifth rub up and down, he started to press his cock into her pussy.

“Oh fuck,” Luke said as he penetrated her, “your pussy feels so good.”

“Shut up and fuck me,” Emma said.

“Oh you want me to fuck you?” Luke said as his cock made it all the way inside of Emma. He was so deep in her it made Emma squirm in pleasure.

“Yes, fuck me,” Emma begged, “Fuck me hard.”

Luke grabbed Emma’s thighs and started to thrust in and out of Emma.

“Yes, Yes!” Emma started to scream.

“Yea baby, take it!” Luke said.

Luke was thrusting at a good pace in and out of Emma’s pussy. Emma grabbed ahold of her tits and started to squeeze them hard, which turned Luke on, which made him thrust deeper and harder into Emma’s tight pussy.

“Oh fuck me, yes, fuck me,” Emma said.

“Yea, take my cock, take it,” Luke said.

“More. Give me more of your cock,” Emma moaned.

“You want it more? You want it harder?” Luke demanded to Emma.

“Fuck me harder, yes, fuck me!” Emma moaned.

Luke spread Emma’s legs wide. He pressed her thighs down onto her as she started thrusting faster and faster and deeper into her pussy.

“Oh god, yes!” Emma screamed out. She reached down and started to rub her clit as Luke pummeled her pussy.

“Take it, take it!” Luke screamed out.

“Oh yes, I’m going to cum!” Emma screamed out as she rubbed her pussy.

Luke didn’t stop thrusting. He kept pushing down on her thighs as his huge dick went in and out of her pussy. More. More. More!

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” Emma shouted as she feverishly flicked her clit. Her head went back, her back arched and her orgasm waved over here.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to squirt!” Emma screamed. Then, her pussy released and squirted all over Luke’s dick and chest.

“Oh yes!” Luke said, getting off at watching Emma cum and squirt. “More! Cum more!”

Luke said. Emma was lost in her orgasm and kept moaning and cumming.

Luke could feel his orgasm coming soon also.

“Fuck I’m going to cum,” Luke said.

He exited out of Emma’s pussy and came around to her mouth. With her eyes still closed and her orgasm still waving over her, she was surprised when a cock entered her mouth again.

Luke grabbed ahold of Emma’s head and started to face fuck her. Emma was slightly gaging as Luke’s big cock would hit the back of her throat.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes!” Luke moaned out.

He used Emma’s mouth as he continued to face fuck her.

“I’m going to cum,” Luke exclaimed, “take it. Take my fucking cum!”

Luke thrusted about three or four more times before his back arched. His dick made one last thrust to the back of Emma’s throat when his cum started shooting out into the back of her throat. Emma had no choice but to take the hot load and swallow it down.

Luke held the back of Emma’s head as his orgasm continued and he shot more and more hot cum down her throat.

“Ohhh fuck! Yes!” Luke exclaimed.

He released the grip on the back of Emma’s head and Emma didn’t miss a beat sucking up and down his shaft, cleaning up the last of his cum — and there was a lot of it.

“God damn, that feels so good,” Luke said as his orgasm diminished. With a few more licks, Emma released Luke’s cock. Luke collapsed in a heap onto Emma on the table.

The two laid there in silence for a few moments.

“Okay,” Emma finally said, “how are we getting back to the gym?”

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