Marge, Dan , Sandy

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I would not feel bad if you disliked how I ended the story…I am leaving the ending to the readers…my first and probably the last attempt at this type of story….

All characters are over 18…

One Year Ago –

That’s it baby, fuck me harder…make me cum. I pumped her harder & faster and told her I was going to cum. She arched her back up and started screaming that she was cumming. Just then my cock exploded, shooting streams of cum into my wife’s cunt.

As we were both cumming, I heard a noise and looked at the doorway and saw a masked intruder with a gun. I was still cumming when I got up and challenged the intruder. “What do you want.” I yelled. My wife got out of bed, cum oozing out her cunt and yelled, “Get out of here.”

She approached the intruder and pulled her mask down…”Sandy, what’s going on?” Then Sandy shot my wife. I watched as my naked wife crumpled to the floor.

I screamed, “You stupid bitch, nobody was supposed to get hurt.”

“I couldn’t help it, she saw it was me.”

Sandy then removed her mask and came to me and said, “Look baby, you wanted to dump my sister anyway, so this was a good opportunity. We can make it look like an intruder just shot her in a robbery that went bad.”

“I guess so.”

“Now, before I go, I want to fuck my lover.”

“Cheez Sandy, I just came in your sister. I don’t know if I can cum again.”

I watched as my sister-in-law undressed and got into bed. I joined her and as my wife lay on the floor bleeding, I fucked Sandy and managed to cum, again.

We rested a bit and then we put the plan in motion. I gave her the jewelry & some money. She had already broken the window from the outside to make it look like she broke in. She scratched and bruised me up a little and even shot me in my arm before she left.

I called the police and in minutes they arrived with paramedics. One medic took care of my wound. The other medic examined my wife and said, “She’s still alive.” They then rushed her to the hospital.

In the meantime, the police questioned me and I told them what happened & what was taken. They seemed satisfied and left. I called Sandy & told her to meet me at the hospital.

Some time later, we were both at the hospital and spoke to my wife’s attending physician who said, “Your wife is seriously hurt. She lost a lot of blood and is in a coma. We will know more ankara sınırsız escortlar in the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Sandy & I left the hospital and went back to my place.

Sandy said, “We should disappear.”

“That’s not a good idea. We will just have to wait to see if she is going to come out of the coma.”

“And, if she does?”

“Then we will go. But if she doesn’t, we will be home free. But we have to keep a low profile. Nothing suspicious. Understand?”

“I know, but it will be hard to stay away from my lover.”


Six Months Ago –

Marge was still in a coma and the hospital discharged her to a long term medical care facility that would look after Marge.


I guess I should start at the beginning…


My name is Dan & my wife’s name is Margaret (Marge) and we have been married for 10 years. We are both 35 & we have no children. I have a very successful business. Marge spends most of her time doing philanthropic work and we live in a nice house out in the suburbs.

Because of my business, I spend a lot of time out of town and/or working late, leaving Marge alone many a night.

Marge has a sister, Sandy, a few years younger than Marge who stays with my wife, helping out and just being a good sister. She is even more gorgeous than Marge, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits and nice legs and ass. Her and I get along pretty well. She likes to flirt and I enjoy the attention, all harmless.

About 18 months ago, when Marge was at a fundraising affair, Sandy and I were alone in the house having dinner. After dinner, we decided to jump into the pool, since it was a hot night. It was no big deal since we’ve done it before with Marge, but tonight was different…there was no Marge. And, Sandy put on a micro mini bikini that barely covered anything. I didn’t say a word…just enjoyed the view.

Now, so you know, Marge and I had drifted away romantically over the years to the point of sex rarely. In fact, the last time Marge & I fucked was the night of the shooting.

Anyway, that night, in the pool, Sandy & I enjoyed the water and the flirting. However, I noticed her flirting got more obvious. She pressed her body against mine many times. By this time my cock was hard and when she pushed against me I knew she could feel it’s hardness.

“Hey Dan, I see you like my new bathing ankara suriyeli escortlar suit.” She said with a smile.

“It’s new, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I saved it just to wear for you when we were alone.”

“It looks good on you.”

Then she came over to me and put her arms around me and gave me a kiss, her body pressed against my hard cock. I returned her kiss and pulled her ass to me…my cock pushing against her body. “Somebody is enjoying this, I can tell.”

I looked at her and in a second, I reached over to her and pulled her bikini top off, then quickly I did her bottoms until they fell off of her and floated away as she was now naked.

She smiled and said, “I want you to fuck me Dan. Then she grabbed my trunks and pulled them off of me…my hard cock straight out.

“My sister is a fool for not wanting your cock. I want you to make me your whore. I am yours anytime you want me Dan…anytime.”

We hugged and kissed. Then we got out and we laid on the blanket. I mounted her and in seconds my cock was deep in her cunt. I wasted no time fucking her and in a short time I was ready to cum.

“That’s it Dan, fuck your wife’s sister hard…cum in me baby…fill me with your cum.”

She returned my thrusts and soon we were both ready to cum. She yelled out as she came and I filled her cunt with my cum. We rested a bit then went inside to fuck some more before Marge came home.

We always made sure Marge didn’t find out about us so we were very discreet.

Sandy was never shy when it came to sex. She loved it all especially giving blow jobs and taking my cock in her ass. She could go on forever.

One time, right after we fucked, Sandy said, “Hey Dan, why don’t you divorce my sister?”

“It would cost me too much.”

“Maybe we could come up with a plan to get rid of her.”

“Yeah, we could hire a hit man.” We both laughed.

Then Sandy said, “That’s not a bad idea, really.”

“Sandy, are you fucking crazy?”

“Hear me out. We could make it look like a robbery gone bad. I could break in while you guys are in bed and I can shoot her.”

“Sandy, that’s ridiculous.”

We never mentioned it again until one day when Sandy & I just finished fucking.

“Dan, let’s do it… let’s get rid of Marge. I have it all figured out.”

“Sandy, you’re crazy. It won’t work.”

Then sincan türbanlı escortlar Sandy started telling me her plan. “One night, you fuck my sister. I come in and find you guys in bed. I’ll have a mask on. I’ll ask for your money & jewelry, then tie you both up, maybe hit you guys a few times, then leave.”

“But how will that get rid of your sister?”

“I know her. She will have a meltdown & you could then commit her and she’ll be out of our hair.”

“I don’t know Sandy…”

“Look Dan, I’m tired of how things are going. I want to be with you but not like this.”

“I guess you’re right. Ok, we’ll do it.”

We fucked that night like never before. Sandy was insatiable.

The next time we met, we put everything together and we would put the plan into action next Saturday night.

Finally, Saturday came. I convinced Marge to fuck that night and got her in bed and we wasted no time. I was actually surprised that Marge really got into it to the point she was actually enjoying it. Finally we were both cumming when the plan started…

The plan started ok, but things went wrong quickly. Marge pulled the mask down and saw it was Sandy, who then shot Marge.

That was a year ago. Marge is still in a coma at a long term medical care facility. I visit her often as does Sandy, sometimes together, sometimes separately to diffuse any suspicion.

Everything was going along ok until I got a call from Marge’s doctor who told me that my wife might be coming out of her coma.

Panic set in & I called Sandy and we both went to see the doctor. At the facility, the doctor said, “Marge appears to be coming out of the coma. We have no idea if she’ll recognize anyone or remember what happened. We just don’t know. I will call you when I know something more.

We left the facility and went home.

“Dan, what are we going to do?”

“Just wait & see. That’s all we can do.”


Here is where you readers come in…You can decide how the story ends. I have listed below several possible endings and you can decide…


1) Marge’s condition changes & she doesn’t come out of the coma & suddenly dies

2) Marge comes out of the coma but doesn’t remember anything & life goes back to where it was

3) Marge comes out of the coma and remembers what happens but only Sandy goes to jail

4) Marge comes out of the coma, remembers everything, including hearing Sandy & Dan & knows they planned everything and divorces Dan & Sandy & Dan go to jail

5) Marge comes out of the coma, remembers everything & hires a hit man to do away with Sandy & Dan


Please let me know when you submit your comments.

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