Maria and Her Boys Ch. 11

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I was left confused and feeling guilty after that threesome. It had been so crazy and risky. And dangerous. What was I thinking? What kind of foolish slut had I become?

Then again, it was a most wonderful experience. And how could I be upset with myself since it was the best proof yet of my new life – free and able to find all the pleasures I crave. Surely I had gone too far this time? What kind of woman, of my age, does that – and with young men like Brady and Chris?

I had taken advantage of Brady, I knew that much. Young men are wonderful because they are happy to be led. Everything is a new experience for them. So they usually agree to anything. There was no doubt that Brady had enjoyed his first threesome and, I think, showing off his older lover to his best friend. But Brady is not yet twenty years old. I guess Chris must be the same. I am old enough to be his mother and I acted out of my own lust and needs. What if Brady had second thoughts? What if he reflected and decided it was too extreme or too slutty? What if he hated me?

I felt so relieved when Brady arrived back at my apartment that next morning. It was our usual Sunday appointment. I knew Brady had had lots of sex the previous day. First with me and Chris. Then with his girlfriend that night. Maybe he would not be as horny as he usually is. But I was so grateful that he showed up and so determined to give him something special as an extra thank you for the previous day.

To show I was ready to give him something special, I was wearing my new robe when he came in. It is a very silky material and a nice, deep red colour. Naturally I had left it fully open at the front. I love showing my body to my young man and Brady enjoys it too. I wanted him to see that I was available for him and ready for anything he wanted.

In my bedroom I went to my knees and opened his pants. His lovely, curvy penis bounced into view. He was already hard for me. Boys his age are so reliable. I felt almost grateful.

“Its so lovely,” I smiled up at him. “Any woman would be pleased to see you like this.”

I curled my fingers around him and softly stroked down the length of his shaft. He pulsed nicely for me and I knew that he was ready and horny for play. All my fears were banished at that moment. But I still was going to focus on Brady. I felt like I owed that to my wonderful young lover.

“Let me get you started,” I murmured and then licked him, from his young balls all the way to the tip of his hard penis.

His moans urged me on. So I quickly slipped the tip of his cock between my lips. Reaching down, I cupped his fabulous balls in one hand. I could feel them moving and tightening. It was too much for me to resist. I moved my head down and slowly filled my mouth with several inches of his wonderful manhood. Like I have said before, this feels like the best part of seducing my young men. I still remember how giving oral was such an important part of my own youthful explorations. Now I am a grown woman and experienced enough that I can give a memorable headjob – even to a boy who is old enough to be my own son.

We were both groaning loudly. My nipples were rock hard under my robe. And I felt his shaft as it throbbed in my mouth. For the second time in two days I was feeling so slutty. Only this time it was even better since it was all for the benefit of my Brady. I took even more of his shaft into my mouth and tried to use my tongue to give him extra pleasure.

“Oh, Maria…” he murmured, unconsciously letting me know that I still give a better headjob than his sweet, young girlfriend.

I guess I have always enjoyed taking a man into my mouth – even if my ex-husband didn’t really appreciate it. Sucking a penis is so intimate, feeling his power and his lust. Knowing its because of me that he is so hard. Bringing him to the edge and feeling the throbbing of the shaft.

On my knees in front of Brady that morning, his was the most wonderful cock in the world. I was so alive to all his ridges and bumps and his lovely curve. My head was bobbing up and down but I was pushing to take in as much as I could. His balls felt so good in my hand. I was sure I could taste a little of his precum, too. Brady is still a young man but I think he is becoming more of a man than a boy. And I kept slurping on that wonderful shaft for as long as I could. But eventually I needed to have that gorgeous manhood thrusting into me.

“Lie on the bed,” I said with a smile. “I want that in my vag.”

We were both naked in a flash and I straddled him, holding his rock-hard cock as I positioned myself.

“Let me do the work for you,” I said softly and he merely sighed in response.

I was incredibly wet – something that somehow surprised me after my wickedness the previous day. But there was no time for guilt. His hard dick was in my hand and I sank down over it. His lovely curve went straight up inside me.

“Fuck…” I groaned to him. “Oh, Brady…”

He looked so beautiful tokat escort underneath me. And his cock felt so amazing inside my vag. I was already riding him, using all those workouts so that my legs and my bottom could really give me a serious screwing of his young cock. What woman doesn’t go crazy for a nineteen year-old boy with his hard throbbing cock filling her vag?

“Maria, you’re so incredible…”

His words urged me on. I started to really hump on him. And when Brady grabbed my big, bouncing boobs I totally lost control of myself. He was so perfect that morning and I had the most intense orgasms as I screwed my gallant boy.

“Fuck me, Brady… fuck me,” I moaned as he thrust his hips, driving his dick further into me.

The sex was sensational and almost emotional. Maybe I’d worried about really losing Brady. And after the previous day it was so delicious to have him alone again, not sharing with anyone. He gave me some of the most incredible orgasms as I rode his young cock. But I must have been extra horny that day because everything was intense and powerful and soon I needed to recover.

“You’re so wonderful to me,” I whispered as I climbed off.

Despite my frantic screwing Brady managed to hold back his own climax. I’ve made him an accomplished lover with my teaching. But his dick looked so impressive, hard and wet with my juices.

“Good boy,” I told him. “You are so good to me.”

I lay down and carefully licked him clean, enjoying the taste of my vag and the throbbing of his shaft. It was one of those times when I really wanted to give my young man lots of special attention. Yes, I was repaying him for being such a good boy the previous day. But it was hardly a burden to lick that lovely, bendy shaft.

We lay together and it wasn’t long before Brady was licking and sucking my boobs. He is obsessed with them which suits me just fine. As you know, I got them “fixed” to please my husband. But he never appreciated them the way that my young men do. And Brady is top of that list. I sighed and moaned and stroked his hair as he pleasured me with his mouth.

“What did you want for your special treat?” I murmured.

“I want to watch you use your vibrator,” he mumbled with his mouth still full of my boobs.

I have to say that surprised me. I’d tried to imagine what he’d ask for. Perhaps a sixty-nine? Or a tit-fuck until he exploded his load on my face? But he wanted me to play with a vibrator while he watched? What a wicked mind my young lover has.

I’ve never minded Brady knowing about my sex toys. And its been lovely to teach him to use them on me. But no man has ever really seen me masturbate – not even my former husband.

I didn’t know what to say but Brady was already sliding down my body. I knew where he was going. I didn’t resist and once he started there was no way I could refuse him. His tongue did its usual magic, giving me those long licks from bottom to top that I love so much. I was moaning louder with the wonderful pleasures he was providing me. I could not help but cum. His wish was my command and I cried out to Brady as I poured my wetness all over his young face.

“Oh, my god, Brady,” I groaned. “Let me get a toy for you.”

It took me a few moments to find the right toy – I didn’t want him seeing my entire collection. But I really needed something in my vag. I could feel myself throbbing and spasming. The whole thing felt so erotic and dirty at the same time. But Brady had me feeling super needy. I handed the vibe to him, expecting more ecstasy.

“No,” he chided me. “You use it while I watch.”

That was what he wanted? How wild and slutty. But I could not refuse. I’d given Brady a promise. This was his special treat, a sex act just for him. I felt like I owed him that and, at the same time, I was excited to do something new for him. A sweet young man was in my bed, wanting to watch me with a vibrator in my vag. There was no need to refuse him. I slowly lowered the toy, buzzing softly now, and lay it in the cleft of my vag lips.

“Oh, Brady,” I moaned, knowing he was watching closely.

The buzzing was lovely on my vag. I felt so naked – exposed and dirty in front of my sweet young man. Remember this was probably the most intimate thing have ever done with a man. But Brady was naked in my bed and wanting me to show him everything.

“Put it inside,” I heard him say.

I wasn’t quite ready for that. So instead I worked the tip of the buzzing toy up and down my slit. I knew that I was oozing wetness. My clit was definitely responding to the buzzing sensations.

Brady must have known I needed some encouragement. I guess I’ve taught him well and he knows what I like. When he closed his mouth over my left boob I felt so delicious. Yes, it was dirty and lustful of me. Yes, I was the wicked older woman. But it was Brady’s request and I felt I owed it to him. And I admit I was loving being so slutty for my young tokat escort bayan lover.

“Oh… fuck,” I groaned as I began to press the toy into my soaking vag.

He switched his mouth to my other boob. I was so turned-on I was losing control of myself. My hand pressed the vibe a little deeper. I can’t describe how incredible that felt, how liberated I imagined myself. Brady was pleasuring my boobs as I started to slowly fuck my vag with the vibrator. I was stretching and filling my own vag. And the deeper I pressed the more that I wanted. It felt almost as crazy and wild as the crazy threesome we’d shared the day before.

“Oh, Brady… Brady…” I groaned, suddenly extra aroused by knowing he was watching me masturbate.

“Screw yourself for me,” he mumbled with his mouth locked on my boobs.

I had about half the vibe in my vag and I was cumming just from that. His words sounded so crude. My young man was telling me what he wanted. Ordering me what to do. He was making me so horny and excited with my lewd behaviour. I cried out loud and did what he asked, slowly working the toy penis in and out of my steaming vag. Brady was still watching and suckling on me.

He felt like a real man to me then. And I was feeling like such a woman for him. I’d started shyly but now I was thrilled to be putting on a show for him. It was wonderful to give him something so special and so intimate – so damn erotic. He’s never really had the confidence to take charge of me.

“Don’t stop,” I told him. “Don’t stop.”

I wanted to really please my Brady. I was hardly even aware that I’d put both hands on the toy dick in my vag. All I knew was that I needed a solid screwing. Both my hands started to work the vibe in and out. I know I was slamming the vibe into my vag. It was so heavenly to be pleasuring myself and giving Brady something so special. His lips were fastened to my boobs and sending electric sensations through my entire body. It was up to me to really screw my vag. So I was using both hands to fuck myself as he watched, incredibly turned-on as I let Brady see me ramming my spasming vag.

By then I think I had lost my mind. I cried out even louder. It was all too wicked and naughty and the pleasure was overwhelming. Part of me wished it was his cock in my vag. But there was something incredibly erotic to be in control of the thrusting and touching all the right spots. I could only think about my orgasms and the incredible pleasure I was sharing with my young man as I gave myself a two-handed fucking.

I’ve got no idea how long I lasted. But of course, eventually, I had to ease off and stop punishing my hungry, dirty vag. It was over and he was holding me in his young arms. What other nineteen year-old boy knows how to treat a woman like that? But I was flushed with the feeling of triumph. I’d promised something special for Brady and

“That was amazing,” I heard him say. And I realised that I’d somehow finished screwing myself. “You are an amazing woman.”

The vibe was on the bed, still between my legs and buzzing by itself. I was feeling slightly delirious, like only the most intense orgasms can do to me. I was a little concerned to be so dazed and fuzzy-headed. But I took comfort from knowing I’d obviously gotten off completely from masturbating for my Brady.

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” I muttered to him. “Never. And not for Chris or anyone.”

“No, its just for us,” he agreed. “That was amazing. And you enjoyed it so much.”

There was no need to argue. My young lover had surprised me and I’d had the most wonderful experience. Somehow that felt even better than my first threesome. The play with Chris was fantastic and wild but it felt even better to give that special act to Brady. I loved sharing myself so totally with my young man. And I lay there with him for quite some time as I recovered and wondered what damage I’d done to my vag in my delirium.

“I know you can’t stay long,” I said to him eventually. “Why don’t you screw me properly before you go?”

As he seemed agreeable to my suggestion, I left his arms and moved down the bed. In between his legs, I started by draping my C-cup boobs over his dick. My soft, brown hair was tickling his tummy. It felt good to rub him with my boobs and of course he quickly became hard for me. I went lower, trailing my tongue down his shaft to his lovely, hairy pouch. Brady never fails to compliment me for my skills and his moans that morning seemed extra special.

I sucked him, of course. He was hard by then but there is nothing better than taking a young penis into my mouth. Like all young my guys, his dick somehow conveys his youthful power and sexual energy. And I can always make him a little harder still with my lips and tongue. Having him in my mouth made me feel a little like I was back in control – the way I like things.

“This is what I really need,” I said as I looked into his eyes. “Fuck escort tokat me?”

I got into position – on hands and knees, presenting my hairless vag to my young man. Yes, that’s what I wanted that morning. I enjoy missionary when I can hold him and feel his arms around me. Its so intimate. But this morning I wanted to be like an animal with Brady ramming me from behind. I wanted to feel his youthful energy and let him pound my vag so that he’d feel he was mine again – not having to share me with his friend.

“Oh, good boy… good boy,” I moaned as he penetrated me and gave me that first hard thrust.

Brady even looks more manly now when he screws me. No longer a youth but a confident lover. I watched in the mirror as he gripped my waist and started to flex his bum, thrusting firmly into my soaking vag. Each thrust of his hips made my flesh ripple in my bottom. And I was loving the way my boobs were already swinging underneath me.

Yes, I came from his screwing. Of course I did. That young dick was delightful in my vag. And I only had to look back and see my young man doing his best to ram into me to be overcome by some of my more intense orgasms. But Brady had not cum yet – he has learned so well to hold back, to develop his stamina so that he can extend my pleasure just as I need. Though I love his loads and sometimes I just have to make him cum twice for me on a nice Sunday morning in my bed. And I was in need of his baby-making stuff that day.

After he withdrew, I climbed down and went on my knees with a naughty grin. Brady understood perfectly. I watched him get off the bed and stand before me. He looked so tall. And his wonderful, bendy cock was towering in front of me – hard, glistening and irresistible. I stroked him, slowly at first, feeling the twitching and pulsing of his shaft. What a treat!

“Oh, Brady. You are so good to me.”

I was stroking his balls as well, trying to guess how big his load would be after all he sex he’d had the day before. I wanted his load in my mouth and I lifted myself enough so that I could close my lips around his throbbing cock. I don’t have the words to tell you how it feels to have such a young penis in my mouth, ready to burst with all its youthful power as he groans his thanks and his pleasure to me.

It did take Brady a little while. Not that he wasn’t enjoying my mouth. But he’d given so many performances the day before. I helped a little more by stroking the base while I took most of his length inside my mouth. I was really working my tongue as well, still going slow but determined for him to shoot his load.

“Maria… I’m going to shoot…”

Those magic words! It was a signal for me to keep working his cock. Even his girlfriend, the sweet Emily, doesn’t suck him the way I can. He blasted that first part of his load hard into my mouth. Oh yes, that lovely warm, silky load with just a little saltiness to its taste. I tried to take him deeper, massaging his balls as he tensed and thrust his hips and filled my mouth again and again with those long, powerful spurts of his. Neither of us stopped till it was clear his balls were drained. My young man had given me something wonderful.

I sent him on his way soon after. Brady had a few busy weeks ahead of him. Lots of study and life things. We both knew it would be a few weeks before we got together again. I was glowing after my little performance for him that day. But I was missing him already. It was some consolation to say goodbye knowing that he’d be back in my bed as soon as he could.


I’d made the decision in my own mind about trying anal sex – with Brady. And the next day a package arrived with two new toys. One is a soft, gel-like butt plug. There’s something I never thought I’d write – a new butt plug. I have read that it will help to prepare myself if I use it during masturbation to stretch my anal muscles. Its lovely and purple and I confess I used it that night.

It feels so different to a finger. I like it, getting the sensation of being filled up. I was unsure at first but finally was brave enough to insert it the whole way. I know Brady’s cock will be even bigger. That scares me and excites me at the same time.

And the other toy is a medical-grade steel object. The website said its for wearing during the day. I love the look and feel of it in my hands. Its harder to insert that into my bottom. So far its even a little painful when I have to force it into place. But that is totally worth it since all day I can feel it when I walk or move in my chair. It is delicious to have a busy day at work and know I have a naughty object sitting tight in my rear passage.

My decision to experience anal sex seems so obvious – now. Being in my late forties I almost regret waiting so long to try it.

I still regret not finding the courage with my lovely Clayton. Yes, I was a little scared. But it would have been perfect to have chosen him as my first. I say “first” because I am assuming I will enjoy anal and want more of it. I hope so. And Clayton is special to me in a way that none of my other young men ever could be. That won’t change, however. And maybe its for the best that I’ve left him to explore and discover more sexual experiences with his girlfriends.

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