Miranda Twist’s like a Pretzel

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Miranda looked incredibly striking with her brunette hair, rainbow-colored tube socks, and white choker with crystal lettering, Inscribed: ‘Slut’ along with her black fishnet styled ‘gloves’ that came up below her elbows and threaded around the gaps between her thumbs and index fingers resembling thongs on her hands.

Her choker, in particular, was the perfect mixture of classy and trashy.

I had a large mirror fixed on the wall at the end of the bed, for the exact moment that was about to unfold.

The headboard was padded. The style in which the bed was designed, it was perfect to sit up and read or watch TV as I often did.

On this occasion, the only TV I would be watching would be in the mirror.

As I leaned up against the padded headboard, I had Miranda sit on my lap and held her thighs back with my arms interlocked behind her knees.

Miranda was fairly short, so I wasn’t under any duress or focusing on containing her body weight which allowed me to concentrate on the true objective.

The position exerted a sense of dominance as if had her pinned in a winning wrestling move and she was about to receive the three-count tap.

Instead, my dick was in her ass. After fucking her comfortably for a while as I held her in place, with her back resting on my chest and my head looking over her shoulder intrusively, without obstructing my view in the mirror, I began to lift her ass upwards by rocking her back slightly and pulling my cock out.

It barely took any effort at all to shift her body weight. It didn’t require any strength, yet displayed the image of strength. I could just pull my dick out of her and there in the mirror, her gaping asshole would be on display prominently, resting proudly above my pretty dick as I peered over her shoulder with a deviant facial expression.

I loved fucking her like this. It was as if I were showing her the aftermath of her destruction. My cock stood erect next to her gaping ass like a wrecking ball. She could only look forward into the mirror with a shocked expression as her jaw dropped, amasya escort her mouth now imitating her ass.

She was like a car accident from which she couldn’t look away. especially now, as not only were my arms grasping her thighs from behind, both of my hands were placed at the back of her head so she could no longer turn her neck.

She was forced to look as I continued fucking and gaping her asshole. Every two minutes or so, I removed my cock and we’d be posing again, with her gaping asshole on display next to my cock. I was like a fisherman and her gaping ass was my prized catch. Also, like fishermen, in which they emphasize the size of their catch, I was emphasizing the size of her gaping asshole.

I began gaining serious sadistic pleasure from gazing at her ass in the mirror and looking at us together. Miranda’s initial shocked reaction soon became an expression of lust; an ‘impressed’ look appeared on her face from the size of her gape, and the size of my cock which was inflicting the damage. Miranda also appeared to be gaining sadistic pleasure in her destruction.

Due to the mirror, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t facing her, My cock lined up her asshole with precision and never hit the rim once — swish! every time. I could have hit her asshole with my eyes closed anyway, such as the size of her delicious gape!

The human body is so amazing, Just went you think you’ve seen it all — another kink! I’ve always loved the sight of gaping assholes on bitches, yet the prolapse, I often found was a bit much.’

Not anymore though, such had my sexual fetishes increased over time, naturally.

Now, I wasn’t just watching her ass gape. I was watching the gorgeous bitch prolapse, time after time as we both looked forward into the mirror in amazement.

The sight of the prolapses distracted me from the pleasure I was experiencing, which allowed me fuck her even longer.

“Oh yeah, you like that baby.”

“You like when I do that to you,” I said.

Miranda just groaned with delight. Looking ever amasya escort bayan so adorable in her striped tube socks displaying every color of the rainbow with her brunette hair beginning to stick to parts of her neck, forehead, and shoulders due to the sweat, which was an incredibly ‘hot’ sight!

I moved my hands from the back of her head and began cupping her tits. She turned her head as we started kissing with our tongues without any lips touching. I then inserted my thumbs into the corners of her mouth and pushed them upwards so her gums and teeth were now visible, which made her appear as if she was forcibly smiling, not to mention look completely ridiculous and humiliating her, only turning us both on further.

I then placed my middle fingers into the corners of her mouth and pulled them downwards, so her bottom teeth were now showing; she began to take on a long frown look, which created a deformed, ‘melted’ expression as I continued hammering away at her asshole. Due to the proximity between her head and mine, I continued to whisper all kinds of filth into her ear.

By this point, she was far from tight anymore. I wasn’t feeling much pleasure from her ass around my cock at all, which didn’t bother me, as I could continue to punish her and degrade this sexy slut for as long as I wanted! I yearned for the squishy sounds of her prolapses. And marveled at how gorgeous this bitch looked.

I took great pride in the fact I’d fucked her insides out.

Beginning to become slightly bored with demolishing my new play-thing. I thrust Miranda forward into the doggy-style position and was keen to go to town on her ass!

She ‘felt’ so amazing, her giant gaping hole. I entered her in one swift motion and barely even touched the sides and started pumping her backside in rhythmic thrusts of my hips. It was as if I was fucking air! And I was! In no time, pretty Miranda began farting like a trooper! Not the prolapse type squishy but the air-tight-kind, which was an incredible turn-on!

I then began to gape her doggy escort amasya style and said, “I love your stinky fuckin’ poophole!”

Followed by, “I love fucking bitches in their stinky poophole’s.” to create the impression she wasn’t singular; nor special, just another slut, whilst I was stud-like and not at all new to this, therefore created a sense of experience and success.

As I continued pumping her asshole, I asked her “Do you like when I fuck you where you shit from?”

I began playfully laughing every time she farted when I pushed my cock inside her.

“Mmm, you like that don’t you!” I said with an excited tone and smirk on my face, the playful laughs lightly humiliating her, turning her on further!”

“You like when I fuck that ‘big’ ass’ I said once more

Knowing she relished in me fucking her ‘tight’ ass, which was no longer tight anymore, therefore I was taking something away from her she was once proud of.

Again, all this done was turn her on even more

“Mmm, I’m gonna cum in your gaping fuckin’ shithole!” I said to her once more.

“Ohhh yeah, cum in my fuckin ass baby!” she replied

This time, when I pulled out of her, I began spreading her ass cheeks and then telling her to hold her ass spread apart as I continued to gape her.

Guys were visual creatures, after all, there was no way I was cumming inside her ass without getting a final look at her gaping ass that was beginning to resemble a shotgun blast.

She was getting her shotgun alright! One last time, as I pulled out I said, “spread it, baby.”

I aimed and knew as soon as I gripped my cock it was only going to take about a stroke or two, up and back like a pump-action! Unlike in porn, where the cum-shot is dismal and slow, I began spraying her in pellet-form everywhere, shooting far and wide. I probably got 3 drops in her ass, the rest of my cum was spraying too rapidly for such a target.

I came so hard my cum hit the mirror on the wall, beyond the end of the bed.

Fittingly with the perfect view of the two of us in the doggy style position, Miranda looked up and where the drops of cum had splashed on the mirror, they were now appearing on her face, neck, and breasts in her reflection!

I truly did have the best of both worlds. I’d given’ this bitch a facial and came in her ass at the same time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32