Mum and Her Voluptous Sister Ch. 01

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Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious. I hope that you enjoy it.

Mum couldn’t believe her eyes when she came back from shopping and walked past her son Jack’s bedroom. She didn’t go into the bedroom, but what surprised and aroused her was the reflection on the mirrors on the dressing table opposite the end of Jack’s bed. Jack was looking at his laptop. He had headphones on his ears. That was why he hadn’t heard mum. Mum assumed he was watching porn as he masturbated with the biggest, thickest cock she had ever seen in her life. Lying on top of the bed beside him was the red silk negligee mum had left in the laundry basket yesterday.

Mum took everything in very quickly as Jack stroked his monster of a cock. The bulbous head was like a giant mushroom. The underside of his cock, which was visible in the mirror, showed the veins on his cock pulsating as the blood was pumping around inside his cock.

Then she saw the first spurt shoot out of the pee slit in her son’s massive cock, which hit the red negligee that Jack was holding to collect his creamy spunk. Finally, on the fifth spurt, mum quietly tiptoed away and went to her bedroom. She needed to change her panties as her pussy was now dripping.

Mum’s mind was working overtime as she changed her panties. Jack had been in his bed all morning. Mum had also got up late, but Jack was still in his bed when mum went shopping at two. Jack hadn’t seen her dressed today.

Mum then changed her bra to one that pushed her massive tits out. They jiggled beautifully in that bra. Mum was tall with a voluptuous body. Her bra cup size was 34 F, her tits were big and meaty. The top she put on showed cock stiffening cleavage. She then put on very tight-fitting leggings. If Jack started to ogle her body, then she would begin to seduce him.

Mum went into the kitchen and started to prepare the goulash for tonight’s dinner. Everything was ready. She then noticed that she hadn’t bought any sausages for breakfast tomorrow and Monday. So she called out, “Jack, could you go to the butchers and get four pounds of their beef sausages? I forgot to get them when I was in today.”

Mum was in the kitchen when Jack came in for the money for the sausages. Jack was a twenty-year-old student studying law. Mum was a forty-five-year-old widow of two years whose husband had sadly died in a horrendous car accident two years ago.

The insurance and Life Insurance payments had mum financially secure though mum had her own Graphic Design Company building websites. Jack’s jaw dropped when he saw mum’s massive jugs pointing at him. Her nipples were also rock hard.

Jack was more than ogling mum’s massive tits. They fixated on him. He said, “Is there anything else you need, mum?”

“No, I’m sorry that I forgot them, I’m getting old, I’ll be needing to make shopping lists soon. I don’t need anything else.”

Jack left. Mum had jiggled her massive tits for him. Mum then knew that she didn’t have much time. She got to Jack’s bedroom, the red negligee wasn’t there, but Jack’s laptop was still on, he had left it on a Solitaire game he was playing, mum couldn’t believe her good luck, she checked his browsing history.

On the porn site, she found Jack’s favourites. He was into big tits and mum son incest. Some of the titles made mum’s pussy tingle, ‘Mum loves son’s Big Thick Cock.’ ‘Mum Sucks and Swallows.’ ‘Mum loves it in Every Hole’.

Mum checked the laundry basket. Her red negligee was soaked with Jack’s cock juice. Mum got aroused when she opened it up and saw all the stains. Mum was now thinking, do I want my son to Fuck me?

She thought of his monster cock and said yes to herself. She now wondered how to proceed, should she make the first move, or should she wear sexy clothes, flirt with him and let him make the first move?

Jack drove to the butchers. All he was thinking about was mum’s massive tits. They looked beautiful just now. Jack had been fantasising about having sex with mum for the last eighteen months. Mum hadn’t dated since dad died, maybe he was oversexed, and his mum wasn’t interested in sex?

He loved mum’s curves but had never seen her naked. He had seen her years ago in a swimming costume. She had looked gorgeous. Jack thought that he would leave the bathroom door open when he showered, then maybe she would do the same?

When Jack got home, mum sat at the kitchen table, sipping a glass of wine talking on the phone to her sister. Then mum said, “When do you finish for Easter? Aunt Jo has invited us to spend Easter with her. Will you come with me if I visit her?”

Jack didn’t need to think about it. Aunt Jo’s tits were amazing. She was like mum. They both had voluptuous bodies, Aunt Jo was five years older than mum, but she was still a stunner.

Jack replied, “I’ve one lecture on Thursday morning. I can be home just after eleven. I will drive you in your car if you want?”

Mum was happy about this. The traffic on Good Friday would be horrendous. She also marmaris escort knew that she and Jack would sleep in the attic rooms. They would have separate bedrooms but share the same bathroom. She could flirt with Jack easily there.

It was an eight-hour drive to Aunt Jo’s. Mum was happy Jack would drive. Mum was also pleased that she would see her sister. She had gone through a nasty divorce four years ago. She was a dentist with her own practice. She had no financial worries.

One night over dinner, mum was now pushing her massive tits out for Jack. She knew that his mouth watered when she did this. Jack said, “Mum, you’re a beautiful woman. Why have you never dated?”

Mum thought, what the best way to answer this is? She was thinking of what gave her the best sexual pleasure. She was getting on in life. She loved to masturbate with cucumber, the thicker and longer, the better. No cock had ever stimulated her cervix, but she knew that they would with every cucumber she bought.

She also knew that Jack’s cock would easily do it too, and there weren’t many men with cocks like Jack’s were around and would show any interest in her. So mum said, “Jack, you’re my main responsibility, you have a couple more years to do at University when you graduate I will think about it then. Aunt Jo’s is on a dating site, and she’s dated a couple of younger guys, and she’s enjoyed being with them. So I might look for someone younger too.”

“What age group would interest you, mum?”

“Aunt Jo’s dates were both in their twenties. I only believe that she sees one now. I don’t think that it’s a big love affair. I think it’s for mutual sexual gratification.”

Jack thought, wow, he was seeing Aunt Jo in a different light now, then Jack said, “Mum, I’m in my twenties, would you date me?”

“Jack, we are not allowed to do that. I love you so much. You are all that I’ve got. How would I feel if I lost you for a couple of quick fucks? That’s too big a risk for me. Unless I were absolutely sure, then I wouldn’t take the risk.”

Mum was so happy with the words she had used. She watched as Jack was analysing every word she had said, unless I was absolutely sure, was telling Jack that she could be interested, but he would have to make the next move. Jack said, “I love you to mum. You’re the best mum in the world.”

Mum knew that she had got Jack thinking. Mum’s car had to go in for a service. It was a Mercedes Convertible, not the sports Convertible but the Saloon Convertible. It could seat five people and carry a lot of luggage. Jack loved to drive this car, and so did mum. Mum drove the car home. She felt that after every service that the car drove better.

She thought that she would enjoy driving to Jo’s, but Jack would appreciate it more. So mum spent the time the car was in the garage in a beautiful boutique. The lingerie and suggestive outfits were sure to give Jack a lot of naughty thoughts.

Jack’s head was full of ‘unless I’m absolutely sure’. He wondered how he would let mum know that he was interested. So he Googled it. He was happy. He now knew what to do and what to look for.

He hugged mum when Jack got home, which was unusual as they only hugged on birthdays or Christmas. As they hugged, Jack felt the heavy weight of mum’s tits on his chest. They felt so firm and meaty. As they broke off from the embrace, Jack said, “Mum, you smell so good. I love that smell.”

“I like it too, Jack, and I’ll wear it for you all the time. If there’s anything that you like or want, tell me, and I’ll do it for you.”

Mum was preparing dinner. Jack went to his room to do some work. Mum went to her bedroom and changed into one outfit that she had bought today. She wanted Jack to know that she had changed for him. But, first, she applied a good amount of the perfume Jack liked.

Then, for the first time, she wore no bra under the blouse she was wearing. She also undid perhaps one button on her blouse too many, but she was showing magnificent cleavage.

She called Jack for dinner. They were both now drinking wine in the evening. Mum was standing facing the door when Jack came into the kitchen; his face lit up; he smiled and said, “You look stunning, mum.”

Then he hugged her, and mum made sure that he felt the total weight of her braless tits on his chest.

Jack was pulling her close to her; then, mum pressed her pussy against Jack’s leg. Then, with a gentle rotary movement, she was dry riding his leg. They broke away. Jack looked aroused, then mum saw the massive bulge in his trousers. Mum had given him an incredible erection.

Over dinner, Jack could hardly take his eyes off mum’s jiggling tits, then mum said, “Jack, are you dating at the moment?”

“Mum, I’ve too much work. I would rather get good grades than date some silly girl.”

Mum was careful with her next question. She didn’t say girl; she said woman, “What do you look for in a woman?”

“That’s difficult to say, mum.”

“Are you a teeth, tits or legs man marmaris escort bayan and which is the most important? I would like you to be honest, Jack, as I would like to get to know you?”

Jack gulped at his wine. Mum topped both their glasses up; Jack took a good sip then said, “I love big tits, mum; I want to be honest with you.”

“Do you like my big girls? I didn’t wear a bra for you tonight. How do you prefer me, braless or with a bra?”

Jack gulped down more wine then said, “I want to be honest with you, mum, definitely braless, you look stunning.”

“Thank you, Jack. When we’re alone in the house, from now on, I won’t wear a bra. Shall we watch a film on Netflix tonight or have you work to do?”

“Mum, I have got a paper to put in tomorrow, so not tonight, but we can do that tomorrow.”

After dinner, they hugged again. Mum kissed Jack very close to his ear. She didn’t want to give him a cheek kiss. Jack went to his bedroom. Mum watched a little television then went to her bed with a very thick long cucumber.

When the tip of the cucumber hit her cervix, she then started to fuck her dripping pussy very slowly as she rubbed her clit with her other hand. As usual, she kept having flashbacks of when she saw Jack’s monster of a cock.

Just before she climaxed, she thought of having Jack’s monster cock in her mouth, it would be a struggle, but she was sure that she could take it deep into her throat. So, before she had started, she had taken the cucumber into her mouth and throat. She had managed over eight and a half inches.

They hugged again at breakfast. As Jack was leaving, mum hugged him again then said, “Jack, would you mind if I kissed you?”

“No mum, I would love to kiss you too.”

Mum was braless again, she wanted Jack to take the initiative and give her tits a good feel, but he didn’t. Their lips met, both their tongues were exploring the other’s mouth. Mum’s more slowly and controlled with a lot of affection.

Jack’s with a lot of excitement and desire, as they broke away from each other, mum said, “Can I teach you how to kiss Jack? I mean that in the nicest possible way. It’s always better to kiss gently and slowly and let the intensity build by touching and feeling. This is part of you growing up. I only want to help you.”

They tongue kissed again before Jack left. This kiss was amazing as mum slowly tried to suck Jack’s tongue into her mouth. Jack then left; he had a contented look on his face.

They would leave tomorrow morning when Jack got home. Mum was doing extensive washings. She messaged Jack just after nine, “Jack, I’m doing the packing for tomorrow. Have you anything that needs to be washed and you want to take? Remember, we’re away for eight days. I will make sure that you have enough of everything but if there’s something special you want to take, tell me and I’ll make sure it’s cleaned. I hope your day is going well. I’m busy but looking forward to our holiday. Love mum xx.”

Jack replied twenty minutes later, “Mum, I have got a pair of fawn chinos in my bedroom, I feel comfortable in those, but they need a wash. I enjoyed this morning, mum. Thanks for your kind words this morning. I was very nervous and very excited, I haven’t got a lot of experience in the kissing department, but I’ll welcome any help and advice you can give me. I loved how you kissed. I can still feel the sensation of your last kiss. Love Jack xx.”

Mum then wondered what she would wear tonight. She would be braless that would keep Jack ogling on her big girls as they wobbled around. Mum finished the washing then went to work on ironing. She had a new steam iron which was light and very fast. As she ironed, she thought of when they were at Jo’s. They would have the self-contained attic to themselves. Mum was thinking of saying to Jo that she would prefer if Jo didn’t visit them unannounced. She was wondering what the nicest way to put this to Jo would be. Mum then replied to Jack.

“Jack, thanks for the lovely message. I enjoyed our kisses too. This must be our secret. We can’t tell anyone. Do you promise me that you’ll do this? I’ve finished all the washing and ironing, both our bags are packed. You just need to give me your toiletry bag after you have finished with it tomorrow morning. Tonight’s dinner is a clearing out of the fridge, but it will be delicious. We will eat at six tonight. Love mum xx.”

It was now coming up to five. Jack would be driving home. There was some chicken in the fridge. Mum then prepared a chicken casserole. Around ten past five, Jack arrived home. Mum was wearing a loose top with no bra. Her massive tits were jiggling beautifully as she moved. Jack hugged mum, they tongue kissed, the kisses were slow, gentle and loving, both their tongues were exploring the other’s mouth. Mum said, “That was a kiss. You’re a fast learner. How was your day?”

“It was good, mum. I’m looking forward to our holiday. But, mum, this must be our secret. I have been researching incest. escort marmaris It must be consensual. I will never discuss what happens between you and me with anyone; that is a promise. I didn’t shower this morning. I’m going to have a quick shower now. I’ll be back down by six.”

“Jack, that’s why we both must be sure, we can’t rush anything, we both must have the emotion and passion, we both must feel that we want to do it because we love each other, not because we want a quick fuck. There’s a big difference between having a good fuck and making love. So have your shower. I’ll pour you a glass of wine at six.”

They chatted much about what they would do on holiday; mum wanted to invite Aunt Jo out for dinner with them, there were some lovely restaurants around where Aunt Jo lived. Mum said that she would get up early and cook breakfast for Aunt Jo, so she didn’t have to do it. Mum also said that she’d put two cases of good Chablis and a case of Champagne into the boot of the car so they wouldn’t be drinking Aunt Jo’s wine.

After dinner, they went into the lounge, they both sat on the sofa. Jack was cuddling up to mum. It felt good to both of them. They tried a couple of pictures on Netflix, but they seemed to get boring after twenty minutes. Then mum said, “Jack, do you enjoy sex?”

“Mum, I don’t have a lot of experience, there’s a lot of things I like about it, but sadly, I don’t have much experience.”

“What do you like?”

“I love the feeling when you climax. I love big tits. It’s difficult to say, mum.”

“Would you like to play with my big girls as we talk? Would that relax you? I can take my top off so you can feel and play with them?”

“That would be amazing. I would love it if we could do that.”

As mum took off her top, she said, “Jack, I want you to be slow and gentle when you play with my girls, they are very sensitive, as are my nipples, please go slowly, when you hear me purr, then you’ll know that you’re giving me pleasure.”

Jack was slow and delicate as he cupped mum’s massive right tit. Mum was soon purring, then Jack got some courage and started to suck mum’s big and hard right nipple. Mum purred, then said, “Do you like having your cock sucked, Jack? Do you enjoy a blow job?”

“I’ve only had three girls giving me one mum, one of them was very good.”

“Did she swallow?”

“Yes mum, the other two spat it out; that wasn’t so good.”

“What about hand jobs? Do you enjoy a hand job?”

“Yes, one of them used baby lotion, and that wasn’t so sore on my cock, the one that used the baby lotion was also the one that swallowed.”

“Have you ever fucked a girl Jack?

“Yes mum, the one that swallowed.”

“Did you shoot your load inside her?”

“Yes, mum, she was on the pill. She loved a good fucking. I even did anal with her. I could make her cum when I ass fucked her. She told me that I had a magnificent cock, and it stretched her pussy. She liked having her pussy stretched.”

Mum noticed the considerable bulge in Jack’s trousers. His cock was massive. Mum realised this could develop very quickly, she had to slow it down, now wasn’t the time, “Jack, this girl seems to have given you a lot of pleasure, did you enjoy what she did to you?”

“I did, mum, but it was very rushed, it was like in and out, then it was over. So when you said to do things slowly and gently, it made a lot of sense to me. If she had gone slower, then it would have been better.”

“Did you do anything to give her pleasure?”

“Yes mum, she loved it when I fucked her because I stretched her pussy and went so deep. She also loved it when I sucked her clit and fisted her cunt. She loved that. Mum, I hope you don’t mind how I’m talking to you. I want to be honest. I love sex. I’m sure that I could do it four or five times a day. Do you enjoy sex?”

Mum’s pussy was now twitching. She was now so wet. She hugged Jack. They tongue kissed lovingly and passionately for several minutes, then mum said, “I’m like you, Jack, I love sex too, but as I’ve said before, both of us must be sure. I appreciate everything that you’ve told me. It’s getting late. We can talk tomorrow, though. I will be honest. I feel we are getting close.”

They hugged and tongue kissed again, then mum went to the bathroom first. She changed her panties and left them inside the laundry basket. Because of the washing she had done, it was the only thing in the basket. Mum then went to bed. She heard Jack going into the bathroom. Twenty minutes later, she heard him leave the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, mum checked the laundry basket. Her panties were drenched with creamy spunk. Jack had done his business in mum’s panties.

Mum went back to bed; automatically, her hand went between her legs. She started to rub her hard clit as her other hand went under the spare pillow. She felt the long thick cucumber, then brought the thick tip of it to her very wet pussy flaps.

She gasped as she slid it up her wet cunt; it was stretching her pussy the way she loved it as she worked her clit with her other hand. Ten minutes later, she had a body-shaking orgasm. When she had composed herself, she wiped the cucumber with the towel on which she had been lying. She thought that she could use the cucumber again after Jack left in the morning. Then she would put it in the bin as she couldn’t take it on holiday with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32