My Boyfriend Big Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

We came home from our vacation refreshed and with a new attitude towards sex.

Dick put it up my ass every day, sometimes two or three times a day. I never got sick of it, I enjoyed every inch of it. And every squirt from his never-ending supply of jizz.

We moved in together in his condo several months ago. My girlfriends thought it was too soon, but I think they want to sabotage our relationship. I can’t wait to bring up my new sex life, taking it up the ass. They will be shocked (and secretly turned on).

Dick and I both work full time so we do not have all day to fuck like we did on vacation. We have to get it in whenever we can, no pun intended.

We never seem to wake up early enough to do it, we both have to have coffee and rush out the door. But that just makes it better when we get home in the evening. We are both so horny that we can’t wait.

We try some different positions, but I still like the old fashioned face-down and spread-butt. We do not need any artificial lube anymore, partly because my anus is permanently stretched, and partly because Dick has become such an expert at shoving it up my ass. Also, his hard-on is so incredibly stiff. When he pushes, it slides in.

My belly has become his sperm bank. Every time my digestive system absorbs a load, he refills me. I don’t mean to be crude, but my morning bathroom visit takes about 30 seconds now. Sorry if that is too much information.

We had dinner reservations at our favorite place one evening, and as usual we were rushing to get dressed. I was doing makeup in my panties and bra, when he came up behind me. He pressed his hard-on against my butt, and kissed my neck.

“Dick, stop that! We will be late. We can do it when we get home.”

He went into his disappointed little boy act.

“All right. If you really need to do it now, let’s just cancel dinner.”

“No, Karen. Just bend over and help me get it in. I will finish so quick we will be out the door in time.”

I do not like ‘quickies’ but the thought of that position, standing up and bent-over, started to intrigue me.

I pulled my panties down to my ankles, and bent over, my hands on my knees.

He pulled his briefs down and moved close behind me.

“Take one of your hands and spread one butt-cheek. I will spread the other one.”

I did that, and the other hand on my knee helped me keep my balance.

I felt his familiar cock-head touch my anus, and I waited for the inevitable penetration.

He expertly pushed it in, and continued up my asshole. He had to be gentle so as to not knock me off balance and ruin everything. I did not want to explain to the Emergency Room staff how I ‘fell’ in the bathroom.

He worked it in and out, and I stood still, taking it all the way in me.

This time we wanted to finish quickly, and we did.

His cock twitched and pulsed, and I felt one of his super-size loads squirt into me.

He reached around to play with my clit. He wanted me to finish too, but I cut him short.

“You can help me get my rocks off when we get home. Let’s go.”

I didn’t bother pulling my panties back up, I left them on the bathroom floor. I put on the skirt I had planned to wear, and finished getting dressed.

Dick noticed, and said, “Going commando, huh? I like that.”

“That is NOT so you can screw me in the ladies room at the restaurant!”

He gave me a sheepish grin, and we were out the door and into the car.

We were almost finished with dinner when I did have to go to the ladies room.

As I was washing my hands and checking my lipstick, a young woman standing next to me caught my eye.

She said, “You know, I can smell the cum running out of your pussy.”

I am very open minded about sex, and as I have said Dick and I say whatever is on our minds. But this shocked me.

I did have a tiny rivulet of semen running down my right leg, but I had no idea anyone could smell it. Women have a better sense of smell than men, so I guess I have been turning on some women and disgusting others.

I decided I would be the one who did the shocking.

“Not exactly. It is oozing out of my asshole.”

That shut her up, and I went back to my lipstick and she went back to messing with her hair.

I was about to leave when she stopped me.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

I thought I was going to get a lecture about my bad behavior, but that was wrong.

Instead, she said, “I would like to ask you about that. If it is too personal I will understand. Do you mind?”

“No. What do you want to know?’

“I noticed the guy you are seated with. Is he the one who gives it to you, umm, you know, rectally?”

“Yes. Up my ass. You can say it. Don’t be embarrassed.”

“What does it feel like? Does it hurt? Or at least is it uncomfortable?”

“The first time you do it, for the first few inches, it is a little uncomfortable. But you get used to it. By that I mean your asshole stretches.”

I was deliberately trying to shock her now, but she seemed to take it afyon escort in stride.

“Is his, umm, thing, pretty big? Pretty long?”

“His cock, you mean. Yes, about 9 ½ inches. And before you ask, yes, it goes all the way in.”

“And when he finishes, does it all go inside you or does he pull it out?”

“He pumps it all up my asshole every time. That’s why you smell it oozing out of me now.”

She actually shivered, and blushed. I don’t think it was embarrassment, I think she was aroused.

I decided I had enough of shocking Miss Goody Two-Shoes.

“Nice talking to you. I need to get back to my guy.”

I sat down and started to tell Dick about the strange encounter in the ladies room. He just laughed, it didn’t bother him at all.

Then the night got even stranger.

The woman came over to our table, and asked if she could join us.

I was about to say fuck off, but Big Dick was charming and said yes, by all means. I just glared at him.

First came introductions. She said her name was Laura. We gave her ours. First names only.

Laura said, “I am so intrigued by what you told me in the ladies room. Again, if I am being too personal, I will understand.”

Dick wasn’t about to miss this chance.

“No problem. We talk openly, as you discovered with Karen.”

Laura continued, “I have reached a point in my life where I feel like I am missing out on so much. My sex life is very boring. When you told me about yours, it actually aroused me.”

We were silent, so she went on.

“Was that too much to say?”

Dick once again, “No. Go on.” I tried to kick him under the table but I missed.

“Please don’t be offended, but I would like to observe the two of you if I may. I would not disturb you or interrupt you. I am just extremely curious.”

“That’s it! I think you should leave now.”

Horny Dick jumped right in to correct me.

“No, Laura, don’t leave. Don’t mind Karen. I think you should come home with us now.”

If looks could kill, he would be dead.

I took over, “All right, Dick. And all right Laura. Laura can come home with us, but I am not putting on a show for her. Laura, you can experience it firsthand. Dick will be glad to fuck you in the ass. You will love it.”

She blushed and I thought she might faint. She would not look at me.

Barely audible, she said, “I guess that would be all right. If Dick is willing to do it.”

Dick grinned like he just won the lottery, and said, “Yes, of course.”

I tried to kick him again and missed again.

After some awkward silence I spoke again.

“Like I said, I am not putting on a show. So you have to participate. Do you want to?”

She avoided eye contact, and softly said, “Yes.”

She was obviously embarrassed, modest, and ashamed, but her desire to do it overcame her shame.

That totally surprised me. I thought she would get up and run.

Dick did not want anyone to change their mind.

“Let’s go.”

We got up and walked out to the parking lot.

“What are you driving, Laura?”

“I don’t have a car here. The guy I came with to the restaurant got mad at me and left.”

Probably because you wouldn’t let him fuck you in the ass, I thought.

Dick said, “OK. Let’s get in our Lexus.”

Laura got in the back seat, and I got in the right front while Dick did the driving.

It was pretty quiet during the drive because no one knew what to say.

We parked in our car-port and walked together to the front door. We let ourselves in, and Dick motioned to the bedroom.

Laura hesitated, but I gave her a gentle push in the right direction.

When we got to the bedroom, I didn’t waste time.

“Take your clothes off, Laura.”

Big Dick was already stripping down. I glared at him for being so eager.

Laura began to slowly disrobe. Taking one garment off at a time and laying them on a side-chair.

She finally go down to her panties and stopped.

I completely undressed too, although I didn’t plan to be in the action.

“Dick can’t fuck you through your underwear. Take it off.”

I don’t know why I was being so mean to her. I was actually starting to anticipate watching her take Big Dick up her ass. My pussy was opening up and getting wet.

She reluctantly removed her panties and was complete naked. She was very attractive in a Sunday-School Teacher way. Slender body, slim long legs, and perky small breasts. Pale as a ghost, she must never be in the sun. She looks like she weighs about 100 pounds, skinny and frail. She has a tiny little butt which Dick was staring at.

Dick was standing there with a raging hard-on. Laura glanced at it, and then looked away, and then glanced at it again. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of it.

I said, “Go ahead and touch it if you want to.”

As shy as a virgin bride she moved close to him, and reached out and delicately touched his stiff boner.

She explored it from the tip to the base, and then gave it a gentle squeeze. Her tiny, well-manicured hand made afyon escort bayan it look even larger than it was.

She had another curiosity to fulfill, and she carefully touched his big balls. She fondled them, almost tickling, and felt the size of each testicle. Then she was finished.

“I have never seen a man like you. Your penis is so hard and stiff, and so thick. Your testicles are enormous, and they feel heavy. They must be full.”

I didn’t want to correct her about where the semen was stored. I think the idea of the man delivering his sperm right from his balls is exciting.

I said, “Laura, get on the bed face-down and I will tell you what to do next.”

She stalled for a moment.

I asked her, “What’s wrong now?”

She mumbled and fumbled and softly said, “I think his thing is too big. I don’t think it will fit.”

“Laura, don’t worry about that. As stiff and hard as it is, it will go in all the way up to his balls. Your anus might resist at first, but it will surrender.”

She didn’t know how to argue with that, so she climbed up onto the bed, face-down as I instructed.

I got the tube of lube from the bathroom that we do not even use anymore. But I was pretty sure she would need it. It is the super-slippery stuff made for anal sex.

I squeezed out a big dollop, and approached the bed by her side.

“This may feel a little cold but it will warm up.”

Without asking her permission or even telling her what I intended to do, I put my fingers in her butt-crack and searched for her asshole.

I found it, and pushed one finger in. She flinched and squealed, but I didn’t stop. I pushed the finger all the way in to the last knuckle. She made a whimpering sound but I was relentless.

I worked the finger in and out of her tight asshole until I was satisfied that I had done as much as I could.

I have to admit I was getting very aroused. I really liked fingering her little hole. I almost tried to kiss her.

I motioned to Dick that he was on. He climbed onto the bed and hovered over her skinny body.

“Use both your hands and spread your butt for him.”

She was used to my orders now and did as I said. Her tiny pink asshole was in plain view, just above her cute little pussy.

“This is humiliating. You can see everything.”

Good. A little humiliation is like a little spice added to your cooking.

Dick didn’t wait for my instructions, he lined his cock up with her tight asshole.

When he touched her anus she flinched again, and trembled.

I said, “Just relax and let it slide in.”

Dick started to push but it wouldn’t go in.

“Spread your butt apart as hard as you can. And try to open your asshole for him.”

She did as ordered, and the tip slid in.

She bellowed “OUCH!” so loud I was afraid the neighbors might hear it.

“Calm down and relax. The further it goes in the better it will feel.”

I don’t like to lie, but I didn’t want her to back out now.

Dick began to give it to her, a fraction of an inch at a time. Laura squirmed and squealed with each push but she didn’t ask him to stop.

It was hard to believe, but Dick got it in her skinny butt all the way to his nuts.

“It’s all the way in, Laura.”

In a subdued, weak voice she said, “Is he going to fuck me now?”

I let Dick answer, “Yes.”

He began to fuck her in his expert way. I just watched, fascinated. I couldn’t believe it was all going up into her belly. It didn’t seem possible.

But it was, and he just humped away on her, balls slapping against her pussy. Her eyes were open, but they were unfocussed, staring into space. She was breathing through her mouth, huffing and puffing.

The room filled with the fragrance of hot pussy, both hers and mine. I was enjoying this so much. I must be a pervert.

I had been standing by the side of the bed. I moved down to the foot of the bed and pulled up a side chair and sat down. It was a very nice view.

I looked up between their legs. Her legs were parted slightly, and Dick’s legs were outside of hers. I could clearly see his cock disappearing up her asshole as it slid in and out. Her asshole looked stretched to the limit by his thick cock. Her anus was just a light brown ring clamped on his shaft.

I stared intently at this live porn show. In and out, in and out, slap, slap, grunt, grunt. The grunting was coming from Dick, Laura was silent except for heavy breathing.

I played with my pussy in a reverie. I didn’t have to imagine how it felt to Laura, I knew all too well from experience. She must be feeling the head of his cock go way up in her belly.

I detected a subtle change in Dick. His breathing quickened and he sped up a little.

I got up and went back to the side of the bed. I leaned down next to Laura’s ear and whispered, “Here it comes.”

Her eyes met mine with a curious look.

“Will I feel it?”

I chuckled and said, “Yes you will. I want you to concentrate on feeling it. It might help you to concentrate if you try to escort afyon count the individual spurts.”

She closed her eyes and whispered “Oh, God.”

I waited for Dick to explode, and finally he did. He stopped all the way up her ass and made animal sounds.

Her eyes snapped open in surprise and amazement.

I knew it was pumping into her in spurts because with each spurt she said “Ew!”

I think I counted “Ew!” six or seven times.

After he was empty her eyes rolled back into her head as if she was having a seizure. Her legs shook and she bucked like a bronco, almost throwing Dick off. I doubt she had ever had an orgasm like that from being fucked by the lame guys she knows.

It affected me, too. I rubbed my clit and gave myself a satisfying orgasm.

Everyone just held still and tried to calm down. Eventually we did, and Dick pulled his still-hard cock out of Laura’s tiny ass. When it popped out she said “Ew!” again. I had to fight to keep myself from laughing.

Dick got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I heard the shower running and thought that was good. If there was any mess from being so far up Laura’s asshole I wanted it cleaned off his cock. If I was ever going to suck it again, I didn’t want to be thinking about where it had been.

Laura tried to get up but I thought she might fall over, so I helped her sit down on the edge of the bed. I sat down beside her.

I said, “So, what do you think?”

“I am amazed. I have never experienced any sex like that. I have just been really and truly fucked for the first time.”

“I feel a little dizzy and my stomach is gurgling. It feels like there is an empty space where his cock was.”

“I can feel his sperm inside me. My asshole is tingling and a little sore, but I don’t care.”

Welcome to the club, I thought.

She said one more thing, “I am ashamed of myself for doing that, and for liking it so much. I don’t know how I can face Dick.”

“Don’t worry about that. I am afraid he might have fallen in love with you.”

We got up and slowly dressed. Dick came back into the room and did the same.

“Can I drive you home, Laura?”

She answered, “No thank you, Dick. I will call an UBER.”

She gave Dick a hug and kissed him, and whispered, “Thank you.”

So that ended our evening’s adventure. Dick and I crawled into bed and were soon sound asleep in each other’s arms.

We had coffee in the morning but we didn’t talk about what happened last night. We just smiled at each other knowingly. I couldn’t be jealous because I enjoyed it as much as Dick did. Makes me wonder if I am a little Bi-Curious.

Life went back to normal, if you could call our life normal in any way. Work, fuck, eat, fuck, sleep.

A week after our little orgy I came home from my office early, hoping to relax for a change. When I let myself in, Dick was not waiting for me at the door. That was odd.

“Dick, where are you?”

No answer. But I heard something in the bedroom. Is he OK?

I went into the bedroom to find quite a scene.

He was on top of Laura fucking away. She was face-down like the first time, spreading her butt for him. Both of them had their eyes closed in ecstasy. The bed was squeaking and he was slapping against her butt. His cock was obviously up her asshole.

I didn’t make a sound. I wanted to watch them finish. It didn’t take long.

He stopped fully embedded in her and grunted like a Silverback Gorilla. She let out a series of vocalizations that I can’t put into words. I assume each shriek or squeal or whimper accompanied a huge spurt of cum shooting up her ass.

I liked thinking about that, but now I wanted to let them know I was there.


They scrambled to get up and reached for their clothes.

“Don’t worry about getting dressed. I have seen you both naked before. Laura, did you enjoy having your asshole inseminated again?”

She nervously answered “Yes.” Did she think I was going to slap the shit out of her?

“Let me check.” I strode over to the bed pushed my middle finger up her asshole without asking permission. She just looked at me pathetically.

I pulled my finger out and looked at it like it was the dipstick in a car engine.

“You might still be a quart low. Do you want him to top you off?”

It took a moment for her and Dick to realize that it was my weird sense of humor.

She laughed and said, “Maybe. If you don’t mind.”

Dick said, “I don’t think we should. I think some explanation is in order.”

Laura realized that it was up to her.

“First let me apologize. I took advantage of Dick and pleaded with him to do me again. All week long I have thought about what happened, and fantasized about doing it again. I called an UBER and showed up at your door uninvited. He let me in. I shamelessly fondled his cock through his pants, and begged him to shove it up my ass. I told him I would suck him off to compensate him if he wanted me too.”

“Dick said that was not necessary. He said his preference was to cornhole me. I hadn’t heard that term and he explained that it was a slang term for anal sex. I didn’t care what he called it, I wanted it. This is all my fault, do not be angry with Dick. I assume any man would have agreed to do it. Not to judge all of mankind. I am the perverted one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32