My Buddy, Who is Straight Ch. 03

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Copyright 2021 by the author.

After he broke up with his last girlfriend my best friend Ray had confessed to me one evening that he harbored secret fantasies about sucking cock. Somehow he’d talked me into supplying a willing subject for him to experiment on, my gay co-worker Frank, and gotten me to witness the whole thing.

As if that hadn’t been enough he’d then offered to do the same for me. Against my better judgment I’d accepted. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the experience. In fact as a cocksucker he left my ex-wife totally in the dust, when it came right down to it.

On the outside nothing much changed after that afternoon when Ray talked me into dropping trou for him. We spent time together much like before, going out to eat once in a while and meeting at the gym at least twice a week to exercise. I told myself that we were holding each other accountable and there was no reason to stop working out together.

It didn’t happen every time, but once every few workouts Ray would say casually to me afterward, when we were dressing after our showers, “Want to come by for a little while? Have a beer?”

I’d answer, just as coolly, “Sure. Sounds good.” Then I’d turn away to hide my growing boner. I knew what was going to happen when we got to his place.

It didn’t feel like we were having an affair or anything like that. Ray wasn’t an affectionate or demonstrative guy, even when sucking cock. When we got to his place we would go straight to his living room. He’d wait for me to drop my pants or shorts, which I did right away. I’d sit on the couch, he’d drop to my knees in front of me and tug at my underwear until my cock popped out. Without hesitation he’d inhale it and start doing his thing. By now Ray was an expert at giving blow jobs, and in a blink of an eye he had me groaning and writhing on the couch. No matter how hard I fought to keep from cumming, I’d always end up pumping my load down his eager throat too soon. Ray swallowed every drop. He’d keep my cock in his mouth until it stopped twitching and started to soften. Then he would release me, look up and smile. I’d smile back.

He’d go to the kitchen and get a couple of beers for us. We’d drink and shoot the breeze for a while, me naked from the waist down. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Eventually the beer would be finished. I’d get up and get dressed and go home.

Other than that life continued pretty much as it always had. I wondered whether Ray and Linda would get back together, but there was no sign of that happening. I caught myself feeling happy about the situation, figuring Ray’s cock sucking would probably continue as long as that was his only outlet.

After a while, though, I started to feel guilty about the one-sidedness of it all. Not that I really wanted to suck cock myself, but it didn’t feel right that Ray was doing all the work and I was having all the fun, or so it seemed to me. I said as much after one of our sessions in his living room.

Ray smiled. “No worries, Jase. Believe me, I enjoy this as much as you do.” His expression changed and became thoughtful. “Though, to tell the truth, lately I’ve thought about, well, doing more.”

I shifted, a bit uneasy. “I can’t say I’m into sucking cock. But if that’s what you want—”

He shook his head. “I’m not that into getting done. But I have been wondering about, you know, other stuff guys do. Been watching videos online.”


I thought I was past being surprised, but this floored me. Little did I know what was coming next.

Ray said, “I’ve learned a few things. Like, I’m what they call a bottom. Bottoms like to suck dick. And take it up the ass.”

My jaw dropped. For seconds I couldn’t think of anything to say. Finally I managed, “So you’re saying that—”

Ray looked nervous, but his eyes were clear and direct. He’d had that same expression when he told me about his first fantasy.


All I could say was, “Wow.” What beast had we unleashed?

Ray said, “I’m not asking you to do it. I was thinking though, that guy you brought over here before…”

I barked a short laugh. He had it all figured out.

Frank laughed too when I recounted the conversation to him.

“What’s with your bud, Jase? Has he crossed over to the dark side?”

I shrugged helplessly. “Beats me. I didn’t see this coming either.”

“I must admit I’m flattered. I never thought I’d be teaching a straight guy the basics of gay sex. Kind of cool.”

It’s not like Ray and I had dozens of gay guys to choose from, but I kept my mouth shut.

“So does he want you to watch again?”

I blushed and scratched my head. In fact Ray had immediately requested my presence at the occasion. “Um, yeah.”

Frank looked thoughtfully at me. “I’d be careful, Jase, playing the voyeur. You could end up getting sucked in. No pun intended,” he leered.

I couldn’t think of a snappy comeback, so I contented myself with giving him a look.

Frank got down to business. “This is going to take more prep than mardin escort just giving head.” He gave me the details to pass along to Ray. When he was done he said, “One more thing. We really ought to do this on a bed. And be naked. Is he cool with that?”

“If he’s going to get fucked in the ass he’d better be.”

Frank laughed. “That’s the spirit. This’ll be fun. Who knows, you might end up joining in,” he added, raising his eyebrows playfully.

I snorted. “As if.” It was easy enough to sit on Ray’s couch and let him do me. This would be a whole other ball game and I was for sure going to sit it out this time.

So that Saturday night Frank and I were once again on Ray’s doorstep, ringing his doorbell. Like the last time my friend answered the door immediately. He smiled.

“Welcome again,” he said to Frank.

“Thanks for having me back,” my co-worker said. “So, you ready to do this?”

“Absolutely. Come on in.”

This time we headed to the back of the house. In spite of myself I was intrigued. Despite knowing him for years I had never seen Ray’s bedroom. It turned out to be small and neat, the queen bed taking up most of the space. Ray had turned down the comforter and spread some bath towels on the sheets.

“I had to straighten up,” Ray said. “Been a long time since this place has had visitors.” He flashed an embarrassed grin at Frank. “I cleaned myself up too, like you asked.”

“Good man.” Frank gripped Ray’s shoulder and smiled into his eyes. “We’ll take it slow. Try and relax. I want you to enjoy this.” He began to unbutton Ray’s shirt.

Obviously I wasn’t going to be a part of this scene. I looked around, hoping to make myself as inconspicuous as possible. My only option was a chair against one wall that faced the foot of the bed, so I went and sat.

By the time I looked over at Ray and Frank again things had progressed. Frank was pushing his unzipped pants down his thighs and Ray, bare-chested, was dropping to his knees on the carpet in front of him. I’d been to this party before, at least. I wasn’t surprised to see Frank’s purplish conical cock head disappear into Ray’s eager mouth, along with most of his shaft, engorged and roped with veins. By now Ray was an expert cocksucker. Soon after he began to slide back and forth on Frank’s organ my co-worker’s head fell back, his eyes closed. His hand tousled Ray’s silver hair and a sigh of pleasure escaped from his open mouth.

“Oh yeah. Suck it good, man.”

Just like before my own cock was rock hard, painfully pressing against my still fastened pants. I shifted to try and relieve the pressure, then gave up, unbuckled my belt and opened my fly, fishing my rod out and beginning to stroke it as I watched Ray continue to pleasure Frank. Ray was pulling out all of his bag of tricks, tugging on Frank’s balls, then taking them one by one into his mouth and letting Frank’s swollen organ smear his face with spit and precum.

Finally Frank decided he was hard enough, it seemed, because he gripped my buddy’s arms and pulled him to his feet. He looked over at me.

“Help me strip him.”

I hesitated, then found my feet moving toward them, getting behind Ray, who was unbuckling his belt. I circled my arms around his waist and found the button in the front of jeans. Once that was unfastened and his zipper down it was easy to push his pants down his thighs.

To my surprise a pair of bright blue bikini briefs came into view, a lot skimpier than Ray’s usual underwear.

“Dressed for the occasion,” I murmured in his ear.

“Looking hot,” Frank said on the other side, already naked, as he tugged at the waistband. Ray’s cock sprang out semi-hard as Frank knelt and pulled the briefs off along with Ray’s socks. He smiled.

“Looks like you’re ready. Up on the bed, buddy. On your back first.”

Ray obeyed, skooching back on the bed until his head was on the pillow. He looked up, his eyes wide with nervous anticipation. I decided now was a good time to go back to my chair. I watched as Frank clambered up onto the bed and pushed Ray’s legs apart, hooking his arms under his knees and raising them into the air.

For a moment I thought Frank was going to return the favor and suck Ray’s cock, but I saw him dip his head as he grabbed Ray’s thighs and pushed them even further back. Ray’s butt rose up off the bed. Just as I realized what Frank really had in mind I heard my friend cry out in surprise, then sigh in pleasure.

I stared, repelled and fascinated. I’d heard that guys did that to each other, but this was the first time I’d seen a man eating another man’s ass. What’s more, judging from the sounds Ray was making he was thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The sight of Frank’s muscled shoulders and back tapering down to his small butt cheeks, tightly tensed as he knelt on the bed, was hot. So was the sight of Ray’s bare feet, toes curled, waving in the air. But I wanted to see more. I got up off the chair and went around to the side of the bed. By now I’d discarded mardin escort bayan my own pants and underwear, which lay in a heap on the floor. I held on to my stiff cock as Frank’s profile came into view, pressed between Ray’s glutes.

I glanced at Ray. His eyes were closed, his mouth slack and open. His arms were splayed out on the bed, in total surrender to the new pleasures coursing through his body. The air was filled with his sighs, combined with obscene slurping and sucking noises from Frank’s labors.

Frank saw me out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head and grinned, his mouth and lips glistening with spit.

“Your buddy’s never had a rim job before. I think he likes it.”

“God, yes,” Ray said. “It’s wonderful.” His dick was hard, pointing straight up on his belly, which was glistening with strings of his precum.

“Think we’ve gotten you nice and loosened up. Ready for the main event.”

Frank got off the bed and grabbed a foil packet from a pile Ray had placed on the end table. As he hooded himself and squeezed lube from the bottle Ray had also provided, he took my friend by the shoulder.

“Let’s switch places. I think you on top’s the best way to start.”

Soon they were in position, Frank on his back on the bed and Ray up on his knees straddling him. For the first time that evening my buddy looked genuinely scared. Given Frank’s size I didn’t blame him.

Frank must have sensed Ray’s mood too, because he smiled reassuringly up at him, stroking his upper arms.

“All lubed and ready to go. We’ll take it real slow. I’ll help you.”

He took his greased and covered organ in one hand and guided it to Ray’s asshole. Ray hesitantly bent his knees, gingerly lowering his body toward Frank’s cock. I watched with complete concentration as I saw the head begin to press into the darker crevice between Ray’s cheeks. Then in one smooth motion it disappeared inside. At exactly the same moment Ray’s head snapped back. He let out a short, agonized “Ah!,” drawing in his breath with a loud hiss.

“Fuck man, that hurts!”

“I know, I know. Not going any further, buddy,” Frank murmured. “Just try and relax. Breathe.”

By now my eyes must have been bugging out of my head. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. There my best friend was, my best straight friend, squatting naked on top of another man, a hard cock partly up his asshole.

As I continued to watch I saw Ray’s thighs begin to tremble with fatigue. With a long sigh he let his knees bend, sinking down in surrender. Frank’s shaft slid further and further inside until his balls were pressed into the crack of Ray’s ass.

At the instant he felt Ray’s full body weight resting on him, Frank smiled. “Good man. You did it. How’s it feel?”

Ray’s breath was coming in short gasps, and he could barely get his words out. “It’s—amazing.” He barked a short laugh. “I can’t believe it. I’m taking a cock up my ass.”

“Your virgin ass,” Frank said. “So fucking hot and tight. Loving it, buddy.” He began thrusting slowly upward, grabbing Ray’s hips and holding him down to get in as deep as he could, going to places that no one had ever accessed before. Two masculine bodies, one smooth, one hairy, jerked and bucked together as Ray rode Frank’s invading cock, sliding in and out of his stretched hole.

Watching them my dick felt harder than it had been in years, enormous in my gripping hand. The rest of my body’s blood supply seemed to have rushed to my head, judging from how flaming hot my face felt. Some emotion was rising in me, filling me up. It was so unfamiliar it took a moment for me to realize what it was.

Ray was totally focused on Frank, and the experience he was sharing with him. Why wasn’t my best friend sharing it with me?

With a shock it hit me. I was jealous.

I sat there in a turmoil, wanting desperately to get up and walk out, away from the sight that was tormenting me, unable to tear myself away.

Just then Frank turned his head and caught my eye. I’ll never know how much he saw into my soul at that instant, how much he sensed the dark thoughts that were coursing through me. To his everlasting credit, he jerked his head in invitation.

“Come over here and let me have a taste of that big dick.”

As if in a dream I walked toward the bed, stripping off my remaining clothes. When I got close enough Frank reached out, grabbed my cock and took it in his mouth. As the warm, wet pleasure began to course through my body I turned to Ray.

“How you doing?” I asked.

He smiled. “Great. Glad you’re here.” His body bounced up and down as he continued to fuck himself on Frank’s pole, jerking on his own stiff prick at the same time.

“How about you?” I said to Frank.

He left off sucking me long enough to grin and give us a thumbs up. “You kidding? I’m in heaven, man.”

“I think I’m ready to try another position,” Ray said.

There was a silence, then Frank said, “Jase. Want to do the honors?”

My jaw dropped. escort mardin For a moment I stood silent, stunned at the thought. Then I turned my head and found myself looking into my best friend’s eyes. Maybe I was just imagining it, but at that moment it was as if I were looking right into Ray’s soul, his gaze was so open and vulnerable.

I wanted to fuck Ray more than anything. Because I loved him. More than anything.

I raised my hand and touched his bearded cheek. Then I drew his face toward me and leaned forward to touch his lips with mine. I’d never tried to kiss Ray before, and I wondered if he would let me.

For an instant his mouth stayed closed. Then his lips parted. The next moment we were locked in a wet, sloppy, frantic kiss, hands grabbing each other’s faces, lips, teeth and tongues clashing, sliding over one another, whimpers of lust and delight rising from both our throats.

Ray broke away at last and drew back, looking at me with an expression of mingled delight and bewilderment. “Jase,” was all he said.

“I love you, man,” I told him.

Ray’s smiled widened into an ear-to-ear grin. “I love you too. All of you. I want that big dick of yours up my ass right now.”

I turned to Frank, who looked delighted by this turn of events. “Okay if I take it from here?”

“Absolutely. Up you go, buddy.” He pulled his still hard cock out of Ray’s ass, rolling to the side as he stripped his condom off. Ray turned over onto his back, raising his legs in the air and pulling his cheeks apart with his hands. He smiled at me.

“Ready when you are.”

I picked up another foil packet from the end table. Ray shook his head.

“No. I want to take your load.”

My dick jerked upward as I heard those words. I squeezed out some lube and gingerly applied it, trying not to go over the edge right then and there. I climbed onto the bed and knelt between Ray’s legs, pushing on his thighs so the target came into view—his asshole, slick with lube, reddened and swollen from the fucking it had already taken.

I positioned my cock against it, glancing upward at Ray, who nodded and smiled his encouragement. Then I looked down again, staring in concentration, not wanting to miss a second of our first fuck. I pushed gently and felt his hole resist, then slowly yield. Ray let out a deep sigh as the head of my cock penetrated him. I felt his inner ring closing around it, drawing me further in, engulfing my shaft with the squeezing warmth and pressure of his gut.

I watched myself enter him until my whole cock had disappeared from view and my balls were pressed against his tensed butt cheeks. I was joined with my best friend and new lover, as close as two men could be. I hadn’t realized how different it would be from being inside a woman. Ray’s ass was far tighter and hotter than any pussy I’d ever had.

I raised my head, eyes closed, and let out a long “Ah!” of pure joy and satisfaction.

“Fuck me,” Ray whispered. I smiled down at him before lowering my mouth to his to share another kiss, as my hips swung into action and began to drive into his body. The raging lust coursing through me wanted to pound his ass into oblivion, but I made myself hold back. I was making love to my best friend and wanted it to last just as long as it possibly could. So I changed it up, giving it to him in slow, gentle thrusts, only once in a while driving it home full speed, making him grunt when I hit bottom.

We lost track of time, immersing ourselves in each other’s brimming eyes. My hands caressed his head and hair while his arms encircled my neck. Every time our mouths met and our lips and tongues tangled in languid combat another jolt of electricity surged through our bodies.

Despite my efforts at self-control I felt the juices rising up in me, so I stopped moving altogether, straightening upright so I wouldn’t be tempted to make out with Ray, because I knew that would also push me over the edge.

I leaned back and looked down, letting myself move just a little so I could enjoy the sight of my hard, glistening shaft sliding in and out of Ray’s stretched, abused hole. I drew back just until the flaring ridge of my dickhead began to emerge. A thumb and forefinger snaked in and formed a ring around my cock, pressing against the spot where my lover and I were joined.

I looked up to see Frank smiling as he gripped my junk, seemingly not at all disturbed at our totally ignoring him for what seemed like the last hour.

“Fucking hot,” was all he said. He leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back—why not? I owed him one.

Ray’s hand reached up and grasped Frank’s shoulder. Frank turned, bent down and began to kiss him while I resumed fucking Ray’s ass. After a while our friend straightened up, grabbed his cock and fed it into Ray’s eager mouth.

The sight of my buddy with hard cock stuffed in both ends drove me wild. I lowered my face to Ray’s to kiss him again, not caring that my lips were also on Frank’s shaft that was still sliding in and out of his mouth. As we gave Frank a double blow job I lost any remaining self-control I still had and began to drill Ray’s hole, almost popping out of it on every upstroke, my pelvic bone making an audible slap against his butt cheeks every time I hit bottom. It was only a matter of moments before I broke away and flung my head back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32