My Sexual Awakening Ch. 14

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I looked in the full length mirror. There stood a young girl in the classic Catholic school girl uniform. (Jenny had worn it last Halloween.) A white blouse, just shear enough to reveal the outline of the black padded bra beneath. A pleated plaid skirt, mid thigh, showing off my thin smooth legs. White ankle socks and the trade mark, white and black saddle shoes. My ruby red lips, highlighted by my powered face, black eye mascara and liner. My mom had applied it for me. Her skills in make up clearly far superior then mine. And of course the dash of Jenny’s perfume applied to my neck and panties. Two thoughts flashed through my mind. First, GOD, I looked rather pretty! Second, Burnie will be pleased. I shivered at the second thought. THE THINGS BURNIE IS GOING TO DO TO ME LOOKING LIKE THIS!

He had laid out the uniform for me, but as I looked at my mom applying the finishing touches of her makeup, all she was wearing was a shear black robe the just covered her thighs, black thigh high stockings and 5 inch black heals. (Burnie told us later he had found them in the back of his moms closet and added “My mother must be a little more kinky then I thought.”)

My mom had her legs crossed. She looked so beautiful. Her slightly sagging tits clearly visible through the robe. She mushed her lips together, to even out the lipstick. She sighed, “There, done.” She reached for a separate bottle of perfume Burnie had left for her and sprayed a fine mist over herself. She turned looked at me as she stood. “Let’s go. Don’t want to keep the bastard waiting.”. We both smiled and eyed each other fethiye escort up and down and then said at the same time; “Love you”. We walked out of the bedroom, down the stairs to present ourselves to our “owner”.

We walked holding hands, down the stairs into the rec room where Burnie was louging on the couch watching some game on TV. He was wearing only boxers, a gray t-shirt and calf length white socks. He looked over at us, turned off the TV and sat up. He smiled, his eyes darting back and forth between us. “Stand in front of me.”

We obeyed, my mom still holding my hand tightening her grip.

His expression changed to a hard look. “Did you do as I instructed? Enemas? I want cleaned out bowels from now on when your with me. Nice, fresh asses.”

We both nodded, “Yes”.

“You both freshly shaved all over except for you Mrs. Blake, your trimmed around that fine pussy?”

Again we nodded.

“Okay, ground rules. First you Mrs. Blake. Whenever you are around me you will keep your mouth open. I don’t want to ever see your lips or teeth touching and also keep your legs apart. No crossing your legs, knees and thighs never touching. I always want access to you. You are to use that perfume I gave you. It’s my moms.”

My mom and i looked at him, both understanding he was going to pretend my mom was his mother, Mrs. Mary Hale, as I was being used as his sister, Jenny.

“You either call me ‘son’, ‘honey’ or ‘Burnie’. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, MRS. BLAKE?”

I looked at my mon as she lowered her head and softly fethiye escort bayan answered “YES”.

He then stared at me. “Now for you faggot. When your dresses like a girl, you’ll call me, ‘little brother’ or ‘Burnie’. Sissy boy, you’ll call your mom, mommy and you’ll always have on my sisters perfume, always. GOT IT?”

I nodded, “Yes”.

He smiled, “Good. Now mom, why don’t you set the dinner table and heat up what I ordered and Jenny and me are just going to sit on the couch and relax.

My mom let go of my hand. “Yes son.”. and walked out the room. Both Burnie and I watching her robe sway as she left.

Burnie went and sat back on the couch, patted it for me to sit next to him and turned back on the game.

I sat close to him our bodies touching and crossed my legs letting my skirt rise up my thighs. He placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed it up and down gently. He leaned over, took a breath, inhaling my scent, then kissed my neck. Licking it with his tongue. “MMMMM, Jenny, you smell nice.” He murmured in my ear as he moved his hand between my thighs, pushing them apart. He moved up my inner thigh, I spread them open to give him access to my ‘pussy’. One of my legs draped over his, my under thing resting on top of his warm hairy thighs. His palm rubbing my stiffening ‘clit’.

I turned my head, opening my thighs wider, as he kissed me deeply. My small cock became firm as he continued to manipulate it with his hand. He moved his head back, moved my leg off him and slid off the couch and positioned escort fethiye himself kneeling between my spread thighs. He took his hands and moved them up to the top of my panties and started to pull them off. I raised my ass off the couch and he leaned back as I put my thighs together as he slip my panties off my ass, down my legs. He then pushed my thighs wide again with his hands moving up and down my inner thighs, squeezing and massaging them with his fingers. I looked down as he lowered his head. He continued to massage my legs and took my whole cock into his MOUTH! I moaned out loud as his tongue washed over my dick! He made a steady moaning and sucking sound around my cock. My hands went to his head as I ran my fingers through his hair! I looked down, my skirt up to my waist, my thighs spread wide, my bare smooth hairless legs off the couch, my saddle shoed feet dangling in the air! I looked and felt just like a little school girl having her pussy sucked.

“Oh yes Burnie, I’ve always wanted you to do this to me. Lick my pussy little brother. Suck my clit. Eat me. YES, EAT YOUR SISTERS’ PUSSY!”.

With that Burnie sucked my dick harder and flicked his tongue all around it. I WAS IN ECSTASY! BURNIE WAS SUCKING MY COCK!

My legs started to shake, I was about to cum! He abruptly pulled his mouth off my cock, glaring up at me, took his hand and squeezed the head of my cock hard realizing I was about to explode in his mouth.

“Don’t you dare, you little queer.”

My breathing was heavy. My lips quivering. My feet lowered. I looked down at him kneeling between my legs, holding my deflating dick in his hand.

“Dinners ready.”

My moms soft, sweet voice made both Burnie and I look up at her standing in her shear black robe looking down at us, her arms folded just beneath her chest holding up her tits.


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