Nicki and Alex Ch. 02

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“No need at all.” I smile and stand up. I lean over the desk and look back over my shoulder as I ease my skirt up over my arse. When my bum is exposed, I ease my cheeks apart with my hands, showing you just how ready my pussy is. “Why get clean when we’re just going to get dirty again?”

I know you’re ready. Your cock is throbbing–hardly as if you have just given me a mouthful of cum. You move closer and rub your cock up and down my slick cunt, teasing my labia. “Alex?”

“Mmm hmm?”

“Don’t tease me.” I explain. “Just fuck me.”

I am pushed forward across the desk with the force of your thrust, almost losing my balance as every glorious inch of your member enters me in a single movement. Though I thought I was prepared, I groan and feel my knees weaken. I feel you hands on my hips as you withdraw all but the glans of your cock before hammering back into my willing pussy. “Oh yes,” I manage, “Like that.”

I can feel your fingernails digging into my waist as you grind your pole into me, and I start to grunt as each thrust threatens to overwhelm me completely. “Oh God, oh GOD.”

I put my finger across my mouth and bite it, just to avoid screaming out loud. The room is spinning and I am feeling dizzy and disoriented, but nothing will stop your furious fucking. I can feel you accelerating, fucking faster and harder; my tits rubbing up and down against the surface of the desk as you pummel me. Then I feel your finger suddenly jammed into my anus and I can’t stop myself from squealing. With your finger and cock fucking in unison, I know I can’t last much longer. I try to reach between my legs and yours to cradle your scrotum, but I only just manage to brush your balls before I come as never before; the room explodes in light and every muscle in my body tenses before my knees give way beneath me and I slide off your cock and onto the floor.

When I open my eyes I can see that you’re still hard and still eager to continue; but now I am weakened and in your power, I have no idea what you have in store for me.


I felt your attempt to reach back for my sack when you came. Your whole body clamping down on my cock pummeling your cervix into submission and my finger buried in the tight ring of your beautiful ass. Your body goes slack and you slide off my raging hard on and slump to the floor, your clothes and hair in disarray.

You open your eyes and look up at me expectantly. Clearly exhausted. I grin down at you, knowing you are mine to do with as I please. I can see your pussy throbbing and pulsing gaping at me opening and closing hungrily, spasming from the force of your orgasm.

I fist my massive member at you rubbing it slowly as I contemplate what I want from you next. I intend to take my time and explore you fully.

I lean over your heaving form and lift you up in my arms and lay you on the desk. I leer down at your form lying on the pendik escort desk, your eyes glazed with passion, chest heaving as you catch your breath. My gaze travels to your snatch, still gaping, red and puffy from the beating it took from my cock. I can’t help myself and I rub the head of my cock over the opening and slide it in. You sigh as I slide it in, inch by glorious inch, bottoming out.

You feel my cock twitch in you as I flex it. I reach down and begin to rub your puffy clit with my thumb, causing you to jump with an involuntary moan. I ever so slowly pull all the way out listening to the slick sound of your wetness slurping along my length. God you feel good.

You sigh again and moan at the emptiness I leave in you as I pull all the way out and marvel as your pussy tries desperately to recover from being stretched wide by me. You bite your lip, “Mmmmm? Please, Alex. Don’t leave me unfilled.” I watch as you flex the walls of your cunt as if willing me to my dick back inside you.

I reach forward with the three fingers that started this all. Sliding them in easily with your wetness and the stretching my cock has already provided. I thrust my fingers into you a few times. You grunt in pleasure and frustration. I pull out and motion for you to replace my fingers with your own. I lean down in order to give you a good lick with my tongue.

You remove your hand and begin to throttle your clit with abandon as I attack your open gash with my tongue, thrusting it in like a dick, rolling it around and slurping your delicious juices. I can feel your pace and breathing quicken.

I run my tongue down your clean shaven taint to the tight little rosebud of your anus. I thrust my tongue and feel you jump and sigh. You’re getting close. Your tight ring begins to open for me and I lean back watching a line of spit and juices from your gash trail to your ass. I pull your hand away and dive onto your clit sucking it and immediately thrusting two thick fingers into your tight little ass.

Your hand flies to your face as you make an attempt to hide you squeal of passion. You cum again and I can feel your cunt clamp down on my tongue lashing you as my mouth continues to devour you.

I pull back before you can recover. “Open yourself for me,” I order harshly. My voice nearly fails me in my lust. You reach down and slide three fingers into your pussy. You pull them out and replace them with the other hand and stretch yourself open from both sides.

I smile down at you, fist my cock one good pump, and slam it home in your gaping pussy. An audible squish as I thrust it home. You grunt as I bottom out. I pull all the way out with an audible slurp and before you can recover I slam it home all the way to the bottom. Deeper this time. You can’t hold the scream this time as you cum again and pass out.

I pull out, not wanting you to miss anything. I can’t help myself, however, and rub the glans of my cock around the tight little rosebud tuzla escort of your ass–slightly gaped from my fingers.

You moan as you begin to come to. I take the opportunity thrust the head into your tight ring. Your eyes fly open as I stretch you wide. “Mmmmm…” you moan. I pull the head out fisting my cock and thrust the head back into your pussy. “Oh, sir.”

I pull out and thrust my cock back in your ass. Your eyes widen and you bite your lip so hard I think you might break skin as I bury myself halfway in your asshole. “I…told…you…” I pull out and thrust back in deeper with each word. “Call…me…Alex…” With my name I bottom out in your bowels.


“Mmmmmm…god that feels good.” I pronounce. I pull all the way out with an audible pop and grin down as your ass winks at me. Both holes open before me. “What to do. What to do…choices”

With this I slam my cock home in your pussy. And pull it out and slam it back home in your ass. I repeat this reveling in the different feeling of each hole as I slide in and out feeling you hug my full length.


What a fucking! Just as I get used to having my ass fucked you switch back to my pussy; filling one hole and then the other, over and over again. I am almost completely limp with exhaustion; every so often lifting my head from the desk to see you looking down on me, with lust in your eyes. I can’t help myself; one hand reaches for my clit and rubs it as you fuck me, the other grabs my own breast, nails digging into the soft flesh, as if trying to wake myself from a reverie.

With one thrust into my pussy I suddenly feel fully awake. I draw back my feet and push you back, pushing your massive cock out of my ravaged ass. You look bewildered. “What’s up?” you ask.

I just smile and slip off my shoes; my stocking clad feet then reach out towards your crotch. I hold your throbbing cock between my feet and smile up at you. Rubbing up and down your length, my stockings are soon soaked. I bite my lip, eyes sparkling as my toes nudge at your balls, teasing. I rub at my clit with my free hand, teasing you as I play with your cock. I see you close your eyes as you revel in the sensation of my stockinged feet against your rod.


You open your eyes.


You sit down on the large leather desk chair. I kneel in front of you and blow on your throbbing, twitching cock. I love the sound of your groaning as I tease. The tip of my tongue slides along your inner thigh from your knee, slowly upwards towards your crotch; it grazes your ball sack and then the root of your cock; up along its slick length to the glans before trilling against the the tip.

I stand and turn away from you, then lean down to show you my ass. I reach between my legs and grab your cock, positioning it, rubbing it against my labia before I sit down, jamming your full length inside me as I sit on your lap. I feel your kartal escort hands reach around and grab my tits, clawing, raking at them, then finding a nipple; pulling, twisting, pinching as I bounce up and down on your mast.

I have my fingertips on my clit, and my head rolls back as I feel another (yet another) orgasm approaching. Rubbing my clit, I feel your hand over mine; only one on my tit now. I bounce faster, clenching my cunt around your cock, my fingers on my clit a blur now. “Fuck me, Alex.” I growl, “Fuck me.”

One hand rubbing my clit, the other reaches lower and cradles your balls. I give them a squeeze and feel you pushing upwards to meet my every thrust. “Oh Yes, Alex. Yes.”

I feel you getting closer and just as I think you can’t take any more, I stand, which makes you gasp with frustration. Still facing away from you, once more I grab your cock, and guide it this time to my pulsing ass. I sit again, and ram your length back inside me. This time, my fingers thrust into my aching pussy, thumb rubbing my clit, and I feel your hands on my waist, lifting me up and letting me fall. Impaled over and over again on your cock.

The room is spinning, and I feel light headed, but I resist your pull, and start to stand, leaving just the head of your cock inside my ravaged ass. Then I drop, taking your full length inside me. I lift again, holding just the glans inside my anus then drop again; each time I hear you groan. I clamp my ring around your girth and slide up, holding you just inside me before dropping again. When my fingers cradle your balls, and every last inch of your cock deep in my ass, I feel you finally erupt, spurting gallons of cum deep inside me. I feel every muscle in your body tense as you cum and I grind my ass into your crotch, feeling you kiss and bite at my neck, as I cum.


I grunt as you slide all the way down my cock, the slick warm walls of your ass gripping me all the way down. Exquisite, velvety, smooth, hot, dirty. 😉

You reach for my sack as I’m nearing my end and you feel my balls tighten as your touch sends me over the edge. I grunt with each pulse of my cock as it fills your bowels with my juice. I latch onto your neck with my lips and teeth in order to maintain focused on the moment and not lose consciousness at the force of our combined orgasm. The delicious feel of your ass throbbing along my length gripping me, milking me.

We start to come down off our high and you attempt to lift yourself off my engorged staff, but I grip your hips with powerful fingers, “uh uh. Stay right there.” You giggle slightly giving up on resisting. You lean back into my chest with a gusty, satisfied sigh of contentment.

“That…was…indescribable. Are you always this thorough, Nicki?”

“Mmmmm…yes, Alex. Always.” You begin to gyrate your hips on my STILL raging hardon. “You still have one more inbox to fill.” With this you slide three fingers into your steaming cunt so I can feel you stroking my cock through the thin wall separating your holes. “Or are you too tired to continue at this time?”

“Mmmmm…I’m game if you are. I wouldn’t want to leave anything unfinished.

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