Not Just Another Friday Night

18 Aralık 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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It is Friday night. I am with the girls enjoying a much needed evening out. The five of us are perched on stools at a tall table by the bar. This is always a good time- lots of laughs, great conversation and a couple of drinks to help erase the week.

Tonight I am especially relaxed, not just from the delicious pint of Guinness I just finished, but because I don’t have to rush home. I am alone tonight. My husband is out of town and the kids are happy and safe at a sleepover. Whatever time I drag myself home is fine- no one is waiting for me.

I am half listening to a friend complain about someone at work when I glance up. Holy Fuck! What the Hell Are You Doing Here? I can’t believe it! There you are walking through the dining area heading for a table- and you are alone! You see me too. Our eyes lock for just a second — immediately I gauge the intensity in your expression and then you are gone. SHIT! What was that? In an instant I have butterflies in my stomach, my heart is racing and this smoldering warmth ignites and is spreading deep inside me. I nearly fall off of my stool.

Yes, this is what you do to me. I am surrounded by people but now I just want you… You knew I would be here. What is going on? Did I do something wrong? Did something happen? I think I am about to find out if I don’t pass out first.

I quickly make my excuses to my girlfriends, grab my bag and go on wobbly legs to follow you. I am a mess! Without any trouble I find you. I stay behind and a little to the side of the booth where you are sitting. I can’t believe you are really alone. I am being careful.

This could be very bad or it could be very, very good.

You know I am there- flushed, excited, squirming, waiting. This silence is killing me! Then you say softly over your shoulder without meeting my eyes “Relax. Sit.” Sure easy for you to say… I slide in to your booth seated across from you, breathless. Holy Hell- this must be serious. Clearly you have something to say. My mind is racing. My heart is pounding. Please Just Say It! The next words from your lips shock and amaze me…

“I am yours for the whole night. I got a room. I need you. I don’t want to fight it anymore.”

Oh my God! Is this for real? This must be what it feels like to win the lottery. It is like Christmas morning, New Year’s Eve, Easter baskets with the best chocolate and 4th of July fireworks in one moment.

You are really giving yourself to me?

I gasp, look up and meet your gaze searching for the truth. Now you are smiling- one of your huge beaming megawatt smiles I am so fond of but don’t see too often. Your eyes are suddenly seductive with that dangerous twinkle. We are actually going to happen. You mean what you say.

WOW! Who knew? I thought that this was just another normal Friday…

We basically sprint for the door. Did you even order? I am beaming and my legs are mush but carry me outside with you just the same.

The next minutes are a blur. In our separate cars we travel to a room where we won’t have to be separate at all. For hours….

I have dreamt of being with you, fantasized about you, touched myself at least 100 times thinking about only you. My longing and desire has been so great. Now I get to have you. I am going to spontaneously combust!

We are falling through the door, a tangle of arms and legs, pawing at each other and laughing. I can’t keep my hands off of you. You keep istanbul escort grabbing my ass and rolling your hips into me. It makes it hard to walk. I love how playful you can be. It puts me more at ease. This room has already become one of my favorite places on earth. Here in this room we will kiss. We will connect. We will taste. We will touch. Things will be shared, desires satisfied for the first time.

You have a firm hold on me and steer me back against the wall caging me in with your tall frame. Oh, I love this feeling. I love the power that your body possesses. I want you to unleash it on me, lose control a little- let go .I can take it. I have spent hours thinking about what I would like to do to you if I ever had the chance. Now here you are pressed hard against me, devouring me, wanting me too. I don’t have to hold back. I don’t know where to touch you first. I want it all. My hands fly up to your face to harden our kiss then down your chest so I can feel your heart pounding. I caress your arms with my hands. How strong they are. Oh! You feel so good. I knew you would. You smell great too. It is intoxicating. I have to touch you- all of you. I can’t wait any longer. I slide my hands lower to the front of your jeans to lightly tease the hard length of your growing erection. Your cock jumps for me a little. Oh, this is just right… I can’t wait to have you in my hands.

You moan for me. I could listen to that all night. I love your voice. It is so sexy and your moan is a sound I want to hear over and over. It is a throaty soft sound vibrating from deep within your chest. It is such a turn-on for me to know I can make you feel like this. You trust me, you are letting me in. You need this. You have been neglected for too long. I need this. We both have to move past our ache and replace it with joy. This is one of the best parts of being alive, feeling this way. All of the longing, anticipation, desire, and passion will not be denied anymore.

I begin to fumble with the fly of your jeans to free you.

In an instant you grab my hands by my wrists and pin them up on the wall behind my head while pushing your erection into my belly. HEY! I was just getting started!

“Not yet. I have been wanting to taste you for months and it is going to happen- NOW” you growl.

OH MY…I just melted. I am a puddle…

You lead me over to the edge of the bed, sit me down and walk away. Huh? You are back in a second with two fluffy towels from the bath. You walk over to a comfy chair by the window and lay the towels over the seat. Oh, I see… There? You have a plan. You pull me up from the bed and crush me to you. I am panting. While smothering me with kisses and stroking me all over you begin peeling off my clothes and backing me toward the chair. Now I am naked. When I feel the chair behind me you push me to sit. As I gaze up at you filled with expectations your eyes lock with mine. I see in them affection, lust and a tiny bit of apprehension. This is a big step for us. This means something. I imagine my eyes mirror that same expression at this moment.

You slide down to your knees in front of me. OH! I like that. Now something is about to really happen. No holding back. You lean your upper body in so close to me and stop just inches from my naked skin. I can feel your heat. avcılar escort I am holding my breath. I am dying here….You feather kisses down my neck to my breasts. OH! What you do with your mouth… You use your hands to twist, pinch and tease my nipples and your mouth to bite, lick and suck them. Can you feel me trembling already? I am humming inside. Everything you do to my breasts I feel in my pussy too. It is all connected. This is delicious. I am sure I am going to cum in a minute if you keep this up.

You move lower down my belly licking, nipping, and sucking as you go. Then you slide your hands down my legs to my feet caressing along your way. Your touch ignites me even more. Every inch of my skin is burning. I am surprised when you take my right leg and lift it over the arm of the chair so I am spread wide. You do the same with my left leg. I am so exposed. Every part of me is open for you to see. I have nothing to hide behind. I should feel nervous. I am far from perfect, there are about one hundred things I would change about my body if I could. But once I catch a glimpse of the look on your face as you take me in I just feel safe, wanted and beautiful.

You lower yourself to sit in front of me on the floor with your legs on either side of the chair. We are face to face, not alone anymore, completely in the moment, totally honest- hiding nothing. I need to remember to breathe.

You reach forward and use just your right index finger to lightly tease the slick folds of my pussy. I am soaked! I don’t think I have ever been this wet. Ahhhhhh… All the while you are watching. You are really looking at me. You gently draw my labia apart and run your finger up and down along my opening spreading my juices. I shudder. You smile. You glide your finger higher and I can’t help but jump a little when you lightly graze just the tip of my clitoris. You smile even more. I almost can’t take all the pleasure. It has been so long since I have been touched like this. I am completely melted and at your mercy. I want to memorize this feeling. I need this. But you already know that.

You begin to nibble and suck your way from my knee to my thigh. You tickle the sensitive skin of my thighs with the stubble on your chin and cheeks. I feel your hot breath on my skin. Your face is closer and now I can lean down and kiss you. I need to satisfy the ache my lips are feeling for you while you draw these lazy circles up and down my folds with your finger. I am on fire. You break our kiss and pull your face away from mine. “Stop” you groan. You know I could kiss you for hours and right now it seems you are impatient for other things.

Then your mouth is on me. OH MY GOD! YES!!!!!!! All of my fantasies have left me completely unprepared for the intensity of this feeling. This is heaven! You lick me up and down then trace circles on my clit with the tip of your tongue in a delicious rhythm- over and over again. I am lost- It is just you and your mouth right now. I reach down and caress your cheek with my palm. I move my hand closer to your mouth so I can feel your warm tongue dart past my fingers before it reaches my pussy. You turn your head slightly and take two of my fingers deep in your warm, moist mouth swirling your tongue and sucking on them. You are looking at me the whole time. Oh my! Please don’t stop! This is so intense. You can be so bold. I am lightheaded. I have never şirinevler escort seen anything more arousing than you in this moment. The way you are looking at me… I am floating in this happy place of sensation and you have taken me there. Feeling you and listening to the sexy sounds you are making as you lavish me with attention is almost more than I can take. You are a gift. You provide such comfort to me and at this moment I feel so good. You are healing me more than you will ever know. I hope you feel it too.

My reverie is interrupted by two long fingers from your right hand you are now slowly sliding into me. You rub them inside along the front wall of my pussy in just the right spot. I think I am going to scream! Oh My God! I can’t scream here! You pull your face away from me. Your eyes are full of passion. You have a huge smile on that perfect mouth of yours. Your chin is glistening with my juices. “You are too wet” you declare proudly as you gently pat me up and down with a corner of the towel. The next moment your mouth connects with me again. You were right. Now there is more friction. I am not going to last- there is no way… I feel this coiling in my belly and I know my orgasm is hovering right there. I have stilled and stopped making any sounds. The walls of my pussy are clenching and grabbing at your fingers. I have tightened around them inside of me to the point where you feel it too. OH! I am about to detonate!

I open my legs even wider and lean back slightly offering everything I am to you. Finish me, Take me there. PLEASE!

You pull your mouth away from me. WHAT? NO!! Don’t stop! I am so CLOSE!!

“I want to watch. Let go. Cum for me” you whisper.

With those words you increase ever so slightly the speed of your fingers rubbing and twisting in and out of me, brushing that magical spot inside that sends me into orbit. In the next moment you begin to rub my clit in little circles with the pad of your thumb using just the right amount of pressure. AHHHHHH! I am teetering on the edge. What a delicious feeling! You are watching for every tiny reaction from me. I am lost in your eyes. I see a knowing smile forming on your lips. I can’t focus. I am so close. You already know. With your left hand you reach up and pinch and twist my right nipple.

That is what I needed. This is it. I am gone.

I go over the edge hard. I explode. I am contracting around your fingers over and over. My orgasm hits my toes and travels in waves like an electric current back up to my brain with such intensity I almost can’t take it. But I do. ECSTASY!! You are watching the whole time. You can see and feel me pulse around you. You can see everything. You slow the tempo of your fingers to help me ride out the sensations. That was…just incredible!

I could laugh or cry or both this feeling you have given me is so extraordinary. You slowly pull your fingers from me. I would protest but suddenly you are on your knees again wrapping your arms around me cradling me against you tightly. This is perfect. That was amazing…

I can’t see your face but I feel your smile against my neck. I am so very grateful for this moment, for all you have done for me, more than you will ever know. You are amazing. You just made me feel amazing too. You have touched me so deeply all I want to focus on now is making you feel that good too. I want to return the favor. I want my hands and mouth to give you that same kind of pleasure.

I push lightly against your chest to gain some air. After a moment I am able to say…

“I have no words … except thank you. I want very much to make you feel that same way so you will understand. Now it is your turn…”

Hey! Look at your face light up. You must like that idea too. Now that’s a smile!

I launch myself at you.

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