Orgasm-Of-War Pt. 03

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Disclaimer: This story is purely fictitious and not suitable for anyone that is below the legal age in their country to view pornographic material. All characters involved in the story are over the age of eighteen and belong to me. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Reader discretion is advised.

The sunlight of the new morning peeked through the curtains of the couple’s bedroom. Jennifer began to stir, she had the most amazing dream. She recounted the dream involving sexual dice and really going hot and heavy with her boyfriend.

Jennifer started to blink herself awake, realizing the drinking she did last night left her with an intense cottonmouth. She tried to get out of bed but found she was stuck. Jen looked down and saw that Sam had taken it upon himself to swaddle her with the sheets and blankets. Jennifer noted that he did a really good job because it was wrapped very tightly. She giggled to herself that she kind of looked like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

All at once, her senses started to come back. She took a sharp intake of breath. “Ow!” She groaned. Trapped in her comfy cocoon all night, her back was irritated. She felt a great weight on her chest, and her spine was giving her an intense morning reminder. Jennifer decided it was time to get up and began wiggling her arms back and forth, allowing the sheets to slowly unravel.

Once free from her prison, Jennifer peeled back her covers and was a bit puzzled. She didn’t remember going to bed last night but had woken up completely naked. This was unusual for her because at the very least she’d wear a bra and panties. Deciding to not dwell on it further, she threw her legs over to the side of the bed.

Jennifer began to rise up out of bed to get dressed. As she was getting up, however, she noticed again how heavy her chest felt and quickly fell back to her warm sheets. Instead of the mattress springs digging into her boney butt, she felt a bit of padding. The morning brain fog had not yet left her so she chalked up the experience as her just not being awake yet.

Jennifer put her hands to her face and closed her eyes. While massaging her temples, she recounted her dream the night before. The orgasmic feeling of swelling both a larger chest and a bigger booty was starting to turn her on again. Was her dream actually reality? Nah, she thought to herself, there’s no way that was real.

Jennifer figured it was a better idea to get dressed and find Sam, rather than continue to recount her hot dream. She found her way to her dresser and found some lounging-around-the-house clothes.

The panties and shorts she put on felt a little tight, as they dug into her ass and gave her a bit of a wedgie. She noted that the wedgie woke up an unfamiliar pain in her asshole. Her forbidden hole felt like it was beyond stretched and had a slight burning sensation. Jennifer shook the notion from her mind as she noticed that the shorts felt like they also stopped a bit higher than usual, indicating she had some extra padding around her midsection.

To her added surprise, her favorite bra wasn’t able to contain her bust. Jennifer was pushing, pulling, squishing, measuring, and groping her enlarged boobs to try to get them to squish into the bra cups. After trying every trick in the book to try to wiggle into her bra, she gave up and chalked up the added growth to her time of the month. She instead opted to go braless and put on one of Sam’s extra-large t-shirts.

With all the poking around, her nipples began to extend and rub against the cotton material of the shirt. The stimulation sent electrical tingles straight to her crotch. Her face began to flush, it was time to find Sam.

As Jennifer walked into the living room she noticed Sam just coming home.

“Hey, where’d you go, sweetie?” She questioned.

Sam mentioned, “I grabbed some Starbucks. I felt like the craziness of last night should be met with some morning sandwiches and decent coffee.”

Jen froze in place. Putting all the pieces together, she grabbed her tits and stated, “I knew these were bigger but holy shit Sam. What are we going to do with this ga…”

Sam was still getting the sandwiches out of the bag when Jen stopped talking. He glanced up and saw her gaze fixated at the coffee table. Curious, he tried seeing what she saw, and his mouth dropped.

Jen violently shouted, “What the fuck Sam! Why are there 4 die now.”

“Don’t look at me man, I don’t even know where this game came from,” Sam chided back in defense.

Jennifer quickly glanced around the table for the instruction sheet she read yesterday. After getting on her hands and knees, she was able to spot the important instructions under one of the legs of the table. All the while Sam’s mouth just drooled at the sight of his enhanced girlfriend’s backside.

Jen could sense a pair of eyes on her and quickly got up before her desires took over her. Sitting on the couch, she inspected the sheet more closely and saw that pages were stuck kilis escort together, she hadn’t read everything last night.

Jen’s mouth was dry, part of her didn’t want to know what she missed. Contemplating with herself she eventually sighed. They needed to know what else was going on, especially if they were going to keep playing.

After clearing her throat she began, “After one of the players has read the first page of the instruction manual, the players unlock a second set of die. These additional die have the same attributes as the first, but now players can select more than one body part to modify at a time.”

Jen was getting turned on just by reading the instructions.

She continued, “Note: Players may have noticed lowered inhibitions and enhanced libidos. Do not worry, this is just an added benefit of the game. This is added to help entice players to keep playing and to increase the number of alterations in a shorter time span.”

Sam interrupted her by, “Oh ok, that makes more sense. I feel like we both would’ve been freaking out a lot more and definitely would’ve stopped after the first turn.”

Jennifer nodded but added, “You still want to keep playing though, right?”

Sam nodded back enthusiastically and started to walk up to his beloved on the couch. He handed her a coffee and an overpriced sandwich. Jen must’ve been hungrier than she thought because she demolished her sandwich and chugged her coffee in mere seconds.

As Sam was finishing up his meal, he glanced over and saw Jen had a ravenous hunger in her eyes. He grinned and said, “You woke up pretty horny too huh?”

Jen nodded and with a naughty smile stated, “I’m starting to remember how I got in bed naked last night.”

Jen leaned over and eagerly kissed Sam. She pulled away before he could react and smirkingly whispered, “Before we get started, we gotta roll our new dice.”

Sam’s groin was starting to come to life. He shifted his shorts and asked, “How would you feel about making our selections unknown to each other?”

Jen pondered his question for a time. It was nice knowing what was going to happen to her body during the first round. The unknown changes during the second round were both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. She eventually sided with Sam, figuring she’d just have to make sure he got off more than her to fix whatever changes he selects.

“Ok, but to make it more interesting, how about we roll the dice and go take a friendly shower,” she stated with arousal in her voice.

They both instinctively smelled themselves and agreed, a shower would do them some good. Once decided, the pair reached over and grabbed their two dice. With both knowing about the upcoming tingling sensations they just let the feeling wash over them. The sensations dialing both of their libidos higher and higher.

“Oooh baby, I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” Jen said while moaning.

Sam knew exactly what he wanted to roll. Ever since he saw that Futurama episode “Amazon Women In The Mood” he always imagined how it would feel being with a bigger woman. Being 6 ft tall it was difficult finding women taller than him and he was always too intimidated by their presence to ask them out. He never told Jennifer about his secret fetish because he was nervous about how she’d react, but this game would finally allow him to live out his fantasy.

Agreeing to hide their outcomes, Sam got off the couch and rolled his dice on the kitchen counter. The first roll was penis and butt, that wasn’t going to cut it. He continued rolling and got the outcome of height, muscles, intriguing but nope. Finally, on his third roll he got double height. His dick twitched with excitement about the near possibilities of fulfilling his fantasy.

Meanwhile, on the couch, Jennifer wasn’t really sure what she wanted to change. She groped her enormous left tit and was reminded that their increased size was doing some serious damage to her back. Without a bra on, Jennifer was shocked to find that her tits flopped straight down in her lap. Jennifer remembered how she had lost some muscle mass and how strong Sam got last night. She came to the conclusion that strength would only help enhance her figure.

At first, she didn’t care what the other die would be but remembered she lost part of her ass last night and was keen on getting some inches back there, to help balance her out. Rolling the die, Jennifer yelped with glee as she rolled muscle and butt on her first try.

Once satisfied with their picks, both players met in the bathroom. They were both so turned on with what they decided they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Sam grabbed the bottom of Jen’s shirt and immediately went to pull it over her head. After the shirt slid past her mouth, Sam took the opportunity to surprise her and made out with Jen with the same desire he had the night before.

Jen squealed, “Mmm, someone’s very excited to see his girlfriend naked.”

Sam didn’t respond, instead, he took the opportunity to move down her body and sucked escort kilis one of her hardening nipples into his mouth.

“Ooooh, watch it, Sam, they’re a bit more sensitive than last night. I suspect that the game enhanced them along with my increased size. You keep this up and I’m going to cum before we even get in the shower,” she said through clenched teeth.

Hearing her plea, Sam stopped immediately. He needed to get off so she could grow, he didn’t want her to shrink or know what his plan was. Sam regained his composure and proceeded to shred off her skin-tight panties and shorts.

Jennifer was getting extremely turned on with how much of an effect her body was having on Sam. Without clothes, she took the initiative to go turn on the water. As she bent over, she turned around and gave her stud a sexy smile and wink, almost begging him to take her right then and there.

Sam couldn’t believe how lucky he was. At that moment, even with Jen’s body turned away from him, he could still see a huge amount of boob flesh. Her tits, along with her fat ass, were more than enough to get him to strip down in record time.

Once free of clothes, Sam picked up Jen from her lewd position and placed them both under the quickly warming stream. Jen couldn’t believe how easy it was for him to pick her up. The thought of having such powerful muscles, in just mere minutes, herself was enough to break her rational mind.

Jen took the lead and while the cascading water felt wonderful along her back, she dropped to her knees. She remembered how thick Sam had gotten last night and was tremendously thankful that he wasn’t as large now. She grabbed the giant rod with both wet hands and started stroking, pulling, tugging, and twisting her man with such excitement.

“Mmm baby, I can’t wrap my hands completely around your mega dick!” Exclaimed Jen.

“Shhhiiiittt Jen, I never knew you to be so talented with your hands before,” Sam said with eyes closed and head tossed back.

Sam knew at this pace he wouldn’t last long. His dick started the early throbbing, indicating his orgasm was near. He placed his hands behind Jen’s head and urgently guided her mouth over his inflamed cock.

“Sorry Jen… but I’m… craving… that blowjob… you gave me last night,” Sam said between huffs.

Jen was all too happy to worship this fat cock and sensually licked the entire underside of the dick in front of her. While still pumping her arms, she opened her mouth as wide as possible before engulfing the tip of this meaty pillar before her. He was just barely too big for her to be able to go further. She sucked in her cheeks and was lapping at the tip of the cock with her tongue.

As Jen was giving an even better blowjob than last night, she noticed that Sam was leaking some pre-cum in her mouth. She wasn’t sure if that counted as an orgasm until her entire body felt like it was on fire. She stopped her blowjob long enough to say, “Fuck Sam! My whole body is going into overdrive!”

Sam wasn’t sure what she meant, he hadn’t felt an orgasm. The comment knocked him out of his stupor and looked down. Jen had proceeded to pop the cock back in her mouth, noticing that she could take a little bit more than before. Sam almost came just then.

It was slow, but Jen’s body was slowly rising higher. While on her knees, Jen couldn’t tell what was growing as she was still pounding her fists up and down Sam’s length and swallowing his head. Sam had to reposition his arms as her head was rising, and he was shrinking.

Jen tried a trick she had read about and started humming with Sam in her mouth. The results were immediate, another few small gulps of pre plastered into the back of her throat. The burning sensation only increased as she could feel muscles start to fill and her butt start to inflate.

Jen couldn’t think straight anymore, her body was craving the cum that was still trapped inside Sam’s dick. She decided it was time to go big or go home, put her hands on his ass, and lurched all the way forward until her nose was against Sam’s stomach. She didn’t know how, but she did it without as much trouble as she anticipated. She hadn’t gagged and could still breathe easily with him fully submerged in her.

Sam could feel the cool sensations overtaking his body, especially surrounding his butt, and couldn’t care less. He was in heaven. He was completely caught off guard when Jen swallowed his entire length and blew the biggest shot of his life.

Jen was immensely proud of herself for being able to swallow this fat dick. She hollowed out her cheeks and sucked Sam’s dick like it was a straw and a chunk of fruit was stuck inside. At once, Jen’s body surged in growth. She put her hands on Sam’s ass to keep him firmly at the back of her throat.

With her leaning forward, her feet and ass were sticking behind. Suddenly, Jen felt a cool sensation behind her. She refused to look at what this new sensation was until her stud stopped firing silo after silo of creamy goodness down her throat. She was starting to feel kilis escort bayan more confident and opened her mouth just enough that she could slither her tongue out and lick his balls.

Sam couldn’t believe what was happening. The two dies must’ve compounded the change as he was shrinking far more than he anticipated. Her head felt massive against his shrinking hands. He heard one of the shampoo bottles knock over and he looked just in time to see her fat ass firmly press against the shower wall. He was trying to figure out what to say when he felt her tongue playing with his super-sensitive nuts.

He jumped at the new feeling and squeaked out, “Holy shit babe, you’re huge!”

With her eyes closed trying to take in all the sensations, Jen popped off Sam’s cock. “What do you mean by that? Women don’t usually like to hear that they’re fat,” said Jen with a bit of venom in her voice.

Sam was a bit frightened, her voice sounded deeper and had a commanding tone. “No no babe, open your eyes,” Sam said timidly.

With a huff, Jennifer looked up and opened her eyes. Expecting to see Sam, she was confused to only see the ceiling. “What the hell Sam, we’re supposed to shower together, why’d you get out?” Cried Jen.

Sam tapped one of her enormous boobs. “I’m right here sweetie,” piped the shrunken man.

Moving her gargantuan tit out of the way, “Ah fuck, how’d you get so small?” Questioned Jennifer, clearly not understanding the situation.

“I guess the cat is out of the bag,” began Sam, “I rolled two height dice, and apparently the effects are multiplied.”

Jennifer started to get anxious and began breathing heavily. “Ok, well let’s get out of the shower, I’m starting to get a bit claustrophobic and the shower handle is starting to penetrate me,” she said while blushing.

After an extremely difficult 20 minutes of pushing and pulling, to get Jen through the door, the two were out of the bathroom and sitting on the living room floor. Sam was amazed at how beautiful his girlfriend was. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Jen looked down and self consciously said, “Why’d you pick two heights? You’re looking at me like I’m some sort of freak.”

Sam gulped, he didn’t take into consideration how the height difference would make her feel. After passing a few more glances at her tits, he stated with absolute seriousness, “Jen, I have a thing for amazon women. I can honestly say you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

Jen was taken aback, she never considered people could consider this to be sexy. She tilted her head and puzzlingly asked, “So you think I’m still hot?”

Sam couldn’t contain his excitement and tried piecing words together. “Well yeah… I uh, didn’t think there’d be such a… big… difference, but um.”

Jen put her hand up to stop him. She giggled and said, “You don’t have to keep going, the fact that you can’t even talk right now says infinitely more than you ever could.”

The two smiled at each other. Jen broke the silence, “Well you might as well get a tape measure so we can measure each other. I bet you’d love to see how big your amazon got and I’d like to see how tall my little man is.”

Sam couldn’t jump up fast enough and sprinted towards the kitchen drawer. He pulled out the measuring tape and ran back, knocking into a couple of chairs along the way. Meanwhile, Jen was easily moving the couch and table with only one hand. Between her increased size and her new powerful muscles, everything felt so easy.

As Sam was coming back Jen came up with an idea. Before she laid down she stared at Sam and flexed her new powerful biceps. She huskily said, “You wanna feel these new rock-hard muscles you helped create.”

Sam almost came just then. The sight before him was far superior to all of his fantasies. He tentatively walked around Jen’s enormous legs and gave her arm the strongest squeeze he could muster. Jen was starting to enjoy the drastic change in their relationship.

Jen chuckled, “You can give my arm a real squeeze Sam, you’re not going to break me.”

“I’m giving it my all babe, you’re just so massive I think you could put professional bodybuilders to shame,” Sam stated while groping and pulling at her bicep.

The attention she was getting from her lover felt amazing and all he was doing was playing with her arm. The tingling sensation and gratitude she was receiving were getting her motor running. While Sam was drooling over her arm, Jen glanced downwards and was amazed at the mountains on her chest. They remained H cups to her but gave the appearance that they had grown. They were standing straight up all on their own, gravity no longer able to pull them down. Curious, she wanted to see if she had abs or any definition in her legs but found that she couldn’t see around her enormous bust.

“Alright pet, enough messing around, it’s time you measure me,” said the horny giantess.

She laid down, carefully avoiding knocking into anything, and Sam started at her feet. Pulling the tape out, he carefully walked backward, never taking his eyes off the numbers. He was counting in his mind as he glanced at the numbers 2 feet, 3, 3 and a half, 4, 5, he stopped at 5 feet 6 inches. He looked to his side, he was only near her belly button.”Holy cow babe, this is how tall you used to be,” he shouted excitedly.

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