Our Ninth Encounter: Camping

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For Jo, my special muse

I go to the campsite we have agreed on and begin setting up camp. The place we have chosen is far off the beaten track where we will not be disturbed. The dense grove of trees surrounds a small waterfall formed by a swift stream. The pool at the base of the falls is large and deep enough to lounge in, but not deep enough for swimming.

I set up the tent and put down our sleeping mat and covers. The weather is warm, although at night there will be enough of a chill to make snuggling close feel especially good. Once every thing is ready, I build a small fire and make a pot of coffee. As I sit, staring into the fire, I think back to our previous encounters over the past month since we met. Each one has been memorable in its own way, and each has brought us closer together.

This camping encounter will be our first full night together. I am not certain how you have explained your absence to your husband, but I am pleased that you found a way for us to be together again.

I sit, lost in thought, until I hear you coming through the forest. I stand and turn toward you, and the first thing I see is that glorious smile of yours beaming through the fading light. As always, that smile makes my heart beat faster because of the promise it holds.

We come together, hugging one of those warm, tender hugs of greeting and welcome. I feel your warmth against me, your heart beating rapidly against my chest, the clutch of your hug engulfing me. We stay that way, enwrapped, for several minutes. Finally we part and sit by the fire. We make small talk as I prepare dinner, and soon we are sharing a hot meal.

We sit side by side on a log, our hips touching, as we eat. We catch up on each other’s recent lives, already counting down to the too soon time when we will be forced to part. Once the meal is finished, we sit beside the fire and talk more. We talk of life, of family, of fun, of work. We share life’s joys, frustrations, triumphs, tragedies, and hopes. The sharing brings us closer, the talk more intimate than sexual intimacy, a sharing of hearts and souls that melds us together into a single being.

I fetch a blanket from the tent and spread it beside the warm fire as the evening cool begins to move in. I throw more wood onto the fire. We snuggle, enjoying the closeness of one another’s company. Soon my hands are roaming over your body, rubbing and touching, memorizing every curve and contour. I unbutton your blouse and unsnap you bra so that I can caress and kiss your gorgeous breasts. Your nipples harden at my touch, and I move over you to lick and suck each breast in turn.

I feel your hand on my cock, caressing it through the fabric of my jeans. sarıyer escort I raise up so you can unzip me and pull out my stiffening prick. You push me off of you onto my back, and you kneel next to me while slowly running your hands up and down the shaft of my cock. After several minutes of this, you lean forward and suck my cock into your mouth. The warmth is a surprise to my cool prick, and I move forward so you can take all of me inside this warm, comforting cavern. Your tongue gently caresses my cock as you raise and lower your head, engulfing and then exposing my shaft which is now wet with your saliva. Up and down, in and out, the sensations growing within me with each cycle.

My hand finds your pussy encased in your jeans, and I rub up and down between your legs, feeling the warm moisture already beginning to seep from you. I pull down your zipper, and you stop what you are doing long enough to slide off your pants and underwear. I undress, and we turn, head to feet, so that we can explore one another.

Your mouth again engulfs my cock as my tongue glides over your shaved pussy, enjoying the taste of you. I slide my tongue between your parted lips, seeking your inner warmth. I dip my tongue inside you, savoring the feel and taste of your slickness, moving my tongue inside you like a miniature cock. I pull out and focus on your clit, alternately licking and nibbling it, then massaging it with the tip of my tongue. You start to move against me, sliding your cunt across my face, moving so that you control access, putting my tongue to work where you most want it to be.

Our breathing is now irregular, our bodies moving together to enhance the growing sensations. I fuck your mouth with my cock, occasionally thrusting too deep, but you keep your lips wrapped tightly around my shaft despite its slickness. Your hips thrust against me, mauling my tongue, smashing your pussy against my face. And then we are cumming, cumming together.

My cum fills your mouth and the thick liquid surrounds my cock before your swallow it. Your tongue caresses my cock, licking up every morsel of my cum. Your juices flow from your pussy, slathering my already wet face with your essence. I lick up your juices, enjoying your unique taste, caressing your pussy gently with my tiring tongue.

We do not move for a few minutes, but then you swivel around and snuggle up close to me. I leave you for a minute to rekindle the fire, and then return to your welcoming embrace. We cuddle until the evening cool forces us to take refuge inside the tent. We snuggle up close, tired but happy, and soon we are asleep, our bodies pressed together for warmth esenyurt escort and comfort.

In the morning I awake first. You are sleeping close to me with your head resting on my arm and your warm ass pressed up against me. For several minutes I savor the feeling of your sleeping beside me, enjoying the intimacy of this peaceful, shared moment. Then I rouse myself, pulling on my pants and going out to rekindle the fire. Soon the fire is blazing, and I turn to see you awake, watching me. Your eyes are sparkling and your wonderful smile warms me more than the nearby fire.

You climb out of the tent and move to the edge of the clearing to piss. At first I think you are going to turn your back to me, but then you swivel to face me, squatting with you legs spread apart. I watch as piss erupts from you in a powerful stream that slices a narrow crevasse in the soft earth. There is something about watching a woman piss outdoor, squatting, cunt totally exposed, that never fails to excite me. Perhaps it is an animal instinct or a maybe just a personal perversion, but the effect is there, whatever the cause. You know of my interest and I see that you are watching me watching you. There is that smile again.

You rise, and join me by the fire, sitting on the blanket and warming by the blaze. You notice my erection, and your hand slides up my leg to fondle my jeans covered cock. Before I can object, you are sliding down my jeans and taking my cock into your mouth. Your morning ritual has aroused me to the point that I am near cumming after only a few minutes of your luscious attention to every part of my prick. Sensing that I am on the verge of cumming, you release me, and turn to kneel, facing away from me. You lower yourself so you are on hands and knees, your ass toward me. I kneel behind you and slide my cock up inside your wet pussy.

You press your ass back against me, taking my entire cock inside of you. We move together, my cock sliding smoothly in and out of your slippery cunt. The silky sensations of your pussy wrapped tightly around my thrusting rod causes me move harder and faster into you. You are yelping now, making a new sound each time our bodies collide.

It is at this point that I notice movement off the side of our campsite, and I turn to look. They are watching us from about fifty feet away. A man and a woman are leaning against a large rock, peering at us as if we were the feature presentation at the local theater. My first instinct is to stop and confront them, but the cum is beginning to rise within me, and I know that I will not be able to stop. I lean forward and tell you we have company. You glance at our visitors, but the delicious avrupa yakası escort motion of your ass continues unchanged.

I feel the pace of our lovemaking increase, our motions become more exaggerated, our verbalizations become louder and more frequent. We are both excited by having an audience, and their presence enhances our mounting pleasure. Now I am pounding into you, driving my dick deep inside you with every thrust. You press back against me with every stroke, and I feel your hand beneath me pressing my balls as if to squeeze the cum from them and into your waiting cunt.

And then we are cumming. You emit a low, continuous scream as I feel your cunt walls contracting around my cock. This forces me to cum, and I howl in unison with your scream. We continue to pound against one another, extending our mutual climax for as long as possible. Then, it is over, and you fall forward on your chest. I move with you so that I can retain our connection.

As we lie there, locked together, I watch as our two visitors lift their packs and move off to continue their hike. We stay that way, me resting on top of you, for several minutes, but soon my cock shrinks and is expelled by your pussy in a stream of viscous cum. I kneel behind you, and you roll over and look up at me. We laugh together, unashamed of the show we put on for our visitors.

As I watch, your cunt squeezes out globs of cum that flow into the crack of your ass. I move forward and you move your legs father apart in response. My tongue touches first on your clit, and this causes a tremor to run through you body. My tongue moves lower, gliding between your flared lips and tasting our commingled juices. I cleanse you with my tongue, causing you to wriggle beneath me. I taste your sweetness blended with the slight saltiness of my cum. I revel in the silky feel of your drooling cunt, thrusting my tongue inside to lick recover hidden morsels.

You cum as my tongue caresses your most intimate recesses. It is not a powerful, bone crushing orgasm, but rather more like a series of small waves that sweep your body from end to end, lighting up nerve endings in sequence along the way. I lean forward, pressing my body against yours. Your arms wrap around me and hold me tight as the waves wash over you. I tenderly kiss you cheeks, your nose, your eyelids, your forehead. I feel your warm breath against my face. And then your body relaxes beneath me and you rest.

I rise and pull on my jeans as I move to prepare breakfast. We eat in silence, still drained by the emotions of our coupling and saddened by the knowledge that we will soon have to part company, once again returning to our separate lives.

You dress as I begin to break camp. You say you must leave, that you need to be elsewhere. I understand. We kiss, a long kiss of passion and promise, and then you turn to leave. As you move to the edge of the clearing, you turn to smile back at me before moving on. Your smile assures me that we will be together again soon. I return to my packing.

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