Out to Lunch

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You make us something simple for breakfast and bring it back to bed, naked as you left it and humming a little song. It is a simple fruit plate with strawberries, grapes and, my personal favorite, mangoes. We laugh and chat a bit as we feed one another the fresh juicy fruits of your labor. I pop a strawberry in your mouth and you suck my fingers longer than necessary. You smile in a seductive way and your eyes light up at seeing the elevated sheet covering my lap.

You grab my cock and idly stroke it before an idea strikes you, “Wait right here Sir. I will be right back,” you say and bounce out of the bed headed for the fridge. You have to reach far into the back to get a can of whip cream and I gaze at your ass in wild wonder. You turn your head around, and peer over your shoulder catching me looking at you.

“See something you like?” You say with a smile and saunter back over to the bed. Your apartment being a loft has its perks. Being on the top floor and with no neighbors to peek in gives you the confidence to take your time getting back to me. You crawl into the bed and rip off the sheet revealing what you want to see.

“Not only something I like, but want badly in so many ways,” I reply as you shake the can of whip cream.

“I see something I want just as badly Sir,” you say and gently stroke me to a full erection before squeezing me. You then take the can and spray a line of cream that twists up my cock like a candy cane. You take your time and slowly lick it all off. My cock pulses and throbs with every pass of your tongue on my rigid flesh. You use your tongue to quickly flick under my tip which causes me to shake a bit. I close my eyes to savor the sensation of your focused attention.

When I open them back up again I see that you are on your knees, with one hand gently kneading my balls and the other is rubbing your clit. Your legs are getting wet and you are dripping onto the bed sheets, creating a stain. Your hips are moving on their own and your fingertips twist and pull on your clit making you moan around my cock. Your hand moves faster on your clit, bringing you closer to a climax.

I grab you by your hair and pull you up for a kiss. It is a hard kiss and your lips are swollen from sucking me which just makes me press into you more. You deftly maneuver you body and hips to encase my cock inside of you. My arms wrap around you and just hold on as your hips begin to slowly rise and fall. I slide my right arm off of you and probe the night stand looking for something in particular. I find it quickly and you feel cold steel slide down your spine. It makes you shiver and vibrate which causes me to pulse inside you. The cold, steel and jewel tipped butt-plug slides into your ass easily.

My fingers trace up your spine as you continue to ride me and our kisses get hotter. Tongues exploring and entwining with one another. I let you get sarıyer escort used to the sensation of my thick cock and the plug before I turn it on with a nearby remote. The vibration causes you to arch your back and scream as you cum violently. It is a wonder to witness but I don’t recall ever giving you permission to do so.

You fill your lungs up and scream once more as I adjust the vibration to the max. I roughly grab your hair in my fist and pull your ear closer to my mouth. “I didn’t hear you say please,” I whisper firmly but not harshly. I feel your pussy getting tighter and wetter by the second and you have stopped being able to control your hips anymore. They rise and fall with an autonomous motion as your eyes close and your head rests on my shoulder.

“Please Sir, will you let me cum?,” you say into my ear in stuttered and broken speech, trying your hardest to maintain your composure and control.

“Only if you let go first. Once you do, there are no limits to the heights you might achieve,” I reply and you nod. “I need to hear you say it,” I tell you sternly.

“Please Sir? Can I cum?,” you say and seal your words with a soft kiss. The kiss builds into an inferno and I roll you onto your back with me above you.

“First, close your eyes,” I command and you quickly obey. I take a blindfold from the bedside table and put it over your eyes, tying it behind your head and letting your hair fall over it. I then grab some silk bondage rope and begin to tie you up into a modified frog position. Your arms are bound to your calves and your legs are spread wide open before me. Your pussy is soaking wet and this particular position causes a little more blood to flow and pool into your waist. It will make you more sensitive as time goes by. I pickup my phone with some earbuds and place them gently in your ears before hitting play. The playlist I made for you features some music you like and starts off with “Aqueous Transmission” by Incubus. The final thing I do before we truly begin is to light a lavender incense to confuse your sense of smell. With three senses blocked your brain will naturally focus on the last two remaining, touch and taste. Your body will send signals from your skin up your spine and flood your mind with pleasure.

I begin by stroking your body and limbs to increase your blood flow throughout your constricted form. You shiver from my touch and your hips pump a bit on their own, aching for contact but still bound by the rope. I take a little coconut oil into my hands and warm it up while listening to you breathe. The sound is intoxicating to me, and I try to match it by taking deep breaths of my own. Your breasts slowly rise and fall and I wait until they are at a peak before slowly massaging them one at a time. I work in spiral patterns and softly knead your tender flesh, paying esenyurt escort particular attention to not touch your nipples. They get stiff but remain dry as I focus on first one breast then the other.

Your soft moans tell me it is time and I begin to massage your nipples as the song changes. Now you are listening to an enigma track and your body relaxes into the bed. I softly stroke and pull on your nipples between my fingers, taking my time and making sure you feel everything. When my tongue encircles one rapididly you moan a little louder. I swirl around it and suck deeply, bringing more blood to the surface. This intensifies the sensations you are feeling by a degree of magnitude you are not yet used to so I slow to a snail’s pace. While my mouth and tongue focus on one nipple my fingers focus on the other. My fingertips run around the edges and gently put pressure on the tips. This makes you moan louder which crescendos into an orgasm. You gasp for breath but appear to be fine. My palms massage the skin above your heart and you shudder again. You vibrate in your bondage as I spin your heart chakra from outside, turning it both clockwise and counter. My touch lights a flame within that burns hotter by each passing moment.

I lay a long kiss over your heart and kiss my way up your chest to your neck. My tongue swirls as I plant them on your carotid artery and feel your pulse. It is getting rapid but not dangerously so. I savor the moment and just let you take a few calming breaths. You are doing just fine but I check you limbs for signs of good circulation. Everything seems to be in order so I press onto your soft, swollen lips. I kiss you on the mouth gently before licking your bottom lip with my tongue and giving it a little nibble. My fingers trail down your body and stop just outside of your pussy. I use one finger to trace your slit and it is dripping wet. Just touching you caused you to spasm momentarily. I bring that finger up to your mouth to allow you to suck and taste your own divine flavor. You moan deeply as I reach for the remote that controls the plug inside your ass. I turn it back on, and set it to pulse at level one.

Your body bends against the ropes as you cum hard for me. You moan around my finger and breathe rapidly as another wave washes over you. The music changes once again on you. You smile and laugh because it is Sublime’s “Summertime” going through your head at this point. I kiss my way down your body and stop at your thighs, delicately licking them. I get a bit more oil and massage your thighs inward toward your hips. You moan as I get closer and closer to your aching pussy. It is getting a nice shade of red and your clit is a little swollen. I sweep my hands slowly over both and give them a slow massage with the remainder of the oil I used on your thighs. Your body trembles again and you are racked avrupa yakası escort by another climax. This one is bigger than all the others you have had so far and takes longer for you to catch your wind again. I wait patiently and just watch your body get back to normal.

Once you return from orbit, I dial the plug up to three and grab another vibrator for your clit. I place it on you without turning it on, yet. I want you to get the feel of it before anything happens. I rub it around you gently, soaking up a bit of the oil and then slide it down a few inches to get it soaking wet from your pussy. I then turn it on and bring it up to your clit, making small circles around it before taking it back down to your outer lips. As it vibrates you begin to softly whimper from the intense pleasure of everything happening at once. The ropes, softly digging into you as your body bends and twists involuntary. The plug in your ass, pulsing with constant stimulation. The air in the room making your nipples stiff and erect. All these things were pooling together in your mind and you were beginning to slip off a precipice and a height you had never dreamed of. As you spiral down and scream for me again, the music changes once more. Now you are hearing Pushit by tool and the slow music calms you down a bit.

I turn off the vibrator and bring the anal plug down to just the first setting. Your breathing gets back to normal and I kiss along your thighs. This time my target is your clit and I attack it with my mouth and tongue. You thrash in the ropes from the sheer intensity and my skill. I slide down to taste you again and stay until you cum once more. This time it was a slow build of many moans followed by a loud scream and you cumming all over my face. I licked off a tad bit but made a quick escape back to your lips to let you taste it on me. You devoured me greedily.

I moved back down between your legs and sucked your clit some more. This time I slipped two of my fingers inside you and kept rhythm to the song. I tapped your g spot every time I entered you and this quickly brought about another climax. You began to giggle hysterically and this was the sign I had been waiting for. You came roughly this time and squirted all over the bed. You were loud and rapturous, like a choir in a church.

I sat down and put my legs under you while cutting the ropes with scissors, freeing you from the temporary bondage. Your legs wrapped around me immediately and you sat up, bringing your arms about my body. You began kissing me and muttering,” Thank you Sir,” between each kiss. It was a flurry and I was only too happy to receive it. You brought your hips up and took me inside you. Just letting me fill you up before grinding your hips slowly and raising them ever so slightly. You rocked back and forth while kissing me and I removed the blindfold and the ear buds.

“Anytime my dear,” I tell you in a soft voice that only lovers here. It was not long before I climaxed inside you and you came once again from the impact. We had a synchronous orgasm and it was quite a way to end this round. We laid back down together and cuddled before falling back asleep, entangled and enamored with this new bond we had formed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32