Overtime Ch. 02

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The events of Saturday left me uneasy the rest of the weekend. Although it was like a dream come true, I wasn’t sure where I now stood with Jamie. Did she know what had been going on or was I just being paranoid?

Monday came all too soon and I spent most of the day trying to avoid going into the office area. Eventually I had no choice, and headed in to get some things done there. As I entered, I glanced into Jamie’s cubical and noticed she was busy on the phone with a customer. Hopefully, I’d be in and out before she was done. I hurried along trying to get done as fast as I could, when suddenly I heard her call my name. I turned around to see her waving me over to her cubicle, so I timidly headed over to her. The whole time I worried what she was going to say. Well, it was good while it lasted, I thought to myself.

“I haven’t seen you all day, and I was starting to wonder if something was wrong,” she said.

“No, it’s just been a real busy day and I haven’t had a chance to stop up here till now.” This was a total lie on my part.

“Well, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help” she said with a heartwarming smile on her face.

Before she could say anymore, her phone rang. Then just before she answered it, she chuckled. “I know you’re a busy boy, but don’t be such a stranger.”

As I left the office, I was thinking what a dope I was. I’d gotten all worked up about nothing. After that, things were pretty much back to normal with her, and I couldn’t wait for the next time she would work the weekend. Unfortunately, it would be another month until it was Jamie’s turn to work a Saturday again.

Thursday afternoon, Jamie paged me to her desk. This wasn’t too uncommon, since she sometimes got calls from customers with questions that were a little too in-depth for her to answer.

“You rang?” I jokingly asked.

“Yes, I need some help and I was wondering if you could do me a favor?”

“Sure, anything for you Jamie.” I was laying it on thick.

“Glad to hear you say that,” she said with a smile on her face and a sparkle in her pretty blue eyes. “I got drafted to do inventory this weekend and I figured since I always see you when I’m here on Saturdays, that you might be so kind as to give me a hand.”

“No problem, I’ll be more than happy to help you out,” I said, while thinking, yes, this is going to be great.

The company mainly relied on the computer to keep track of inventory, but we would do quarterly spot checks to make sure the system was running smoothly. Although our company was service based, we kept a relatively large amount of stock for sales and exchanges. It could take a couple hours to all day to do a spot check, depending on which row of shelves needed to be checked.

When I arrived at work Saturday morning, Jamie was there already waiting for me. She was dressed casually in a T-shirt, blue jeans and white mules that looked like sneakers. I was very disappointed that she wasn’t wearing her sandals like last week. Maybe if I did the counting of the product, she could sit down on the step stool writing the count down. It probably wouldn’t be long before she started to dangle her shoe off her foot and I could get a little show.

Jamie already had the key and the printed out list of what we had to do, so we headed back to the inventory room. The room consisted of many rows of four 3×8 shelf-units with varying numbers of shelves on them. We lucked out and got the row with larger products on them. There were only 5 shelves per unit: one at floor level, one at about knee level, one about mid chest level, one just above my eye level and one at the top that wasn’t used.

“Okay, you ready to do this?” I asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she said. “I think we should start at the top and work our way down. Did you notice the stool anywhere when we came in?”

“No, did you?” I asked.

“Nope, me neither. If I hadn’t gotten here before you, I’d think you were playing games and hid it on me,” she said with a pouting look on her face. “Well, I guess we’ll just start on the second shelf and come back to the top later when we find it. Since you can reach that shelf better, you count and I’ll write the numbers down. We can switch jobs when we get to the next one.”

We worked our way down the row doing all the shelves at my level, then the ones at hers. When we got to the last shelf-unit at her level, she said, “Give me the clipboard and I’ll finish up this shelf, while you take a look around for the step stool.”

I checked up and down all the rows, but didn’t see it anywhere. When I got back by Jamie, she was just standing there waiting for me.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” I asked.

“I didn’t stop, I finished it,” she said showing me the clipboard. “It seemed to go a lot quicker when I counted and wrote it down by myself.”

“Thanks a lot, that makes me feel real useful,” I sarcastically replied. “Obviously, I didn’t find the stool, so on to the bottom shelf? You want izmir escort to count or write?”

“Both, no offense but it seems to go quicker when I do it alone. I just wish you’d found that stool so I could sit on it rather then on the dirty floor,” she said with a sad look on her face.

Then she got that look in her eyes. “Tell you what, you want to feel useful? How about getting down on all fours so I have something to sit on?”

I wasn’t sure if she was serious, but not wanting to miss an opportunity, I got down on all fours with the shelf to my right and the long isle in front of me.

She giggled. “I was only kidding, but as long as you’re offering.” Then she moved over between the shelf and me, and placed her shapely behind on my back.

I figured she couldn’t really see what I was doing from her angle, so I just stared at her feet. Although she had her shoes on, I could just see her heels peeking out from her mule sneakers; the mere closeness to them was a turn on. I could feel the shift of her weight on my back, as she would lean forward to count and then back again to write.

After about a minute, she crossed her right leg over her left and dangled her shoe. As she did this, her shoe slowly slid forward down her foot, till it stopped just above her toes. I turned my head to the right a little so I could watch every subtle movement her foot made. Now, as she would lean forward to count, her right foot would be brought closer to my face. I could just catch her sent as it got close and then she would sit back up again. This teasing action started a stirring in my manhood.

This continued for the whole length of the row. When she had reached as far as she could, she would stand up and motion for me to crawl forward. Then she sat back down on me and continued on with her work as if I wasn’t even there. It was as if I was nothing more to her than a comfy stool to sit on.

She finally spoke to me once we reached the end of the row. “That’s three down, only one more to go.”

She stood up, and I sat back on my heels to rest for a second untill my manhood settled down. Kneeling in front of her, I couldn’t help but look up and admire her beauty. I almost felt honored that she had allowed me to be a place for her to sit. I started to get up and she motioned for me to stop.

“I was thinking,” she said, “since you couldn’t find the stool and you did such a good job last week as my step stool, why don’t you just stay down on all fours? Now turn around and face back down the aisle, and I’ll just stand on your back so I can reach.”

I did as she told me: I turned around and got back down on all fours. I was trembling a little, not from lack of a rest, but in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“I don’t want to leave dirty foot prints all over your clean shirt, so I’ll just take my shoes off first,” she said. She then slipped her shoe off and placed her right foot on my back.

“Ready or not, here I go.”

With that, she put her weight on her right foot, lifted up, slipped her other shoe off, and placed her left foot on my back. Although I now couldn’t see them at all, I could feel the warmth and moistness of her sock-covered feet on my back and my manhood sprang to life once again.

She moved down on my back and placed her left foot on my butt and right foot on the small of my back. As she continued working, she slowly moved her way up my back. She was now standing with her left foot on the bottom of my shoulder blades and her right heel on my upper left shoulder. Almost half her right foot was in midair between my head and shoulder. I could just see her cute little foot out of my peripheral vision.

By now, I could tell by the shifts in her weight when she was leaning forward to count and when she was writing things down. It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t get a clear view of her foot. I figured if her eyes were busy counting, she couldn’t see me. So the next time she leaned forward, I took a risk and turned my head to the left. With my head down and turned, I looked up and got a perfect view of the sole/toes of her foot. I was even closer to her foot than last weekend and my heart started racing. I could feel her weight shift again, so I turned my head and looked back down at the ground.

I then got an idea and lifted my head even with my back. The next time she leaned forward, I went for it. I quickly turned my head to the left, and put my chin to my shoulder. As I’d hoped, my nose was now right under her toes. I slowly breathed in deeply, taking in as much of her scent as I could. Her foot was still damp and sweaty from recently coming out of her shoe and there was a pungent aroma from it. I was so excited that my manhood now felt like it was trying to force its way free of the confinements in my pants. Her weight shifted and I quickly put my head down.

I continued back and forth this way, keeping track of her every movement. When she had reached as far as she could, izmir escort bayan she said, “This sections done, onto the next.” She then moved back down to my but area and I waited for her to step off.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. “We’ll waste time if I have to keep climbing up and down. Now move forward and I’ll tell you when to stop.”

While she used the shelf-unit to steady herself, I slowly moved forward. When she had been on my shoulders, I had to lock my elbows to keep myself up. Now that she was farther back, it wasn’t as hard to support her weight.

“Okay, just a little farther… perfect, stop here.” She then started her work again. Once she got back onto my shoulders like before; I started MY routine again.

After a couple of minutes, it was time to move forward again. This time, instead of moving all the way down to my butt area, she stood with her right foot on my shoulder blades and her left foot on the small of my back.

“This feels better; I’m a little more stable here. Now mush,” she said playfully as she tapped me on my butt with her left foot.

What felt better for her was murder for me. Her weight was now more on my arms and I struggled to move forward. At least when she was standing on my back, I got a break while I moved forward. Now I had to support almost all her weight on my arms while I moved. The pressure, now on the small of my back, was no picnic either, as I strained to keep my back straight.

When we got to the next section, she tapped me on the butt again and told me to stop. We continued working our way down the aisle this way. I would try to get my face as close to her foot every chance I could get. Eventually, she stopped telling me to move forward. She would position herself on the center of my back and just tap my butt with her foot, signaling me when to go or stop.

Once we got to the end of the aisle, I could feel the top of my head just graze the wall, as I moved it into position to get close to her foot. We were at the end of our job and my ordeal was almost over. Although my whole body ached, I wouldn’t have traded this day for the world.

“Oh crap!” she said, as she suddenly looked down at me. My face was still buried in her foot as our eyes meet. Oh crap indeed, I thought to myself. There was no way to explain this.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked sarcastically, as she playfully wiggled her toes in my face. She must have assumed that I just turned my head when I heard her call out, because she just continued talking like nothing was up.

“There’s a box pushed all the way to the back and I can’t read the part number on it,” she said. “Hold your head out straight so I can rest my foot there for balance, as I try to reach it.”

I turned my head to face the floor and bring it up level with my shoulders. She then slid her left foot forward more and rested her right foot on the back of my head. The pressure wasn’t that much and normally wouldn’t be a problem, but my neck was already sore from all the straining I had been doing earlier to get to her foot.

“Darn, I still can reach it,” she said with her foot still resting on my head. “You’re going to have to move up more.”

“Move up more?” I replied with a strain in my voice. “My head is already up against the wall.”

“I got an idea.” She moved her foot from the back of my head and continued. “Put your head as far up and back as you can. Then turn your face toward the shelf. Now you can move forward more.”

I did as she suggested and to my surprise, I did have more room to move forward. I moved until the right side of my face was pressed up tight against the wall. She tried again, but still couldn’t reach.

“Well, I can’t go any farther forward, so how about up? Don’t move a muscle.” With that, she placed her right foot on the top of my head, shifted her weight to it, and up she went.

Oh my God, the pressure on my neck was almost unbearable. It felt like it wpould be pulled from my shoulders at any second. As she moved around on my head, I could feel the bones in my neck grinding against each other from her weight.

I feel something brush up against my left cheek. She has brought her left foot up against my face for balance. I watch her foot as she slowly slides it across the front of my face till her big toe bumps up against the side of my nose.

I then felt her weight shift forward to reach the box. Suddenly, the ball of her left foot jammed into my eye socket. I closed my eye just in time as she started to apply pressure to aid in her forward motion. The more she strained to reach the box, the more she pushed into my eye socket.

What a sight I must have been. I was on all fours, face pressed up against the wall, with Jamie standing on my head. She had her right foot on the top of my head, while the ball of her left foot was jammed in my eye socket. The pressure and pain was intense, yet my engorged manhood gave me the strength to go on.

Finally, escort izmir I heard her say, “Got it.”

The pressure eased up on my eye as she slid the box forward. She removed her foot from my eye socket and rested its ball on my nose. Her toes were right over my nose and I breathed her foot scent in deeply. I opened my eye to better see her foot, but my vision was blurred from the pressure she had been putting on it.

She then reached over, grabbed the clipboard and nonchalantly continued working. Why didn’t she step off my head first? Didn’t she realize how badly I was suffering beneath her?

I was just about at my breaking point, when she says, “That’s it, all done.” She must have looked down then, because she followed up with, “Jeez that doesn’t look too comfortable.” She then stepped back down onto my back and told me to back up.

I moved away from the wall, my neck sore and stiff. Though I wanted to relax and let it down, I was afraid that would only cause it to hurt more.

Jamie, seeing my dilemma, spoke, “Don’t be such a baby.”

She then placed her right foot on the back of my head and started to force it down. My stiffened neck fought against her foot to remain in the position it was, but it was a loosing battle. The pain she caused by doing this was more than I could imagine. She was only trying to help, but she was actually making it worse for me.

She finally pushed my head all the way down. I must admit, although it was quite painful as she did it, as my head hung down my neck felt better.

“Now to double check the paperwork to make sure we haven’t missed anything and then we’re done for the day. I might as well make myself comfortable first.”

With that, she proceeded to sit down on my back. She placed her firm little behind on the small of my back and a foot on each shoulder. This might have been comfortable for her, but it forced me to endure more time beneath her weight.

I could just see her feet and toes hanging off my shoulders. With her concentrating on the paperwork, now would have been a good time to steal some more glances of her cute little feet. Unfortunately, my neck was still too sore and stiff from her standing on my head. All my head could do was just hang there, as I longed to get another glimpse of her perfect feet.

After a few minutes, she finished up the paperwork. “We got it all. Now turn around and give me a horseback ride to my shoes so I don’t get my socks dirty.”

I didn’t say a word; I just did as she told me. Slowly, I turned myself around to face back up the aisle toward her shoes. My arms were tired and my knees were sore from the trip down aisle. Now, as I looked back up the aisle, her shoes seemed to be miles away. Once I was completely turned around, I started my long journey.

“Wait a second,” she said. “You can’t see where you are going with your head down. I don’t want you to bump me into the shelves, so lift your head up.”

I struggled to get my head back up. After a short time and a lot of effort, I eventually succeeded. At least in this position, I could get a better view of Jamie’s feet.

“Now, giddy up horsey,” she playfully said.

I awkwardly moved forward, my arms quivering as I went. It took all I had to try and move in a straight line, and I still wasn’t doing a good job of it.

Jamie noticed this too. “Looks like horsey needs some reigns and blinders to keep him going in the right direction.” With that, she slid her feet forward until her heels were on the edge of my shoulders. I then felt her soft socks touch against the sides of my face. Her big toe on each foot now blocked my peripheral vision.

We slowly continued down the isle with Jamie using her feet to guide me. If I would veer to one side or the other, she would use her feet to turn my head in the right direction.

We were about halfway there, when I guess she got tired of holding her knees straight up. She brought her knees down and out, and the soles of her feet were against my face. She then slid her feet a little forward and rested the sides of them on my cheekbones. Now her heels were no longer on my shoulders and my head carried the full weight of her legs. This caused great pain in my already aching neck muscles and only served to increase my torment.

I now had a clear view of the toes and balls of her feet. Her feet were close enough to my nose that I could once again take in her scent. I felt a stirring in my manhood as the combination overwhelmed my senses. It was like sweet ambrosia and gave me the strength to continue.

When we finally got to her shoes, she placed her feet back on my shoulders. My neck was so worn out that it just fell limp and hung there. I was completely exhausted, yet I still didn’t want it to end. This was a once in a lifetime experience and if she had wanted me to carry her for the rest of the day, I would have done my best to please her.

She then leaned forward and reached her left foot down, to try and slip it into the correct shoe. As she tried to work her foot into one shoe, the other one tumbled underneath me. I gazed into that shoe and I could see the impression left in it from her foot. I thought to myself, as if talking to her shoe, now I know what it’s like to be you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32