Parenting Pt. 03

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I got up the next morning a bit earlier than usual to enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. As I was sitting in my lawn chair outside the camper listening to the birds, my peace is interrupted by the sound of Judith yelling and the slam of her camper door.

Judith walks over to where I’m sitting muttering under her breath. She’s dressed in a t-shirt that reaches just below her ass, half covering her skin tight shorts. As she gets beside me, she comments about her mother wanting her to help make breakfast for her dad, as it’s his birthday today and her mom wanting to surprise him.

“So what’s wrong with that?” I asked annoyed.

“He’s an asshole to begin with, he treats her like shit, and I just don’t want to!’ She says.

With that, I quickly grab her wrist and yank her arm pulling her shoulders over my knee causing her to fall over my right leg, but missing my left leg. This causes her to fall completely over my leg with the front of her pelvis pivoting on my leg resulting with her shoulders and head hanging below my legs, her legs be pulled off the ground, and her ass pointing straight up to the sky.

I squeeze my legs together holding her chest between them as I grab the back of her shorts and panties and quickly pull them down just below her cheeks exposing her tiny butt, her crinkled asshole, and the tight lips of her little pussy.

I quickly give four hard swats, two on each cheek with the last one keeping my hand on her cheek with my middle finger resting on her puckered little asshole. I hold her there for a moment as I grab my cellphone and take a quick picture of her in this position and then quickly push her off my lap onto the ground. She lands on her naked butt in the grass looking at me with tears in her eyes.

“Now go help your mother, and no more bitching.” I demand.

She responds “Yes Daddy.” in which then she gets up, pulls her shorts back up and slowing walks away. I watch her as she rubs her cheeks in which I then see her mom standing in the open door of the camper smiling. Her mom slowly turns and goes back in gently shutting the door and when Judith arrives at the door, she turns to me and smiles as she goes back in, still rubbing her ass.

I then look at the photo on my phone admiring her holes, he pinkness of her butt cheeks, but then notice that I caught something unexpectedly. The angle of the camera caught her face with a big smile. This one is a keeper I thought and shut off the phone.

A little while later, I watched iskenderun escort as mom, dad. Judith and the little one exits the trailer as one big happy family with everyone singing happy birthday. Her dad was hugging them all for a great breakfast as he walked to where I was sitting and set down in an empty lawn chair. I wished him a happy birthday as he told me how they had made him a big breakfast with all the fixings. Our conversation continued with small talk about many other things as the morning went on.

A little later, Judith approached and asked her dad and I if we wanted to go to the park with her. I politely declined, but my wife and her dad decided that they’d go along. Judith’s mom, on the other hand declined as well saying that she’d just like to stay and relax. They all then left leaving her mom and I sitting in our chairs by the fire pit without a fire.

Now, I’m not really into older women. Even my own wife, which is fine with her as she just doesn’t seem to be interested in sex anymore anyway. But, due to this, I’m in a state of arousal all the time. In fact, I’m probably addicted to sex as I think of it all the time.

I look over at Judith’s mom and take in her beauty. It’s no wonder that Judith is so cute as her mom has many the same features, the long blond hair, and nice tits that are attached to two large breasts. A slight pudgy at the belly, but her shorts fit well showing a well defined ass. She’s also fairly young as she had Judith early as a teenager with Judith being her only child.

“Can I talk to you about something.” She says.

“Go ahead, you can talk about anything.” I reply.

She then explains that her husband hasn’t been interested in sex for months and seeing what I’ve been doing with Judith has her really worked up.

“So you’re admitting to being bad then?” I ask.

She replies in a quieter, meek schoolgirl voice “Yes Sir.”

“Bad girls deserve punishment you know?” I say.

And again, she answers “Yes Sir.”

“Well then?” I say.

She climbs out of her chair and walks to the side of my legs, grabs the sides of her shorts and slides them down showing her shaved pussy mound. With that, she bends over at the waist and lies over my legs with her ass being exposed. I look closer to see that her butt cheeks, being more rounded, having separated from each other leaving her asshole and pussy lips exposed.

Her tiny asshole clinches shut tighter as I run escort iskenderun my finger over it, and then I made my way to her pussy. Her pussy as apposed to Judith’s was partially open with her lips being more pronounced and was very wet. I slid my fingers over her slit back and forth which resulted in her moaning each time as I slide over her clit. Suddenly, with out warning, I thrust three fingers into her hole which causes her to jump, but she quickly settles back as I push my fingers deeper. I then add a forth getting all my hand except my thumb in her wet pussy.

“Fuck my hand.” I tell her.

She starts to thrust her pussy back and forth with me just holding my hand still. As she does this, her body is creating more and more juices as it runs down my wrist and arm. I then slide my thumb up against my palm and watch as she takes my hand deeper and deeper eventually getting my hand all the way in up to my wrist.

Once it’s inside, I ball my hand into a fist locking it in place. She begin to buck wildly as I kept my fist balled up inside her not letting her get off my lap. I take my other hand and dip my fingers into her juices and begin to play with her asshole pushing first one finger, then another, and eventually, a third.

I happen to look towards the woods and once again, our happy wood collector was again picking up wood and had stopped to watch us. And again, he just stood there with his cock out jerking off.

“We have an audience.” I tell her.

Her head pops up quickly and looks out immediately seeing him. At the same time, she hit’s her climax with a shrill scream of ecstasy and a shower of liquid coming from her pussy.

I release my grip and tell her to stand up. She gets up leaving her shorts down in which I pull her in front of me facing the old man. I then pull out my rock hard cock and grab her waist with both hands and guide her wet pussy down onto my hard cock. Not bragging, but I was endowed with a rather large cock. Hard, it’s about eight inches long and the thickness of a soda can.

As she set down, I was able to get the head in rather easily, but she had difficulty sliding down on it due to it’s girth. I helped her slide back up and then back down taking more and more each time. Eventually, she tells me to stop as she says I must be too long.

I slide her up again and this time, as she lowered herself, I quickly raised my hips thrusting my cock in the rest of the way into her pussy iskenderun escort bayan thrusting my hard cock into her cervix. She lets out a loud grunt as she bit her fist as it went in. We stayed like that for a little bit and then she began to slide up and down on my pole.

Unfortunately, this was my first release for the weekend as it didn’t take me long and I could feel the eruption coming. Suddenly, I felt it in my groin as I loaded her womb with my cum not even announcing that it was going to happen.

“Not inside me! She exclaimed as she tried to pull up when she figured out what I was doing, but I held her tight by her waist while pushing my cum deep into her unprotected cervix. Little does she know, but I had a vasectomy years ago and all I’m doing is shooting blanks, but she doesn’t need to know right now.

Sitting there with my cock buried deep into her cunt, I say “Now, I own you and your daughter!”

As she caught her breath, I hear “Yes you do Daddy.” in which she then laid back onto my chest with my cock still buried in her tight pussy as we watched the old man walk away into the woods. She then begins to giggle like a school girl.

I eventually grabbed both hips and pushed her forward watching my cock pull out of her pussy as her lips tried to keep it inside. Her lips gripped the sides of my cock as it slid out pulling them out and away from her body. When the head of my cock came out, she let out a soft moan, and her pussy remained open, but to my surprise, my cum stayed inside.

She stood up and pulled her shorts back up telling me that she better get back to the camper and clean up.

“No, no cleaning.” I tell her. “Remain as you are with my cum deep inside your pussy. And if any leaks out, your shorts will soak it up.”

“But won’t I smell like your cum?” She asks.

“Doubtful.” I answer. “Guys just don’t pay that much attention to it unless we have our noses buried in your cunt. And even then, we’re not going to say anything.”

She then tells me that every birthday, they have sex and that it’s their thing that they do.

“Well this year, you’re going to do something special for him.” I say. “Since he would probably notice how loose your pussy is now, you’re going to have offer him something special and not so loose.”

Her face goes pale as it dawns on her what I was referring to. “I’ve never done anal” She says.

I look her straight in the eyes and say “Do you want my cock to be your first time anal?”

She looks at my now deflating cock and whispers “I better work up to that.”

“Well then, It’s decided. It’s my birthday present for your husband.” I tell her as I get up and walk away. As I do so, I turn my head and watch her as she gently walks towards her camper obviously feeling the pain of her still stretched out pussy and possibly cum covered panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32