Philippine Exotica: Hot , Steamy

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Angel and I have been online friends for years sharing our deepest and most intimate thoughts as well as things of interest in our daily lives. We decided to meet in person for a sexy adventure in The Philippines.

Our time together ended up being so amazing with steamy sex and escapades that had so many twists, turns, and surprises that we decided to write about it. We had such a great time on our first experience in the Philippines that we decided to do an annual trip.

Some of the following chapters are written by Angel with her point of view and others are written by me. When you read them, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

We hope you enjoy our naughty adventures in the Philippines and share them with your friends. Please leave us a comment because we would love to hear from you!

Finally, all characters in this story are over 18 years of age.


Angel and Carl

Chapter 1

The Big Day!

There was great anticipation…

We were finally going to meet and see each other in person. I had mixed feelings of excitement and anxiousness coupled with worry and fear. What if we didn’t come across well to each other in person? What if we didn’t hit it off? Visiting with each other online is one thing but meeting in person is quite another.

We had been internet friends for years and knew each other intimately. We explored our deepest, darkest secrets as well as normal everyday life. It was unbelievable that after so many years, that the big day was finally arriving.

I went over my checklist one more time to make sure everything was packed. My flight to the Philippines was in three hours. It was going to be a long flight and I was not looking forward to it, but I knew that once I was able to see the smile on my friend’s face, everything would be worthwhile.

My friend’s name is Angel and she is a very attractive lady. She sends photos once in a while and we’ve had several video chats. She has a cute face, curvy figure, silky black hair, and luscious lips. She doesn’t realize how attractive she really is.

I’m late packing my things because I’m a procrastinator but convinced that I’ve got everything needed, I call an Uber ride to the airport. The ride shows up a few minutes later, drives me to my airline, and drops me off. I can’t believe that I’m off to the Philippines.

I’ve seen and heard many things about the Philippines and know that it is a very enchanting, exotic place, full of beauty and wonder. This trip will undoubtedly be a tremendous experience for me that I’ll never forget and I can’t wait to get there.

Chapter 2

I arrived at the airport and was checked in through security to my gate to board my flight. Time passes very quickly. Before I know it, the plane is up in the air.

I begin to think about my destination. Once I fly into the Philippines, it will be a boat ride to the Islands. This is where I plan to meet Angel. We had planned this trip together and I booked the reservations for both of us at a five-star resort. She would arrive first and I would arrive a few hours later. This would give her time to check out the resort by the time I got there.

There was a lot to explore because the resort was complete with restaurants, a pool with a swim-up bar, and a highly rated spa. I made a reservation for Angel to have any of the spa services that she desired; manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, body waxing, and different body treatments to her heart’s desire. I wanted her to feel great.

I knew it was going to be a long flight so I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep. I was in and out of sleep as the flight continued. It wouldn’t be long until I landed in the Philippines. From there, it would be a ferry ride to the island resort. I began to feel more and more excited.

Chapter 3

My plane landed in the Philippines. As I exited the plane, I felt the warmth and humidity. Just what I was looking forward to since leaving rainy, cold Seattle. I see someone standing with a sign with my name on it. This is part of my taxi and boat ride that will get me to my final destination.

I’m driven to a place on the water where a boat is waiting. I shared some texts with Angel to let her know that I have arrived safely and found out she is doing great after several visits to the spa. She told me that she had a massage, facial, nail manicure, and foot pedicure. She also let me know that she has a special surprise for me but won’t tell me what it is.

I hopped on the boat and got ready for departure. The boat ride was spectacular. Clear blue skies make the water take on a gorgeous deep blue-green color. We passed small islands and rock formations covered with lush vegetation. The wind was in my face and cooled me as the boat got closer to its final destination.

I kept thinking about Angel and wondered what it will be like to see her. I wonder what she is planning to surprise me with. As I come closer to my destination, this experience that I have longed escort for is finally becoming a reality and no longer just a fantasy.

The boat arrived at the island port and we departed. Not long now…

Chapter 4

We departed the boat and I looked for a sign indicating where I go next. Then, I saw someone waving a sign with my name on it. This was for my ride to the final destination.

I could hardly wait to get there. I wondered what will happen. Even though I’m exhausted from the long trip, the nervous excitement kept me alert.

After a few minutes’ drive, I could see the resort up ahead. My ride pulled up to the resort, I got out and looked around and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.

There was tropical vegetation everywhere. I walked through the lobby and out onto the back patio and could see the gorgeous beach and ocean. I saw the beauty that I’ve not seen in a long time.

Chapter 5

Angel and I had texted each other on the boat and she wanted to greet me in our room. She had given me the room number and explained how to get there. I went down the hall and to the end where our room was located. My heart was racing with excitement. I knocked on the door and it opened slowly.

There she was! My gorgeous lady friend. She was dressed in a plush white robe and was just as beautiful as I had imagined. Her fingers and toenails were freshly done. Her hair was long and silky and hung majestically down in front of her robe. Her face had a warm glow and had just the right touch of makeup.

Angel’s robe was opened slightly exposing one of her thighs. I could stand it no longer. I leaned in and gave her a kiss on her forehead as I opened her robe slightly. I could see Angel’s lovely exposed breasts. I could feel pressure in my groin as I started getting hard. I removed her robe entirely as I kissed her deeply. She started pulling off my shirt, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and removed my underwear and socks with a little help from me. She had soft lips as I kissed her.

We were both completely naked now. I had to pull away for just a moment to look at her luscious body. As I looked down, I could see the surprise that she had teased me about and she giggled. She had a small patch of hair in her groin area and as I ran my hands between Angel’s legs, I could feel how soft she was. She had gotten a professional wax as my surprise and I loved it.

As I moved my hands around her pubic area, I felt the slit of her pussy. She was warm and moist. I slipped a finger inside her vagina and moved slowly in and out while feeling her clit. Angel started moaning softly. She grabbed my hard cock and started moving her hand up and down my shaft and I continued thrusting my finger in and out of her.

I saw a table in the corner of my eye that looked to be just the right height to lay her down. I moved Angel slowly toward the table and carefully laid her down on her back. I opened her legs and saw her beautiful pussy. Just how I had imagined and had seen before only in pictures and videos. I pulled her butt to the end of the table with her legs spread wide and back so I could have good access to her vagina. I took my cock and rubbed it up and down Angel’s slit. Then I thrust my cock deep into her vagina and stayed there for a moment. I had to take it all in.

I had traveled so far and waited so long for this moment and here it was. I was overwhelmed for a moment. I looked at Angel and she looked back smiling with a look of total enjoyment. I began to move my cock in and out of Angel. She was so soft and wet inside. Moving a little faster, I could see Angel’s stomach heaving up and down and hear her soft moaning pleasures. I thought that she must be having an orgasm as I felt her vagina pulsate around my cock. This excited me even more as I could feel a warmth behind my balls and knew that I would be cumming soon.

I was moving in and out, in and out, and with every thrust, I was closer and closer. Finally, I could feel an explosion of pleasure as I had an immense orgasm and my cock began to shoot warm cum into Angel’s vagina. My cock kept pulsating and pulsating with cum. As I pulled out slowly, cum dripped from her vagina down her lovely butthole and onto the floor. I gently pulled Angel up and off of the table. We wrapped our arms around each other and stood there hugging for a long time.

Finally, Angel left and went to get cleaned up and I did the same.

Chapter 6

Angel wanted to go to dinner that evening and there were quite a few restaurants at the resort to choose from and she scouted out a perfect choice. She spent some time fixing herself up and came out of the room in a very pretty dress. I was dressed casual. We walked down to the restaurant together and went into the bar for a happy hour before dinner. Angel ordered a drink and so did I.

Angel wanted to know all about my trip so I explained everything from the time I reluctantly packed my bags to landing in The Philippines. I had a few funny stories eskort about one of the flight attendants who accidentally spilled a drink on my lap to a couple that went into the airplane toilet together and straightened their clothes when they came out. Angel laughed when she realized what the couple had been up to.

We had a great chat and then it was time for dinner. The waiter seated us at the table. Angel recommended a few Filipino dishes to me. We ordered food and a bottle of wine. The waiter opened the bottle of wine first. We sipped wine until the food arrived.

I love Filipino food and this did not disappoint. I had a dish that Angel recommended and she had a pork dish with special garnishments. We had a fun conversation and the wine was going to our heads. The mixture of wine, jet lag and excitement was having its toll on me.

After dinner, we went back to the room and decided to cuddle and listen to music. Angel put on a relaxing music channel and then went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. I also got ready.

Angel came out of the bathroom in a sexy black lingerie dress that I purchased for her at the resort. She had done quite a bit of shopping at the resort and really enjoyed the stores. She took off the dress and was wearing a sexy black bra and matching panties. I was already in bed with just my boxers on. She climbed into bed and we cuddled. I was very exhausted and the only thing that had kept me going was the adrenaline and excitement of being with Angel.

We soon fell into a blissful sleep.

Chapter 7

Morning came and sunlight was barely streaming through small openings in the curtains. I could see Angel sleeping peacefully next to me in bed. She was a beautiful sight. I called room service for breakfast in bed. Angel woke up we hugged each other. She went to the bathroom to get ready for the morning.

Soon breakfast was delivered to the room. Angel came out of the bathroom in sexy lingerie. I was just wearing boxers. We ate outside on the deck overlooking the pool. We could see the ocean out on the distance. There was a nice breeze and it was already warm.

The plan for today was to have a couple’s massage, head back to the room for a while and then go swimming at the pool. Lunch would be at the swim up bar at the pool. Later, go for a walk around the resort and on the beach. Dinner would be at a different restaurant at the resort that had live music.

We finished our breakfast and changed into thick white robes that were provided by the resort. We walked down to the spa and were greeted by the staff. They walked us to our room. Two massage therapists entered the room and had us remove all of our clothes and lay face down on the massage table.

The massage felt so good as every muscle was deeply and expertly massaged. After a long blissful time, they told us to turn over. I looked over at Angel and saw her perfect bare breasts and gorgeous body. She looked at me and then looked down at my groin area and smiled because my male parts were out in the open.

The massage therapists massaged our heads and faces. Then moved to the chest area. I could see Angel’s breasts being lightly massaged. They moved down to the groin area and I couldn’t help from getting a slight erection. Angel looked over and smiled again and let out a little giggle. The therapist giggled also. I was feeling a little embarrassed but the enjoyment of the massage made it all worthwhile.

They finished with our legs and feet. By the time they were finished, we both felt like we were in heaven.

We put on our robes and walked back to the room. I could see a special look in Angel’s eyes and I knew what she wanted. I was craving the same thing. I gently removed her robe and mine came off as well. I gave Angel a deep kiss that lasted a long time. I grabbed her butt and moved her in close to me and she started moving her hips.

By the expression in her eyes, I was sensing that Angel wanted something wild so I took her over to the bed, laid her on her back and spread her legs. I easily entered her moist vagina and began moving in and out faster and faster. I pulled out and moved my cock toward her butthole. I put the tip in slowly and could feel her asshole twitch and then relax. I went deeper and she was so tight. I moved in and out slowly until I went in all the way.

Angel let out a moan of enjoyment. I started going in and out faster and then switched to her vagina and after a few moments back to her butthole. I switched back and forth many times. I could see Angel’s chest heave as she let out a loud moan and felt pulsating tightness around my cock. I knew Angel had an orgasm. I kept switching until I knew that I would be cumming. I exploded cum into her butthole and she shuddered with a second orgasm. I moved to her side and we held each other for quite a while.

We finally got up and decided to take a shower together and get cleaned up. We entered the shower and I asked Angel if she wanted me to soap her up. She said yes, so eskort bayan I grabbed the body wash and applied it all over her. First on her back and buttocks and legs. I spread her cheeks and applied a little soap and sprayed butt hole so she would be nice and clean. Then I turned her around and applied to her breasts, pelvic area and legs. She turned around into the shower stream and spread her legs. Using my fingers, I gently cleaned her vagina with just water and sprayed her girl parts.

Angel applied body wash to me next and clean me in the same order. When it came to my male parts, she applied soap and I got another erection. A little embarrassing again but worth it. She sprayed me off. Then we both washed our hair. I got out first and got a fluffy towel and then gave one to Angel.

We were all refreshed for the day. We forgot that we were going to the pool to swim and then have lunch. When we both realize that we just took a shower together but were going to the pool, we laughed. In hindsight, we would have gone to the pool first had lunch and then shower. But the shower was well worth it. We’ll just have to do another one.

Chapter 8

I put on my swimming shorts and Angel a sexy black, one piece swimsuit that she had just purchased at one of the resort stores the day before. We each grabbed a towel, put on sandals and headed down toward the pool.

It was beginning to get very warm outside so I was glad that we would be cooling off at the pool. We entered the pool area and it was beautiful. The pool was large and wrapped around in many different shapes and met up with a swim up bar. There was a little bridge that went over the middle. We grabbed a nice spot with an overhead tropical umbrella. We sat in inclining chairs and starred out at the gorgeous site. Angel brought a book down to read and I had a tablet computer. We relaxed and read for a while and started to get hungry for lunch.

We went to the pool and got into the refreshing water. We walked over to the swim up bar and the waiter brought us menus. I told Angel to pick out something for me on the menu and a local beer. Angel ordered and decided to have the same beer. We sipped on our beer and soon the food arrived. Here we were in paradise, eating and drinking and taking in the sights around us.

When we were finished with our lunch, I took Angel’s hand and walked her toward our spot by the pool. Before we got out of the water, I pulled her close and gave her a deep kiss and we moved about the pool, arm in arm hugging each other.

Later, we got out of the pool and headed back to our spot. We spent a couple more hours at the pool and then decided it was time to take a walk on the beach.

We headed back to our room and changed into shirts and shorts. Angel wore a sexy tight fitting sleeveless shirt and khaki shorts. I just had a basic shirt and tan shorts. We put on our sandals and headed for the beach.

It was just as I had imagined. Gorgeous fine white sand and clear deep blue green water. It was breath taking. We walked down to the water and began walking along the waterline. The water came in over our feet and back out as we walked along. We walked quite a distance and the beach seemed infinite.

We decided to turn back to the resort. As we turned around, Angel hugged me. We were the only two on the beach with the beautiful blue sky and water, sand and a slight blowing wind. We kissed, then started walking back.

By the time we got back to the resort, it was nearing time for dinner. Time was really flying by and I wanted it to slow down.

We got back to our room and Angel headed into the bathroom to take a shower. I let her have all the time she wanted. She was busy fixing herself up for dinner and invited me into the bathroom.

When I went in, Angel was in her bathrobe. I took off my shorts and shirt and she took a peek at me without any clothes and smiled. I hopped into the shower and washed myself. I got out and Angel handed me a towel. I could see her eyes glance to my groin area and I felt a slight erection coming on. I wrapped the towel around me and dried myself off before grabbing a bathrobe. We were both refreshed and think we both decided subconsciously to save our energy for dinner and what may be to come next.

Chapter 9

Angel fixed herself up, put on some makeup and a sexy dress. I wore a nice tropical shirt and khaki pants. When we were ready, we left the room and walked towards the restaurant.

When we got there, we took in the sights. Beach in the background, tropical trees, and colorful umbrellas. There was a small band playing soft music with a good singer. A light breeze blew through the restaurant.

They sat us at a table near the front where we could put our toes in the sand. The waiter came up and suggested that we go to the buffet a few feet away. We got up and walked over.

There was so much food, I didn’t know where to start. Angel helped me and made some great suggestions. Everything looked so delicious. I began scooping different foods onto my plate based on what I thought looked good and what Angel recommended. We both stacked up our plates with delicious food and took it back to our table.

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