Popcorn Pt. 01

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In the early 90’s I was working at a multiplex while I was in college. I was the concessions supervisor, which was a fun job – I was 20 and most of those I was in charge of were female and younger. Betsy, one of my classmates, had gotten me the job after we’d become fast friends. She introduced me to Renee. Renee was a Rubenesque, reasonably attractive blond with a beautiful voice, she was about 5 years older than me. During downtime she sang country tunes behind the concessions counter where we all worked. They were fun days and it was a good college job. I got my other friends from school into movies for free when I could.

One night, Betsy, Renee and I went out to an Applebees after work for drinks. I don’t remember a lot of what was said (maybe some country singing from Renee at some point?) but I remember we had a good time with a lot of laughs. We must’ve been going into Thanksgiving break because as we were leaving, I remember giving Betsy a hug and a peck on the lips because it was the holidays. Renee, who I’d known for maybe a month or two, stepped up to me for the same routine. I was tipsy, so I didn’t mind. When she leaned in for the peck, as she pressed her lips against mine she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. It still may be the hottest thing anyone’s ever done to me (outside of a bedroom). Anyway, I know when we pulled apart the shock must’ve registered on my face, and she caught my eye and nodded slightly, letting me know this was an offer.

I lived with my then future ex-wife at the time. And I knew Renee was living with a eryaman escort guy. But still my caustically low self esteem and little experience said go for it. Renee and I couldn’t go anywhere for a bit. So, we started making out and pawing at each other during our daily 15 minute breaks. The first time we kissed, she asked me, “Did it have to be me?” By which I think she meant,am I special, or were you just bored? I don’t remember how I answered, but the truth was probably a little of both. She made whatever decision she needed to based on my reply and we continued to have fun on our breaks. We would tongue wrestle and grope each other in quarter hour trysts in the back of the theaters.

One Saturday evening we were both on shift. We watched while it snowed on our cars thirty feet away in the parking lot. After a busy night with more than a few shared glances we timed our exits so that we were both leaving together. We walked together to my black 88 Jetta. I opened both doors and Renee got in on the passenger side. Once the doors closed we were in our own private snow frosted cocoon. Privacy, and for the first time. We were on each other a beat after this shared realization, tongues jammed in each other’s mouths. Renee broke the kiss and started sucking my neck, then down my shirt (we were still fully winter clothed). She went lower and then started rubbing my cock through my jeans. She smiled up at me.

“Someone is very happy. I bet I can make him happier.”

She started undoing my belt and pushing my pants down until my cock flopped out under sincan escort the steering wheel. Our lips met as she lightly stroked my freed cock.

“You’ve got a big one. I like that.” Looking directly into my eyes.

She kissed me again and then as she leaned down she bent my dick, pulling it upwards and bending it down against the resistance of the wheel.

“Easy!” I was trying to stay in the moment, but that had really hurt.

I pressed my dick forward, from the base, and moved it out from the under side of the wheel.

“Can you adjust the steering wheel a little? My head’s not going to fit in that space,” she asked.

“Sure, sure,” I found a lever I’d never used on the steering column and the wheel moved upward to accommodate her head.

She gave me a little smile, positioned herself and leaned forward to put her mouth on my cock. Renee then began to give me the greatest blow job I’ve ever received in my life. My entire length and thickness was swallowed up into her mouth. She played her throat around my cock head. Her tongue was velvety but firm and she worked it like a pro. Looking back on this moment, it reminds me of the first time I tongue kissed a girl. Which is to say (for me at least) there was a moment of deep-end-of-the-pool panic where it feels weird. But then, (the sooner the better) the intimacy and vulnerability take over and you go with it. It’s like levelling up sexually. When she swallowed me whole, I realized that Renee was probably going to teach me a lot.

My head flew back and batıkent escort I shut my eyes in ecstasy. She first established a slow rhythm, and built on it. She would shake her head slightly when going down causing me to groan her name. At one point she was doing an upstroke and fully pulled her lips off my cock. When I realized she’d stopped I said “Hey!” She chuckled with her gorgeous honey laugh and worked her way down my length again. It was not long before I could feel the tingling building in my balls. I warned her and she hummed an “uh-huh.” I felt my load rocket through the length of my shaft and then shoot into her throat. I was shaking and groaning as ropes of cum shot out of me, and she sucked me dry. Once my shaking stopped, she cleaned off my cock with her amazing tongue, lapping at my cockhead and catching each drop as it came out. Once I was dry, she held my cock and looked at me with an arched eyebrow. We both laughed.

I said, “That was the best blo-“

“Oh, uh, you don’t have to…” as if to tell me she didn’t need to hear my bullshit (like I’d been way more experienced than I was).

“No. No, I want to be honest. That was truly the best head I’ve ever experienced. Thank you.”

We took another few minutes kissing and groping each other goodnight.

“Listen, maybe we could do this again next week? My girl will be out of town…”

She smiled and nodded. We kissed deeply and then she got out of the car.

My last memory of the evening was that then I had to take care of the snow on the car. I got out and put my scraper on the windshield. The snow fell away easily – we’d melted it from the inside. Not wanting anyone to know I was still in the parking lot with Renee, I brushed off the snow on my car quickly and left.

To be continued…

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