Quickie: Anna Web

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Note: This story is about the sex. I wrote this to make a person hot. So if you get hard/wet while reading this, then I’ve succeeded. I’d like to know if it worked for you.


Anna Web cupped her full tits through the soft material of her light sweater. Even though the early spring day was warm, she loved the way this top hugged her curvy body and so did the boys, if the way they looked at her was any sign. She’d spotted more than one lump in the shorts of her school mates who had eyed her up hungrily.

Some girls might have complained, but not Anna. She loved it when boys, or men, looked at her like they wanted to devour her. And that’s just what Anna wanted as well, but she had waited. She turned eighteen just a week ago and since that day she’d been looking for the perfect guy to be her first. She had spent countless nights fingering her pussy, cumming so hard she’d nearly scream as she dreamed about one boy or another between her legs feeding his hard cock to her hungry cunt. It was getting harder and harder to wait though and Anna feared if she didn’t find the right guy soon, she might just give it up to the first hard cock she saw.

She stood in her bedroom, her curtains wide open as she kneaded her round braless breasts, her thighs pressed closed together beneath her short skirt. The thought of some passing man watching her made her squirm with delight, a growing warmth spreading through her. Her nipples began to ache pleasantly as the desire built up inside her, threatening to burst forth. That’s when she saw Mr. Jacobs pull into his driveway across the street.

Anna stepped closer to the window, wondering if he could see her. She kept touching herself, her fingers squeezing her plump breasts rhythmically as she willed him to turn in her direction. As if he had heard her silent plea, Mr. Jacobs turned and looked right at her. He stopped in his tracks and stared openly at the young woman. With a whimper, Anna felt a gush that began to tickle its way down her thigh.

“He’s the one,” Anna said, licking her lips as she swung her hips softly side to side. Mr. Jacobs was a handsome, strapping man. His broad chest and dark hair along with his good looks, it was no wonder Anna had seen a stream of gorgeous women coming out of his home. If there was anyone she wanted to be her first, it was him.

He kept staring at her, enjoying the show she was putting on. Anna revelled in his gaze, her groping becoming more exaggerated and then letting her right hand slip down to her skirt where she pressed her fingers into the vee of her legs. The pressure against her panties was causing her wetness to flow freely and she felt her legs tremble as she was overcome with desire. Mr. Jacobs adjusted his pants, his hand going to his crotch to alleviate the pain of his growing erection. Anna smiled wildly, knowing that she had gotten to the man.

“I’ve got to have him!” Anna cried and she left her bedroom, heading for the front door. When she crossed the street to Mr. Jacobs’ house, he was nowhere to be seen. The peep show may be over, Anna thought, but the real fun is about to begin! She checked her reflection in the sun drenched window of his fancy car. Satisfied that she looked perfect, she skipped to his front door and knocked.

“Why hello, Mr. Jacobs!” Anna said brightly when he opened the door. She could smell his cologne. Her whole body was alive with electricity, even the feel of her sweater rubbing lightly against her stiff nipples was sending tiny jolts through her. “I was wondering if you think someone can see into my room from the street?”

Anna smiled as her neighbor looked her up and down, his eyes drinking her in like a man trapped in the desert. She watched his eyes glaze over and then she took him in. He wore a smart collared shirt with well tailored grey business slacks. Her eyes couldn’t move lower though, because she caught sight of a large bulge in his pants and she licked her lips without being aware of her actions.

“I think it’s possible that people can see into your room, Anna,” Mr. Jacobs said.

“Oh good, I was afraid that I might be putting on a show for no reason.” The words just slipped out of her mouth without her thinking about them. “Did you like my little show?”

Mr. Jacobs swallowed hard and then a sly smile spread across his face. “Anna you are a young lady, we shouldn’t be talking like this-“

“My birthday was a week ago, I’m eighteen now,” Anna said quickly.

“Well, in that case, we shouldn’t be talking like this on my doorstep.” He stepped aside and Anna sashayed past him, her skirt bouncing playfully.

Anna stopped just inside the doorway and when the door closed she spun around. “Mr. Jacobs,” Anna began.

“Call me Mark,” he said quickly, his arms sliding around her waist and pulling her tight against his body.

“Mark,” Anna said softly, as if she were testing the name on her lips. “I want you to be my first.”

Anna delighted in the way his eyes lit up with excitement. ankara escort She squealed as he lifted her off her feet and carried her swiftly to his large couch. He set her down and then sat close to her.

“Oh my god,” Mark whispered in awe as he looked her up and down. Anna couldn’t imagine being more excited but the tingling in her body kept growing as he took her in.

“Hurry, Mr. Ja- Mark, I don’t think I can wait any longer!”

“My god, I’ve watched you grow up and the last couple of years it has been such sweet torture to see you develop into such a sexy strumpet with those magnificent titties and that ass. I’ve wanted you for so long, I can’t believe it!”

Anna melted at his words. The fact that a grown man had been lusting after her for so long made her feel like the queen of the world! She took his hand and placed it on her boob, where his fingers began to cup and squeeze her tit flesh readily. His other hand grabbed at the other and soon she could feel a steady buzzing in her pussy as small tremors rocked her insides.

“I think I’m cumming already!” Anna breathed. His fingers kept up a steady pace on her tits, sliding closer and closer to her stiffened nipples until at last he was pinching one deliciously. “Oh fuck yes!” she shouted. “It feels so much better when you do it!”

“It all does, baby,” Mark assured her. “I’m going to make you feel so good and you are going to make me feel so good, too.”

“Can I touch you?” Anna pleaded. She just needed to feel a cock. She’d dreamed of them for so long, but had never felt one herself. “I want to feel your cock.”

Mark smiled devilishly. Obviously her language was a turn on, coming from such a seemingly innocent girl. He took her hand and slid it up his leg until at last her palm rested over the lump against his thigh. Her fingers curled around his rod, feeling the warmth that seemed to burn through the trousers.

“Oh god,” Anna whispered. She used both hands on his cock, rubbing it through the cotton material. “I need to see it!”

“Sure thing, darling,” Mark agreed. He stood up and undid his belt and the buttons on his pants while Anna watched unblinking. He took her hands and brought them to his zipper and waistband and encouraged her to lower them for him.

Anna looked up into his eyes and then down at his crotch. The sound of the zipper lowering was loud in the silent room and then the pants were falling of their own accord. She expected to see underwear, but he wore none. There was a patch of dark hair that thinned and the base of his shaft came into view. Anna licked her lips again as his cock was uncovered and the pants fell in a pile at his feet.

She took him in her hand and held the sword of flesh, so hot and velvety in her grip. He was thick and long, just like she’d always imagined her first to be. It looked so foreign, the skin darker than her ivory white hand.

“It feels wonderful,” Anna said in awe. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and could feel it pulsing, as if it had its own heartbeat. “Does that feel good?”

Mark gave a short laugh, “Yes, it feels wonderful. You see how he’s standing up so eager? That’s because of you!”

Anna beamed at the praise. She stroked him slowly, luxuriating in the power and sexiness of it all. She knew she’d made the right choice in Mr. Jacobs. He was the perfect man to be her first.

“What should I do now?”

“Why don’t you let me undress you first, and then we’ll go from there.”

He held out his hand and helped her up before he took her in his arms and then his mouth was covering hers. His hot tongue speared past her lips, kissing her like no one had ever before. Anna let go of his cock and slipped her arms around his neck, pressing her bosom into his chest. His hands pressed insistently on her back and then slipped down to cup her buttocks. He squeezed her ass firmly and then shook each cheek.

When he broke the kiss, Anna was dizzy but she had little time to recover as he took the hem of her sweater and was pulling it over her head. She looked up at him, feeling incredibly sexy and beautiful as his face was captured in awe of her body. Anna took hold of her tits and held them up for him to view, proud of the way she had entranced him.

“Do you like them?” Anna asked innocently.

“My god, Anna, they are incredible! You have such beautiful breasts, they are amazing.”

“I like them too,” she admitted. “I love to touch them. Sometimes I spend hours in my room just cupping them, squeezing them and pinching my stiff nipples. I can make myself cum just from playing with my tits.” Mark continued to stare in awe for several long moments until Anna could take it no longer. “Touch them, please.”

Mr. Jacobs knelt before her so that his face was just below her breasts. His hands slid up her sides and then moved in, squishing her round globes together. Anna couldn’t help the soft whimper that escaped her lips as a man touched her for the first time. He pressed his thumbs over elvankent escort her nipples, pressing them into her flesh. When he moved his thumbs the stiff tips popped out, eager for more.

Anna closed her eyes and lost herself in the feel of this sexy man’s hands all over her tits. She knew it would feel good, but could never have guessed how good! His fingers seemed to be everywhere at once and each time he grazed her nipple, jolts of fire and ice would shoot down to her cunny. He was working her closer and closer to the edge, she knew soon she’d be cumming.

Mark took hold of her tits, his fingers encircling her nipples and then his hot mouth was sucking on the right one. He swirled his tongue around the nub and then across it. The roughness of his tongue scraping the aching nerve endings in the tip. Anna cried out as her eyes were filled with white heat, her pussy contracting in an unexpected, gushing cum. She held his head tightly against her bosom, trying to keep her balance and to keep his mouth right where she wanted it.

He moved to the other breast and dd the same, with the same result. Anna could barely stand and he helped her to sit on the couch. Mark was all over her in a flash, his mouth covering hers as his hands caressed her lovely orbs.

“I can’t believe how gorgeous you are! Your skin is so soft and pink.”

Anna lay back, lifting her arms over her head, offering herself to his every desire. He continued to kiss her everywhere, from her neck to her belly button. As he worked lower Anna felt her pussy get hotter and hotter and she knew she wanted more.

“Baby, I’ve just got to taste your peach,” Mark said as he came up for air.


“Your pussy. I want to kiss your pussy.”

“Oh yes!” Anna had masturbated many times with the thought of a boy kissing her cunt. She was ready to have it done to her for real at last.

He shifted further down the couch and reached up underneath her skirt to her waist. Taking hold of her panties, he pulled them off her hips and over her rounded buttocks. When he slipped them over her feet he took the underwear and pressed it close against his nose, inhaling deeply. Anna felt incredibly self conscious watching her sexy neighbor breathe in her scent. What if he didn’t like it?

“Oh god,” Mark growled, his eyes rolling back in his head. Her worry disappeared in the dreamy look in Mark’s eyes. He definitely liked the smell of her panties. She’d have to remember that!

Mark looked down at her, his face a mask of lust. Anna spread her knees, exposing the soft patch of fur that covered her pink lips. She could feel the wetness slowly bubbling up from within and the scent of her arousal was quickly filling the room. Mark’s nostrils flared like a bull and then he was leaning down to get between her thighs.

“Oh fuck,” Anna cried out as her lover’s lips peppered her pussy with kisses. The light stubble on his chin scraped delightfully against the soft skin of her thighs. He worked his face deeper between her legs, pushing her knees wider apart and rolling her hips back. Her pussy was lifted up so that he could kiss it properly. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks, pushing them together and pulling them apart wickedly.

Anna’s eyes rolled back in her head as she arched her back, thrusting her tits high up into the air as Mark’s tongue slid past her pouty outer lips to taste the sweet nectar within. The hard, wet tip of his tongue pushed around her most sacred flower, nudging against her clit before delving deep inside her. Her fingers found their way into his hair and she held on tightly as her lover’s mouth brought her unspeakable pleasure. She felt the flow of her desire and it excited her incredibly to hear Mark lap it up like it was ambrosia.

It only took a minute and Anna felt the trembling beginning of the biggest orgasm of her eighteen year life. Her tits seemed to swell up, her nipples as hard as diamonds as Mark continued to lap at her slit, each stroke bringing her closer to the brink. Then his finger slipped into the crack of her ass and as he french kissed her pussy deeply, the tip of his digit brushed against her anus lightly.

“Oh- oh- oh-” Anna cried out breathlessly, her body being swallowed up by the tidal wave of her orgasm. Mark focused his attention on her clit, flicking his tongue rapidly across it ever so lightly. Anna took hold of her tits, squeezing them tightly, the flesh spilling between her fingers as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably. Her soft thighs clamped down on Mark’s head, trapping him in the sweetest of prisons, his tongue tickling her swollen clit.

At last Anna relaxed and released Mark from her thighs. He came up with a hungry look in his eyes and she knew that he wasn’t done, not by a long shot. Mark crawled up between her legs and began to kiss her again. She tasted herself on his lips, moaning in delight as she recognized the taste of her pussy on his mouth. Anna had wondered if other women liked tasting otele gelen escort themselves, but had not had the courage to ask any of her friends.

“I want you to fuck me, Mark,” Anna said when she got a moment when his mouth wasn’t covering hers.

“Oh baby, I’m going to fuck you!” Mark began to move forward on the couch so that his hips were between her spread thighs.

“Yes, I want you to fuck my pussy, but first I want you to fuck my tits!” Anna said hurriedly, afraid Mark would move too quickly.

“Really? Is that they way you dreamed of it?”

“Yes. I’ve always wanted to have my tits fucked first.”

Mark was not disappointed, he quickly moved so that he was straddling her torso as she was pushed into the cushions of the couch. He took hold of his hard shaft and stroked it slowly as Anna pushed her pillowy boobs together, making a tempting valley for him to slide into.

“This will work better if I’m wet,” he explained. When Anna just stared at him blankly, he slipped his hand around to the back of her head and pulled her forward as he leaned into her, his cock aimed straight for her mouth. Anna opened up willingly, her eyes wide in wonder as her first blowjob was about to happen.

The eighteen year old was no stranger to cock-like objects in her mouth, though. She’d imagined this a thousand times as well and had practice on anything that looked a likely candidate. The crown of Mark’s cock slid past her tight lips. She revelled in the feel of her first cock on her tongue and the taste of his manly flesh. She fluttered her tongue along the underside of his cock, loving the way her mouth became just as wet as her pussy.

Anna could hear Mark moaning as he fed more and more of his cock to her. She took almost all of him before she gave out a little cough. She looked up to find Mark staring down at her, his mouth open in ecstasy as she sucked on him gently. There was only another inch to go and Anna wanted to take all of him, the way she’d always dreamed.

She tried to lean forward, but the angle was wrong for her and she couldn’t get enough leverage. Mark’s hand was still on the back of her head, so she reached around and put hers on top of his and began to push forward. In a moment of triumph, the added pressure was enough to push the last bit into her mouth and her nose was pressed into the light patch of pubic hair at the base of his sex.

The growl of pleasure that Mark let out made Anna so proud of herself. She’d done it! She’d taken her first cock all the way! Anna removed her hand and pulled her head back and Mark slowly withdrew his slippery shaft from between her lips.

“That should be wet enough now,” Anna said with a sly smile.

Mark leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth before sliding back so that once again he was positioned to fuck her tits. His hand stroked his hard flesh covered with her drool and spit until Anna pressed her boobs together for him. Anna sighed as his hot flesh speared between her twin orbs, the heat of his cock seeming to burn her tender skin. Within seconds he was pistoning between her love pillows with a steady rhythm and Anna could feel another orgasm building in her hot cunt.

Twice Mark stopped and pushed his cock into her willing mouth to make it all wet and slippery before he continued fucking her tits. He took hold of each of her mounds as he thrust his hips, the tip of his cock popping out the top to her waiting tongue.

“Baby, I can’t take this much longer. Where do you want me to cum?”

“All over me!” Anna said, she was on the brink of her own cum as well.

Mark pressed her boobs together tightly, increasing the friction even more as his cock slipped through the wet valley of her cleavage. She could feel his cock getting hotter and harder as he neared his release and then with a roar she felt it jerk and spasm as the crease of her tits was flooded with his sticky seed. Jet after jet of his hot love came gushing out, shooting against her neck and then her tongue as she opened her mouth to taste him.

She couldn’t believe how much there was, she felt absolutely drenched in cum. Mark was breathing heavily and leaned against the wall as his orgasm subsided. Taking hold of his cock, she stroked it slowly, coaxing out the last drops of pearly delight before she licked the head clean. Mark shivered in delight and then scooted back so that he wasn’t crushing her.

Anna fingered the pools of cum that were splattered all over her chest and neck. She dipped her fingers in the sticky fluid and rubbed them against her burning nipples before licking her finger clean. She massaged her tits, basking in the afterglow of the moment and then her body trembled slightly as she had a mini orgasm just thinking about what had happened.

“Oh that was incredible!” Anna said dreamily. “That was better than I ever dreamed!”

“It was fan-fucking-tastic!” Mark said enthusiastically. “Oh god, that was intense.”

Anna sat up and hugged Mark’s arm, pressing her naked breasts into the side of his chest. He put an arm around her and held her close while they recovered their breath. His strong hands slid along her side and cupped her ass. She loved the way he smelled, his cologne mixed with a light scent of sweat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32