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After closing the blinds, the somber little room was dim. It wasn’t as much about anonymity as it was about barring the obtrusive mid-day light piercing the minuscule space. I looked around at what I had paid for. What HAD I paid for?

One thing’s for sure, I had gotten my money’s worth. Two beds, a bathroom with a shower, a tv, a dresser and a mini-fridge was all that comprised the tiny box that I stood in. It wasn’t a “by-the-hour” type of establishment, but it was certainly built like one. Priced like one, as well.

There were permanent residents here, past and present. Four doors down, there was a dilapidated man sitting outside the opened door of his room. From inside radiated the musings of a game show that went on unwatched while he and his forty ounce best friend pondered the universe. Across the way, a diminutive housekeeper made her way through her rounds, taking care of her charges and skipping those with tagged doors. My room held the scent of ghosts who had checked in for private rendezvous ending with nervous exchanges. This place was filthy even when it was spotless.

It was perfect.

I looked down at my watch. No idea why, we hadn’t agreed on anything but a most generalized time. I stood there making myself not look at my watch and not look out the window and not ask myself why I wasn’t nervous. Trying to brush away the last fifteen years worth of anger and self-loathing. Had she taken that away? No. Not by a long shot, but even a bandage can keep a body from bleeding to death.

She had her pain, too. Way too many heartbreaks. Too many lies. Too many men that used her and walked. Hell, she was angrier than I was. I was wallowing more in sadness than in anger. She was on the verge of an all-out rage. We both had out limits. It was time to stop with the instant messages and the phone calls. There were questions that needed to be answered, and I had a feeling that words weren’t gonna cut it.

I must have gotten lost in my thoughts because I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the knock at the door. I could have sworn my knees almost knocked together as I turned to grab the knob.

There she was. Blue eyes. Short, blonde hair. Buxom. A genuine, light smile. She was doing her best to hide her anxiousness. My heart began beating too hard and fast. I stepped back and motioned for her to make her way in, attempting to be as suave as my faltering nerves would allow. As I shut the door, she turned and faced me, her eyes, swimming tearfully.

“I’m sorry about the shitty room”, I tried to deflect. “I didn’t know it would be this bad”. I laughed lightly, trying to ease her tension. She began to sob, covering her mouth. I moved to her, placing my hands on her shoulders.

“Hey”, I soothed, “come on, what’s going on?”

She leaned in and pressed her face against my chest and cried, letting out the hurt. I gently put my arms around her and let her do it. After a few moments, she gathered herself and let me in on why.

“I caught him”, she said through her sniffs and heaves. “I caught him with HER!”

The ‘him’ she referred to was her husband, if you can call him that. The ‘her’ was a woman she had suspected him of running around with for some time. Over the next ten minutes, we sat on the bed and she told me how he had been home less and less, making excuses, becoming more of a stereotype. She tracked him down to his mistress’s place ardahan escort the next town over.

“Did you confront them?” I asked.

“No, I called you”.

“Did you actually SEE them in the act?”

The tears came again. That was enough of an answer. I let them come. She had to let them out. This was her time. She had to go at her pace and be who she was, feel what she needed to feel.

“DAMN HIM! I HATE HIM! I gave him EVERYTHING and he does THIS!” She was on her feet. Her hands were balled into fists by her sides. The beast within her was beginning to swim upward from its sleep. Soon it would be awake and God help whoever got in it’s way.

I wasn’t about to start with some lame bullshit, like, “you deserve better”, or, “just leave his ass”, or anything as stupid as that. As I mentioned, this was her time. She needed to drive for a little while.

“What are you gonna do?”, I posed of her, calmly.

“I don’t know”, she almost whispered. “I just….don’t know. All I know is that I want him to hurt. The way I hurt. The way I’ve ALWAYS hurt.”

Slowly, I stood and walked to her. I placed my hands on her shoulders gently and moved them up to the back of her head and pulled her softly, once again, to my chest to embrace her. I could feel the warmth of her against me, her heart beating, her breath coming in hard, steady wisps.

I reflected on my own path of pain. The abuse. Being made to feel like I was less than nothing. The divorce. Being cast away like a dirty rag. The rejection. The loss. And, oh dear God, the loneliness.

As if being taken over by some foreign spirit, I felt myself push her body up against the wall. I covered her mouth with my own and invaded it with my tongue. She tensed beneath me in shock, squeaking a moan objection, then relaxing as she threw her arms around my neck and reciprocated my intense kiss. She grabbed a handful of my hair on the back of my head and pulled me closer. Her other hand drug it’s nails down my spine trying to mark it’s territory.

I pulled away from her mouth moving to her neck as my fingers searched for purchase on her shirt. I pulled it up, exposing her bra-covered mountains. Immediately, I went to work, giving them the full lip and tongue attention they deserved while she finished removing her shirt. My tongue was busy getting lost in her cleavage while my hands were working their magic on her jeans, unbuttoning, peeling and revealing the white-laced panties underneath. With a mind of its own, my left hand began tracing the line where the elastic boarders the skin, knowing how sensitive the area can get. Her breath hitched as she cupped my crotch and tried ripping my shirt from my back.

She was on the verge of going quite savage. It was time to go further.

After my shirt had hit the floor, I slipped my fingers down the band of her lace to her mound. With the slightest touch, I began tickling her clit in half circles. Her shaking hands fumbled with my slacks, struggling to get to my center. I started applying more pressure slowly, adding a little more every few seconds. I could feel the heat building. Slipping to het opening, I found her wet as a spring morning. I took the dew back to her clit and circled faster, hearing her breaths and moans of appreciation.

I retreated my hand and kissed her again, giving her a chance to catch her breath, as well as get ardahan escort bayan even more frustrated. If I was to unleash a beast, the beast would have to be properly tantalized first.

Pushing down my jeans, she kneeled facing my rock hard weapon. I could feel her hot breath as she marveled. She took it, stroking slowly. Rubbing the head against her beautiful face. I felt the dampness where her tears had been minutes before. Something in that excited me to the point of almost erupting, but this was my turn to drive.

She took me into her mouth. So warm and wet, she stroked the length as her tongue and lips performed a symphony on the upper end. She licked the head while pre-cum dripped it’s way from the opening. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up as she worked the voodoo that only she could. Again she went down, threatening to make me spill in her mouth. However, I had yet to even begin this little roller coaster ride.

Obviously, she wasn’t quite done with me, either. She unhooked her bra, unleashing her enormous, majestic breasts. She leaned in, swallowing my cock in the deep crevice, squeezing them together, coaxing me to a rhythm. I began slowly. The flesh of her massive tits creating delicious friction, I felt myself melting away. I looked down into her begging, blue eyes. My hips hitched faster of their own will. My balls were slapping hard against the soft skin of her belly. My control began to fade away. This vehicle was losing it’s breaks.

Again, I pulled away before I lost the ability to stop myself. I pulled her sharply to her feet and threw her onto the awaiting bed. In one swift motion, before she could object or try to stop me, I pulled her legs up to her chest and planted my face firmly in her awaiting snatch. Taking her clit directly into my mouth, I started to lick as if my life depended on it. On reflex, her hands pushed down on my head in a warding gesture. It was useless. Nothing was going to stop me from eating her like a starving man being served a feast. I parted her lips with my fingers, exposing the folds and slick depths of her flower, tasting every spot, engulfing every scent, absorbing every drop of sweet juice. I continued to lick as I slipped a finger in the soaked opening, working the snug walls to the most sacred sweet spot that I knew would take her straight over the edge of sanity and into orgasmic oblivion.


My finger hammered away at her G-spot as I licked her clitoris like lollipop, dragging the entire length of my tongue from back to front over it. When reaching the end, flittering it in a tremendous stutter, causing her to shake and moan.


Her entire body heaved off the bed, convulsing. Her tremors came in wave after glorious wave. She screamed. She moaned. She writhed. Finally, she laid back, breathing heavily, her eyes at half mast, and I wasn’t even half done.

Moving down, I put my tired tongue to work on the little pink starfish below her gorgeous pussy. Making rounds and pokes, attempting to see if there was any life or source of pleasure there. She moaned and shifted as if being mildly disturbed in sleep.

By this time, I had edged to the point that my organs were in agony. Not only was it going to take an extra effort to get my relief, but when I did, it was escort ardahan certain to be one for the books. In making sure that I gave her a night that she’d never forget, I had ended up giving myself one as well.

I kissed my way back up her stomach and paused to pay homage on her gorgeous tits. Certainly, I could have spent a full night alone there. Hell, I think I could have died between them and died happy. It wasn’t just her body. SHE was beautiful. Inside and out. She really DIDN’T deserve what that bastard had put her through. I may be nothing more than an oasis, a temporary distraction or pressure valve from the troubles awaiting on the other side of that motel door, but in that moment, I was more than happy to serve.

As I looked down into her beautiful face that was so full of elated gratitude, I pondered for a brief moment what she might be thinking. Before I could give it another thought, she had my erect member in her hand, guiding it into her. Her channel was small, almost unyielding to my hard dick. She winced. The last thing I wanted was to hurt her, but she coaxed me on, slowly sliding into place. Her moans of pleasure filled my ears as I thrusted into her, slowly but with firm intent. With each push, her breasts bobbed, making me insane with lust. Her breath was coming in deep gasps, interrupted by moans, begging me to go faster, to go deeper, to go harder. I obliged her requests. As I jammed my rod it’s full length into her hole, she spread her legs out and screamed. Her face contorted into a mask of painful bliss. Her fingernails bit into the flesh of my ass, pumping me forward into her.


Again, she came with enough force to bring down a skyscraper. I felt myself getting closer to a climax when she collapsed onto the comforter. For a second, I thought she wouldn’t be able to take any more. I backed away to allow her to collect herself. Never let it be said that I’m not a gentleman.

She took my hand, pulling me closer to her, kissing me deeply, filling my mouth with hers. I took all of her. She had taken almost all of me. She rolled over, facing away from me as if to spoon. She raised her leg, placing it over mine and again, took my raging cock in hand. I pushed into her, anticipating her thoughts.

“No, no,no….not this time”, she said.

She began rubbing the head of my dick against the pink starfish. She was just full of surprises.

“I want you in my ass”, she almost whispered.

Caught completely off guard, I didn’t know what to do. This was her game again. The head was pressing against the puckered one way door forcefully, taking no prisoners as it made its way through. The muscles gripped me tightly, trying to choke the very sex out of me. She hitched. She moaned. She yelped. I was I no way in control any longer. I was seeing spots before my eyes. Spots turned to stars. Stars turned to fireworks. The friction of my cock jackhammering her ass was taking me over the edge. Faster and faster I went. The fire in my balls turned to molten lava as it shot from the crown, filling every inch of her insides. Load after fiery load spewed forth into her. I screamed as if lightning had just struck me from Heaven. Together, we fell to the bed, spent and released.

We spent the next couple of hours talking about what would come next for both of us. Each other didn’t really add in to our plans, but there was room for us. There was always an open door…an open motel room door at least. However it may be, we both left from there feeling more together and in control of our futures. I wasn’t so sad anymore and she was certainly not so angry.

Sometimes, everyone just needs that release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32