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Tomorrow I finalize my divorce with Sue. We’ve been married for 6 years. It hasn’t been all bad, but as of late we have grown very much apart. The usual things have happened, life, kids, growing part. It just happens.

As I lay in bed, I recall how “we” started…

I was a junior in college and had a good friend, Karen. Despite going to different colleges, I knew she had a crush on me, but I really wasn’t into her like that. So we were friends. She called me one day and said she knew a girl Sue, who had just gotten out of a relationship and wanted to know if she could set us up on a blind date. I was in between girlfriends and said okay.

So we go out and hit it off. Sue was blond, cute, great body, and very smart. She was checking all my boxes. We start to date, mainly movies and dinner. At different colleges, we both entered out senior year going strong. By Thanksgiving, Sue said she loved me and I felt the same. Things went to the next level.

Every day after college, I would drive to pick her up, then head home. Thank goodness both her parents worked, we had the house to ourselves. At first, we would make out for what seemed like hours. Kissing, groping, normal teen action. After a couple of weeks, we ended up on her bed and clothes started to come off. That first time I saw her topless, oh my, it was the first set of tits I had ever seen, played with, and sucked on. I was in heaven. Soon my pants were off and she sucked me off. She didn’t really care for the taste of my cum, so we usually ended with me cumming on her belly or tits. We did this every day for two months. We were always so eager to get home and get naked.

One day before she had made me cum, she said, “I’ll be right back.” So I’m laying there, naked and hard; she comes in wearing her mom’s sexy red nightie. She climbed on top of me and started sliding her pussy along my shaft. We had never done that before. We both wanted to go to college, so getting pregnant was not in the cards yet. We were always careful. But today was different.

I could feel her wetness on my cock, I thought fuck, I want to just shove my cock in that virgin pussy and gush my load in her. Fortunately, we deescalated and she stroked me off with me shooting all over her mom’s nightie. So this became out new “routine” over the next few weeks.

As you can imagine, you know what eventually happened. It was Tuesday of our Spring Break, and I was over. With our week off, I could spend all bahçelievler escort day! Naked and alone with Sue, we were particularly wild that week. I think having dated for almost 9 months, and not having had intercourse yet was taking its toll.

So we are in bed. I am just finishing going down on her…still learning, but giving it my all. She loved when I kissed and licked her pussy. I kneeled in front of her, drinking some water and she looked at me with a very naughty expression. I look at her and she is simply radiant…legs spread open, tight pussy, perky boobs, sexy long blond hair, she says, “Come here.” So I move on top of her. We passionately kiss. She strokes my cock, then slides it to the opening of her pussy. She says, “Take me. Make this pussy yours AJ. I want you and your big cock!”

I had never heard her say those words before…I was floored. I slowly slide my cock in her. My plan was to slide in and out a few times then stop to cum on her. Best laid plans…Once in, I was ill prepared for how amazing that pussy felt. I sped up my motion, like a piston, in and out, and came deep in her pussy. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in so I didn’t pull out. My cock was like a cork, keeping my cum locked in her.

So that became our new routine. Every day, pumping her full of cum. She told me a few days later she was on the pill and wanted to surprise me. Wow, what a surprise indeed!

So we finally graduate and now have the Summer off until grad school starts in the Fall. We are like rabbits. Fucking every day. One day she suggests we do it on her parents bed, so being a guy, I’m like okay. We looked through her parents dresser to find some lingerie and I saw garters and stockings. From the porn I have seen, I love women in this type of lingerie and Sue knew it. While she was putting them on, I found a vhs video in her dad’s drawer. I put in in the vcr and hit play…I was shocked, Sue not so much, to see it was her parents having sex!

I found her mom sexy, big tits, and Sue could tell I was turned on. She said she had seen the video before. She said her parents are swingers and this is a tape they share with other couples. Sue said leave it on while we fucked. We fucked in different positions, but doggie style was perfect…I could watch her parents, more like her mom, fuck while I fucked Sue. Damn, that was a good cum! I so wanted to fuck her mom after watching bahçelievler escort bayan that tape!

Again, this became part of our routine. After that day, I noticed Sue was craving sex more than normal. Usually restricted to her house, we would be at the movies and she would want to blow me in the back row. We would go for a picnic at the local park and find some secluded area, lay out a blanket, and fuck in the open. Wild days indeed!

One day she said she was inviting Karen and her new boyfriend over to hang out. I was not so excited, because it meant we would not be fucking that day. So its nearing the end of Summer and the four of us are in Sue’s pool. Having fun, thinking of high school days. The girls decide to go in to grab us guys some wine coolers, lame I know but it was all the rage back then. They come out wine coolers in hand and topless! I told Todd, Karen’s boyfriend, this is getting good!

So we get out of the pool and are sitting on lounge chairs. Each with our topless woman on our lap. Life is good I thought. Sue then said, “Hey, let’s have some fun! Karen and I want to see how long it will take you both to cum. But there is a twist, we are going to swap guys and give each of you a blow job. Not thrilled with Todd getting sucked off by Sue, but the thought of a new set of lips, Karens, on me was appealing. So Todd and I were in agreement.

Sue and Karen stood up and walked over the each other’s man and got on their knees. Karen went first and pulled off my trunks. She smiled and sucked my cock hard. She never lost eye contact as she licked my balls, slide her tongue along my shaft, and swallowed up my cock! It didn’t take me long to burst. I realized after I came, Sue and Todd were just watching us. That was really sexy.

Karen licked me clean, sat on my lap, kissed me and I could taste my cum. My cock twitched…I knew I liked the taste of cum beginning that day. That was a new one for me indeed.

Sue then pulled off Todd’s trunks and gasped, he was huge! I am no slouch at 7 inches, but Todd was close to 10 inches and really thick. Karen whispered in my ear that his cock pleased lots of pussy, I guess Todd had girlfriends, but no one steady, he just hooked up to fuck. So being more than a little worried, Sue proceeded to apply her amazing oral skills on that adonis cock. Todd kept stroking her hair and she looked into his eyes. He alerted her he escort bahçelievler was close to cumming and she said, “Cum deep in my throat, I want to taste you.” She had always told me she didn’t like the taste of cum. When he announced, or more like roared, he came deep in her throat. Emptying his balls into her belly. She kept looking at him, sucking him dry. Then licked him clean. She kissed him too, apparently he loved it when girls would kiss him with his cum on their lips.

So the girls went inside, leaving Todd and I sitting by the pool. Todd said, “Damn, Sue is one nice piece of ass AJ. Mind if we swap them for the rest of the day?” Reluctant, I said, “No thanks.” I was fearful of what his huge cock would do to her pussy. Todd said, ‘Why don’t we leave it up to the girls? Karen loves anal, but I’m too big…so bet she would give it up for you buddy.”

Damn Todd and his ability to persuade. The girls came out, still topless, and Sue came up to me and said, “Karen and I want to play a new game for the rest of today…we are trading boyfriends!” With that, Sue walked over to Todd, kissed him, and said let’s go inside.

Karen came over to me and said, “Sue is going to love that big cock! You want to watch them go at it?!?” Before i could respond, she grabbed me by the hand and we went inside. We found Sue and Todd in her parents room. She was already putting on my favorite garters and stocking for him as he watched. Karen and I just stood and watched in the doorway. What I witnessed over the next hour was my girlfriend getting fucked by Todd and his horse cock. As soon as he slide it into her, she gasped and began to moan like I had never heard. He was hitting areas of her pussy I never could. In sync, they were like the best porn stars I had ever watched, she matched his every move. Him going deep then pulling out. Finally, he declared his imminent cumming and she said, “Todd, take it, make this pussy yours. Seed me.”

And with that, he came in her. The first of many times. Karen and I fucked, I finally did anal with her, but it was just okay. I found I was more interested in watching Sue take on Todd and his massive weapon.

Before we went to college, Todd would come over, not with Karen, and I would watch the two of them fuck. Damn, it was amazing to watch. As soon as he left, Sue would let me have sloppy seconds, but only if I ate her out after I came in her. The feeling of his cum on my cock as I reclaimed Sue was divine. I was hooked. I would lick her clean, eating her, Todd’s and my own cum juices. Damn, I loved eating cum. I later would realize she cucked me. We eventually got married. Sue continued with Todd for several years until he moved out of state.

Sadly, now we are finally calling it quits. The reason for that is in part two of this story. Damn, I’ll miss Sue cucking me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32