Revolutionary Love-His Virgin Ass

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Big Ass

***It is 1917 in the heat of the Russian Revolution. Borya has had a particularly stressful week as governmental infighting rages on. Natasha makes him forget his troubles with an intense prostate massage..along with a few other erotic surprises.***

After a long week Natasha arrived home and she could not have put her key in the lock sooner. Although she had accomplished a lot of work that week and was proud of it, she was tired and ready to put the day’s issues behind her and warm up the stew that she had picked up from the communal commissary at work. She was expecting Borya that night, as they usually spent the night together on Friday evenings.

He too, had had a difficult week, with the civil war ongoing, as well as the lack of food and discontent among the peasants. He had been pulled constantly in one direction and another, always a crisis on hand to deal with. She could see him during meetings absorbing the stress when each piece of news was reported to him, tearing apart the weak points and openly berating anyone who dared contradict him on what was the best course of action. These were not easy scenes to witness. Problems had been compounding ever since the provisional government was toppled, resulting in many confrontations. She noticed that Borya was getting more temperamental as the conflicts dragged on, exhausting himself to the point where he would return to his office, listless and worn out from frustration. She worried about his health as he would often go without food and end up with debilitating headaches and a weariness that added years to his appearance.

Borya showed up later in the evening than she had expected, looking, as usual these days, about 20 years older than he was. Their eyes met and his look communicated that he had not yet settled whatever matter was on his mind. He shut the door behind him and she embraced him. He seemed so small and tired, like a lost boy who had almost nothing left to give. He let out a long, weary sigh.

“It is all so trying. Why are people so damned stubborn when you point them in the right direction?” he said, taking his cap off.

Natasha sensed it was not the right time to offer up an opinion. Right now, he needed to decompress. It was late in the evening, and she feared further discussion would push him right back into an agitated state.

“When was the last time you ate?” she asked, walking into the kitchen.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe last night. Maybe this morning.”

He sat down at the table and rubbed his forehead as she prepared him a bowl of stew. Another headache was making its appearance.

“We lost so much ground this week,” he said, his eyes closed, buried in his troubles. “No matter how hard we pound…”

“Things will turn around” she said, picking up a spoon. “Wasn’t it you that said you must take one step backwards to take two steps forward?”

“Did I say that? How stupid of me. I must have meant twenty steps backwards.”

He sighed and sat back in his chair. She set a bowl of stew in front of him and some bread, which he began to eat quietly. While he had the only meal he had consumed that day, she lit some candles and went into the other room to change. She emerged in her dressing gown, braless. She walked back out into the kitchen, her big breasts noticeable as they jiggled about underneath the fabric. She knew this would help change his mood more than hours worth of conversation and rehashing ever would. Silently he watched as she busied herself cleaning off the counter. Her breasts moved freely as she washed down the sink. As she bent over to open a drawer, he could see her breasts hanging and gently swaying under folds of her gown.

“Ahhhhhhh yes…” Borya sighed. “Now there’s something that could stop all wars.”

She smiled. Knowing he was watching, she loosened the tie on her gown and adjusted the folds to allow one breast to swing free, moving to and fro as she continued to work. He was mesmerized at the simple beauty of it, how it hung, full and weighty at the bottom capped with a delightful nipple. Borya swallowed his mouthful of food and watched, transfixed.

“Take them both out.” he said.

She complied, slipping her gown down to her waist so that she was topless, adorned with just her black cameo necklace. He watched as she washed a few dishes and wiped down some cups, clearly teasing him. Her breasts swung and bounced about, her nipples perky and firm from being exposed to the cool air. His mouth became hungry for more than just food. He wanted to latch right onto those delicious pink nipples and suck and tug. Natasha suddenly stopped and looked at him, the last bites of food sitting uneaten in his bowl.

“You finish your supper.” she said playfully scolding him like a mother.

“You expect me to eat?” he said incredulously.

She laughed “At least you’re not thinking about bashing anyone over the head.”

He scooped up the remaining mouthfuls of stew. “On that count you are correct, my dear.”

Pushing away the bowl, he wiped his sincan escort mouth and stood up. His enormous store of energy, having all week been spent on arguments and fights and stressful fits, was now being directed to finally extinguish itself with sexual release. He walked over to Natasha and embraced her, cupping a hand around one of her breasts, gently caressing it. The other hand made its way down between her legs.

“A word to the wise, lover…I’m on my period.” she said quietly.

“Oh…” he said, withdrawing his hand and placing it on her other breast, softly kneading and rubbing it. “Would you like me to rub your back? Or perhaps…a couple of other things?” He kissed her, rubbing and massaging her breasts.

“A back rub would be wonderful.” she said “Really wonderful, in fact, after this week.”

Borya gave each of her breasts a kiss before letting her go. He removed his coat as she went to her wooden box to retrieve her massage oils. She arranged her bed and called him to come in. Slipping completely out of her gown, she was wearing nothing but a sanitary belt when he walked into her bedroom.

“This time take all of your clothes off.” she said. “You so often forget and get carried away and forget to undress.”

She was right, in his eagerness, he would often begin suckling on her breasts without a thought of anything else, lost in the moment. Piece by piece he removed his clothes and placed them on a nearby chair. He stood nude then, watching her as she climbed onto the bed and lay down on her stomach. On these nights when she passed on intercourse she was happy to have her back rubbed. It eased her menstrual tension and relaxed her low back where it nagged the most. She was also prepared tonight to completely satisfy her lover, who had accumulated enough tension to last all year. Tonight would usher in a new erotic adventure.

He climbed into bed and sat straddling her lower back. His small frame made it comfortable for him to do this as he settled on top of her. Taking one of her bottles, he removed the cork and poured some lavender scented oil over her lower back. Pulling down her belt a bit, he began to rub her muscles in slow, firm circles.

“Oooohhhhhhhhh…” she sighed. She felt immediate relief from the tension she had been feeling all day.

“So good..” she said.

He continued to massage firmly, deep into her lower back, then moving up her spine and around her shoulders. Her body moved underneath him, responding to his touch. He could feel her relaxing, filling with pleasure as she released her tension under his firm, steady hands. Tingles went down her arms and legs as he slid his hands up along her waist. He then began to work up to the sides of her breasts which billowed out under her arms. He always liked how they looked when they were at rest, like twin queens, waiting to be doted on. He imagined himself their servant, always ready to please them and spoil them like they deserved. His oily hands ran up and down the sides of their round ripeness.

Natasha purred softly and stirred.

“You need to stand up now,” she said softly. “It’s time to for me to service my lover.”

Borya grumbled a moment, then started to move off the bed.

“You always stop me just when it’s getting good.”

Natasha gave him a look.

“You have no idea what “good” is,” she said as he stood up.

Borya watched her step over to him as he waited for what was next. She knelt in front of his cock. Before she even touched anything, he moaned, knowing how good it was going to feel.

“Spread your legs apart so I can get a good look at you.” she said.

He obeyed, moving his legs apart so she could get a look at everything.

She reached up and cupped his balls, feeling how heavy they were. They had not been emptied for days, adding to the frustration and tension. He closed his eyes and sighed as her hands massaged his balls sensually.

“You’re very full tonight, aren’t you?” she whispered. He groaned with pleasure. He loved when she talked like this. It made the tension all the more urgent and the need for release all the more necessary.

“Yes, I know exactly what you need,” she concluded. She stood up so they were face to face and she leaned into his ear, whispering.

“What you need is a deep milking, my dear.”

With that said, she nipped his earlobe then gave him little bites all the way down his neck. The sensation of her nibbles as well as what she said sent a shockwave of tingles down his chest and legs.

He drew his breath in, not expecting the suggestion. He knew what it was but had never yet experienced it.

Natasha sensed his surprise. It was a taboo subject, but one of great interest among this new generation of women and open-minded men. Ladies like Natasha placed a great deal of value on sexual pleasure, even more so than marriage. And while she expected to be pleasured and satisfied, she was also very tuned into the private desires of men. Deep milking, otherwise known as prostate massage, ankara escort was an act some men in her past had been open to exploring. Borya had never mentioned it, his particular desires lay elsewhere. But tonight Natasha wanted to intensify his experience, so she moved ahead with her plans. She began to stack her pillows up on the bed.

“What exactly are you going to do?” Borya said, still apprehensive.

“Wait and see.”

She went over to her special box where she kept her massage oils and pleasure toys. She pulled out a thin black leather strap then came over and kneeled in front of his cock. She began to skillfully tie it under his balls and around the base of his cock.

“What is that?” he said.

“It’s something I picked up at that sex shop I visit when I’m in Paris. It’s like a cock ring.”

Borya burst out laughing.

“They probably charged you five times the amount of a shoelace!”

He always had to say something about her “excessive” little items she enjoyed buying, along with her fancy soaps and scented oils. But secretly, he found them endearing and even arousing. And now this…

He watched with amusement as she secured the strap. It raised his balls up and pulled them away from his body, and would serve to stimulate and engorge his cock deliciously.

“You won’t be laughing in a moment,” she said seductively. Then she stood up to face him again. She noticed a slight look of concern play across his face.

“You’re nervous, aren’t you? I can tell.” She ran a finger down his cheek.

Embarrassed, he said nothing, instead, he reached for her breasts and began to massage them, back on familiar ground. He was very aware of the strap holding his cock and balls firmly and the anticipation of what was coming next was a little overwhelming.

Natasha spoke up, looking him over.

“Look at how nicely those big balls stick out. And just wait until your cock starts to swell.”

He looked down at his bound up genitals. He took a deep breath in. It was going to be an interesting evening.

“Come back over to the bed,” she said quietly. “On all fours with your legs spread. You can hold onto the pillows for support. Once we get into it, you’ll need to.”

Borya positioned himself as requested, facing the headboard on all fours, legs spread. His cinched cock and balls hung down between his legs in front of Natasha. Curiously, and a bit anxiously, he looked back at her.

“Mmmm…don’t you look ready for action,” she murmured. She climbed onto the bed with her bottle of oil. She poured a generous handful of it into her palm, set the bottle down and lubricated her hands. She then came up behind him and reached between his legs and began to slowly caress his big rounded balls, held up firmly by the strap.

If he had any doubts about how he would feel, his first long groan dispelled any concern. At first he thought the cock ring was rather silly, another one of Natasha’s petty bourgeoisie notions of pleasure. But as he remained positioned in front of her on all fours with her massaging him from behind, the thought of having his balls so prominently displayed for her began to arouse him, and his cock began to stiffen despite himself. She took his swelling shaft in her oiled hand and began to stroke from the cock head all the way to his balls, up and back, up and back, slowly, sensuously. He groaned again, suddenly needing those pillows to lean on as he arched his back and let himself go, involuntarily opening himself up to the experience.

“There you go…see…it feels good, doesn’t it?” she whispered.

“I know how much you love to look at my breasts hanging and swinging in front of you,” she said. “And I love looking at your cock, how it responds to me, how excited it gets. I love how it grows and stands straight up, hard and proud. How it throbs under my touch, squirting loads of warm milk into my mouth as you cry with pleasure.”

Borya moaned softly, his only reply at the moment. He was lost in the sensation of her oily fingers running all over his milk-swollen balls and firm cock. He began to feel a new excitement as he realized with each throb of his cock, it would swell momentarily against the strap, creating heightened pleasure and the sensation that his cock seemed to be growing bigger and harder than ever.

Still reaching behind him, Natasha continued to work his cock with steady, firm strokes. She could see the device was working, providing him with a wonderful pressure as he throbbed, and keeping the blood flow restricted so that he had a big beautiful, erection between his legs.

“Look at how hard you are,” Natasha said. “You seem to be enjoying a bit of restraint.”

He could not deny, with his big erection obviously on display, how wonderful the constriction felt.

“The device binds me up and keeps me so swollen,” he said. “I have never experienced such a thing.”

She tugged firmly on his shaft, making him shiver with pleasure. It was really starting to turn her on, watching him on all fours like an etimegut escort animal, helpless as she toyed with his hugely swollen cock. She played with it, bouncing it around, teasing his balls, making him moan and bury his face in the pillows.

He was ready now for the next step.

She reached over for her bottle and again dispensed some oil. Then, lubricating her fingers, she began to trace a slick trail from behind his balls up to his anus. He drew in his breath as her finger approached one of his most private and sensitive of areas. She could hear him slowly breathe out, shutting his eyes and readying himself.

Her slick finger began to gently push into his anus.

“Ohhh…Natasha…Mmmmmmmm” he moaned, overwhelmed with the sensation as she started to penetrate him. He was squirming under her hands. She could tell he was still nervous as his muscles tightened up reflexively. He was going to need some gentle coaxing.

“Easy…easy…” she whispered. “Relax..relax…” she soothed, settling him down. “Take a slow deep breath. I’ve got lots of oil on my fingers…shhhhhhhhh..”

Her words quieted him down, and his body allowed her finger to work its way slowly into his body. He whimpered as she continued to whisper encouragement for him to relax and allow her finger to slip all the way inside.

“Open up for me, darling…Mmm…there you go…relax and open up…nice and easy…ahhh…there we are…Mmmmmm…”

Borya moaned loudly as her finger filled him up. Natasha offered him praise as she pushed in deeper, feeling him squeeze and flex tightly around her finger. The feeling was exquisite. He was completely at her mercy, releasing himself from trying to control anything. His arms were now bent at the elbows with his head pressed into the pillow, so his ass was in the air filled with her finger. He was now in a state of utter vulnerability and of complete trust. She gently slipped her finger in as far as it would go, then turning her knuckle upwards, she curled her fingertip a bit and began to stimulate his prostate. With her other hand, she reached between his legs and resumed her attention on his swollen cock.

Borya was starting to moan with each breath. The pressure of her finger and her stimulation on his prostate made it feel like his cock was twice as long, that she had found the rest of it rooted deep inside of his body. With each contraction of his cock, he would squeeze Natasha’s finger tightly. Borya understood then, how it must feel for a woman, to have someone inside of your body like that, probing and pushing. It was an intense moment of intimacy for him. He could feel long strings of pre-cum start to leak from his cock head as his pleasure grew. They swung about in mid air as they dangled, then slipped off and dropped into the bed below. As soon as one string had broken off, another one emerged, thick and clear, as his body prepared itself for climax. Natasha watched him oozing his lubrication. She knew from experience that deep milking not only stimulated the “deep” part of a man’s cock but also made it leak considerably.

“Ah, very good,” she praised. “Your body is readying itself to give me that nice, big load you’ve been saving for me. How wonderful you will feel once you’ve released all of your milk.”

She poured more oil onto his anal opening where her finger was buried, and began to move it in and out nice and easy as if making love to him. He moaned loudly, the side of his face pressed deep into the pillow. Not one person in the party would have ever imagined him in such a situation. The fierce, fiery leader infamous for brow beating his objectors and demanding absolute control…here in his lovers bed with his legs spread and his ass in the air, her finger slipping sensuously in and out. No one could ever imagine him begging anyone for anything, and yet here he was, with a bound up, throbbing cock, as he started to plead with her to take him in her mouth and guide him to the climax he was desperate for. He heard himself whimpering and begging for release.

“Suck my cock, Natasha…take it in your mouth..take it all in, suck it, suck it!”

For a moment she considered climbing under him so he could slip his cock into her mouth and fuck her face, but tonight she wanted a bit more control. She slipped her finger out of him and gave directions.

“Turn over onto your back.”

He quickly complied, settling back onto the pillow. They both looked down at his rock hard cock, cinched firmly along with his balls, everything so engorged and red.

“Do you like how it looks?” she asked mischievously.

“I’m so big and hard.” he said in disbelief. “It doesn’t seem possible.” He laid his head back on the pillow and moaned.

Natasha again took her bottle of oil and lubricated her fingers. then spread his legs apart. He felt her finger probing to reinsert itself. He complied by immediately pulling his legs back and lifting his hips forward. He now welcomed the feeling, making it easier for her to penetrate him again.

“Good boy,” she encouraged. “Look at how ready you are for my finger now. Let’s get it back inside and I’ll start to work on that gorgeous cock. It’s been very patient tonight, tied up and teased along with those big swollen balls.”

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