Self Pleasure Leads To Real Deal

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The blue eyed blond lying on the bed was lost in her excitement. Her hand was stroking the dildo in and out of her wetness. As the dildo slid in and out, she felt the tingle of pleasure from her clit shoot into her nipples. In her dream, she was being penetrated by a large cock belonging to a man who wanted nothing else except to pleasure her. The pillow under her ass was soaked with her love juices.

She started circling her breasts with her other hand, circling them in ever decreasing circles, wetting her thumb with her tongue before gently rubbing her nipples one by one, imagining her lover’s tongue sucking her hard nipples into his mouth, teasing her with his tongue on the very tip of her nipples making her squirm with pleasure.

She changed her grip on the dildo, guiding it even deeper into her, spreading her legs even wider as the hard dildo slid back and forth. Her fantasy continued with her lover tonguing her clit while one of his fingers was inside her, sliding deeply in and out of her. Another finger had penetrated her anus moving in unison with the other finger. The sensation was similar to cocks in each aliağa escort hole, filling her, pleasuring her.

Now she was lost in pleasure as her orgasm began to build; she could feel it inside her, bubbling away, getting ready to burst out of her. She could feel the pleasure beginning to increase and her breathing started to get ragged, Her clit was tingling as were her nipples and she could feel her tummy muscles beginning to tighten and the pleasure started to make her moan quietly. She moved the dildo in and out of her faster, moaning louder and louder.

‘Mmm, aah, yes, yes, I need you, I need you, please, please mmm. ‘

She started to ram the dildo in and out, moaning louder and louder, feeling her orgasm start to erupt and she screamed out loud.


She screamed for a further thirty seconds as both her arms splayed wide, the dildo forgotten as the orgasm wrung her out. She laid on the bed panting heavily, the dildo slipping out of her.

Suddenly she felt one arm and one leg being gripped and felt herself being flipped onto her stomach izmir rus escort and her legs being kicked apart. She was about to scream for help when she heard a familiar laugh before feeling a very familiar cock slide deep inside her. She moved her head round to be kissed open mouthed by a green eyed man who smelt of Vetiver cologne.

‘Straighten your legs my darling’ he said in his velvety voice.

As she complied he lifted himself slightly and slid further into her. Then he told her to lift her legs up. She put the soles of her feet against his ass and started to push him deeper into her with every stroke. She moaned as she felt his cock rub against her clit with every stroke. He was kissing her neck, behind her ears, before returning to kissing her mouth.

She could taste his toothpaste; he had sneaked into their hotel room and used the bathroom without her hearing anything. He could be like a ghost sometimes.

He continued sliding into her, filling her like no man ever had. He gave himself to her completely. He always made sure that she was satisfied before he allowed izmir escort himself to finish. Whenever she rode him, he refused to move, allowing her to move in a way that satisfied her. She could find where she was most comfortable while he gently caressed her breasts, running his hands up and down her sides or across her stomach.

She felt herself quickly building to another orgasm and surrendered immediately. Her body went into spasm and her honey muscles gripped his cock in an iron vice as she screamed into the pillow. He maintained his stroke, making her come again and she became lost as the room began to spin. In the distance she could hear him moaning and felt his hot juices shoot into her but she fell into a deep sleep.

Her lover slowly extricated himself from her and checked her pulse. She was unconscious. He turned her over and removed the pillow from under her ass. He went into the bathroom, emerging a minute later with a damp facecloth which he placed on her fore head. He sat in a chair by the bed and began reading Nelson De Mille’s Plum Island. He smiled as she slept blissfully unaware of him. The French call it La Petite Morte – the small death caused by a woman passing out due to the climax of her passion. He loved her even more when it happened and when she woke, her eyes would widen with surprise and adoration.

‘Hello my darling, ‘ he would say with a smile, ‘ did you have fun?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32