Sexy Costume Games

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It was Friday afternoon. The phone rings and it’s your familiar ring tone. I answer, already knowing what you’re going to say.

“Hey, Sweetie. I’m sorry, but I’m going to be late tonight. At least I called to let you know. That should count for something. Right?”

I admit it, I got a little whiny on the phone. “I suppose. You’ve worked late everyday this week. You even went in yesterday on your day off!”

“I know and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Nevertheless, if I want that Store Manager position, this is the way to get it. I’ll know on Monday.”

“Ok.” I say, after all it’s not like I can change anything. “Try not to work too hard.”

A little bit later, Tommy says that Alex has invited him to spend the night. Can he go, “Please, please, please!” After all Alex is his best friend ever. How can you say no to Tommy? He’s just adorable.

While we’re getting Tommy’s things ready, Susan tells me that Marrissa isn’t allowed to stay over, but her parents said she could go to their house. Well, I can’t really say no to Susan, either.

So, about an hour later, I have dropped the kids off and gotten myself some dinner. I’m sitting and watching TV when I decide that I can make you forget how hard you have worked this week. And I know just how to do it. I have these costumes that, after 6 months of sewing in the afternoons while everyone else is gone, I finally got finished. Tonight is the perfect night to see if you like them.

When my show is over, I start getting ready. First, I get the bedroom ready. I make the bed. I light some scented candles, Sweet Pea to match the lotion that I’ll be wearing. I know it drives you nuts. Then I get out the costumes and a couple of little extras. I lay one costume on your pillow for later. The other is on my side of the bed for me to wear after my shower. Then, I tend to a couple of other things that need to be done. Now, it is about 10:30. I figure you’ll be home around 12:00. So, I finish getting ready. I decide to take a nice leisurely bubble bath, sweet pea, just for you. After all, I still have plenty of time. While in the bath, I start shaving my legs and I decide to shave other areas as well. You’ve always talked about how much you like a completely shaved pussy, so I decide to go for it.

After my bath, I see that it is now 11:30. I need to get a move on! I’m a little behind schedule. So, I quickly get dressed. I turn the lamp down to low, I want just enough light for you to be able to see, and crack the bedroom door just slightly. Then I get in bed to go to sleep and wait for you.

I awaken just a little when I hear the front door slam shut. I turn onto my back and start to go back to sleep.

As you enter the living room, you aren’t surprised that everything is shut off except one light. You kick your shoes off and sit down to watch TV. As you reach for the TV remote, you notice an envelope. It has your name and a bunch of hearts printed on the front. You pull out the note to read it. It tells you that both kids are gone for the night and to take your time to relax a little and then, when you’re ready, I will be waiting in the bedroom. It is printed in red and there are hearts and lips and even a picture of a couple kissing in bed at the bottom. You can see I put some effort into your little note.

You decide you need to take a quick peek. You sneak over to the bedroom door and slowly push it open. As you push, it starts to squeak. “I really do need to get that oiled,” canlı bahis you think to yourself. I haven’t quite fallen back to sleep yet, so I hear you coming in. I’ve always been curious what happens when we start to have sex while I sleep, so I decide to pretend that I am asleep.

As you approach the bed, the first thing you see, of course, is me. I am laying on my back, legs just slightly parted. You are shocked to see that I am wearing a costume (you’ve wanted me to wear costumes for years and I never have). You are even more shocked at what the costume is. I am wearing a prison outfit. It is a one piece little dress in black and white stripes, of course. It has short sleeves and buttons completely down the front. It is very short, falling just below my butt. I have the top unbuttoned low enough for you to see that I am wearing a red, lacey push up bra that creates a lot of cleavage. The bottom is unbuttoned up to about my belly button and you can see the matching red, lacey g-string. I have even pinned a matching hat in my hair.

As you come closer, you notice something on your pillow. You walk over to see what it is. I have laid two envelopes on your pillow, a large one and a small one. The small one is identical to the one from the living room. It was on top, so you open it first. It says that I’ve been a very bad girl. And you are the cop who needs to teach me a lesson. It tells you to get dressed in what you find in the large envelope. It also tells you that I have set up the video camera (another thing you’ve wanted for years and I always said no), if you want to use it. You take the large envelope and dump out the contents. It has a policeman costume; shorts, a short sleeved uniform top and cap. There are also two pairs of red furry handcuffs.

You lay all the items down and climb into bed next to me. You kiss me on the lips. I’m not sure how I would normally respond, so I just let you kiss me. Then, I feel you kiss my neck. You kiss me for a minute or so. Then, I feel you get up off the bed. You pick up your costume and go to take a shower. While you’re gone, I doze back off to sleep.

After your shower, you put on the costume as I had asked. You notice that the costume is tight. The shorts are very short and split up the front which is held together with Velcro. The top is short sleeved and it is complete with a few little badges and a name tag. You don’t really like it, but decide that if you want me to wear the costumes, you need to be willing also.

You come back into the bedroom and get the camera ready and then turn it on. Next, you come over and put the handcuffs around my wrists and then around the headboard. Next, which isn’t something I planned, you take out a couple of your ties and tie up my ankles and then spreading my legs as far apart as you can get them on our king sized bed.

You get into bed and move in very close to me. You gently kiss me on the lips and your hands start to explore my body. After a few minutes of rubbing, you get up on your knees. You open the front of your shorts and pull out you throbbing dick. You ease yourself up next to my head. You reach over and gently turn me to face your crotch. You place the head of your cock against my lips. I open my mouth a little at first and then enough to accept your dick. I can feel the head of your cock enter my mouth, and I hungrily lick it. Working it back and forth, more and more of you slides into my mouth. Your hand finds the back of my head and hold me while bahis siteleri I deep throat your member. I begin to suck your cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth. I use my tongue to tease the underside of your cock. Your hands are in my hair, holding the back of my head gently. You look down and watch as I suck your cock and you let out a moan of bliss. I begin to moan. I plant little kisses and nibbles along your shaft only stopping to take your balls into my mouth. My tongue swirls around them as you suck with intensity. My tongue ventures around the base of your shaft and balls and occasionally licks between your taint. Darting and moving wildly, my tongue even licks your asshole a couple of times. Then without warning I engulf your cock and take it all the way in. I can feel every sweet inch of you slide down my throat. You watch your cock disappears into my warm mouth, deeper and deeper with each stroke. I have you fully in my mouth now and you can feel your cock grow even harder. You know I’m asleep, you tell me how wonderful it feels anyway. The sight of your dick deep in my mouth and the feeling of my tongue are almost too much for you to take. You tell me your going to cum. This only causes me to increase the intensity. I am now not giving you head…I am ‘fucking’ you with my mouth! Your hips move in motion with my mouth. You erupt in my mouth. I swallow as you fill my mouth over and over again. I don’t want you to stop. I suck your cock, trying to get all of what you have to offer me!

Falling to the bed you cuddle up next to me. Rubbing my breasts you shower my body with kisses. You are amazed at how I just fucked you with my mouth. You slowly and gently kiss down my body. You only lightly play with my breasts. It doesn’t take you long before you are between my spread legs. Ever so gently you lick the inside of my thighs. My body convulses with pleasure. Your tongue moves closer and closer to my waiting pussy. My pussy is dripping wet and can’t wait to be filled. The anticipation is intense. Finally you begin to kiss and lick my pussy. As you lick, my hips begin to buck. I want your mouth all over my aching pussy. Even in my sleep, I know how much I want to feel you inside me.

I try to move my hips closer to your mouth but the restraints stop me from reaching my goal. Finally, you move in and very softly take my clit in your mouth and suck on it. I let out a loud moan of approval. As I start to tremble, you move your mouth away. Next, you start to lick at my slit. Then, you push your tongue in and out of my pussy a few times. Now you lick your way down to my asshole. When I’m asleep, I just love this! And when I feel the first flick of your tongue, I moan out loudly, “Oh Yes! I love it!” For a few moments, you just kiss and lick. I lay there moaning and trembling. Then, you thrust your tongue inside me and start fucking my ass with your tongue. I can no longer hold back. My body bucks a little, and trembles a lot, and I am moaning my approval very loudly. After a few moments, my orgasm subsides.

As I lay there recovering, you reach for the bottle of lube that you keep in your nightstand. You rub it on my hole, which brings out a soft moan. Then, you slowly insert your finger. You work it back and forth, loosening me up a little and arousing me even more. When I begin pushing back against your finger, you pull away. Now, you pick up an anal plug and cover it in the lube. You insert it slowly and after the tip is in me, you hold still as I push bahis şirketleri myself back against the plug. At this point, you turn the vibrations on. “Aahhh,” I gasp, as you push it in as far as it will go and begin moving it in and out just a little.

“Do you like that?” you ask me. You already know that I do just from the way my body is reacting, but you like to hear me say it. The way I am moaning you know I am close to cumming. I’m still asleep, but at your urging, I start to scream,

“Yesss, I’m going to cummm!” You continue to move the plug in and out of my ass as I buck wildly and grip at the handcuffs. You leave the plug in my ass and turn it up a little. Without you even touching me, I start to climax again. You just sit back and watch as my body bucks and I start to scream again.

“Yes, that’s it baby, cum for me.” You encourage me.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” I moan as my body spasms and arches in another orgasm.

You move back up closer to me and slowly pulled the plug from my ass.

“You want my cock in your ass, baby?” you ask me, but don’t really wait for an answer. You raise my hips up and hold me still as you push your cock into me one slow inch at a time.

“Ohhhh, God yes. I love it when you fuck my ass.” I moan as you slowly work your cock into me. I feel your cock deep inside my ass. It feels so good, filling me so completely. I almost cum instantly. You push you cock all the way in and hold tightly against me. I scream out in shear pleasure, my body trembling with waves of passion. “Ohhh, ohm… God…..fuck my ass! Fuck me as hard as you can! Don’t Stop! Harder, Harder!” I whimper and plead for you to work my ass hard. My ass flexes against your cock and squeeze your member hard.

“You like that?” you ask.

“Yes…” I breathe, “I love your cock in my ass! Pound me as hard as you can! Fuck me! Oh God, just fuck me harder please!” I am almost crying the words. I want it as hard as you can give it. I love the feeling of your cock slamming deep into my ass.

Now, you reach over and pull out another vibrator, this one is as big as your cock. Thrusting it fully into my pussy, you turn it on high. My body begins thrashing against my bonds and bucking against this double penetration. You listen to my screams and begin pounding me as hard as you can. All the while you work the dildo in and out of my cunt. The combination of my screams, clenching ass and the vibrator in my pussy sends you over the edge. You join my orgasm as you flood my ass with your hot seed.

You allow the dildo to slip out of my pussy and we both take a few moments to recover. Climbing between my legs again you now pay special attention to my clit and pussy. It only takes a moment and I am shuddering again. You take this as your cue and you position yourself. You thrust into me hard, knowing this will wake me up. And it does. I jerk awake and when I take in what’s happening, an orgasm immediately consumes me.

With complete abandon you start to ram your cock hard and deep into me. You are in me fully now, your balls slamming against my ass. “Yesssssssss, Yessssssssssss!!!! God I need you sooo much. I love you ramming me. Deeper. Harder!” I scream. I continue to pull against my restraints wanting to hold you. It only takes a few minutes and you are ready to blow your load into my soaking pussy. “Oooohhhhh.” I moan as I feel your hot jism painting my pussy walls. You collapse onto me and kiss me passionately. Our breathing is fast and shallow as we both come down from this incredible fuck we have just shared.

You gently kiss my lips. Then, you release my hands and feet. You go to the camera and turn it off. You take out the tape and say, “So are you ready to watch this?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32