Sharing His Daughter

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“Daddy,” David Marsh’s only child said in a voice that was too close to whining for her father’s taste, but with their guest in the bathroom he let it go for now so their wouldn’t be a scene. “I’m nervous.”

“It’s alright Princess. I am too,” her father admitted. “It’s all going to be worth it though.”

“I liked it better when it was just you and me after Mom died. I did everything you wanted, because it made you happy…”

“And I love you for that,” he interrupted. “The fact is that if you’re nice to Mr. Knickerbocker, that will probably mean a promotion for me, and maybe a job for you at his company. Something better that scanning toilet paper at Family Dollar for losers. You would like that, wouldn’t you Kimmie?

“I guess.”

“And remember how much being nice to that man at the bank helped keep us from having the house foreclosed on?”


“And let’s be honest. You sucked a lot the guys dicks around here and got nothing but a reputation, so this isn’t totally out of character,” David Marsh added. “You like sex. I like sex, and I love watching you have sex. You’re a little hottie, and I think it’s helped your acne clear up too. Remember how bad it was?”


“So let’s be nice to Mr. Knickerbocker. He’s in good shape for a guy near 60 and he is a handsome man, isn’t he? He looks a little like Robert Redford. Didn’t you say that?”

“He’s handsome, but you were the one that said that,” Kimmie reminded her Dad.

“Said what?”

“That Mr. Knickerbocker looks like Robert Redford.”

“I did say that, and now you’ve said it too. Just go with it for me,” her father said as the toilet flushed and the sink ran. “For us.”

“Kimmie was just telling me that she thought that you looked – wait – Kimmie, why don’t you tell Mr. Knickerbocker who you thought he looked like,”

“Um… Robert Redford,” Kimmie answered shyly.

“Well, actually somebody did say that to me once a long time ago., but it’s nicer to here it from a pretty young lady like you,” the tall man responded as he sat down in the chair across from his employee and his daughter. “Your father said you made our dinner. Nicely done my dear. Delicious.”

“Thank you Mr. Knickerbocker..”

“I don’t know where I’d be without my Kimmie,” her father said as he put his arm around her shoulder and held her close.

“Daughters can be a handful, but they are of great comfort,” the business owner declared. “I have a daughter about your age. Joni just turned 18.”

“Kimmie is only a year older,” Steve Marsh noted.

“Maybe we could all get together sometime,” and after the guest fished his wallet out he opened it and set it on the coffee table. “I have a picture of Joni here,”

“She’s gorgeous,” Steve said of the plain, chubby girl with strawberry blonde hair in the picture. “Isn’t she Kimmie?”

“She’s cute,” Kimmie lied and then mumbled something to her father.

“You can say that out loud. There’s nothing bad about saying that,” he father told her. “Go ahead Kimmie. Tell Mr. Knickerbocker what you said about Joni.”

“I – uh – I said she was busty,” Kimmie stammered, but her father corrected her.

“What you actually said was that she had big boobies, didn’t you Princess?” her father said, and Kimmie nodded and blushed.

“No harm in that dear. After all, it’s true,” the proud papa agreed.

“Kimmie’s a bit self conscious because she thinks she’s too small on top…”


“Well, it’s true. Here, take this blazer off. Mr. Knickerbocker will tell you that you have nothing to be ashamed of. She’s always trying to keep her beauty out of sight,” Steve Marsh insisted, and after a bit of feigned struggle she let her father take off her jacket.

“Lovely,” Hiram Knickerbocker declared as he looked over the slender teen in a sleeveless white blouse that revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Small breasts – big breasts – we men love them all, right Steve?” he guffawed as his underling nodded.

“Absolutely boss, and remember when I mentioned how Kimmie did so much to ease the passing of my wife?” Steve asked, and after Mr. Knickerbocker nodded he continued. “Kimmie not only did so much around the house but without me saying anything she did something that her mother did for me back when we were dating. Show Mr. Knickerbocker. From conversations we’ve samsun escort had about girls, I know this is something he will enjoy too.”


“It’s okay, Princess,” Steve assured her and after he took her girl’s wrist and lifted it, the teen took it upon herself to raise both of her arms and linked her hands behind her head.

From the other side of the coffee table Steve heard his silver haired boss sigh and then rise, asking whether it was okay if he came over to the couch to join them without waiting for an answer.

“Beautiful,” Mr. Knickerbocker said as the two men made a sandwich of Kimmie, and the teen did nothing but shiver when her father’s boss brought his hand up and let his fingers tenderly rake through the spray of dark brown hair that sprouted from under her upraised arm, and after her father started doing the same on his side he suggested, “You like what we’re doing, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Kimmie choked and then added, “but I’m sweating.”

“You smell delightful. I asked my Joni to not shave, and although she did as I asked, for whatever reason she has very little body hair so it looked odd,” Mr. Knickerbocker confided. “So little that it looks like she shaves between her legs even though she doesn’t. I suspect that you don’t remove your pubic hair?”

“Just my legs, Dad says that’s okay,” Kimmie explained.

“Good Dad,” Mr. Knickerbocker said with a grin towards his employee. “I don’t suppose we can convince your daughter to remove her blouse because seeing her nipples trying to explode through the fabric is driving me wild.”

“I have a better Idea. Why don’t we go someplace a little more comfortable?” Kimmie’s father suggested, and when she responded by kissing him in a way most daughters wouldn’t, Steve stood up, followed by his boss and together they helped Kimmie to her feet.

The three of them went down the hall to the master bedroom, and on the way Mr. Knickerbocker took the teen’s had while her father went ahead of then.

“I’d like one of those kisses you just gave your father, if you wouldn’t mind,” he asked, and as she leaned up and put her arms around his neck and kissed him he kissed her back passionately.

“See what you’ve done to me?” he asked when their lips finally parted, and as Kimmie looked down at the absurd tent in the man’s baggy trousers he put her hand on the bulge and assured her, “You’re responsible for that. I want you so bad.”

“Your dick,” Kimmie said as she looked first at her hand and then up at her Dad’s boss. “You got a real big one, don’t you?”

“You like the big cocks honey?” he snickered as he felt her gripping him through the layers of fabric.

“I dunno,” the girl responded with a dazed look.

“Let’s go find out. Your Daddy’s waiting.”


“Let’s unwrap my Princess,” Steve said after they all got into the bedroom, and Kimmie timidly raised her arms so her father could lift the blouse over her head.

After the blouse came off Kimmie’s hands reflexively went up to her cover her chest, but her father pulled her hands away so that his boss could see his daughter’s perky breasts with their swollen crimson nipples that looked like strawberries.

“Nice, huh Mr. Knickerbocker?” Steve asked as he stepped back and started pulling off his clothes, but his boss was already at Kimmie’s side, massaging the diminutive buds with one hand while inching her slacks off with the other.

“Very nice, Steve. I like the treasure trail too,” he announced as he toyed with the fine line of hairs that went from under Kimmie’s navel to the elastic of her panties, panties that Mr. Knickerbocker inched down to expose the dense triangle of curls that guarded the teen’s sex. “You seem ready to go.”

He was referring to his employee who was naked, his modest sized penis stiff and bobbing in front of him, and after Steve said he wanted to show him how talented his girl was, put his hand on her shoulder while bringing his dick to her face.

“Join the party, sir,” Steve said to his boss, and Kimmie’s lips began to slide up and down her Dad’s dick while Hiram Knickerbocker slowly undressed, and after he shed his silk boxer shorts he moved closer to Kimmie and his employee, pulling lazily on his semi-turgid manhood.

“Oh man, Princess,” Steve said in interrupting escort samsun her efforts and moving her face in his boss’s direction. “Look at how big Mr. Knickerbocker’s cock is, and he isn’t even hard yet.”

“Wow,” Kimmie whispered as she watched the older man stretching his dick out until it got hard, and then stroking the vein-riddled erection from stump to the tip of his foreskin.

“You must be twice as big as I am, Mr. Knickerbocker,” Steve opined as he brought his pale tool near so Kimmie could see them side by side. “Here honey, go back and forth between us.”

Kimmie dutifully reached up and took both of the engorged dicks in her fists and leaned towards her father, running her lips up and down for a bit before turning to Mr. Knickerbocker and doing the same to him. Back and forth she went, and then Steve directed his daughter to deep throat him. Kimmie came pretty close, getting almost to the stump of Dad’s 6″ tool, and then Steve told her to do that to their guest.

“At least give it a try,” her father asked when she looked at him like he was crazy, and Kimmie did her best, forcing about half of Mr. Knickerbocker’s lengthy manhood into her mouth while her father encouraged her. “That’s it, play with his balls while you suck that big thing.”

“After tonight, she’ll never look at me again,” Steve told his boss.

“No, don’t be silly,” his boss said as Steve stepped back to watch, and even though he thought he was out of sight Hiram Knickerbocker could see his employee stroking himself while watching his daughter give him head until the older man pulled away from Kimmie.

“Too good. I don’t want this to end so fast, but I would like to taste Kimmie,” he said, so they helped the teen onto her back on the bed, and after spreading her legs Mr. Knickerbocker knelt down on the carpet and put the girl’s feet over his shoulders.

“Mmm… so sweet,” he said as he inhaled the pungent pussy, and as he buried his cheeks in the jungle he added, “and so wet too!”

Hiram Knickerbocker tried at first to artfully use his tongue on the teen’s tender sex, stroking her clit while feeling her react, but as he looked through her pubes at Kimmie sucking her father’s cock he began to lose control and soon was lapping at her pussy like an animal. The girl’s squirming and writhing only inflamed him more so he was soon rising to his feet and pushing Kimmie back more onto the mattress while he stood there with his throbbing cock in hand.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Kimmie whimpered as her father kept her from squirming back any further, and then the girl told her father in a stage whisper, “it’s too big.”

“Relax honey, and you know Mr. Knickerbocker would never hurt you. He likes you, Princess,” Steve assured his daughter, and then looked up at his boss and asked him to put Kimmie at ease, “right Mr. Knickerbocker?”

“Wouldn’t hurt you for the world, dear. As a matter of fact, I bet that in a few minutes you’ll be wishing I was even bigger,” Steve’s boss said, and chuckled a little bit but the laughter sounded a little sinister.

Steve held on to Kimmie’s shoulders, and when he looked up and his boss kneeling between her parted thighs, he had to admit that it was a scary sight. Hiram Knickerbocker was stroking his cock, coating it with some of the lubricant that was on the dresser, and it was intimidating.seeing that stiff cock glistening with lotion, the veins seeming to throb while the foreskin slid back and forth over the glans. Steve figured that while his boss’s cock might not be a foot long, it was pretty damn close.

Without delay, Mr. Knickerbocker eased downward, first rubbing the tip of his tool up and down Kimmie’s hair-shrouded labia a few times before easing himself in. By the time he had about half of it inside the girl, Kimmie was already squirming and writhing, but then Mr. Knickerbocker pulled himself back out and then probed a little deeper.

“So tight,” the older man grunted to no one in particular, and now Kimmie was moaning and trying to bridge her upper torso off the bed with the back of her head.

Her father had a bird’s eye view of watching his boss’s cock slide in and out of Kimmie, and as his tempo increased in went even deeper so that he was almost completely impaling her. Kimmie was sobbing a little and Steve asked samsun escort bayan her if she wanted him to stop.

“No,” Kimmie protested. “Hurts – but hurts good.”

Hiram Knickerbocker must have overheard that comment because he let out another one of those evil chuckles while grunting the words, “Told you so.”

From that point, the company’s owner seemed to get serious, leaning over and holding himself up with his arms while starting to thrust harder and faster. Steve got up off the bed and watched from the side as the bed frame protested. Kimmie came soon, howling like a banshee as her eyes rolled back in her head, but the man was relentless and seemed to be almost possessed.

Kimmie had her hands digging into Mr. Knickerbocker’s muscular biceps while her head rolled back and forth, while Steve noted that his boss looked nothing like the dignified man he was at work or even earlier than evening. His mostly silver hair was messed and his face was beet red, and beneath him Kimmie was getting a shower from the sweat that flew off Mr. Knickerbocker’s body. As for the sounds that gave out of his mouth, they sounded almost feral.

Steve watched his daughter have another orgasm, not as intense as the first one but apparently knocking the energy out of her because Kimmie let go of his arms and let her own arms fall down. Mr. Knickerbocker, however, was not done, because while he slowed down a little he was still thrusting away at a steady pace. He whispered something in Kimmie’s ear and it made her smile, proving she wasn’t dead yet, and then the girl reached back towards the headboard.

Hiram Knickerbocker now slowed even more, letting his upper torso rub over the girl’s, and then he lowered his head and ran his tongue over the teen’s nipples. From there he kissed his way upwards, making the girl giggle when he was nibbling on Kimmie’s collarbone, and then he leaned over and buried his face under Kimmie’s left arm. He nibbled, kissed and sucked on the soggy hair, and Kimmie reacted like she was having a orgasm.

Finally the older man straightened up a bit, made a few deep thrusts and moaned loudly as he left his seed in the girl. Shortly Hiram pulled out, his deflated dick crimson, and then went off to the bathroom.

“You okay, Princess?” Steve asked, and Kimmie opened her eyes a little and nodded.

“Sore though,” she admitted.

After Hiram Knickerbocker returned to the bedroom Kimmie’s father went to the bathroom, and as the older man began to pull on his trousers Kimmie sat up on the bed.

“I hate putting clothes on after… you know,” Mr. Knickerbocker confided.

“You can stay over,” Kimmie offered. “You could sleep in my room.”

“Thanks dear, but I couldn’t put you out like that.”

“We could both fit in it,” Kimmie said and then covered her face and added, “that was slutty to say, wasn’t it?”

“I thought it was both generous and cute,” he said as Kimmie stood up and he kissed her on the forehead.

“Wait,” Kimmie said as she stopped her father’s boss from putting on his shirt and impulsively raised his arm and planted butterfly kisses in his armpit while giggling some more. “Sorry. It felt so good when you did it to me that I wanted to try it. Did I do good? Not just that but I mean everything.”

“You were amazing, dear. Truly.”

“So were you,” Kimmie answered, and then asked, “do you think you’ll come back again?”

“If your father will have me, of course.”

“Maybe you could bring your daughter too?” Kimmie asked hopefully.

“So you like girls too?”

“Yes. Only been with two and one of them was my gym teacher. Ms. Velma looked a lot like a guy so that might not count,” Kimmie explained. “I still liked it though.”

“Well, my Joni certainly likes girls and I think she would love you. Just like I do.”


“Did I miss anything?” Steve Marsh asked as he returned, and after unsuccessfully offering to have his boss stay, was told that Kimmie wanted him to come back, and with his daughter.

“Absolutely. We’ll set a date,” he said as his daughter kissed the older man passionately before he left.

“Don’t be late for work,” Steve was told just before the boss left, and he nodded obediently.

Steve went back to his bedroom, when Kimmie was helping to straighten up the place, and before Kimmie turned in he told his daughter how proud he was of her.

“One question Dad. When Mr. Knickerbocker was fucking me, were you jerking off?”

“Jerking off? Steve responded. “What kind of a father do you think I am?”

Just curious,” Kimmie purred as she left.


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