Sharon My Mother Pt. 03: A Bit More

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Now that we had declared our love to each other. But only in private. Sex felt more intense. We became even more open with each other. Sharing our weirdest fantasies, and dreams.

For me it was wanting to use her big dildo up her ass. Preferably with Sharon fucking herself, if she could.

There was a lot of queries. “You like lesbian porn don’t you? Two women together. Kissing, licking and sucking all their bits. What turns you on watching that kind of porn? What would you do if it happened for real?”

“Yeah I like that. What are you getting at?”

Sharon wanted me to watch her and Diane together. Was the answer to the long winded questions.

Strange since Diane was coming at the weekend. Then there was conditions. No cleaning up my cum. Off either of them. That was our secret, and one of Sharon’s biggest turn on’s.

And if I was to fuck Diane. Something that Sharon was keen to see. I was not to try and hold my cum back. Let it go as soon as I felt it welling up. Oh and no touching them unless invited, and absolutely no directing them.

I was in two minds about fucking Diane. But with Sharon wanting to see it. Was swaying my decision in her direction.

On the Friday. I arrived at Sharon’s earlier than normal. Much to her delight. We spent ages kissing and cuddling.

Diane was coming the next day. But she didn’t know what Sharon had in mind. Sharon told me that she knew exactly what would get Diane going, and Diane would not miss the chance of having my cock.

As a reward. Sharon said. “Seeing as you are going ahead with my little ‘thing’. I will wear nothing all the time you are here. If we do manage to get out. I will wear the minimum clothes. You can do to me whatever you desire. So long as there’s plenty of cum for me.”

True to her word. Sharon paraded herself around her flat naked. If anything needed to be picked up or tidied away, she made sure that I got a great look at her pussy and ass when she bent over.

If she stood near me, and if I asked she would bend over and let me have a closer inspection of her private parts as well as a good feel.

We nipped out for a couple of drinks. Sharon wore a maxi dress, and sandals. Nothing else. In the bar we found a table where she even managed to flash her pussy to me. Not bad when the dress went all the way to her ankles.

Then she whispered. “If we were at yours, then I would stop both of us from going to the loo. I loved having a shower off you. I think that it won’t be the same at my place. That wet room has more uses than what you think.”

I cast my mind back and thought of her relieving herself over me, and how much longer I lasted. I felt my cock stir.

“Perhaps we can try it next weekend. Your in charge of that, and you can think of ways for you to hold more in you. But be prepared for a good drink. No wine or shorts. Pint after pint for you.”

“That is not fair. You know that makes me wee more, and it gets me really drunk.”

“But you will have to time it so that you can just hold it in. You wanted to pee more over me the last time didn’t you?”

“Yeah. But then you will pee even more again.”

“Then you will enjoy it more. Especially when you will still have your dress on.”


“I could say that it will save time. But I really want to pee all over you when you are still fully dressed.”

“Ok. Stop talking about doing that. Your making me really horny. And I have all week to think about that. You don’t realise how turned on I will be.”

“I think that you will find you’re the one who started this topic. I only added what I would like to happen when it’s my turn.”

“Right. Do you like doing that? Do you not think it’s a bit perverted?”

“It’s rude, and something that I never really thought about. How come you made us do it?”

“I once come across a dirty film, on video. Shows how long ago it was. There was a trailer, where the girls peed on each other. Well everything really, and I never found anyone who I could trust enough to try it with. Sometimes when I used to go drinking with Diane and we shared the toilet. That could turn me on just hearing her pee. I sounded her out once. About some pee play. I told her about that trailer, and the look on her face said it all. She was disgusted.”

“Our list of things that we like is getting longer. Do you think that most couples do the same?”

“I doubt it. I think that a lot of them are too afraid to say what they really want to try out for fear of being called a pervert by the one they love and trust.”

“I suppose your right there. If you do get it on with Diane tomorrow. Will you be doing it in bed?”

“I hope so. Why?”

“Nothing. So we will be changing the bedding in the morning?”

“Yes. Your up to something. Tell.”

“So you wouldn’t really care if your hair was damp when we go to sleep?”

“What about my hair?”

“I can’t wait until next week. Can we not take it in turn to lie in the bath. You would be able to stand on the edge won’t you?”

“I should do. Why?”

“So you can squat over me and kocaeli escort pee. Then you could lie in the bath and I soak you. So your hair will be a bit damp.”

“Ok you dirty sod. A pee now for both of us. Then another pint. No going to the loo after that. Let’s see who is the best at holding it in.”

I let Sharon go to the toilet first. When she come back I got our pints, and then went off for a pee.

While I was gone she realised what I had done. “Due to you cheating I think you should have a forfeit.”

“Ok. You control when we go, and you can be first to give.”

“Your on!”

I still felt in control of my bladder. Sharon drank her pint quickly. I made mine last a bit longer.

“Your doing this on purpose. Hurry up will you.”

Sharon tried to hurry back to hers. I dawdled. I knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold on as much as I could. On the way. “Fuck me I am going to piss myself out here. It’s starting to hurt.”

“Stop thinking about it. We will be inside in a minute. Then you can get into position, and let it go.”

We got in. Sharon almost ran to the bathroom. I took my shoes off, and climbed in the bath. “How do you want me?”

“It would be nice to see you from behind. Just put your feet here, and crouch down I suppose.”

Sharon had her feet on either side of the bath. Her arse and pussy just above my face. She began.

At first there was a bit of a dribble, that ran along one outer lip, going towards her belly. Then she farted. “Oops. Sorry.” Then the torrent. It hit me just under my throat, almost stinging with the force. I lay there in awe of the sight of her peeing so close to my face. A jet of piss hitting me and splashing all over me. Her arsehole started to bulge as she forced out her pee. Her little hole trying to open up. When she relaxed her muscles, her ring took it’s normal shape. Until she squeezed more piss out of her. then there was the final dribbles. As soon as she finished, I gave her arsehole a kiss and just managed to plant a kiss on her wet pissy pussy.

“Fuck I needed that. Are you wet enough?”

From below my neck. Apart from some splashes. My clothes were soaking wet. Not that I was complaining.

I climbed out. Sharon took my place.

As I stood to the side of the bath, taking my semi hard cock out of my jeans. Sharon never took her eyes away from my crotch.

My piss began to flow. I covered her tits. Trying so hard to hit her nipples. I could see that she was breathing heavily. Her mouth slightly open. Target locked in. I aimed at her mouth. To my surprise, she took some pee. Then I just pissed all over her hair, watching it run down all over her face. Then as I felt myself almost running out. I tried covering as much of her clothes as I could. Then she spurted out the pee. And smiled.

“Enjoy that my little dirty pervert?”

After a bath. Sharon gave me a blow job. But I had to cum in my mouth, and kiss her, with my mouth full of cum. Anything to please her.

We phoned for a pizza. Sharon would not answer the door naked or in just a skimpy dressing gown. But we ate without any clothes on. We sat on the floor, pizza between us. I lay on my side she sat up legs crossed. Her outer lips creased up more, and opened wide. Letting me see her inner lips and clit.

“So what makes you think that you can get it on with Diane? You seem so sure. Are you sure that there is no arrangement there already?”

“I know she will want me. She wants you for a start. Plus. I know for a fact that she will have been and got her fan waxed. She will not be able to resist showing me. Probably accidently showing you too.”

“So how are you going to be in bed with her if she only shows off her minge?”

“I have my ways. And you’ll be there. Trust me she will. If your still ok with it.”

“A one time thing ok?”

“Ok. You won’t forget it mind.”

With the food finished. We tidied away, and tried to only go to sleep. We cuddled in spooning. Then Sharon need my cock in her to go to sleep.

Getting hard was no problem, or was sleeping. She went out like a light. As my cock wilted, so did I.

Waking up alone. I got up to see what she was doing. “Just tidying up. All that’s left is the bed, and the bathroom later on. We want to be nice and clean for our fun with Diane.”

I tried and tried to get Sharon back to bed or anywhere really, for some ‘us’ time. But Sharon wanted to stay hungry for sex later on. She would be more turned on. Apparently.

Even arguing another point. “But if my balls are full then I am bound to cum quickly. Surely it would be better if we done something about it now.”

“That is why we are not doing it my love. If you do cum quick, then she won’t want to try it anymore. Trust me on this. I know what she is like. What she wants. This is sort of marking my territory. Not that your my property. But you do know.”

I watched Sharon bathe. No touching! Then just sat and watched her preen herself, and then get dressed. Apart from any underwear.

Feeling left out a bit. kocaeli escort bayan I had a quick dip, and put on a t-shirt and joggers. I was under orders to wear the least possible clothes too.

We had a drink while waiting for Diane. Sharon seemed a bit on edge.

“You don’t have to go through with this if your not 100% sure. I don’t mind.”

I was not really sure if I wanted to do it.

“No. I want to give you a show. Let you experience another woman. And it should stop her wanting you.”

“But you look like you don’t want to do it.”

“I do. I was just thinking about when Diane and me used to do it. Will it be the same? Or has too much time passed? Will we still find each other as sexy? There is loads of questions running through my mind now.”

“All right. I’m all for not doing it. Your not in the right state of mind.”

“I AM doing this. Just give me a minute, and another drink. Fuck it a short. That’ll help calm me down.”

“What drink?”

“J.D. and coke please no ice.”

I poured her a larger one than usual.

To take her mind off having to wait. “When are you coming to mine next weekend?”


“I thought we were getting wetter in the wet room.”

“You want to do it on Friday don’t you? You dirty fucker.”

“It has crossed my mind. All it would take is for you to keep drinking fluids all day. Then we could go out for a couple. Decide our last toilet break and head back.”

“Why do I have to take on fluids?”

“Because I know that you don’t usually bother. Only on tea breaks and lunch time.”


“Drink more and then you pee more. Then later you should hold more. Anyway it is better for you in general. It keeps you hydrated and flushes bad bits from you?”

“Is that doctor speak?”

“Oh yes. I’m fully qualified. Want a quick examination? My specialty centres around women’s bits.”

“Fuck off you quack.”

“But you like my medicine. In fact I would say that you love my medicine.”

“Is that the very special one that you keep on giving me?”

“You will find that you almost demand it from me, every time you see me.”

“That’s because you turn me on so much. Every time I see you I need to have you.”

I poured us another drink. As I handed Sharon her glass. Diane was knocking at the door. At last.

Sharon went off to let her in. I hung around in the kitchen. Waiting for our guest’s drink order.

“Just whatever you are having.”

A large one for Diane.

As Diane sat down, I had a good look at what I might be fucking soon.

She looked more like she was going out for the night. Not calling to her friends for a drink and a catch up. Sill she scrubbed up well. Her dress might have been for a younger model, but she still looked good in it. If it was not for her midriff spreading that bit too much.

I sat with Sharon, opposite. Just listening to them bitching about a couple of their ‘friends’.

Another round of drinks. Diane, was catching us up and the mood was getting more relaxed. Even the bitching was cooling off.

Diane went to powder her nose. When she come back and sat down, Sharon and me had a good look up her dress. I was positive it was the smallest g string. It got my attention. Sharon never said anything.

Then they went off to the kitchen, to get some little snacks.

When they come back through. They were giggling away.

After another round of drinks. Diane sauntered away to the little girls room. Come back and sat down again.

This time though, she had removed her tiny undies. We both got a good look at a nice and bald pussy.

“So you have been to the salon.”

“Of course I went there. I had to. How do you know?”

“We could not miss seeing it when you sat down.”

“Oops. Not very ladylike.”

“Come on then give me a look.”

“Not with Jimmy sat there.”

“He won’t mind. He has seen a few, one more won’t make any difference.”

Diane walked towards us. “Ok. Just don’t go telling everyone that you have seen my bits.”

“I would never so that.”

Sharon raised the hem of Diane’s dress. She told Diane to hold it up there. As Sharon ran her fingers over her friends smooth mound. “Ooh it’s silky smooth. I think that mine will need doing again soon. But this mmm. Open up a bit.”

“What are you doing?”

“I want to feel if your done all the way around.”

“Can you not ask. I would have told you that it has been done there too,”

“Maybe. But it is better to have a feel, it’s nicer that way too.”

“It’s not if you touch me in the right place. Is that not right Sharon?”

I just sat there spellbound. Sharon touching her friends lips. Diane’s lips were long, and hung down to make a triangle of pussy flesh. Sharon’s finger just parted them, and tickled Diane’s mini cock like clit.

“See you have gone and done it. After all this time and you can still hit the spot straight away.”

“You started it really. Touching me there the other week. It’s only fair I touch you. It looks like something escort kocaeli wants to play.”

“Please don’t make it do that. It’s been so long.”

Whatever Diane was going to say was forgotten about as Sharon wriggled a finger just inside of her friends pussy, and then teased her clit even more, It looked as if she was tickling it from underneath.

Diane just stood there. Holding her dress up above her pussy. Head tilted back and her eyes were closed. As Sharon teased her more. Diane’s grip tightened.

Sharon, started to finger Diane. She turned to look at me. “Like this do you?”

“Very nice.”

Diane began to moan. Sharon stopped fingering her, leant closer and planted a little kiss on Diane’s mound.

Diane just stood there. Head still tilted back and her eyes closed.

As she come to. She let her dress drop back down.

Sharon sat there, licking her two fingers.

Diane said. “That is not funny. Working me up like that, and then stopping. You really had me going. I had forgot how much I missed you doing that. Jimmy knows doesn’t he?”

“Yes Jimmy knows. I have told him everything.”

“Yes everything. Even that there was a chance of us having fun together.”

“I. I don’t know if we should. We never had an audience before either.”

“I know. I thought it might be better. I get to watch Jimmy fucking you afterwards.”

“Here? Now?”

“Now. Yes. In here if you want. I would have took you to bed myself.”

Diane let Sharon stand up. Then she closed in to kiss her.

Up to then I was doing well in not letting myself get too aroused. But as soon as they kissed, my cock grew another inch.

I was so close. Yet I was under orders not to touch. They stood right in front of me, just lightly holding each other. They started with gentle kisses. Full on their lips, then built up until their mouth’s were locked together.

Diane ran her hand through Sharon’s hair, then held her head in place. Sharon pulled Diane tight against her. Their bodies together, boobs squashing together.

They broke off. Another kiss. They smiled at each other. I could see the happiness in their eyes.

Diane. “Shall we go to bed?”

“Come on then.”

“What about Jimmy there.”

“He is going to sit and watch. Hopefully we don’t get him too excited.”

“I hope that he is going to take his things off.”

“Take them off now if you want.”

“No. We’ll leave him dressed. So he can’t interfere with himself. You ok with that Jimmy? No touching your willy.”

“Ok. I can do that.” Not knowing what I was going to see and experience.

I sat by the dressing table. The girls carried on kissing.

Now their hands were all over each other. Everywhere except for their pussies.

Then Sharon took a hold of the bottom of Diane’s dress and began to pull it off over Diane’s head.

I looked at Diane’s reflection in the mirror opposite. Her body was still pretty good. But her ass was starting to lose it’s shape.

Diane done the same to Sharon. Once Diane let go of the dress, her hands began to caress Sharon’s boobs. While they kissed some more.

My cock began to throb. I had no idea if I would be able to leave it alone. It almost ached to be stroked. They had not even touched their cunts yet.

They fell onto the bed, kissing and feeling their hot bodies everywhere.

Sharon had a leg between Diane’s. Diane started to rub her pussy against the top of Sharon’s thigh.

Then they broke apart slightly. Diane taking one of Sharon’s tits. She squeezed it and then had the nipple pointing to her. So she could close her mouth around it.

Diane spent what felt like an age just sucking on Sharon’s boob. Then for a breather, she gently bit and licked that nipple.

Sharon did almost the same thing to Diane. Once she was released. My cock throbbed that little bit more when Sharon began suckling on Diane.

Diane spread her legs. Sharon felt her cunt. Parting those lips, just rubbing her friends clit. Pretty much the same way she played with her own.

Diane was having none of that. She got onto her knees, Sharon parted her legs, wide for Diane to see all of her. Before she ran a hand over her mound, along her lips, tickled her clit then slipped two fingers inside Sharon.

The way Sharon gasped, and closed her eyes. I thought that maybe this is the main event.

Diane fingered Sharon a lot. Getting up to a good speed finger fucking her. I never went that fast. Sharon was loving it.

Then she leant in and kissed her pussy all over. Fingers still up her. Just still at the moment.

Sharon lifted her leg, closest to me. Diane rearranged herself. Her big arse pointing right at me. I noticed that Diane’s cunt was already slightly gaping. It looked bigger than Sharon’s and more loose.

Her arsehole looked like it has had some abuse too.

Diane was licking Sharon and her fingering had restarted.

Sharon panted and gasped. Holding her mate’s head steady. Controlling where she was licked.

I began to hear her cunt squelching as Diane worked at it with her fingers.

Sharon managed to wriggle free.

Diane lay down. Sharon got on top of her and they kissed some more.

Sharon worked her way down Diane’s body. Kissing and sucking her breasts. Holding on to them as she went lower. Until she had to let go, and touch her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32