She Had Lips That Could Kill

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Blistering hot, the heat seemed to seethe from her every pore, burning whomever dared to get close–and still, her draw was overwhelming. She possessed an aroma few could resist. Tempting even the strongest of men, and I was no different.

Her name was Alison and one look at her, the way her breasts pressed against the filmy material of her blouse, the way her mouth moved as she spoke, evoked feelings so hot–I was on fire. I couldn’t think straight. Just the sound of her voice had the most impure thoughts running through my head.

I felt reckless and alive by her side. I found myself watching her ass as she walked and even her feet. Imaging my hands as they slide down her ass, down her lovely long legs to those luscious toes. There wasn’t one part of her that did not turn my on. I found myself wanting all of her, needing all of her. I wanted to take her, forcefully, violently if need be. But somehow I knew she’d like that too. Just by the way she’d bitten my lip, just a bit too hard as she pulled away from our last kiss, I knew. There would be nothing sedate about our first time, if there even was a first time. And there would be, if I had anything to do with it.

When she came and sat down next to me, I could feel myself already getting hard. She slide over in the booth as close to me as she could get, and kissed me on the cheek, pressing her breasts against my arm. canlı bahis Her skirt was short and rose nearly to her crotch, of which I am sure she was fully aware. She was playing me, not in an overly overt way either, but still, she was playing me.

As she talked I found myself half listening as I watched her lips. They were full, shiny, looking almost wet, and all I wanted to do was kiss them…hard. She put her hand on mine, which promptly brought me back to reality with a jerk. Then as she spoke softly, her voice warm, and raspy, she placed my hand on her thigh. Her skin was warm, smooth, and I was surprised when she began to slide my hand up her skirt, agonizingly slow. She finally place my hand between her legs. She was already wet. Not slippery wet, yet…but moist beyond belief. And I found myself speechless.

We ended up in her car. I’m not even sure how. Things seemed to be spinning out of control. She started the engine, the air-conditioning a welcomed relief. She put on some music, it was slow, something I didn’t recognize, but the lyrics were haunting and for the briefest of moments I almost forgot where I was, until she put her hand on my leg and started kissing the side of my neck. By the time she got to my mouth her hands were working on unfastening my belt.

Quickly our kisses grew hotter, filled with desperation. I reclined the seat back as far as it would bahis siteleri go. Somehow she was able to slip down on her knees between my legs. She kissed just the head of my cock at first, teasing, and then slowly, slid it into her hungry mouth. As she looked up at me seductively before closing her eyes, her mouth filled by my hard cock, I could tell–she was smiling.

And all I wanted to do was pull her up on top of me, feel her lips again, but I couldn’t stop her. She was not fucking me, not in the literal sense of the word, but she was making love to my cock and I’d never experienced anything like it in my life.

She stopped for a moment and with one swift motion pulled her blouse up and over her head, revealing her full breasts, and they looked delicious. Her nipples were dark, the color of rich milk chocolate and they were hard. All I could imagine was shooting my load all over them, her breasts dripping wet with my cum. But before I knew it she had plunged my cock back into her mouth and deep down her throat, and then I heard her moan, softly. I closed my eyes as she slid my wet cock in and out of her mouth, her lips wrapped so tightly around it I could barely stand it. Her hand wrapped around the base moving up and down almost an extension of her mouth. She was in a slow, smooth, steady rhythm now, and I realized she was working to the beat of the music, perfectly.

I bahis şirketleri reached down and ran my fingers through her hair and she moaned again, louder this time. She slipped my cock out of her mouth and between her breasts, squeezing them together engulfing my cock, which by now was rock hard. Wet from her mouth it slipped easily in and out, just the tip making it’s way to her lips.

I opened my eyes, she was smiling, her tongue making circles around the head of my cock. I couldn’t stand it, I pulled her up, our lips met, she shoved her tongue in my mouth but in an instant was back between my legs, this time pumping harder and faster. I could feel it building, but I didn’t want to come, not yet.

I reached down and held her face in my hands as it bobbed up and down, trying to slow her pace as she sucked the very life from me, but I couldn’t, and when I finally came, my whole body shook and without even realizing it I shoved her head down hard. So hard I’m afraid, that I’m not too sure if she could even breath, but I could feel the back of her throat as I shot my burning hot load, and it was exquisite.

She looked beautiful there between my legs, still sucking, seemingly not wanting to miss a single drop until I almost couldn’t take it any longer. Finally she kissed my cock lovingly before collapsing in my lap, both of us drenched in sweat. We laid there speechless, neither of us wanting or maybe even able to say a word, only trying to catch our breath. Not wanting to move, not ever wanting to move, but then of course she cracked a joke and we both laughed so hard I thought we’d cry.

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