She Said Yes Pt. 03

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She Said Yes

Part 3

Rebecca woke up and called her boss. She explained she had been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but that meant she needed to give her resignation effective immediately because her new position required her to start right away. Her boss pushed her to provide details on her new employer but Rebecca said it was confidential. After she hung up, she laid back down on her bed and still could hardly believe what was about to happen.

Her hotel suite would be ready to move in today but Rebecca had already paid the month’s rent of her current apartment and still had a couple of weeks left. She needed to let her landlord know she would be moving out. She would call later to get that taken care of. Right now, she needed coffee.

As she walked through her apartment, she contemplated what she would keep in storage and what she would sell. Since the suite was already fully furnished, it helped knowing she wouldn’t have to deal with movers and getting a new apartment ready to live in.

After her coffee, Rebecca began packing up some items and put them in suitcases. She didn’t get boxes the night before and was so excited about moving into the suite, she used what she had in order to pack several of her belongings so she could begin staying in her new home right away.

Finally, it was time to head over to the hotel and meet Matthew. When she walked in, he was already at the bar. He and the bartender were laughing. It was the same bartender from the day before. When she walked up, the bartender asked if she would like a glass of wine. “Yes, thank you,” she replied.

“Hi Rebecca,” Matthew said with a smile as he took a sip of his bourbon.

“Hi, Matthew,” Rebecca said as she licked her lips. The bartender sat the wine down.

“Brian, this is Rebecca. Rebecca, this is Brian. He’s been here as our bartender from day one. Brian, Rebecca will be moving into one of the suites on the top floor. Anything she wants, you can bill it to her room and I’ll take care of the tab weekly.”

“No problem, sir. It’s nice to meet you, Rebecca,” Brian said.

“Same to you, Brian.”

“Ready to go upstairs, Rebecca?” asked Matthew.

“Anytime you are,” Rebecca replied.

As they walked toward the elevator, Matthew told Rebecca she looked nice. She let out a small laugh. She wasn’t dressed as seductively today. After packing a few suitcases and trying to get organized, she decided she would dress more casually, wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt.

As they walked into the suite and the door closed, Matthew grabbed Rebecca. “Fuck me,” he whispered in her ear.

She kissed him and slid her hands down inside his pants. He was already hard. “I want to come in your mouth,” he said.

Walking over to the bed, Rebecca stopped just before climbing in. She quickly pulled Matthew’s pants and boxer briefs down. As she crawled into bed and began removing her clothes, he stepped out of his pants, briefs and took off his shirt, throwing it on the floor.

“Stand here,” Rebecca said pointing to the side of the bed. As he stood there, Rebecca got on her hands and knees and began sucking his cock. He was so hard and thick. She wanted to feel him go down her throat and she wanted to taste every drop of come that he would explode in her mouth.

She took him out of her mouth and rolled onto her back. She moved her body closer to the edge of the bed so her head was nearly hanging off the side. Matthew put his cock in her mouth again and she hungrily began sucking him, using one hand to stroke him while she rubbed his balls with her other hand.

Rebecca stopped massaging his balls and took one of her fingers and began rubbing his perineum, slowly making her way with her fingers to his ass. She took his cock out of her mouth for a moment to wet her finger with spit, then putting his cock back into her mouth, she started rubbing his sphincter with her finger. She first started swirling her finger slowly around and then gently inserted her finger in his ass. He started moaning and began pushing his cock deeper into her mouth.

As she continued slowly fingering his ass while taking his cock deeper in her throat, Matthew reached over and began massaging her tits. The sensation of her finger sliding in and out of his ass while she also massaged his prostate with it and her mouth full of his cock was about to cause Matthew to have one of the hardest orgasms he’d had in a long time.

Looking down at Rebecca, he could see her larynx bulging from his cock going down into her throat canal. God, it was so fucking hot. He slowed down the movement of going in and out of her mouth just so he could see the bulging of her throat. She was taking every single centimeter of him inside as his balls hit against her face. He hadn’t found many women who could do that.

Rebecca grabbed the back of his legs and began pulling him closer to her as if she wanted him to go faster, harder. As he began fucking her throat, she started playing with her clit. She began licking his balls as he continued sliding down her throat. After she finished vigorously rubbing her clit, she started fingering canlı bahis şirketleri herself. He could feel the muscles constrict in her throat as she began moaning. After a few moments, Matthew reached down and grabbed her hand that she was using to finger herself and put her fingers in his mouth. After he finished sucking her come off of her fingers, he threw her arm on the bed. She tasted so fucking good. He knew he was about to come. Matthew looked down and he stopped moving while his cock was deep in her throat. Suddenly, Rebecca could feel his cock throbbing and pulsating as he came so hard into her mouth. Matthew nearly screamed, it felt so good.

After he finished coming, he pulled his cock out of Rebecca’s mouth. He had been so far down her throat that she could barely taste any of his come. She quickly turned around and started licking the head of his cock and began sucking some more. She could taste more come and began moaning. He tasted so good, she wished he hadn’t come down her throat so she could have tasted more of him. She began licking around his cock and cleaned him with her mouth.

She rolled over and he laid down next to her. They were both breathing heavy. As they began to calm down, Matthew asked, “what questions do you have for me? I know you must have several.”

“I’m curious about my schedule and who I will be with. What kind of people will I be having sex with, where, are they trust-worthy?”

“You will get a text from me with the name of the man or woman that you will be entertaining. This suite is where you will be living but you won’t entertain your guests here. I have a separate hotel room for that. They are most certainly trust-worthy. Your safety is important to me. I have background checks run on all my business associates and these people you will be entertaining have all been checked out. I have a packet I will give you. The packet includes the preferences that your guests have. It may be a certain look such as hair color, clothing, accessories, sex positions, and so forth. As you get to know them better, you can update their information.”

“You have other girls who entertain your guests, right? Do they live in this hotel, too?”

“One other one does. The other girls live in other cities. Sometimes I fly them into town if I haven’t seen them in a while.”

“Do you have sex with them like you do with me?” Rebecca asked, afraid of what his answer would be. She wasn’t naïve to think he didn’t but he was so good she didn’t know if she wanted to share him with her co-workers.

Matthew laughed at her question. “I have had sex with each of them, yes. I wanted to make sure I knew how they were in bed before I hired them to have sex with my associates. I only have sex with one other girl on a regular basis.”

“I like you, Rebecca,” Matthew continued. “I’d like for us to continue to see each other. But don’t ask me to commit to you. I won’t do it.”

“I’m not one who is interested in committing, Matthew,” Rebecca replied. “How far in advance do I know when I have a guest to prepare for?” she asked, changing the subject.

“I’ll send you a calendar. Most of the time, it’s prearranged a few days in advance. Occasionally, though it may be at the last minute.”

“Okay,” Rebecca said. “We haven’t talked about compensation.”

Matthew got out of bed. He walked to where his pants were laying on the floor and pulled out his wallet. He got back into bed, opened his wallet, and handed Rebecca a credit card. “This is an unlimited credit card. You can use this to buy what you want, but I’ll be reviewing it monthly. If you buy things that are too outrageous, I may ask you about it. But for the most part, you are free to spend it on whatever you want.”

Rebecca nearly laughed with excitement. “Louis Vuitton? Christian Louboutin? What about trips?”

“You can buy luxury clothing and handbags. That’s hot and sexy and it makes for better impressions for your guests. Just don’t get carried away. Trips? No. You will only take trips with me. We’ll go on them regularly. There are usually others that go with us. We always have a great time.”

“When will I begin?” Rebecca asked.

“You have an assignment in a couple of days. I’ll text the calendar to you. Take some time this evening and tomorrow to go out and buy some sexy clothing and lingerie. I want you to look classy when you’re in public, especially when you dine in the restaurant or sit at the bar. How you look behind closed doors is your business. Make sure you look at the packet with the preferences of the guest’s when selecting clothing. The more often they request you, the longer you will have a job. It’s important the guest is happy but it’s also important you feel sexy, too. Are you excited?” Matthew asked.

“Very,” Rebecca replied.

“Good. Let’s go downstairs, grab some dinner and then come back upstairs and fuck again to celebrate.”

“Let’s order room service, fuck now,” Rebecca said, smiling.

Matthew smiled back at her. “She is going to be a good one,” he thought to himself. He called room service and placed their order for what he called “Matthew’s special”. canlı kaçak iddaa While he was on the phone, Rebecca put him in her mouth to begin getting him hard again. As she began licking the head of his cock, she used her hand to stroke him. She could feel him growing harder in her mouth.

Once he was hard, Rebecca laid down on the bed on her back and spread her legs apart. As Matthew stroked his cock, ready to enter her, Rebecca began touching herself. She started rubbing her clit and as she did earlier, she inserted one of her fingers inside of her pussy and began fingering herself.

“Damn, girl. You are hot,” Matthew said watching her as he got harder.

“Make me hotter and fill me with your hard cock,” Rebecca whispered.

Matthew laid on top of Rebecca and slid his hard, thick cock into her pussy. She was soaking wet. She lifted her legs up next to Matthew’s sides as he began fucking her so hard, his balls were smacking against her.

“I want to look at your ass,” he told Rebecca. Matthew pulled his cock out and rolled her over onto her stomach. He grabbed her hips so she was now on her knees with her shoulders and her head on the bed. He put his cock inside of her pussy as he began rubbing her perfectly tight, round ass.

He loved watching his cock slide in and out of her. He smacked her ass, not too hard but hard enough to make her skin a pink color.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

“I like having my ass spanked, yes,” she said.

He smacked her ass again, this time harder. “Ow, baby! Mmmm,” she moaned.

Hearing her moan and knowing she liked what he was doing to her, while watching himself thrust in and out of her made Matthew get harder and thicker. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Matthew knew it was room service. He yelled, “come in!” and then told Rebecca he was sorry for yelling.

Matthew and Rebecca were in the bedroom, which was a separate room from the living and kitchen area. The suite was set up similar to a one-bedroom apartment.

“Room service,” someone said as the front door slowly opened.

Matthew yelled again, “come in and leave the tray on the kitchen table” as he kept fucking Rebecca from behind. He hoped room service had a key to the room.

When the room attendant walked in, he could hear moaning coming from the bedroom. He put the tray down on the table and stayed for a few minutes longer to hear what was going on behind the closed door. The room attendant started getting hard listening to the woman making moaning sounds. He began rubbing his cock wishing he was the man who was with the woman making the beautiful, hot sounds. He got a text that brought him back to reality. He had to get back to work. He wished he could stay and join in on the fun.

While the room attendant was in the kitchen, Matthew tried not to be loud and slowed down moving in and out of Rebecca. When he heard the door shut, he started fucking her harder. The fact that someone was in the other room while he was screwing her turned him on and he knew he would come soon.

“Are you ready for me to come?” Matthew asked.

“Yes!” Rebecca screamed.

“Tell me. Tell me you want me to come,” Matthew whispered

“I want you to come in my wet, juicy pussy, please,” Rebecca breathlessly said.

Matthew then exploded his hot cream deep inside of her. As he pulled out, his come, mixed with hers, was dripping from her pussy. He told her to lay there and he went into the bathroom to get a hand towel. He walked back into the bedroom and as Rebecca lay there, he spread her legs to clean the come off of her.

Rebecca laid there realizing no one had done that for her before. He was taking care of her and she thought it was a very kind gesture as her boss.

When he finished cleaning himself off, he got dressed. “Let’s eat and celebrate,” he said. As he walked out of the bedroom, Rebecca got up and got dressed. When she walked into the main living area and saw the tray of food with a bottle of champagne on ice, she knew she had made the right decision.

“I hope you enjoy. I took the liberty of ordering some of our most popular items not knowing what you really liked. I wanted it to be a surprise,” Matthew said as Rebecca sat down at the table.

“I don’t really have a favorite food, I’m not picky. This all looks so delicious,” she said as she looked at the fruit and dip, shrimp cocktail, sushi rolls, small cuts of filet mignon, and other sauces. A part of her felt overwhelmed by it all but before she let herself get consumed by her thoughts, she began filling her plate.

Handing Rebecca a glass of champagne, Matthew held his glass and said, “cheers to an incredible future.” Rebecca smiled and said, “cheers.”

They made small talk over dinner and didn’t talk anymore about her job as an escort. After finishing their meal and champagne, Matthew said he needed to leave. They cleared the table and put all the dishes on the tray. Matthew left the tray outside the door and walked back inside to give Rebecca a kiss.

“Call room service and let them know they can pick up the tray outside. I’ll text you sometime tomorrow. canlı kaçak bahis Go shopping and enjoy yourself and let me know if you need anything,” Matthew said.

“When will I see you again?” Rebecca asked.

“I don’t know yet. Soon, maybe,” Matthew told her. He had already decided he wanted to see her again very soon but he didn’t want her to expect him to be available to her every need. He was seeing other women, too and didn’t want to make promises to her that he couldn’t keep.

Matthew leaned in and hugged Rebecca. “Good night,” he said.

“Good night.”

As he walked out the door, Rebecca called room service and made them aware that she was finished with dinner. She walked into the bedroom and looked at the bed where her and Matthew had just fucked. She felt relieved that she wouldn’t be bringing guests to her own personal suite. She suddenly felt as if she didn’t want to have sex with anyone else on that bed except for Matthew.

The next morning, Rebecca woke up. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. This was going to be her new normal and she was ready for it. She hadn’t bought coffee to make in her suite. After she showered, Rebecca got dressed, and go out to do some shopping after having breakfast. She put on a pair of tight denim jeans, an oversized t-shirt that hung off of one shoulder, and a pair of sandals. As she got on the elevator to go to the main floor, she still felt like she needed to pinch herself.

Stepping off the elevator, she walked through the main lobby of the hotel. She would have breakfast somewhere else. It felt strange right now to order food and drinks to have them charged to her room. Do the employees know who she is and what she is doing? She needed to ask Matthew that. It made her feel a little uncomfortable and hoped that this was not common knowledge. She wondered why she even cared but for some reason, she suddenly did.

There were several shopping and dining options in the area where the hotel was located. It was a beautiful day and instead of driving, she decided to walk around the area. She found a small café and had coffee and a small breakfast. When she finished, she decided she wanted to do some shopping and find new clothes and new lingerie. She thought about the movie Pretty Woman and laughed to herself as she realized she wasn’t much different from the main character of that movie. Except, she wouldn’t be with one man. She’d be with several, and even women. That reminded her. She needed to watch lesbian porn because she’d never been with a woman and needed to know what she should do and how to make a woman feel special.

Rebecca finished shopping several hours later and walked back to the hotel. She had bought more than she thought she would on her first shopping trip. Dresses, rompers, hosiery, heels, and lingerie that included crotchless panties, shelf bras, teddies, and sheer tops and shorts. Her arms were full of shopping bags and as she entered the hotel, the doorman asked her if she needed help.

“No, thank you,” she said, smiling. When she entered her suite, she put the bags down and grabbed the packet that Matthew had left the day before. She suddenly heard a notification on her phone. Looking at it, she saw a text from Matthew.

“Tomorrow at 7:00 pm, you will be meeting a gentleman named Phillip. His name is in the packet I provided you. He will be in town for the evening. He would like to have dinner with you and you will be spending the evening with him in Suite 1405. The room key will be in your mailbox tomorrow morning. Let me know if you have any questions.”

“Perfect timing,” Rebecca thought as she sat down on the couch and opened the packet. There were A-Z tabs. She flipped to tab P. Seeing the name Phillip, she began reading. “No known kinks or fetishes. Likes blowjobs and missionary. Prefers lace panties and bras with a garter and textured hosiery. Enjoys cuddling after sex.”

“Well, this isn’t going to be a difficult client,” she thought. She began flipping through other tabs. Richard likes BDSM, Robert likes red heads. Samantha likes fake boobs. Travis wants to be called daddy. William likes threesomes, two women and himself. “Okay, we’ve got some spicy ones,” she said out loud suddenly feeling the urge to masturbate.

She went into her bedroom and grabbed one of her clit stimulators and a wand. She removed her clothes and lay on the bed. As she began applying lube to herself, she could already feel her clit was erect and she got a shiver touching it. It wouldn’t take her long to come the first time.

Closing her eyes as she applied the stimulator to her clit, she pictured Matthew’s face and could hear his voice in her head. In less than a minute, Rebecca’s pussy was wet with her come. She began moaning and arching her back, her clit becoming sensitive. Using the stimulator again, she could hear Matthew whispering, “tell me you want me to come” like he had done the night before. The inside of her thighs was becoming wet and sticky as she came again. Breathing heavy, she grabbed the wand. Her clit was now so sensitive she could only tap her clit with the wand. She began moving the vibrator around her labia and would touch her clit gently. She started moaning again, thinking of Matthew as he fucked her from behind and she could feel how his cock throbbed as he pumped his come inside of her. She nearly screamed as she came again.

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