Something Different

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“Damn,” the average height father of two grunted as the ringing of his phone jerked him awake. “Yeah,” he answered.

“Jerrell,” the caller yelled. “Can you get T-Man from my momma’s house. She sick.”

“Oh damn! I’ma have to find someone to watch him.”

“I thought you was off on Wednesdays.”

“Yeah! But I had some stuff planned.”


“Cut that shit out. I’ll go pick him up now.”

After ending the call and tossing the phone aside, the man with the rich, sepia complexion went to take a piss. The stream was strong and steady. He groaned with pleasure as he relieved himself. He took a hobo shower and dressed in a black graphic T-shirt and gray joggers. Then, he headed out of the house.

Before backing out of the driveway, he called his stepmom to see if she could take his youngest for the day. Thankfully, she said yes.

Upon retrieving his son, Jerrell took the toddler to a fast food joint to get some French toast sticks, hash browns, and orange juice. A few minutes later, he dropped off T-Man and headed back to the home he shared with two of his cousins. Today, he wanted a day all to himself. Last night, he started his plan by signing up for a hookup app.

Jerrell hopped back in bed and began perusing profiles. He entered parameters to find those identifying themselves as a ‘bottom’ for sexual position and as ‘twink’ or ‘trans’ for crowd. He also selected to see only those people with pictures available.

There were a few hits, but one in particular stood out. The profile read:


The user was called ‘BussyBottomBoi’ and had four photos. The geolocation showed him to be thirty-seven miles away. Jerrell fired off a message.


A few moments later, Jerrell received a reply.

-How are you?

It was accompanied by two additional images – one with the sultry effete guy’s delectable derriere sticking up out of a bubble bath and the other with him wearing a pink-and-purple jockstrap.

-I’d be good if I was there with you.

-Oh really. You should come over. How do you look?”

Jerrell pressed the button for video chat.

BussyBottomBoi kırşehir escort bayan accepted.

“Hi there,” the demure voice called out.

“Sup witcha?”

“Just chilling this morning.”

“Why I can’t see you?”

“I can’t see you either.”

“Hang on,” Jerrell said, angling his phone so his cock was now visible. “Let me see that ass.”

“Hold on.”

The other user stood up and lifted the long tee he was wearing so that his booty was on full display.

“That ass right,” Jerrell remarked. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Winnie. And you?”


“Nice to meet you, Jay!”

“Show me your bedroom.”


“You must be scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“Showing me your spot.”

“You’ll see it when you come over.”

“I ain’t never done this before. I’m just trying to get a feel for you.”

“Whatever, I’ll show you.”

“Good! I’m looking to try something different.”

After getting a peek at the bedroom, Jerrell started asking to see more pictures.

“I’ll send you a few more, but you still haven’t shown anything but your dick,” Winnie chastised the dude.

“You don’t like it?”

“It looks good to me. You gonna bring it over?”

“Send the address. It say thirty something miles. I can be there in forty-five minutes to an hour. Cool?”

“That’ll work.”

“How long can I stay?”

“A while.”

“Ain’t nobody gonna be popping up?”


“Well, I’ma get up and get ready to come to you.”

“Excellent! Let me know when you hit the road. I’m gonna freshen up.”

“Bet! What you gonna wear for me?”

“Not sure yet. Something slutty.”

“Take a pic when you get dressed. I’m leaving out in ten.”

Jerrell walked outside and started his vehicle. He fired off a message indicating that he was hitting the road. Winnie sent back a short acknowledgement.

Jerrell attempted to video call after getting Winnie’s picture.

“Hey,” the freshly cleaned bottom smiled.

“Damn! You lookin’ good as fuck in that pink!”

“Thank you! You like?”

“Hell yeah! I’m bout fifteen minutes out. Have your door unlocked so I can just walk in.”

“Yes, sir!”

“I’ll text when I get there!”

Jerrell escort kırşehir turned into the apartment complex. He drove through the parking lot twice just to get the lay of the land. He parked and texted, asking which unit belonged to Winnie. Once he had the answer, he grabbed his thirty-ounce stainless steel insulated tumbler and slammed the car door. He messaged that he was walking in shortly.

When Jerrell entered the apartment, Winnie was on his knees on the couch with his plump, dark caramel rear-end exposed through the sheer pink negligee. “Damn! That ass is right,” he murmured, approaching the sissy. He reached out to rub it. “It’s soft too!”

“You like it, Daddy?”

“Hell yeah!”

Winnie turned around. His eyes widened. “You’re way sexier than I imagined.”

“You is too!”

“Want something to drink?”

“Nah, I’m good,” he raised his mug.

Standing and stroking Jerrell’s crotch, Winnie remarked, “Ooh! Nice dick, Daddy!”

“You want that?”

“Yes, sir!”

“It’s been on hard the whole way. I’ma probably nut quick!”

“We got plenty of time,” announced the host, dropping to his knees and pulling down the sweats.

Jerrell’s thick and juicy spear popped out and nearly poked Winnie in the eye. He grabbed the massive curly Afro belonging to the submissive partner. “Oh shit,” the man moaned as he felt the warm, wet tongue lick the tip of his spear. “Suck that dick, baby!”

Winnie went all the way down.

“Oh fuck,” barked Jerrell. “I’m finna cum!”

The curious straight man’s tool pulsed and sent six large spurts of jizz into Winnie’s mouth. Jerrell was pleased that his cocksucker had swallowed the load. “Fuck! I told you I’d nut fast!”

“No problem. Let me get you a towel,” Winnie offered.

“A paper towel is fine.”

“Oh okay!”

Jerrell wiped his member clean. Winnie collected the used product and threw it in the trash.

“Wanna come lie down and I can get you hard again,” checked the horny pussyboy.

Jerrell nodded.

Then, he followed Winnie to the bedroom. He reclined while the effeminate one put his mouth back at his crotch and wiggled his bottom near Jerrell’s face.

“I like to be spanked,” Winnie declared.

“Oh kırşehir escort yeah? With what?”

“Hands,” he giggled.


The impact of Jerrell’s large hands did not stop Winnie from orally pleasing him. Instead, it made the slut shake his ass even more prolifically.

“Damn! Yo’ ass jiggle when it gets spanked!”


“Yo’ mouth feel good. You ready for me to get inside that?”


Winnie positioned himself crosswise on the bed with his butt in the air.

Jerrell maneuvered behind the sultry girly man.

“Be gentle,” begged Winnie.


Jerrell angled his rod towards the waiting rectum. His snake could feel the heat emanating from it. The small, circular motions of the caboose and its jiggling beckoned him. He pushed inside of the clenched hole.

“Ooh,” winced Winnie. “It’s big!”

“Fuck! You tight!”

“Yeah! Ease it in slow…Please!”

Jerrell grabbed Winnie’s waist and thrust harder.

“Oh fuck,” whined the sissy, collapsing on the bed.

“Don’t run, bitch!”

“Yes, sir,” he whimpered.

“You know you wanted this!”

“Yes, sir! You like my gay faggot ass?”

“Hell yeah! This gay ass is good!”

“Oh, daddy! Please let me get used to it!”

“It’s too good! You got me out here fucking yo’ punk ass like we in prison!”

“Oh my god!”

“Take this dick, bitch!”


Soon, Jerrell felt Winnie’s body relax and he was able to pound with full, deliberate strokes. “You like this dick, faggit?”

“Yes, sir! Fuck me!”

“That’s right! Take all this dick!”


“I can’t believe you got me fuckin’ yo’ gay ass!”

“Yes, Jay! Fuck it!”

Jerrell pulled out and arched backwards. “Get up and throw dat ass back, faggit!”

Winnie got on all fours and lunged back, swallowing every bit of Jerrell’s manhood inside of himself.

“Fuck this dick, gay bitch!”

“Yes, sir! It feels so good!”

“Hell yeah!”


“Ooh spank me while you fuck me, daddy!”

“Hell yeah! You love this dick, don’t you?”

“Mmhmm! I love it!”

“You better, gay boy,” Jerrell slapped the right ass cheek with all his might. “Oh fuck! I’m finna nut!”

Jerrell pushed Winnie away and shot a sizable load on the globular rotund rump.

“Oh my god,” purred the bottom.

“Goddamn! That was good,” huffed the spent domineering man. “I’ma need a few minutes. Can I get something to drink?”

“Sure! I’ll get you a warm rag too,” Winnie commented, hopping up from the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32