Soul Food Pt. 05

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Thanks to Killerarmyguy and Taco for the edits.


Two and a half weeks later…

“You promise you’ll call the first moment you land?” Helen spoke in a worried motherly tone as she, Shawna, Will, and George stood in the lobby of PHL Philadelphia International Airport. She so didn’t want Denis to go. She didn’t want to be separated from her baby by over six hundred miles. However, she had seen how close they had gotten over the past two and a half weeks. Helen would never admit it aloud, yet Coraline was a nice, decent person. Still, she wasn’t about to give up her baby to her. She never wanted Denis to be away from her side unless she knew where he was staying and within driving distance from her house ever since they had adopted him. This would be the longest her son would be away from home, and she was going to hate every moment of it. Nonetheless, Denis was determined to go, and she couldn’t deny her baby. No matter how much she would miss and worry about him the whole time he was gone for his spring break. It was why she and George were letting him leave in the middle of the week and return the Sunday after next week.

“Yes, Mom, I promise I’ll call the moment I’m off the plane,” Denis nodded. “And I’ll call every day,” he said, reassuring her that he would be okay.

“You better,” Helen said in a trembling voice as she hugged her son hard, causing her 38D breasts to pancake out as she did. “I’m going to miss you so much. You better be prepared for the best fucking of your life when you get back because mama’s going to be horny,” she whispered into her son’s ear as she felt him hugging her back.

George pulled his son down into him, hugging him hard, knowing this would be hard on his son given his issues with trusting strangers. “You call if you need anything. If it doesn’t feel right, or something happens, you come home. No one will fault you for that,” he whispered in a fatherly voice, feeling his son nodding against his shoulder. “If we have to, it’s only a ten-hour car ride to Knoxville,” George said, making it known to Denis they would move Heaven and Earth to get him home.

“You better be sending me photos of everything,” Shawna said, snuggling up to Denis as he lightly rubbed her back. “I want to know what you did and how your day was. I don’t want to miss anything,” she whispered, knowing Denis needed to meet this woman. She knew if he didn’t, it would just eat at him. She didn’t want him to have any regrets in his life once they were married, not that Denis had any idea that was what was going to happen to them in the future. Kissing her brother passionately, she didn’t care if anyone saw; she wanted him to remember what was waiting for him when he got home. “You be safe down there, you here?” Shawna intoned in a caring voice, seeing his smile reaching his eyes as he nodded.

“You know you can call me anytime you need to,” Will said, hugging Denis in a firm brotherly hug.

“I know why you’re a good brother,” Denis responded, matching his hug. To outsiders, they might appear the oddest of families. Yet, to Denis, it was the only place he ever wanted to belong. “You watch out for Dad for me,” he said, pulling away.

“You got it,” Will nodded firmly. “I’ll make sure he isn’t terrorizing the half-pipe in his rocket-powered wheelchair,” he joked, getting a laugh out of his father and brother.

“I love you guys,” Denis said, walking towards the TSA agent. Waving to them as he peered back at them. “I’ll be home soon!”

“We love you too, Denis!” Helen shouted, not caring if she garnered looks from those around them. “You be safe and stay out of trouble!”

“Yes, Mom, no terrorizing Knoxville,” Denis uttered, smiling as he was let through the gate. Knowing he had to meet this woman that the test they had run proved was indeed his biological mother. It was just something in him that drove him to meet her. What that was, he couldn’t say. Nothing in his life has prepared him for dealing with that feeling, at least not the first ten years of it. Holding out his arms as the woman waved a wand along his body before he was let through the checkpoint. Wondering if there was a boxing gym close to his birth mother’s place just so he could keep in shape. The title match was a knockout, literally. Given how Denis delivered an uppercut to his opponent’s jaw in the middle of the first round, winning it by a technical knockout. He would have felt bad about it if his opponent hadn’t ran his mouth about whipping him and doing things to Shawna after the match. He was already exiting the ring when his opponent finally began to stir.

His trainer had even begun to hint at seeing him go pro, given the number of wins under his belt. He might go that route, yet he knew his parents wanted him to go to college. Denis had to admit being in the same school as Shawna and Will once again would be awesome in his view. It would feel like all the other times they have been together. He loved sincan escort being with them even if he couldn’t understand half of what the two of them spoke about; they never once made him feel stupid when he knew he didn’t have their smarts.

“Hello?” Denis answered when he brought his phone up to his ear as he walked towards his gate terminal.

“Hi, baby, I was just calling to see if you’re on your way yet?” While Denis had to admit Coraline was a nice person over the phone, however, from his experience, he had to see if her actions matched her kindness.

“Walking to the terminal as we speak,” Denis replied, knowing it was only a two-hour flight to Knoxville, TN.

“Okay, so you’re really coming?!”

“Huh?” Denis uttered in confusion.

“Nothing, nothing, I just had this fear you would back out at the last minute.”

“Ah, nope, I’ll be in the air in a few minutes,” Denis stated, seeing the sign for his terminal as he drew near. Arching an eyebrow hearing his birth mother sniffling.

“Sorry, Denis, you probably don’t want to hear your mother cry. I promised myself I wouldn’t, yet I’ve been waiting for this day since I first talked to you.”

“Then cry if you want to,” Denis said, knowing his mother would say this was one of those times it was okay to cry.

“I’ll see you when you land; I can’t wait to see you, baby.”

“Mmmkay, I’ll see you in a few hours,” Denis spoke, pocketing his phone once they had said their goodbyes.

Denis had his face pressed against the window as he watched the Great Smoky Mountains rolling beneath them as they flew overhead. He’s never been to the mountains; his family opted to go to the beach instead of the mountains when his parents had time to go, given their busy schedules. Not that he minded, he didn’t like showing off his body to people he didn’t know. He always got looks from people when he would never take the t-shirt he would wear to it off. With Shawna and Will in college, their vacations have become few and far between, again not something he was complaining about. Looking up when the fastened seat belt light came on, telling him he had reached their destination.

His gym bag that held his boxing gloves, tape, and everything else rested on top of his rolling suitcase once he had collected his bags from the baggage claim. He had placed his return ticket in the front pocket of it so he wouldn’t lose it. It wasn’t hard for Denis to spot his birth mother as her hands covered her mouth. No. The same soft green eyes and brown hair that they shared pointed her out to him. He tried not to eye how her breasts jiggled and swayed beneath the t-shirt she was wearing as she rushed towards him. If he had to guess, they were about the same size as his mother, nor was he trying to ogle how alluring her hips were in those jeans she wore. Something else that reminded him of his mother. Staggering slightly when Coraline threw her arms around him, crushing him a bear hug. Trying to ignore how firm her breasts felt as they pressed against his chest.

“Umm…” Denis mumbled when he noted the few stares they were getting when Coraline’s hug lingered.

“Sorry,” Coraline said bashfully, backing away and wiping her eyes. “It’s just I thought I’d never see you again,” she said, lightly rubbing Denis’ upper right arm. “You got everything?” Coraline asked, so eager to show him her home, where he would always be welcome to stay. “My car is this way,” she uttered, pointing to the left side exit of the airport when Denis nodded.

“Hold up for a sec; need to let them know I landed,” Denis stated, seeing his birth mother nod in understanding. Taking a picture as he stood in front of the McGhee Tyson Airport sign and sent it off to his family’s group text. Smiling at their responses before typing out his reply and pocketing his phone. Trying to be sly about it as he kept his head on a swivel as he followed after Coraline to her car. It was a habit of his whenever he was in a new place, a habit that had saved him many a time when he was living on the streets. When he wasn’t doing that, he was slyly checking out his birth mother. He had to admit she wasn’t a bad-looking woman. Shaking the thoughts from his mind when the images of his mother and Shawna appeared within it as he felt his body responding to them. Glancing down to her ass when her back left pocket rang. Watching how her fingers played along it as she pulled her phone out from it.

“Hey, Mom, yes, he’s right behind me,” Coraline said, flashing Denis a smile when she peered back at him. “No, he just landed. Mmmhmm,” she hummed her answer to her mother’s question. Yet, deep inside, she held a secret that she dared not let loose. “Hold on, I’ll ask. Denis?”


“Do you have your fishing license on you?” Coraline asked as the light breeze lifted the strands of her brown hair from off her back.

“Of course, Uncle Stan told me to always sincan escort bayan have it on me,” Denis stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

“He does, okay, hold on,” Coraline said, holding her phone out to him. “Your grandfather wants to talk to you,” she uttered with a warm smile on her lips. Noting how Denis looked at her oddly and then her phone before taking it from her.


“Hello, Denis, I’m Teagan, your grandfather,” he said, introducing himself to his grandson. “I was wondering if you would like to come with me and a pal of mine in the morning to Fort Loudoun Lake for a little fishing.”

“I don’t think my license covers Tennessee,” Denis countered.

“That was why I had your mother ask if you had yours on you. I just checked; it wouldn’t be too much to get yours tweaked a little so you can fish here. Your mother said she’ll get it taken care of on the way over for dinner tonight.” Denis shot Coraline a look who got a rather bashful look on her face. “So what do you say? There’s bass and crappie in there.”

“When?” Denis asked, knowing two old guys and a youngster sounded like the makings of a bad ’70s porno.

“Say we swing by your mother’s place at six; it will take about half an hour to get to the lake from there.”

“Alright,” Denis agreed, playing nice for his mother’s sake. He had promised that he would give them a chance last night after she had ridden him hard. “But I didn’t bring any gear with me.”

“Don’t you worry about that; I got plenty of rods you can use. When you go fishing, do you use live bait or artificial?”

“Uncle Stan doesn’t believe in artificial, so never used it,” Denis stated, following after Coraline once she started walking again.

“Okay, and what do you use?”


“Ah, we can pick some up before we put the boat into the water. Maybe I could teach you how to use a spinner bait, the bass tend to hit it more often here than they do with live bait,” Teagan said, imparting his sagely fishing wisdom into his grandson.

“Alright, I guess I could try it,” Denis muttered, placing his gym back into the trunk of Coraline’s car while she did the same with his suitcase.

“You’re going to love my place, I’m sure of it?!” Coraline stated, laying her hand lightly on her son’s forearm. Watching how he tensed up a little bit. “It’s okay to be nervous, Denis. I am too,” she said, thinking that was the reason for it. When, in truth, it was due to the years he was under the care of very abusive people. “I promise you, you’re going to enjoy your time here,” Coraline spoke, smiling at him as she started her car.


“You live here?” Denis asked as he stared up at the towering building looming over him.

“I do,” Coraline said, coming to stand beside him once he walked out of the parking garage that was adjacent to her condo complex. “Come on, I’ll show you around,” she uttered, placing her hand lightly on her son’s back. It wasn’t the first time she felt something odd about it when she touched his back. She knew he wasn’t wearing anything beneath his shirt; she wondered just what it could be.

“Is there like a boxing gym close by?” Denis asked, following Coraline into the building.

“I don’t know Denis, I normally use the gym here, but we can look it up if you want,” Coraline spoke, while she might not like the sport given its brutality. However, if her son was interested in it, she would encourage it just so her son would feel welcomed in her home and life. Smiling at him when she hit the tenth-floor button, given her salary, she could afford the payments. “Oh! I had this made for you for when you’re here, so you don’t have to worry about getting locked out,” she said, pulling out the key she had made for him. “This is so you know you’ll always be welcomed in my home,” Coraline said in a warm tone as she curled his fingers around it once she had placed it in the palm of his hand. Beckoning him to follow after as she stepped out of the cab and turned left, leading Denis to her home.

“Nice place,” Denis stated once she had welcomed him into her home.

“Thanks, the view isn’t too bad either,” Coraline said, pointing out the large windows at the mountains in the distance. “Come, I’ll show you where you’ll be staying,” she spoke, leading him off towards her guest bedroom. A room she hoped he would like to one day call his.

“So, do you like, live here alone?” Denis asked, looking around, getting a feel for the place.

“Now I do, my ex-husband and I used to share this place, but I won it in the divorce,” Coraline said truthfully.

“Can I ask, what happened?” Trying to keep his eyes on her back and not her ass.

“He was stepping out on our marriage, so I gave him the boot.”

“So, is there like someone you’re seeing in case I need to make myself scarce,” Denis spoke, wondering why that got a giggle out of her as she led escort sincan him into the guest bedroom.

“No, even if I was, I would tell them my time with my son was more important than… well, you’re old enough, no sense in pretending you’re not,” Coraline replied with a libidinous smile, “a quick fuck, and well, I got toys for that if I need that release.”

“Ah.” Coraline wondered why he wasn’t fazed by that remark. Wondering if her boy has had sex yet and if so was any good at it. Watching how Denis placed his bags on the bed, noting how his muscles moved beneath his skin. Recounting the nights they had talked, how she would just lay on her bed staring up at the photos he had sent of himself. She especially lingered on the one of him in his boxing robe. She wasn’t saying it was right; nonetheless, her mind would picture that he was naked beneath it, only waiting for her to open and view the splendor of her son’s body.

“The guest bath is just across from you, so you can store your things in there; there’s also towels beneath the sink as well as extra toilet paper. I’ll leave you be so you can unpack. I’ll look up a gym for you while you do, then we’ll have lunch,” Coraline said, looking back at him as she left the guest bedroom.

Denis pulled out his phone once again, snapping off pictures of his room and a view of the Great Smoky Mountains off in the distance. Sending them to the group text he and his family were a part of. Reading their replies as he went about storing his belongings in the drawers of the dresser and setting his gym bag down next to it. His thumb moved quickly along the keyboard as he walked into the bathroom that sat across from the guest bedroom, putting away his toiletries.

“Baby?” Coraline called to him as she stood at the end of the hallway as he left the bathroom. “I found one that’s close to here; want to go see?” she asked, seeing how he pocketed his phone when he gazed at her. Feeling her cheeks heating as she turned, hearing her son following along. She had purposely worn tight clothes to show off her body to him. Hoping that he liked what he saw. Some… everyone would call what she’s been feeling an obsession; nonetheless, she didn’t care what they thought. Her baby was home, and she meant to make up for the years they had been apart. If that meant seducing her son, then so be it; if it meant bending over and touching her ankles so he could slide his cock into her hot pussy she would say: ‘Whip it out and fuck the shit out of me!’ Plus, she knew if he knew he could have what all sons have longed for to fuck their mothers, then she knew he would be visiting her more often. Not that she would use sex to lure him away from his adoptive family. No. She would never do that. That would be wrong of her, especially when they have raised her boy.

“See,” leaning over Denis when he sat in front of her laptop that rested on her desk, allowing her breasts to brush and rest lightly on his right shoulder, “the Eppolito Boxing Gym isn’t far from here; I’ll show you how to get to it when we go and get your fishing licensed altered,” Coraline said, smiling down at her son.

“I wonder how much they would charge me to use it for only a week and a half,” Denis mused as he browsed the photos the gym had up on their Google page.

“Hold on, I’ll call,” reaching across him, making sure her swinging breasts were at his eye-level as she did and plucked the cordless phone from its base, “yes, hello?” Coraline spoke into the phone once she had dialed the number. “Yes, my son is visiting from out of town and will only be here for a week and a half, and I was wondering how much would it be during his stay to use your gym. I see, thank you,” she said, hanging up the phone resting her hand on Denis’ shoulder feeling the muscle beneath her touch as she returned the phone back to its base. “How about we have lunch?” Coraline uttered in a warm tone.


They had stopped by Eppolito Boxing Gym on the way to BassPro Shop that her father had told her to go to to get Denis’ license altered for the state of Tennessee before heading to her parent’s place in Oliver Springs, TN. She had to pay for a temporary membership that would only last a month, yet the thirty bucks had been worth it as she noted how her son looked around the gym. Wondering if it had everything he used at the one he visited in Philadelphia. She noted how he was paying extra attention to the two sparring in the ring when she filled out the paperwork and paid the fee. Coraline noted how his muscles twitched like he wanted to be in that ring at that moment. Then she heard him mutter: ‘You’re dropping your guard too much.’ Coraline wondered if that was because he was a featherweight champion or was that from his years of experience as a boxer or both. When they were in BassPro Shop, she noted how quiet Denis was compared to when they were at Eppolito.

Coraline began to think back, noting how quiet he was when they entered her condo and in the airport. Wondering what could have caused this in her son during his life growing up in foster care. Pondering if it was the reason Denis wouldn’t talk about the years before his adoption. She made a mental note to herself to keep an eye on him when they showed up at her parents’ house.

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